Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil King Against the Princess Chapter 217

Publishedat 9th of April 2020 11:18:06 AMChapter 217 LLW – Chapter 217: Xi Wu Lin Family 3Sponsored Content


“Brother’s back?” In the distance, a cry of surprise came .

Upon hearing the voice, a flash of joy appeared on Lin Zhi’s face .

The delicate woman who came in the distance was Lin Zhi younger sister, the most favored daughter of the Lin family, Lin Shuang Shuang .

Lin Shuangshuang had just stepped into the hall when her eyes swept over the people present, her eyes abounding with amazement . Her eyes went wide and round, first sweeping over Feng Chuge, and finally landed on Yao Ye and Achen, her astonishment was clearly apparent from the increasing widening of her eyes…… .

Eventually, her eyes were fixed on Achen, “Wow, what a cute little kid…… . ”

She stepped forward and tried to pick Achen directly .

A flash of chill appeared on Achen’s eyes as he dodged to the side, “Don’t touch me… . ”Sponsored Content

That freezing deterrent that came out of the blue startled Lin Shuangshuang, and then she saw the exquisite face of the child in front of her, filled with disgust .

Achen avoided Lin Shuangshuang and raised his head slightly, wanting to see Feng Chuge’s reaction . But he saw her just standing there with a smirk as if watching a good show .

A hint of anger was born in his heart, and Achen glared at Lin Shuangshuang viciously .

With this stare, Lin Shuangshuang was even more aggrieved .

Feng Chuge herself was in fact unsettled when Lin Shuangshuang made a move to hug Achen .

But at the sight of Achen’s dodging, her heart felt inexplicably relieved .

Meanwhile, Achen raised miserable and begging eyes at her, which only amused her—Sponsored Content

She leaned down and cupped his face . “Who asked you to be a child now?”

Achen’s face went dark, and the next moment, he tightly leaned against Feng Chuge’s side, “Even if as a child, I’ll only let my lady touch me alone–“

Hearing his avowal, the corners of Feng Chuge’s lips arced without trace .

 Lin Shuangshuang stood in front of them, looking at Achen and Feng Chuge, she gritted her teeth unwillingly!

This kid didn’t give her face at all and embarra.s.sed her in front of such a large crowd!

And also… .

She secretly peeked at that man in red, who is as beautiful as a reigning fairy, but he didn’t spare her a look even for a moment .

Resentment took root in her eyes . Sponsored Content

“Brother, did they come back with you?” After collecting herself, Lin Shuangshuang asked Lin Zhi .

Lin Zhi nodded his head in response, “Yeah . ”

“That’s great, brother, in the future, I’m going to go to the Yuntian College too and meet these awesome friends!” She lifted her head with a smile that revealed nothing but innocence .

In the end, Lin Zhi was the one who doted on this sister the most .

He only nodded to her sister’s claim .

… . .

The beast only appears at night, so Elder Lin arranged a row of guest rooms for them temporarily .

In a certain room, Achen and Yao Ye were sitting opposite each other and having an eye battle .

Before they arrived, Yao Ye had already taken the elixir given by Feng Chuge, hiding his red eyes .

 Even so, those two black pupils were still as cold as ice .

 “Child . Who are you? Why do you keep following her around?” Yao Ye finally spoke up first .

He’s always been skeptical about this child who doesn’t look like a child .

With his arms around his chest, Achen’s small face actually revealed a hint of coldness .

That hook in the corner of his lips was nothing like a child’s …

“None of your business . You, on the contrary, stay away from my wife!”

His cold tone, without the slightest bit of warmth, directly surprised Yao Ye .

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