Sword Whisperer Chapter 6

[You're holding the shortsword of a 'Swordsman with an Overflowing Talent'.]

Material: Iron

Quality: Normal

Owner: Lucas (2 stars)

Memory Preservation: Low

Note: Good balance of weight allows an efficient swing from any posture. If you hold it constantly, maybe the talent will rub off.

[Your current swordsmans.h.i.+p level is 1 star. Memory recall adjusted to normal.]

[Training required]

Baan's swordsmans.h.i.+p level reached 1 star from taking in Jensen's sword halfway. Because of that, the memory recall levels were decent.

If Baan held a 1-star level sword, he would've had a much better memory recall level, but Baan didn't want to.

'The sword Lucas used was here!'

Lucas was one of the few 'Knights' that came from this village's guards. He hoped one would have traces of Lucas so thankfully there was one as he had hoped.

Dolby couldn't fully understand Baan.

"…Shortsword? You used a longsword last time. If you suddenly swap, isn't it hard to get used to?"

"All as this hyungnim intended."

"Hyungnim my a.s.s. You want your a.s.s beat?"

"Beat? Me? By you?"

"…Watch yourself. I'll surpa.s.s you soon."

Baan smirked instead of replying. It wasn't because Dolby's determination was amusing. But just that he wouldn't be surpa.s.sed by Dolby in this lifetime.

He was able to absorb Jensen's swordsmans.h.i.+p this much in just a few months.

Would it be different for another swordsman's sword?

'No way.'

Baan gripped Lucas' shortsword. He could feel Lucas's memories permeate into him through his palms. There won't be many talented swordsmen comparable to this. Even if there are those at the level he couldn't imagine.

There was no reason to be impatient. Just by holding the swords and training, all the training done by those will be his soon.

Dreams were becoming reality.

Six months went by.

The new year was close, and it meant Baan was only a few days from becoming 16.

The days spent in the guards weren't as fancy as he antic.i.p.ated. The ones that caused trouble by the gates were beaten up and kicked out. Just small petty thieves trying to sneak in. And of course, bandit raids weren't a common occurrence.

These were peaceful days. If he wanted to point out something that changed, it was that he no longer lived with Jensen and that Jensen suddenly went on a trip.

Consequently, Baan only felt alive at the training grounds. It was no longer boring when he was swinging Lucas' shortsword endlessly.

'…He was a great person.'

Baan wasn't that close with Lucas. When he joined the guards, Baan was too young. Furthermore, he wasn't someone that had an air of aloofness. Even when he was an ordinary guard, there was something different about him.


There was too much talent in Lucas' swordsmans.h.i.+p to not be noticed. Enough talent to s.h.i.+ne through his failures. Lucas' swordsmans.h.i.+p was something special.

'But downstrokes.'

For downstrokes, Jensen's wasn't inferior to Lucas'. No, it was better. But unfortunately in every other area Lucas' was prominent. Even looking at the 'sword's voice', he was a 2-star swordsman, and Jensen was a 1 star. The disparity was natural.

"You're nuts. Don't you get tired?"

Standing nearby, Dolby shook his head and commented. He also trained very hard after his loss to Baan but…

As time went on the gap grew further.

Baan looks back and smiled.

"Why. Do you wanna duel?"

"…With real swords again?"

"Wooden swords are boring."

Dolby gripped his sword as an answer. Baan smiled and fixed his grip on his shortsword. Duels with real swords were more dangers, but Baan had a reason to prefer it. It felt more like the real thing, and…

[You are dueling something below your skills.]

[a.n.a.lyzing the opponent's swordsmans.h.i.+p!]

[It is sorely lacking]


Baan twisted into a smile from the exhilarating pleasure. This was why the real swords were better. By touching real swords, he could not only train his own sword movements but also absorb the opponent's sword movements.

That was why. Baan was able to block Dolby's swing even before Dolby was able to fully extend his sword. And at the same time reach Dolby's backside.

The duel was over in an instant. It was inevitable. He wasn't stupid enough to lose when he knew how and where the sword was going to move.

Baan's shortsword was aimed at Dolby's throat. He smiled and asked.

"So what's the win-loss now?"

"…Don't count that. It's annoying."

Dolby sighed and lowered his sword. He hasn't been able to beat Baan even as a coincidence recently. It wasn't just Dolby either. Nowadays there wasn't anyone that could match Baan's sword in the guards besides the vice-captains.

It was not possible to win when you expect your loss even before the duel happens. Dolby opened his mouth after sighing.

"Even Genricks goons watch out for you. After being done in last time."

"Ah… Them?"

"Full of it?"

"Well, it's not bad right?"

Baan shrugged his shoulders. They were the only ones in the town making a racket. They were starting to look down on the guards do there was a bit of a scuffle. The result was Baan's education time.

'They don't even know how to move their bodies.'

As long as he has Jensen's downswing and Lucas' animal-like senses, he won't be defeated by those rag-tag goons. Baan sighed and traced the blade of the shortsword.

"Anyway, do we have anything to achieve credits for. Not the low lives like them, but proper villains. Like bandits."

"…Do you really want to be a Knight?"

"No, world's best swordsman."

"Crazy f.u.c.k."

Dolby broke out in laughter. If it was the past, he would've made fun of Baan's dreams of swordmaster Baan, but it was difficult now. It was possible, that this delusional friend would make it into reality. Dolby started to think that without realizing it.

It wasn't just Dolby either. Baan's growth was a popular topic among the guards. A run-of-the-mill apothecary's apprentice becoming the best swordsman in the guard was a great story.

-- He'll probably become a Knight

-- You think he'll stop at Knighthood? If he's lucky, who knows if he'll join the King's Knights.

-- Haha… The best rising star after Lucas eh? If you think about it our village is blessed.

It was what the seniors of the guards were saying. People were talking as though it was just a matter of time until Baan became a Knight. Dolby tightened his fist and thought. Good. It's a good thing. He would be lying if he said he wasn't jealous, but if his delusional friend can become a Knight…

"Hey, is everything going well with Yuri?"

"…Where is this coming from?"

"Well, just wanted to know if you were doing ok without my potion. Since you're impotent. In multiple meanings."

Baan said grinning like a madman. Dolby ground his teeth and thought.

He wasn't going to cheer for him.

'Ah, I wish something would happen.'

A princess running from a villainous gang. A sage gone made from learning the secrets of the world. Those kinds of people. The kind of people used as kindling by the storytellers telling the story of the hero.

But this village was too peaceful. The only happenings were the scuffle with Gedrick's goons and that was it.

"I wanna succeed."

The guard next to Baan glanced and smiled at Baan mumblings.

"Hey. If you wanna succeed so badly, why didn't you go to the capital city."

"No way, you know I haven't even been to the neighboring towns. Don't you think I'll starve to death on my way there?"

"… That's probable. Anyway, don't be so impatient. If you're skilled, the opportunity will present itself. Who knows? There may be an injured prince running to us for help."

"I prefer princesses to princes."

"(Chuckle), me too."

It was a mindless conversation as always. And as always, the day was meant to pa.s.s as just another day.

Meant to.

"Make a road! The young master of the Cho family is here!"

The brilliant, no it would have been brilliant, carriage led by four horses appeared. There were multiple bloodstains and it was half collapsed. Upon hearing the young horseman's voice soaked through from fatigue and tension, Baan gripped Lucas' shortsword instinctively.

Instincts told him. It wasn't a princess nor prince but…

An opportunity is here.

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