One Piece Talent System Chapter 6

"Very well."

Terun smiled and turned to look at Nico Robin next to him. "The inside intelligence on Tarot town, we haven't burned it yet, right? Give it to him directly."

Sixteen-year-old Nico Robin nodded and her little hand flipped a few times. Soon, she took out two sheets of paper and walked over to Ross to hand the paper.

"Two intelligence reports on the town, without any encryption."

Ross took two sheets from Robin's hand and looked at them.

After Robin pa.s.sed the sheets, she quietly returned to her original position and continued to organize and memorize the mess of intelligence in front of her.

If you ask Ross to choose a person to be his a.s.sistant from the people he has contacted so far, he will definitely choose Nico Robin.

Although she is much younger than in the original work, she has a bounty of 79 million Berries at the age of eight and she has actually been able to survive in West Blue's Underground World until now. Her abilities are almost indisputable.

If he wants to form a crew, except for her, Ross had also carefully considered Trafalgar law and others. Both are careful, and their att.i.tude matched with his style of doing things.


They are all people who wants to become pirates and Ross will have to consider things very carefully. Also at the present time, he does not intend to become a pirate without any rhyme or reason.

It's not his black pot. Why should he carry it on his shoulders? Since the Marine side are a group of idiots, then he would have to uncover the person who s.h.i.+fted the blame on him, and bring justice.

There are not many words written on the paper.

After Ross finished reading, his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. He clenched the slip of paper in hand and pondered. He had thought that it was the work of some pirate group who had framed him. But he didn't expect that instead of pirates, it involves the underground criminal syndicate's forces of West Blue.

"Capone Family… is the criminal syndicate family of Capone Bege, one of the supernovas in the original work."

Ross thought for a moment and gradually his face turned cold.

No matter what kind of influence they have, but after framing him for something that he didn't do, they think that they can just sit back and relax, then they are completely mistaken.

"I need information on the Capone Family in this area."

Ross looked up at Terun who had stood up without him noticing.

Terun flicked the cigar ash, thinks for a second, and says: "I know what kind of the information you want and I have it, but the price for that information will cost you a lot."

"No problem."

After Ross nodded, Terun looked at Robin on the side.

"Tell him."

Robin nodded and walked towards Ross and after her eyes slightly come into contact with Ross's eyes, she narrated the information that Ross needed in a low voice.

After Ross wrote down the information, he took out a few stacks of money from his backpack and threw it to Terun, after that he turned and left.

Robin's eyes stayed on Ross's back for a few seconds before returning back to a the stack of intelligence files on the table.

Ross left the inner room, and under the different gazes of the numerous Pirate Hunters in the outside side, he left the Underground base.

Something unexpected happened to Ross as he ran into a patrol of marines who were inspecting in all directions, just as he came out of the base.

"Ghost Hand Ross is here!"

Someone screamed and immediately there were several guns aimed at Ross and they fired.

Ross did not have Marine's Rokus.h.i.+ki Tekkai (Iron Body), nor Armament Haki in his possession. Even ordinary firepower can cause certain damage to him.


Ross stepped his foot on the ground and flashed into the opposite alleyway.

He was really annoyed with this group of Marines who were chasing after him. He had the idea of ​​destroying all the Marines but he repressed that idea down.


Ross was rus.h.i.+ng in the alleyway and suddenly there was a figure dressed in the marine costume racing after him at the same speed as him.

"Ghost Hand Ross, quickly allow yourself to be captured without putting up a fight."

"You will not be able to escape today"

The man was one of the Commander at the nearby Marine base.

He had defeated and arrested pirates with the bounty of 1800 million Berries. Surprisingly, he can also use Shave (Soru) of Marine's Rokus.h.i.+ki!

"He can even use Shave(Soru)?"

Ross glanced back at the Marine Commander from the corner of his eyes. The same military ranks in different regions, but differences in strength is huge.

East Blue's Marine Commander may not even able to defeat pirates who has bounty of 10 million Berries, while in the Grand Line's, there are many Devil Fruit users among the Marine Commander, as for the Marine Commander of New World, they can even use Armament Haki.

"You want me to surrender without putting up a fight?

After the Marine Commander had chased him to a street, he suddenly roared and his entire body charged at Ross' back, and suddenly punched.

Ross turned around impatiently and received the punch.

"I have other things to do. I have no time to accompany you Marines to play, so get lost.


Both of their fists collided with each other, the strength possessed by Marine Commander was weaker than Ross, so he takes two steps back while his entire arm was numb.

Ross spread out both of his hands and swept over the wall on one side of the alleyway. The walls suddenly twisted and collapsed, and smashed down directly in Marine Commander's face.

When Colonel Marine saw this, his pupils shrank slightly and when he rushed out of the collapsed wall, Ross had already disappeared.

"Sure enough he is a Devil Fruit user and twisting the wall, no wonder they call him ghost hand…"

The Commander looked at the distorted wall and his mind wandered back to the punch Ross threw. His forehead was overflowing with a cold sweat and he was a little scared from the bottom of his heart.

Even though Marine had laid a tight pursuit circle on the island, and bombarded the guns on Ross, making him cut a sorry figure, but with the Marine's Rokus.h.i.+ki Shave(Soru), he still rushed out of the encirclement.

His s.h.i.+p was already gone. He directly stole a small boat on the side while dropped down hundreds of thousands of Berries, then he left the island by boat.

The information given to him by Robin about Capone Mafia's in this sea area was very detailed, specifically the detailed location of the base built by Capone Family in this sea area.

Haig island.

This island is not far from the place where Ross was located. It's about two days journey. Ross had once went to that island when he was hunting pirates, and was not unfamiliar to it.

Sailing all the way into the sea, he would no longer be pursued by Marine. Even if they are obviously Marines, they can not easily lock onto Ross position in the vast sea and chase him.

If they could reach that level then the pirates will not be spread unchecked in this world.


In the process of sailing something unpleasant happened.

It was when a news bird landed on his boat with newspaper. He had bought a newspaper and found out his new bounty poster.

"Ghost Hand Ross, Dead or Alive, 22 million Berries. Marines really took swift action."

Ross has been often been hunting pirates everywhere around this time. Very rarely does bounty posters leave his hand. But now holding his own bounty poster, he feels very bad.

Being issued a bounty for arrest by Marines and being pursued all over the sea by them is a particularly annoying thing for Ross, so he has never wanted this situation to occur.

And now there is an even more serious problem. In this situation even if he destroys Capone Mafia and throws the truth at Marines, would they retract his bounty order?

At these thought, Ross's face gradually became gloomy.

He finally took a deep breath.

In any case, he had to go to Haig Town and see who had got him into such a troublesome situation as they had already touched his bottom line.

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