Reborn Spoiled Ming Wangfei Chapter 68

"Someone come! Find me a doctor!" An Ping who was sleeping in the bed, for some reason, felt entirely weak and itchy. From his repeated scratches, areas of angry red rashes appeared on his skin.

"Eldest master, what's wrong?" a servant ran into An Ping's room. He saw An Ping, on the bed, scratching here and there, seeming very uncomfortable.

"Go, hurry! Find and bring me a doctor! Hurry up!" An Ping yelled at the servant standing by the bed. The servant, frightened, immediately ran out to request a doctor.

A doctor of about fifty years diligently took the pulse of An Ping, an unnatural light flashed through his eyes. He then again carefully examined the red rash on An Ping's body. The concluding illness caused the old doctor to jump with a scare. He looked at An Ping but didn't dare to say what illness it was.

"Doctor, what is this young master's illness? Why does it itch so much?" An Ping kept scratching his body and impatiently asked the doctor who didn't say anything and was still inspecting. If it wasn't because this doctor's medical skills in the capital were quite good, An Ping would already have the doctor thrown out. Examining for such a long time yet didn't make a peep, it really made people anxious!

"Eldest young master An, please allow this old man to ask, have you had s.e.xual intercourse recently?" asked the old doctor.

"Intercourse?" An Ping was flabbergasted. Although he didn't have a main wife, he had a lot of concubines. Even the tongfang servant girls weren't few. Recently because of grandfather's birthday, he didn't fool around with any concubines. If saying there was, then it would be on grandfather's birthday, that day with Lan Zhi biaomei.

"In the recent days, there is once. Doctor, what's wrong? Is there anything wrong with this young master's body? Rest a.s.sured, just concern yourself with healing. No matter what medicinal herbs, our prime minister manor has all!" An Ping seeing the doctor speaking so ambiguously, felt afraid, but remembering the financial strength and power of his family clan, as long as it wasn't a serious disease, it can be healed.

"This…" the old doctor stroked his beard. He really didn't know how to start the conversation, especially this disease. Even if he was a doctor, he can't guarantee that this Prime minister manor's eldest young master won't kill him in order to prevent the secret from being divulged.

"Speak!" An Ping, under the old doctor's hesitation, was even more afraid that he had an incurable disease, "Does this young master have an incurable disease? If you don't speak, don't blame this young master for making you unable to leave this prime minister manor!"

"Eldest young master An's illness is really the flower disease (venereal disease)!" the old doctor finally revealed the illness under the threat of An Ping, but as soon as the old doctor said this, he was pierced by the long sword An Ping drew from beside him.

Streaming rivulets of blood flowed out of the old doctor's body. The old doctor could only look on as the life drained from his body, unable to save himself. He could only stare with wide eyes at that An Ping who killed without batting an eyelash. An Ping threw down the long sword yelling, "Nonsense! You are a quack. You even dare to curse this young master! Quack!"

Although the servant was a little afraid, he was already accustomed to the young master's habit of killing people. He merely called over the guards outside to come in and drag the old doctor's corpse out, quickly bury it, and eradicate all outsiders who knew of this.

"You, find me another doctor! Remember, don't let others know. Bring him in quietly!" An Ping put on his clothes, furiously glaring at the blood on the ground. How could he catch such a shameful disease? Absolutely not! Absolutely not! That doctor's medical skills must be not good, must be!

"Eldest master, the doctor's here," the servant stood outside the room and led another doctor into the room. An Ping, looking like nothing's wrong, laid on the bed and said to the doctor, "Come over. See what is going on with his young master's body."

The same inspection was done again. The same question was asked. An Ping's heart jumped all over the place, but he still refused to give up and demanded, "Tell me, what illness does this young master have? Tell me!"

"Flower, flower, eldest young master An has the flower disease!" the doctor knelt on the ground stammering.

"Flower disease? It's actually flower disease?" An Ping felt the world was dark. How could he catch flower disease? None of the concubines in the manor were unclean and he never stayed overnight in a brothel for the reputation of the prime minister manor. If this was the case, then the reason for this disease can only be Lan Zhi! An Ping's fists tightened. What a good Lan Zhi! Originally, he believed she was a virgin but didn't expect she was not only a loose woman but also a diseased s.l.u.t! That day, to speak nothing of the design for him to lose face, she even transferred such a disgusting disease to him. He must kill her!

"Tell this young master, is this disease curable? Can it be cured?" An Ping kicked the doctor to the ground, refused to give up hope and demanded. He refused to give up. Nothing can happen to him. He was prime minister manor's most favored eldest young master. In the future, all of the prime minister manor will be his. How could he catch this kind of shameful disease?

The doctor seeing such a terrifying An Ping, thought painstakingly and then cried joyfully," Yes, there is!"

"Really?" An Ping neared the doctor and asked. As long as his disease can be cured, no matter how much it cost to heal him, he was still prime minister manor's eldest young master.

"Yes, it's true!" the doctor said flatteringly, "Wu Qing Medical Hall's Young Master Gui Yi is Medical Valley Gui Yi Zi's disciple. It is rumored that there is no disease in the world that he can't cure. Any kind of rare illness young master Gui Yi can cure!"

"Any disease?"

"Yes, any disease. Eldest young master An can inquire and you'll know. Wu Qing Medical Hall's reputation is known by everyone. His medical skills are unmatched in the world!"

"Even flower disease?"

"With young master Gui Yi's medical skills, it is definitely possible. Eldest young Master An trust me, he really can!"

"Someone come, kill this man who has intentions to this young master!" An Ping said to the guard's outside the door. As soon as his voice fell, two guards entered and dragged out the doctor who kept pleading for mercy. Then there was no sound.

"You, check out Wu Qing Medical Hall. Find me young master Gui Yi. No matter the cost, you must have him treat this young master!" An Ping said to the servant. As long as the disease can be cured, he was not afraid. Relying on the power of his family clan, was he afraid he can't find a Gui Yi?

"Mother, Mother!" Lan Zhi sat on the dressing table looking at herself in the mirror, then at her own body, and suddenly cried out sharply.

"Second young miss, second young miss, what's wrong?" The servant girl suddenly rushed into Lan Zhi's boudoir and asked anxiously. Lan Zhi immediately covered up her clothes, shouting at the servant girl, "Get out! Immediately! Get out!"

An yiniang nodded at Qiu'er; Qiu'er took all the servant girls and left the room immediately to guard outside the room. An yiniang gazed at her second daughter with a sigh. She thought that her daughter's emotions were suddenly out of control because she lost her innocence. After she persuaded her for a while, her daughter's mood was much better and has accepted reality. In fact, there was nothing wrong with her daughter's marriage to her nephew. In An manor, daughter will have father's protection. If she can bear a son for her nephew, perhaps prime minister manor will be even more prestigious.

"Zhi'er, what's wrong? Didn't mother tell you, you have to accept this matter? Ping'er, no matter if its appearance or status, is outstanding. What are you dissatisfied with?" An yiniang went to Lan Zhi, ready to pull her daughter into her arms to comfort her but Lan Zhi escaped An yiniang's touch.

"Mother…" Lan Zhi's tears kept streaking down from her already red eyes. Her mouth opened and closed but was too upset to say anything.

"Don't be afraid. Mother does everything for your own good, Zhi'er. Mother will help you," An yiniang dragged over daughter's hand to comfort her.

Lan Zhi suddenly began to unb.u.t.ton her clothes. An yiniang was prepared to scold her, but suddenly widened her eyes. On Lan Zhi's pure white body, there were red and blue splotches that already began to fester. Even when Lan Zhi opened her clothes, there was an unpleasant smell.

"This…" Even An yiniang was startled. What was going on? How could these things appear on her daughter's body? Unless? An yiniang fearfully examined Lan Zhi's body. She remembered she gave Lan You Nian a poison that made the skin fester, but after waiting for so many days, there was no movement. Yet now the same situation happened on her own daughter's body. No, not the same. The situation on her daughter's body was even more serious than that poison.

"Mother, what's wrong with my body? What should I do? Mother, what should I do?" Lan Zhi tugged on An yiniang's sleeves. She already accepted the fact that she will marry cousin brother, but now her body has become like this, how can cousin-brother love her in the future?

"Zhi'er don't panic, mother is here. Mother won't let anything happen to you. Don't be afraid, " An yiniang gently pat Lan Zhi's head, gently comforting, then shouted to those outside the door, "Qiu'er come in!"

"Madame," Qiu'er curtsied, waiting for An yiniang's orders.

"Qiu'er let the housekeeper find a doctor to come to the manor. Remember to not to let others know, understand?" An yiniang repeatedly reminded. Now that her daughter's body became like this, if others knew, it will definitely make people suspect her daughter caught some disease. Then, when that happens, speaking of nothing else, even entering prime minister manor will be difficult.

"Mother, mother…" Lan Zhi fearfully cried. An yiniang tenderly looked at her daughter. Although she was vicious but towards her children, she was loving. Seeing her daughter become like this, she was also anxious.

"Madame, the doctor is here!" Qiu'er brought the doctor into the room, then with one look from An yiniang, left the room to continue to guard outside.

"Doctor, come see what is going on with my daughter?" An yiniang said anxiously to the doctor, for fear that being late will leave any scars on her daughter's body.

The doctor immediately put down the medical box and then carefully examined Lan Zhi's pulse. He then checked Lan Zhi's face color and tongue, but after inspection, the doctor looked at Lan Zhi weirdly, as if disdainful of the Lan Zhi who anxiously laid on the bed.

"Doctor, is my daughter poisoned?" An yiniang who saw there was something wrong with the doctor's gaze, believed Lan Zhi has contracted some difficult to cure poison, while Lan Zhi was also afraid as she laid under the blankets on the bed, fearfully looked at the doctor.

"This young miss isn't poisoned at all," the doctor's words allowed An yiniang to release a sigh of relief, however the doctor's next words, "But this young miss has the flower disease!"

When the doctor finished speaking, he opened a prescription. Meanwhile, inside, he was thinking how the morals have really deteriorated and were no longer what it was in the old days for an unmarried woman to actually got such a disease. After handing the prescription to An yiniang, the doctor's tone was impatient, "I can't cure such a disease. Please ask Madame to find someone more qualified."

Looking at the doctor's departing back, An yiniang felt cold all over. Lan Zhi, lying on the bed, kept crying. How could she catch this disease? It must be cousin-brother. At this time, Lan Zhi regretted. She regretted they schemed against Lan You Nian, for now, she has fallen to such an end.

"Qiu'er, give that doctor some silver. Don't let him reveal even a sliver of today's matters, do you hear me?" An yiniang ordered Qiu'er, then looked at the daughter who was half dead from crying. Her heart felt uncomfortable for a moment, flower disease, she never heard this kind of disease can be cured. This daughter can be considered ruined, but she had another daughter and a son; she won't lose.

"Zhi'er, don't cry, mother will help you," An yiniang coaxed but there was no longer any love in her eyes.

"Really?" Lan Zhi raised her haggard face and asked, afraid she will be abandoned by her mother. She knew that while her mother loved them, her children, but if they were useless, they probably will be thrown away.

"Really. You are mother's daughter; how could mother lie to you?" An yiniang hugged Lan Zhi to her but when she smelled her daughter's body odor, she revealed a disgusted expression. At this time, all of An yiniang's thoughts revolved around one single point, that all of this was caused by Lan You Nian. She will not let go of that little s.l.u.t!

tongfang-the lowest ranking of a concubine

biaomei-younger cousin sister


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