One Piece Talent System Chapter 7-9

Haig town.

At first glance, it seemed like an ordinary town but the residents of this town are living in fear and trepidation because there are often a large number of Capone Mafia members appearing in the town.

These gangsters collude with local authorities and even have inside trading with Marines. Many times they arbitrarily kill and set fire to anything they hate and Marine only do a symbolic inspection.

Center of the town.

In a building which has a simple exterior but very luxurious interior.

In a hall on the top floor of the building, a tall fat man wearing a black suit was sitting there watching the information in his hand that had just been sent to him. He shook his head while looking at the report with disdain.

"Marines are still useless as always. If you had surrounded the place in advance then you can't let a Pirate Hunter escape, that is just pathetic." The man saying this is Capone Leckie. He is one of several High-Level members of the criminal syndicate Capone Family and is responsible for the development of his Underground organization in this area.

A man in a black suit with stood next to him and said: "The strength possessed by Ghost Hand Ross was a bit unexpected. Leader, do you think that this will involve us?"

"What involvement? I have already investigated all the information on Ghost Hand Ross, he has always been alone. Can he even fight us alone? Our troops will not lose even if they have to compete with the entire Marine division. Hewon't be able to do anything to us. "

Leckie shook his head disdainfully and picked up a gla.s.s of red wine on the table.


Just as he put the gla.s.s of red wine on his lips, the entire building suddenly shook with a dull roar and the red wine in the cup spilled on him.

Leckie was furious as he stood up after putting the gla.s.s down.

"What? What happened?"

"Le…Leader Leckie, this is not good, someone has invaded from outside!" A Capone Mafia's subordinate frantically ran over from outside, and reported to Leckie with a terrified look on his face.

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the atmosphere in the entire hall froze, while the maid's hand who was trying to clean Leckie's suit trembled, her eyes revealing a panic-stricken look.

Leckie was startled and asked: "Who has invaded? Are they Marines or Dupo Mafia's b.a.s.t.a.r.ds? Why was there be no news?

"No… not Marine nor Dupo Mafia. Its Ghost Hand Ross, he rushed in alone!"

The member of the mafia trembled in fear.

Leckie's eyes were wide open, "Ghost Hand Ross? Did he come alone? What are you guys doing then, go out there and kill him using all of our forces!"

Just as he finished giving orders there was a loud bang at the door and the exquisite red oak door exploded, sawdust was flying everywhere and at that moment a figure came in.

"Who is… Capone Leckie?"

Ross's clothes were a bit messed up, but the expression in his eyes was completely different, the moment Ross' eyes fall upon them, they felt their entire body froze up, and they felt as if they were standing outside in a blizzard.

The several people in the hall couldn't help but turn their gaze towards Capone Leckie, and Ross's gaze also s.h.i.+fted towards him.

"The situation in Tarot town was done by you, wasn't it?"

Ross looked indifferently at Capone Leckie.

Capone Leckie was shocked by the intimidating aura produced by Ross, but after all, he was also one of the high-level officer of the Capone Family. He quickly calmed down and said coldly.

"What about it?"

As Capone Leckie's voice fell, members of Capone Mafia rushed in and the hallway outside was completely packed with people.

"It's good that I did not found the wrong person."

Ross didn't care about the Capone Mafia members outside who came from all over the place. After confirming that it was indeed Leckie, he nodded as he shook his wrist and took out a pistol, fired six shots from his gun instantly killing six criminal organization members who rushed in.

Ross followed that act by throwing the pistol aside and rushed directly towards Capone Leckie.

Ross was surrounded by hundreds of people holding guns and other weapons, the situation was not very good for Ross, so he did not intend to waste any time.

"Don't be too arrogant, boy!"

Capone Leckie's eyes were filled with coldness and anger, he quickly took out two pistols and shot at Ross.

Ross avoided the bullets shot at him by Capone Leckie by using Marine's Rokus.h.i.+ki Shave(Soru).


Capone Leckie didn't expect Ross to avoid his bullets at such a close distance. After the barrel of the gun was emptied, he pulled out a long sword at his waist and prepared to fight Ross out.

Ross's eyes were indifferent, he did not retreat and also didn't draw the sword. Instead, his five fingers clenched into fist and slammed into Capone Leckie's sword.


Ross didn't use Armament Haki's, but his hands were wrapped in distortion power working exactly like Whitebeard Tremor-Tremor Fruit, but the color on his hands was not white but it was colorless and transparent and distorted the air present around it.

This is the new ability that Ross can display after his Proficiency in Distortion Fruit has reached 75.

He can attach distortion power directly to his fist. Although he can't do any long-range attack, he still has the ability to deal with any sword bare-handed!


When Capone Leckie's sword touched the partially distorted area around the fist, the entire sword was forced into the air by a force and it became very difficult to move the sword even by an inch!

"Devil Fruit User…"

Capone Leckie's pupils shrank but at this time he was already unable to change anything. He screamed, his hands still clenching the hilt of his sword and tried to chop it down.

But even though he tried his best, the long sword he held was still twisted and broken at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Kacha! Kacha!

Eventually, the entire sword was twisted into a spiral form of iron.

Ross took back his fist and held the twisted sword in front of him in his hands. The twisted sword was smashed into a ball of iron, and he threw the ball at the door, smas.h.i.+ng the head of a rus.h.i.+ng criminal organization member.


Capone Leckie's was finally frightened, he flinched as he took a step back, he saw a window and rushed toward it, planning jump out of it to escape but was stopped. Ross suddenly appeared behind him pulling his collar and pressed him against the wall.

"Tell your men to get out."Ross's indifferent said.

Capone Leckie as the High-Level officer of the Capone Family has experienced big and small fights many times, but it was the first time he had seen someone rus.h.i.+ng into his base alone and take control of it like this.

Feeling the hand that was pressed on his neck, he realized that there was no strange power to it but fear begins to spread in Capone Leckie heart as he remembers the scene of his own sword that was twisted into a spiral iron piece.

"Don't, don't come in! You all go out!" He shouted.

Many members of the criminal organization looked at each other blankly before going out one by one.

Ross glanced at the door and slowly returned his gaze towards Capone Leckie, his hand still holding his neck and pressed him against the wall.

"No one is going bother us now."

"You… what are you doing? I can give you money if that is what you want, just name the price".

For Capone Leckie, at this moment the most important thing is his own life. Since Ross is Pirate Hunter, in his opinion he would want nothing but money.

"No, I am not interested in money."

Ross shook his head, released Capone Leckie, took a piece of paper from his arms, and threw a recording device at him.

"I don't like being a scapegoat for others. The Tarot town incident has nothing to do with me. I need you to tell the truth to the Marines."

When he heard Ross, Capone Leckie suddenly looked at him. He looked at the pen and paper that Ross threw on the floor and suddenly shook his head.

"It turns out that you want this… Sorry, even if I did this, it wouldn't  work, because I didn't do this, I didn't frame you."

"Not done by you, what do you mean?" Ross's brow was slightly wrinkled.

Capone Leckie raised his mouth slightly and said: "Want to know who is behind this? I can tell… ah ah!!"

He didn't finish the word as the muscles on the whole arm were twisted into a terrible curve, and a terrifying sound was emitted as his muscles collapsed.

"Who did it?" Ross asked indifferently.

"You, d.a.m.n it…"

Capone Leckie's was frightened and angry, he cursed at Ross but was only able to complete half of the sentence before he looked in Ross' eyes and suddenly stopped.

In the face of death, he eventually retreated and his tone weakened as he slowly said: "It's Marine Commander Leica. This is what he proposed. All of the specific things were done by Marine and have nothing to do with me."

There was silence in the air.

"Marine… Commander Leica…"

Ross muttered in a low voice, the expressions on his face couldn't be described in words and he looked at Capone Leckie, suddenly shaking his wrist.


One of Capone's Leckie's arms was twisted into a twist, and the flesh and blood cracked. It was terrible, and he almost pa.s.sed out from the intense pain.

"I want to hear the truth."Ross's indifferent said.

Under the pain, Capone Leckie couldn't help but curse and said, "You… you d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I am telling the truth!"

"Are you?"

Ross's backhanded him, and the other arm of Capone Leckie twisted again. After repeating the process several times while asking questions, there were only broken pieces of meat remains in the hall.

"It seems he is telling the truth."

Ross slowly retracted his hand as he bypa.s.sed the body of Capone Leckie and came to the window, looking out into the blue sea in the distance.

This incident was initiated by Marines. Ross already suspected this from the beginning. After all, this kind of thing is too big. If there are no marines involved then it is almost impossible to plan this thing.

The problem right now is…

Whether the entire marine base was involved in this or was it done by Leica alone?

Ross has been avoiding a head-on conflict with Marines because he really doesn't like to be wanted for life and to be given a bounty, but that doesn't mean he is afraid of marines!

"Your plan was brilliant, Marine." Ross smiled.

He plans to go to the Marine base to make a final decision.

He did not want to have a bounty on his head, nor does he wanted to become a pirate, but if there is no other choice then he must become a pirate…

And he will turn the entire world completely upside down!

Marine Branch.

In an office at the highest floor, Marine Commander Leica listened to the latest intelligence report given by his subordinate, and the expression on his face gradually became somewhat ugly.

"Haig town was attacked by Ghost Hand Ross and Capone Family's Capone Leckie was brutally murdered by him?!"

As a Marine Commander, his salary is not high and capturing the pirates is an inherent job, he can't get a bounty out of it. He can only get military exploits, so he has always had a close relations.h.i.+p with Capone Mafia.

Some time ago Capone Mafia slaughtered the Tarot town and gave him a part of the money looted from there to let him cover up this matter, but he got a sudden inspiration and he did not cover up this matter but deliberately planted some clues to pin this thing on Ross's head.

And as the matter stand, he not only completed his deal with Capone Mafia but was also able to frame Ghost Hand Ross for it. By doing this Marine's prestige will not be constantly damaged by that pirate hunter. It's like killing two birds with one stone.

What he didn't expect, however, was that Ross's strength was a little beyond his expectations, as he escaped the encirclement of the marines.


Capone Leckie, who he often traded with was killed by Ross in his own base camp, which means that Ross probably already knows the truth.

Thinking of this, Leica's face becomes gloomy and he snorted.

"So what if he knows the truth… he had already been labeled as a ferocious pirate. Even if he publish the truth, how many people will believe it?"

Marines are always on the side of justice. For the civilian population, Marines are always the most credible. Ross is charged with the crime and it is impossible to escape from this.

The only trouble is that if this matter continues to drag on, then it may be known to Captain Moby and other Commanders. After all, Tarot town's situation was handled by him, but the other Commanders have the power to inquire about this matter and they will, if the current situation continues to escalate.

In that case, he will be in great trouble. If he wants to avoid trouble, then he must arrest or execute Ross as soon as possible.

Just as Leica was thinking of a solution, a Marine soldier rushed into his office and ran towards Leica.

"Commander Leica! Someone found traces of Ghost Hand Ross on the island!"

"Where?" Leica stood up suddenly.

The Marine soldier rushed to report: "It is said that he appeared in the West Coast. Captain Moby and Captain Tamo have already taken some people there."

A Marine Lieutenant Commander standing next to Leica said with a strange look on his face: "Is that guy crazy? He is unexpectedly walking directly into a trap in our Marine base?"

Leica's also frowned as this situation was a bit strange.

Could it be that Ross knew that he had secretly arranged something and planned to look for him to trouble him? Thinking of this, he had a look of disbelief on his face as he couldn't believe it.

But it is Marine Branch's base!

Ross directly went to Haig town. Does he also dare to come to the Marine Branch's base?

Leica didn't dare to believe it and was even more uncertain of the situation, just then there was the sound of disturbance in the base, and even sounds of gunfire.

A Second Lieutenant Marine rushed in with a terrifying look and reported: "Commander Leica, Ghost Hand Ross has rushed into our base!"

"What did you say?" Leica's eyes widened.

He expected Ross to be difficult to deal with, but he never imagined that Ross was so crazy and daring that he would come to a Marine branch base!

He is a madman!

There was a slight hint of fear in Leica's eyes.

He can sit in the position of the Commander, so of course, he has the strength to back up his position and he has also fought with many dangerous pirates, but someone like Ross who dared to come to the Marine branch base to find him. He has never met someone like that before!

"Did you Notify Captain Moby?"

"The current situation had been notified to Captain Moby and others and they are currently rus.h.i.+ng back here."

"But I'm afraid that they wouldn't be able to reach here in time."

Leica pressed down the fear in his heart. He bit his teeth and yelled at his subordinates. "How many people are there at the base? Gather them all, and kill Ghost Hand Ross at all costs!"


The second Lieutenant Marine responded and rushed out.

Leica listened to the gunshots and all kinds of sounds from outside and as he was waiting, he felt uneasy and angry so he walked back and forth as he waited for Ross with his five fingers clasping the hilt of his sword on his waist.

"You also go out and command the soldiers!"

After two steps, he looked towards to the second Marine Lieutenant Commander.


The Marine Lieutenant Commander took a deep breath and picked up a musket on the table and walked toward the door.

Just as he pushed the door open, the entire door suddenly had a strange twist and it was directly blown up, and countless sawdust flew at a time.

The Lieutenant Commander subconsciously fired the gun but a hand pulled out of the sawdust and grabbed the gun directly.


The musket was broken into two pieces in an instant.

The Lieutenant Commander was shocked. He suddenly retreated and tried to pull out the long sword at his waist to resist. But he wasn't quick enough, Ross entered one step faster and rushed towards him. He punched his chest, sending him flying and slamming painfully on the wall.

"Long time no see, Commander Leica."

Ross smacked off the sawdust on his clothes and turned to look at Marine Commander Leica. His eyes were calm as they looked at him.

The expression on Leica's face was incomparably ugly. He pulled the sword out of his waist and put it in front of him, looking coldly at Ross, "Do you realize what you have done? You have attacked a Marine base!"

"So what?"

Ross stepped toward Leica, and tauntingly said: "For a pirate with a bounty of 22 million Berries, what is a single Marine base?"


Under the pressure of the approaching Ross, Commander Leica finally couldn't help but hold his sword with both hands and chopped it at Ross.

Ross didn't retreat and punched the coming sword.


Leica's swordsmans.h.i.+p is almost the same as that of Capone Leckie, that is to say that it is impossible for it to break through the layer of distortion power attached on Ross's fist. The sword is stopped in mid-air, and the entire sword is twisted into sc.r.a.p iron.

Leica was shocked, but before he could react, Ross's other fist slammed directly between his chest and abdomen.


This fist was wrapped in the power of distortion, so his internal organs are s.h.i.+fting as blood is spurted out of his mouth, he directly falls to the ground.


Just as Leica vomited blood and fell to the ground, some people directly rushed in from the destroyed entrance. It was a group of people dressed in the marine Justice outfit, it was Captain Moby and others.

Ross saw Captain Moby rus.h.i.+ng in, his wrists shook as he pulled out the sword at his waist and placed it on Leica's neck.

"Back off."

Moby looked at the scene, he was angry and he shouted: "Ross, do you know what you are doing?!"

"I certainly know what I am doing." Ross stared at Moby and said, "But I don't know what you guys are doing by framing people, so I came over to asked this question directly."

Leica kneels on the floor as he heard this sentence, his face changed, and he endured the pain in his body to say: "Mo… Captain Moby, kill him!"


Ross stepped on Leica's back putting him directly on the floor, his sword continuing to press against his neck.

"You have no right to speak now."

Captain Moby's eyes flashed in anger, but at the same time he noticed something that wasn't right, so he asked Ross in a sinking voice:

"What do you want to ask?"

"The first question, are you also involved in the Tarot town incident with him?" Ross did not intend to beat around the bush.

Moby frowned and didn't answer, but asked: "What about Tarot town? What do you mean?"

Ross stared at Moby for a while, reached into his sleeves, and threw the recording at Moby.

Moby took the recording device and frowned, and it quickly played the talk between Ross and Capone Leckie.

As their conversation was broadcasted Captain Moby, who was present at the scene, and several Commanders suddenly looked at each other. Obviously, they did not expect this kind of thing!


Moby's face showed a very angry expression, staring at Leica, who was being stepped on by Ross and he wished that he could cut Leica's head with his own sword.

The expressions of several commanders colonels were also darkening. As for the officers and soldiers, they all felt as if they were listening to a fantasy story.

"Lieutenant Commander, take everyone out!" When Moby heard half of the conversation, he directly pressed paused the recording device and gave a command, letting Lieutenant Commander take all the Marines soldiers out of the room.

He looked up at Ross and said: "I have neglected this matter, but things have already gotten to this point so I can't provide an explanation for you. I need to report this to my superior."

Ross stood there calmly and didn't talk.

Moby took a deep breath as turned and walked out of the room, went to his office, dialed Den Den Mus.h.i.+ on the table, and quickly connected to the Marine Headquarters.

"Is it Rear Admiral Strawberry? I have something to report to him."


Marine Headquarters.

This is the core of Marine's power, and it controls the numerous Marine bases and Marine divisions spread across the entire sea.

In a large office on the second floor which is responsible for connecting the various Marine branch bases, receiving their reports and issuing various instructions.

"How can there be such a thing?!" Listening to the report from the West Blue Marine branch, Strawberry's narrowed eyes jerked open and his face changed.

Although it is only a divisional thing, this kind of thing can involve Marine's prestige and face. Once it is not handled well, it will cause a lot of trouble for them.

He quickly stood up and walked to a separate office next to him.

"Vice Admiral Doberman, there is a troublesome matter here…"

Marine Vice-Admiral Doberman sat in a chair and listened to Strawberry's report with a slight frown. After a few minutes, he said: "This thing can never be spread out, otherwise Marines will lose their reputation and face in West Blue, and the people will lose their faith in the government and condemn it."

"Then how should we proceed." Strawberry inquired in a low voice.

Doberman hesitated slightly before revealing a hint of indifference on his face, saying: "Clear everything, Execute this matter… and after that the report that was going to be reported is that the murderer was killed on the spot under the pursuit of Marines, and Commander Leica died fighting the murderer."

Although Strawberry guessed that Doberman might decide this way, he couldn't help but say, "But that Ross didn't do…"

"The bounty orders have already been sent, are you planning to report it to the government and let the government withdraw it?"

Doberman interrupted Strawberry's words and said with an indifferent gaze. "It's just a Pirate Hunter. Compared with Marine's prestige, you should be clear about what is more important."

Strawberry's expression changed a few times, and finally, he sighed and complied with the orders and left Doberman's office.

Doberman shook his head and continued to browse the doc.u.ments on the table.


"Complete execution?"

After receiving the order from Marine Headquarters, Moby did not reveal any unexpected expression on his face. In fact, he also decided to do the same, because only by doing so can the impact of this matter be minimized.

For Ross, a little Pirate Hunter, it's almost impossible for Marine to admit their wrongs and take back the wanted order!

After hanging up the Den Den Mus.h.i.+. Moby's expression became completely indifferent as he left the room and returned to the office of Commander Leica where Ross was.

The atmosphere in Commander Leica office was very strange.

Ross was stepping on Commander Leica's back as he stands there calmly, while the other commanders had confused embarra.s.sed look on their face.

Originally they thought that Ross was a murderer who slaughtered an entire town, They did not expect this to be led by Leica and Capone Mafia, and Leica even framed him.

"Captain Moby."

Seeing Moby's return, several restless Commanders turned around and looked at him at the same time, waiting for Moby to announce their superiors orders and decision.

Moby walked slowly to the front of the crowd, looking at the Ross who stood on Leica, and said: "The Headquarter has given their orders."


At the moment when his voice fell, Moby suddenly moved and he pulled out the long sword at his waist as he rushed toward Ross.

The power of this sword is far stronger than Leica and Capone Leckie, and the tip of the sword even overflows with faint sword energy!

Ross retreated to the edge of the room, avoiding the sword.

However, Leica was not so lucky, as he was already in the attack range of Moby's sword and he was directly split into two halves!

Startled by the sudden change many commanders who were present did not have any time to respond.

"….. Captain Moby!"

"Headquarters' order, everyone directly involved in this matter is to be executed."

Seeing that Ross had avoided his attack, he did not pursue him immediately. Instead, he announced the order given by the Marine Headquarters to several of his subordinate commanders.

Several Marine Commanders looked at each other in dismay.

Ross is not a murderer, but if they carefully think about it, how can Marine and the government recover the already issued bounty for a Pirate Hunter.

"What a brilliant scene." Ross stood by the wall and spoke.

His mouth twitched slightly as if he was laughing, and he seemed to ridicule the marines. This expression made the few commander in the room shudder for some inexplicable reason.

"Then, starting today, I am a pirate."

Moby looked at Ross with a cold face and said: "You can't leave here today, there is Leica who has framed you dead, accept this as my apologies as you rest in peace!"


Moby rushed to Ross again, and the sword in his hand chopped out.


His sword was wrapped up in weak sword energy as he waved it up and down, like a storm, covering Ross in the center. He did not give Ross any time and s.p.a.ce to dodge ashe planned to directly kill Ross who had his back pressed against the wall.


In the face of Moby's stormy offensive, Ross did not panic.

He looked up at Moby, his body suddenly looks like a piece of paper.

Moby is attacking Ross left and right with his sword energy but he is not able to hit him no matter how hard he tries.


Ross stabbed with his own sword and the stunned Moby tried to dodge but was too late as he was stabbed by Ross' attack.

"This is… Kami-e (Paper Drawing)! How can you use Marine's Rokus.h.i.+ki?!"

There are many different techniques that are similar to Soru, so even if Ross uses Soru, no one will be able to identify it but those dodging patterns are very familiar and there is no doubt that it is definitely Kami-e (Paper Drawing) of Marine's Rokus.h.i.+ki(Six Power)!

Ross didn't answer. With Kami-e (Paper Drawing)'s dodging ability, he moves with his sword and made a few attacks on Moby. He started the Distortion Fruit ability and twisted the two swords together. Turning them into a few sections of sc.r.a.p iron.


Ross punched out and Moby subconsciously crossed his arms in front of him, and when Ross's fist connected with his arms, a sharp pain suddenly came from them.

His two arms, under Ross's Distortion Fruit ability, were directly twisted into a fried dough twist, covered with blood and bones and looked terrifying.

Several commanders finally awoke from their stupor and reacted, they all came forward to support the Captain. At the same time, they pulled their swords out one after another.


Ross's arms jerked up and the ability of Distortion Fruit was fully launched. All the swords and fists that held them were completely stopped in mid-air, and then the power of distortion exploded.

All swords collapsed.

Ross stared indifferently at Captain Moby, who was shocked. He lifted his leg and stepped on him as blood and flesh scattered under his feet.

Several commanders who saw this were shaken by this scene, they felt chills on their backs and revealed fear.

Amidst the silence.

Ross slowly walked toward the wall on one side.

"Go and tell the high-level Marines who issued the order."

"I didn't want to become a pirate."

"You forced me to be a pirate."

Ross's tone is calm and chilling.

Combining the tone with blood and gore in the place it seems to be giving the feeling of h.e.l.l. The Marines all shuddered as if they had heard the whisper of a devil.

"Although right now I am just a insignificant n.o.body, and about whom maybe you wouldn't care even a bit, but please remember what I said."

"Your behavior today determines the future direction of this sea."

"I hope that one day in the future, you would not regret the order issued today because by then everything will be too late."


When Ross's voice fell, he had already reached the wall and he raised his hand and pressed it on the wall, and the area about two meters on the wall suddenly twisted and collapsed, then he jumped out.

There was only destruction remained in his wake and the sound of his voice that will reverberate in the ear of the marines that were there.

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