Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil King Against the Princess Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Defeated without a fight

Indeed, as Achen has said, in the Feng residence up and down, everyone took advantage of Feng Chuge's absence, packed their belongings and fled. The only thing that remained was the empty Feng courtyards.

In the kitchen, a variety of ingredients were readily available.

For the first time, Feng Chuge folded her sleeves and began to plan on what to cook.

Zilan and the other two watched Feng Chuge, their eyes each reflected as if they have seen a ghost.

“Little…. Miss… You're really not thinking of cooking by yourself, are you?”

“That's right!” Feng Chuge confirmed.

“But, Miss… You've never done any of these….”

“Your lady is a genius. Something will be done in a moment.” Feng Chuge responded as she started to wash the dishes.

“Miss, let us help. You are definitely not used to it.” The three couldn't stand seeing their miss in a quandry so they moved forward.

Feng Chuge bypa.s.sed them however. “No one's going to help. A… Achen said he's going to eat the dishes I'll cook. If you help, the nature would be different.”

The three ladies sniffed at being turned down and could only flatten their lips.

That Achen was just a child…

Their Miss is too good for him, right ~~~

Seeing Feng Chuge's insistence on not helping her, the three stood by watching, and no longer stepped forward.

Inside the Water Pavilion, Achen waited and his stomach has already been screaming, continuously rumbling for food.

Since he had been poisoned, his spiritual power had all dispersed. Under normal conditions, his whole person couldn't even match even and ordinary person.

He didn't go out and just looked up, watching the black smoke rising from the top of the kitchen of the Feng's residence. His pair of eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with smiles.

Feng Chuge was personally cooking for him….

“Meow~~~” At his feet, suddenly came a meowing sound.

Achen bowed his head and saw a snow-white kitten.

The blue glow in the kitten's eyes was overflowing as it stood and meowed.

At the sight of the kitten, Achen's eyes lit up.

This is… a Spiritual Beast!!

On this continent, Spiritual Beasts are very rare species.

He never thought he'd find one here.

The kitten probably was alerted by Achen's interest that it upgraded its vigilance.

It retreated and even its cry changed. Its whole body was emitting a full intent to kill.

Achen eyed the kitten with slightly narrowed eyes.

In a split second, around his small figure, a divine chill scattered out…

His thin lips twitched slightly and Achen's face showed a facial expression completely unbefitting his age.

Purple flashes swarmed his eyes.

He was clearly just a little child but at the moment, his aura was comparable to the Emperor, who looks disdainfully at the world below his feet.

One cat vs. one man, battled through their eyes for a quite a while!

“Meow~” The kitten's whole body trembled, its blue eyes gradually relaxed and put down it's vigilance. Its body stood rooted to the ground as if it couldn't handle the shock.

At the same moment, Achen raised a brow. He stared down at the beast and vomited several words lightly, “Don't fight and you'll not lose~~”

The cat huffed, the bottom of its eyes revealing reluctance, but it no longer dared to move even a step forward…

Outside, the sound of footsteps reverberated and seemingly to have found a savior, the kitten immediately flew out.

Feng Chuge who was holding a big bowl in the middle came inside.

“Come and eat…” Placing the large of noodles on the table, Feng Chuge motioned to him.

“Woman, did you really do it?” Achen asked.

“Of course, I said I'd do it.” With that said, Feng Chuge caught the kitten which slammed into her arms and curled itself.

Witnessing this shamelessness, Achen squinted at the cat, “Is this stupid cat yours?”

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