The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 107

Otomege Volume 3 EpilogueEpilogue.

Part 1The spring back came a bit faster.

I returned home and showed up at the workshop.

In front of me I can see a 200 meter cla.s.s airship with a single horn as its characteristic, the Einhorn.

Its appearance has a lot of decoration.

「That's a lot of decoration.」

『Prepare an airship that won't be shameful as the representative of Hohlfahrt. That's the condition from the palace.』

People and robots are doing work in the workshop.

The robots are working while the people are in charge of the miscellaneous jobs.

The workshop has only operated for several months, so there isn't anything like skilled technician here.

Perhaps there would be some among them who could be entrusted with the work after several years pa.s.sed.

Until then the robots will do the works in their place.

「Partner cannot be shown even though its repair is finished. It's really troublesome. Eh? What about Creare?」

『She is staying in the capital. It looks like she took a liking to Olivia and Angelica.』

「She is an AI who is even more free than you huh.」

『I can't deny that. Well, she won't do any betrayal so it will be fine. More importantly, master will have it hard from here on.』

The reason I prepared a new airship is──for studying abroad.

「To think that otome game──has a sequel. It's completely unexpected.」

I recalled my conversation with Marie.

Part 2That day when I talked with Marie in the palace.

I learned a new truth of this world──and trembled.

「I don't think big bro know this but──that otome game became a game series you know?」


It seemed that game with bad balance and caused dissatisfaction to explode from the users became a series.

It's good that Marie taught me various things but, what's with her self-important att.i.tude?

「Hertrauda is a character that came out in the third game.」

「Thi, third game!? Oi, wait. Wait a second!」

If there is a third game, that means there is the second game in between.

──I never heard anything like that.

「It's obvious that big bro doesn't know. Big bro died after clearing the first game. The sequel came out after that. Julius's little brother appeared in the third game.」

「That guy has a little brother!?」

「He has. The king has concubines and he was born from a different mother. That's why he is a cool character who is a bit shadowy. He has this outlaw atmosphere.」

I don't want to hear about that inconsequential setting.

But, now that she mentioned it, I had seen someone like that several times in the audience hall.

I completely thought that Julius is the only prince.

Thinking carefully, certainly it'll be a problem if there is only one prince.

「Could it be, the two monsters that I didn't know about were the last bosses of the third game?」

「That's right. The guardian deities of the sky and the sea were the last bosses of the third game. By the way, the starting time of the third game is when Julius and others are third year. That's why, not only it's connected with the first game's events, it also came with special perks where you can enjoy the event after their graduation.」

I don't need such information──was what I thought, but there was that kind of event?

I don't know about any event of his highness Julius's little brother enrolling into the academy.

「No, in the game there wasn't any event of Julius's little brother enrolling when he is at third year though.」

「What are you saying? ──It's obviously a setting that is added later.」

──Thank you for the blunt explanation.

Of course it is. That can't be helped then──you think I'm gonna accept that huh!

「Bu, but, the last bosses has been defeated, so it's already fine isn't it? The danger to the kingdom has left right?」

Marie smirked.

「Big bro, the stage for the second game isn't Hohlfahrt, it's Alzer Commonwealth.」

Eh? I've heard that country name before.

「Wa, wait. Wait! Then──」

「The second game's last boss is in good health.」

I looked at Marie's smirking face while holding my head and sat down on the spot.


There is no way this can happen. This world──that otome game has a sequel and the danger to the world isn't over, I don't want to believe that. Even though I thought that everything is over!

Marie is showing composure in front of me with a triumphant smile.

「Now then, let's negotiate.」

When she understood that I don't have any knowledge about the events ahead, she judged that there is ground for negotiation.

She is moving things ahead really confidently.

「What's with that haughty att.i.tude.」

「Is it alright for big bro to say that? I have the game knowledge that big bro doesn't have.」

「──What do you want?」

「Let's see. First──I want allowance! I wish for living expense!」

Marie suddenly kowtowed. Her request is allowance.

「You don't need it right? You guys are going to get stuffed into a floating island, any necessary items should be prepared for you. Or rather, that island already has the necessary items for living.」

「That's not it! Our life there will have to be self-sufficient to teach everyone about a little hardship! Any necessary items and the likes will be prepared for us but, this is those five we're talking about you know? Kyle and Cara will be fine, but do you think those five can do something like farming? They'll absolutely fail.」

Well, they were ignorant young masters, being suddenly told to farm will be too high of a hurdle for them.

Or rather, Cara is going to come along with you too?

「I'll send big bro with things like rice and the like periodically, so please give me living expense! Everyone's family is also seriously angry, so I can't expect any allowance from them!」

The reason why Marie is anxious about her living from now is because those five are showing att.i.tude like 「Just farming must be easy」.

The cause of her anxiety came from their carefree thinking that life of self-sufficiency won't be bad.

「It's impossible. If I leave it to those five, it will surely fail. My instinct told me that. Because, everyone is saying the same lines like my ex-boyfriend in my previous life. They're the same with my ex who had naïve thinking and spoke about dream and what not or that he will manage somehow even though he relied on me for money!」

What a coincidence. I also felt the same. I can already clearly picture those guys failing.

More importantly, Marie is really popular among useless men. Is it the useless men who approached her, or is it her who turned men into useless men──now, which is it? Perhaps she is even sending out signal that attract useless men to her?

Marie seriously and earnestly requested to me.

「That's why, I'll sell big bro the information so please give me allowance!」

I also wanted the information, so I shall accept her request.

「I'll give you allowance, so talk about that Alzer Commonwealth.」

「Thank you big bro!」

Marie rejoiced that she can receive allowance and stood up while doing a little dance.

When I told her to talk already, Marie coughed and talked about Alzer Commonwealth.

「Alzer Commonwealth is a country of n.o.ble commonwealth. It's more advanced than the kingdom and there is an academy where even the commoners can enroll. There the main character will get along with the boys who are the conquest targets.」

So it's an academy setting like the first game.

「And then, the main character is a girl who descended from a great n.o.ble house that should have been crushed.」


「At the end, that main character and the conquest target will revive the n.o.ble house but──」

I'm dumbfounded by the information from Marie.

Part 3「Stop it already with the danger to the world if the conquest failed. Spare me.」

In short, the world will be doomed if things doesn't go well with the main character of the second game.

This world is always under the risk of destruction due to love affairs huh.

『Master is really a worrywart.』

「No way I can just ignore a danger to the world! s.h.i.t, even though I'll be able to live my second year in the academy normally if I don't know anything.」

『Master now is a count with court rank of lower third after all, surely you will be very popular. The marriage situation is also going to improve due to the case this time, so the boy will be in the position to choose this time and yet──master has to study abroad, it must be hard.』

You can say that the marriage situation has changed 180 degrees.

In the middle of that, the clever girls are starting to panic.

『If master stay here, a happy academy life for master will be waiting, and yet…』

「Even I want to stay here. But, I also can't leave this problem alone.」

The problem is the existence of reincarnator like us.

That kind of existence hasn't been confirmed but, if they existed──what if they do as they please like Marie and pushed the world into danger at the end. I cannot have a peace of mind when I thought of that.

Even though I have worked hard until now, it will be pointless if the world is destroyed.

「We're going to observe the situation while studying abroad. If nothing happen then it will end with me simply studying abroad.」

『Will it be fine about the language?』

「I've learned simple things like greeting, but I think it'll be impossible to have conversation.」

『I'll be able to translate though?』

「Then say that from the start! I've already studied extra hard which was really unlike me!」

『Master should do your best just like that.』

Big bro came for me while I'm making noise.

「Leon, father is calling for you.」

「Father is?」

Part 4What is waiting for me when I showed my face in father's office is──a talk of marriage.

「Marriage ceremony?」

「No, an engagement ceremony. I'll have you join it too so prepare properly beforehand.」

「Could it be it's for big sis?」

「Jena is no good. Mum said that she can't even do housework properly so we can't send her out to marry. Right now it's the girl who has it hard to marry after all. If we want to marry off Jena, it's essential to train her in homemaking arts.」

Setting aside the academy, the number of male is fewer than the female in general.

The position of the male regarding marriage is stronger.

Amidst that, Jena who can't do housework at all is out of question.

She is in the middle of reeducation with mother.

She will be able to somehow land herself a husband if we used my connection or my status as hero.

But, my parents seems to think that it won't be a laughing matter if we do that. They absolutely won't allow it.

Then, this engagement must be for big bro.

Right now big bro is a heir of a baron house and he is helping with father's work.

He also has graduated from the academy, so it won't be strange for him to marry.

「Why is it not marriage?」

「There are various circ.u.mstances. Sorry that it's too rushed like this but, you need to partic.i.p.ate too before you go studying abroad.」

From the way father spoke, it'll be big bro's engagement ceremony as I thought.

「I don't really mind.」

「I see. Then go prepare.」

Part 5I got out of the room and walked down the stairs. I found Jena who was promoted from second daughter to eldest daughter there.

She is being taught the way to clean by Yumerisan.

「My lady, it's no good if you are wiping that crudely. You have to wipe thoroughly like this.」

Big sis who is staying quiet looked extremely dissatisfied.

「Ah, don't! Do it like this──」

Even though she is being taught to sweep by Yumerisan who is this adorable despite being a mother of one child, big sis threw away the dust cloth.

「I can't do this! A ch.o.r.e like this can be left to the servant!」

「Bu, but, I'm told to teach my lady to clean.」

It seems big sis hasn't understood the reality yet. She is still dreaming all the time.

「There will be heirs of baron house when I return to the academy. I can just marry with them. Ah, Leon! Introduce your friends to me. This time I'll tolerate even if they're just feudal lord n.o.ble in the countryside.」

Yumerisan is looking panicked. She bowed her head at me.

I told her 「Aa, it's fine」 with a kind smile, then I turned a ridiculing smile toward big sis.

「Oi, you've got guts talking like that to a count. Also, my friends are already receiving pa.s.sionate approach from girls. They got a lot of choices available. Someone like big sis won't even enter their sight.」

──I'm really envious at them.

My position as count got in the way and the girls who approached me are all young ladies from houses that aren't laughing matter. I'm happy that many young ladies are fussing over me but, I can't carelessly play with them because if I lay my hand on them then I'll be made to take responsibility right away.

「Yo, you, what's with that att.i.tude toward your big sister!」

「I wish you won't forget how I covered up for you after you got into trouble because of your slave's fault.」

In fact, because Miall lent his hand to Marquis Frampton, big sis herself almost got asked to take responsibility too.

It was me who settled it somehow with the power of money.

When I looked at big sis biting her lips in frustration──my mood brightened up. Today is really a refreshing day.

「E, err, young master? No. Lord count? E, eh? A, anyway, Leon-sama, Jensama is pitiful.」

I'm healed by Yumerisan.

For me who only have sisters with trash personality, this person is an existence who is like an adorable little sister.

Though in reality she is older than me and a mother of a child.

This slightly clumsy atmosphere of hers is nice. In addition she is serious and kind.

This person is the best.

「I'll forgive you in deference to Yumerisan but, work a bit harder. Seriously speaking, there won't be any prospect for big sis to marry at this rate.」

「──I, if I can just return to the academy, I'll have my picks of boys there.」

「Look at reality. Right now the number of men is fewer while the women are in excess.」

When I laughed at her, big sis picked up the dust cloth and threw it at me.

She got worked up and her face became bright red. It's really funny.

I cleanly dodged. Mother saw that happened.

「Jena. It looks like you still don't understand.」

「Kasan! Forgive me already!!」

I watched Jena running away while laughing.

I'm hearing how the marriage situation is improved but──watching big sis made me felt that the path ahead is still long.

Part 6Night.

I'm lying down in my room and idly talked with Luxion.

I'm getting sleepy so I'm not really conscious of my reply.

『So master's older brother will be engaged.』

「Looks like it. I've got to congratulate him.」

『By the way master, between Olivia and Angelica──does master feel like choosing either one of them?』

「Even I myself don't understand my own feeling. I like the two of them but, as expected I'm scared when thinking of the responsibility and so on.」

I got sleepy and yawned, then Luxion formed a conclusion as he pleased.

『In other words, master like them so much you can't choose either of them?』

「That's right. That was why I said I loved both of them and got slapped. Even though I answered honestly, that was just horrible.」

『Does master has the intent to marry either of them?』

「It'll be nice if I can do that. In the first place I won't be troubled if I can do that. I love them though. It's because I love them that I want them to be happy──but I'm not suited for them.」

They are too much of good girls that someone like me isn't suitable for them.

Those girls even kowtowed for my sake you know?

If they're going to marry then they might as well marry with even better man and become happy.

『Right now master is a count and a hero. Master is suitable enough for them.』

「──I don't want to make use of my status. ──After all it'll make me feel I've done bad thing to them.」

『Is that so──master, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.』

「Yeah. Let me sleep already. I'll sleep──and tomorrow morning──」

When I closed my eyes, I could see Livia and Ange smiling happily.

Part 7The next morning.

I'm wearing an extravagant attire in the waiting room for relatives.

「Isn't this strange? Big bro is the main star of today right?」

Big bro is also wearing an expensive suit, but mine is more eye-catching.

「──You know, it's because you're the count. I'm just the heir of a baron house. Perhaps it's that difference?」

「No, that's not good. It'll be better if big bro is the one who dressed crisply.」

My little brother Collin looked up at me.

「Leon-niichan's clothes are amazing! They're sparkling.」

Father is standing nervously in front of the door.

Perhaps it's just my imagination, but he seems to be cautious toward me.

When I looked around inside the room, mother is also fidgety without any composure.

「Luxion, isn't the situation strange?」

『Everyone must be nervous.』

Well, perhaps it can't be helped because it's big bro's engagement ceremony but──it feels strange.

「We aren't going to greet the woman's relatives?」

Big bro averted his gaze from me.

「──It's that kind of arrangement. The greeting will be after everything is over.」

This engagement ceremony is really hurried.

I'm thinking that while waiting in the room, then father looked at the clock──.

「It's time. Yosh, let's go. Leon is over here.」

「Yes ye~s」

This is the first time I attended something like an engagement ceremony, so I'm looking forward to it a little.

The main star today is big bro, so I'm also relaxed. I'm planning to tease him later.

Part 8「──Father, what's the meaning of this?」

「It's just as you see.」

The engagement ceremony is held in a place that is like the church in my previous life──a temple.

A red carpet is laid out on the floor and there are couches lined up beside it for the attendants to sit.

Partic.i.p.ating in this ceremony are people from the duke house──including Vince-san, there are a lot of big wigs here.

Big bro nonchalantly mingled among the attendants.

Deeper inside there are two women wearing pure white dress waiting.

「You guys tricked me!」

「Don't speak something that sound bad in people's ear like that. I never said that it's Nix's engagement ceremony even once. It was only your misunderstanding.」

The two who are waiting for me are Livia and Ange no matter how I saw it.

Their faces are hidden behind a veil, but I immediately identified them from their figure.

In addition even Vince-san is attending. I don't have any place to escape if they went this far!

「I never heard anything about this!」

「──It's because you're acting irresolute and pathetic. If it's not made clear before you study abroad, who knows what you will do there.」

Even I have been thinking a lot about this! ──Don't call me irresolute.

I just don't want to take responsibility!

Father looked at Vince-san.

「You will throw mud at the duke's face if you run away here.」

「You're the worst. Creating this kind of situation where I can't run away is really the worst thing to do! ──Wait a second. Luxion, don't tell me you knew about this?」

Luxion is floating nearby. For some reason he looked delighted to me.

『Yes. I think that master who won't make it clear is pathetic as a man, so I arranged this.』

What have you done?

Gilbert-san came over here while we are arguing at the entrance.

He is smiling but, it doesn't reach his eyes.

「Leon-kun, the two of them are waiting. You can't keep them waiting forever. Or perhaps, you are dissatisfied with Ange?」

「Do, don't be absurd.」

I, I have no dissatisfaction.

But, as a man I still want to play around more, and yet!

I never heard about any engagement before this!

Father is making a troubled face and told me about my situation.

「You don't know about it but, there are a lot of request for marriage interview coming to me. There are also a lot of marriage interview request that don't give a d.a.m.n about appearance anymore which is troubling. The oldest is at her fifty while the age of the youngest hasn't even reached double digit you know? Even you don't want that right?」

──n.o.ble society is really rotten.

Previously there was also talk of marriage with fifty years old hag, but a girl whose age hasn't even reached double digit, isn't she still a kid?

──Not a chance. No way in h.e.l.l.

Gilbert-san added on father's talk.

「If you get engaged with Ange, you will be freed from those annoying matter. Besides, you don't hate her right?」

When I looked at Luxion, he averted his single eye from me.

This guy, he blabbed about my feeling to other people.

「Bu, but, I'll be studying abroad.」

「Yeah, that's exactly why you should get engaged before departing. When we consulted his majesty too, he gladly approved this marriage. He also entrusted me with a message.」

He took out a single paper and when I spread it open──I immediately crushed it in my hand.

『Welcome to the graveyard of life. Also, when I heard about how you are running around to escape from marriage, I did all I can to direct the talk to the direction of you marrying the two of them. You can cry tears of grat.i.tude and thank me. From the capable and wonderful king』

──I absolutely won't forgive that son of a b.i.t.c.h.

Father pushed on my back.

「Go there already! Those two young ladies are too good for the like of you. Or rather, you are really a troublesome fellow. Those two are saying that they will marry you. Be happier. What are you thinking being so irresolute like this? Get married already. I'm getting annoyed just from watching you.」

I'm refraining because they are too good for me!

When I looked toward the venue, I felt Vince-san's gaze.

──His gaze is scary that I took a step forward.

When I walked on the carpet, applauses broke out.

Big bro saw my face and averted his gaze. Big sis saw how I acted and gave applause with a nasty smile.

Yumerisan and some more are giving applause while crying tears of joy.

Mother? She is crying. She is saying 「To think that child will have wives this good coming for him」.

Those words gouged deeply into my heart. ──The faces of my parents in the previous life surfaced in my mind.

When I arrived between the two who are standing side by side, Ange talked to me with a small voice.

「Sorry to ambush you like this.」

「You don't need to go this far.」

Livia slightly casted her gaze down, even so she spoke reproachfully at me.

「It's because Leon-san is always avoiding to answer.」

No, I'm still like a student in his second year of high school based on my age.

I think it's still too early for me to marry. Is it because my common sense from previous life is still remaining in me?

「Don't blame me later okay. You two might get fed up with me in the future and think if only I didn't marry him at that time.」

Livia replied with a smile hearing my remark.

「I won't think that.」

「Be, besides, even though I'm a count I don't have any income.」

Ange boldly accepted someone no good like me.

「Then, I'll provide for you. Don't worry, even like this I'm a daughter of a duke. I have also made my house to promise that they will give the necessary support for you to be independent. Even like this I've received education to some extent. If you don't have any earning that I'll just earn money myself.」

──She is too manly it shocked me.

Ange turned around to look toward the entrance.

「──The way out is over there.」

「Though I think that there will only be h.e.l.l waiting even if you run away here.」

It will be h.e.l.l if I advanced, and there will be h.e.l.l even if I retreated──or perhaps not.

「I wonder why the two of you are in love with someone like me.」

「I fell in love with you because you are you. I want you. Leon──become my husband.」

My heart goes *kyun kyun* at Ange's reply.

「Ye, yes.」

Livia drew near beside me.

「I fell in love because of such Leon-san. I will never let go of you.」

Shivers ran through my back hearing the line that is slightly filled with yandere.

「Just do as you like. I won't run away anywhere.」


Even with the veil in the way, I knew that they are making a wholehearted smile.

Well, in the first place I──don't dislike these two.

Because I like them. I love them.

My only regret is only something trivial like wanting to play around more as a student.

The priest is speaking some kind of celebrating words, but it doesn't enter my ears.

I'm tricked but──it's not a bad feeling.

Part 9『Congratulations for the engagement.』

「Is that all that you want to say, you piece of junks.」

『Oh? Isn't it too cruel to also blame me? I was only giving a push to those two's backs. I told them that master just need to be cornered.』

Luxion and Creare tricked me together.

Certainly I'm happy to be able to escape from the marriage hunting, but when I heard more about it later there are a lot of problems.

「Even though I'm engaged, the marriage hunting is still not over. This isn't what I heard.」

Luxion and Creare looked at each other with their single eye inside the room and then they shook their eye left and right in exasperation.

『Master is the hero who saved the country. You're a necessary existence for rebuilding the ruling cla.s.s of the kingdom.』

『If master feel like it then even harem won't be a dream. Congrats!』

「I ain't happy at all! It's troubling even if they suddenly change their att.i.tude like flipping their hand even though they were really cold to man until now! It's scary instead! I can only see that they got ulterior motive!」

『Please don't worry. The situation hasn't changed that drastically. It might take around twenty years before the people's awareness change for real.』

──I'm not happy hearing that info.

Is she saying that haughty girls will still be many in number just like before?

This world is really harsh for man.

「I'll go study abroad right away even if I'm engaged. I feel like a worker who got job transfer away from home immediately after my marriage.」

Creare is laughing.

『I will stay over here so master don't need to worry.』

Even though she seemed serious when in the ruin, it feels like her personality got lighthearted after she received spherical body.

Is that round body the cause?

I heard the door getting knocked, so I replied.

「The door is open.」

「Excuse me.」

Over there is Livia wearing sleepwear while hugging a pillow and──.

「What, you aren't preparing to welcome your wives?」

──Ange standing.


「Why are you screaming?」

I who was sitting on the bed jumped from being greatly shocked.

「Be, because. It's already night, besides you two are wearing sleepwear.」

Their sleepwear is really──they are negligee that can only be seen as them tempting me.

「Leon-san, you are going to go study abroad soon, so before that──we want to properly」

Don't continue those words further.

Even I am a man. I want to do it, I want to play around but, I will over think it when responsibility and so on come into the mix.

「You, you two──i, it's no good!」

Ange tilted her head hearing me saying that.


──Oh no, our sense of values is too different.

「I want you to wait. I still haven't finished preparing my heart.」

「What are you saying? Livia is saying that she want to talk.」


Ah, that. That huh──so it's that.

「You want to talk? To me? At night?」

「Err, I want to talk about a lot of things. Until now all of us were always busy with something that there was no time to talk leisurely.」

Is it not good? Livia requested earnestly. She is too cute that I could only nod repeatedly and said 「It's fine」.

──It's a secret that I'm feeling a bit disappointed. No, sorry──I'm feeling extremely disappointed.

「You, what are you thinking?」

Ange looked at me teasingly, so I reflexively averted my gaze.

「I'm thinking about love.」

「Hou, love you say. That's great. I also wish to hear about your love very much.」

──I wonder what is love. I also don't know the answer.

Without me noticing Luxion and Creare has erased their presence and gone into hiding.

Those two, they really cannot be relied on.

The two of them sat beside me. Our skins touched each other at this distance.

「I wanted to say thanks to you.」

Ange started the talk before Livia continued.

「I have been wanting to say this all this time. A lot of things happened since I met Leon-san in the academy. Leon-san has helped me so much.」

──It was really a disaster though.

The five idiots who lost their mind with love affair and my little sister from the previous life were really horrible.

「I also have Luxion with me. ──It's not just my strength.」

「You are wrong. It's because you were there that Luxion helped us. ──Leon, be more confident. You are the man who become my husband.」

When Ange told me that──I felt embarra.s.sed for some reason.

I'm still not used with the word husband.

I didn't marry in my previous life after all.

「Leon-san, please return home safely. We──will be waiting for you.」

The two of them hugged my arms. Then we talked until late at night.

──It feels like I'm getting killed slowly.

Part 10The day of my departure to Alzer Commonwealth.

At the port in the floating island floating above the capital.

A lot of people gathered to see me off.

Daniel and Raymond are happy as my friend for my studying abroad.

「It's unfortunate for you Leon. Even though the invitations from the girls are finally increasing.」

「I never thought that boys will be in the side that get invited.」

The smirking faces of my friends are the most irritating.

Even I wanted to return if it is to the academy where the marriage circ.u.mstance has been reformed.

I wanted to enjoy the academy life.

「──You guys, I'll remember this when I get back.」

「As expected Leon is this kind of guy.」

「I'm relieved instead that he is like usual. Even though I thought that he would say something like I'm a count you know, you're holding your head too high!」

My image inside you guys is that horrible? It's a bit shocking.

Even though I'm this earnest, virtuous──and compa.s.sionate Leon-kun.

While I'm talking with the two, two girls are approaching.

They're Clarice-senpai and──Deirdre-senpai who has auspiciously graduated from the academy.

「Congratulations for your engagement.」

「Congratulations. It's extremely unfortunate.」

Clarice-senpai is smiling cheerfully while Deirdre-senpai is looking dissatisfied──I don't know just what they are thinking. When I looked at their hangers-on, they are glaring at me.

Are they angry that I got engaged?

Even my life is finally visited by a popular period, an outrageous one at that for me at my second life huh.

From here on, this kind of fortune──this popular period will surely not come again in my life.

「If you get sick of Redgrave House, you can rely on Attlee House anytime.」

Clarice-senpai──what do you mean by those words?

「Oh, if it's Roseblade house we will accept you even now you know? Rather, how about taking me away and elope just like this?」

Oi oi──if I do that, I won't be able to laugh at his highness Julius and others.

But, is it just my imagination that Deirdre-senpai's eyes looked serious?

「You, you two are really good at making joke! Really funny──」

I laughed to gloss it over but, the two aren't laughing.

Daniel and Raymond seems to sense the indescribable atmosphere and took some distance from me.

「Leon is really popular.」

「Yeah. I'm not envying him though.」

The one who came at that timing like a savior is──teacher.

His standing posture looked dazzling.


「Mister Leon, I've come to see you off.」

「Thank you very much!」

About teacher, actually it was decided that he will take up the headmaster seat from this year.

The academy is also trying to change. It was decided to place the suitable person to be in charge.

That person is none other than teacher.

「Going to look at other country will also be a good experience. Work hard to study there.」

Actually I'm going to Alzer Commonwealth to observe other people's romance situation but──I can't say that truth.

「I will continue practicing tea over there too.」

「Please do so by all means. But, I'm also looking forward to your growth as a gentleman──no, as a person. I'm looking forward to Mister Leon who has grown even more when you come back.」

Teacher──I'm aiming to become a gentleman like teacher!

Luxion came to tell me the time.

『Master, it's time to depart.』

「Aa, let's go.」

I──boarded Einhorn without looking back while everyone sent me off.

Something like me not looking back because Clarice-senpai and Deirdre-senpai are scary isn't the reason at all.

It's because it feels like I'm going to cry. ──Really.

Creare was at Ange and Livia's side in the academy.

『You two, is it okay to not see master off?』

Ange drank her tea while replying.

「It will be a bother to him if we cry in public.」

Livia was also the same.

「Besides, we have finished saying farewell before the departure.」

Creare made fun of the two of them.

『How praiseworthy. Master has really good fiancées.』

Ange put down her cup and looked outside the window.

The conspicuous Einhorn──could be seen departing from the port.

「Besides, we have things to do.」

Livia also nodded a little. Creare asked seeing that.

『Do you two have some kind of plan?』

「We want to be of help to Leon-san. In order to do that, I will study a lot and become an existence that can be relied on.」

Ange was also the same.

「From how he act normally, not only he isn't interested to foreign countries, he is a man who will even say that he hate going abroad. But then he suddenly said that he will study abroad──there must be something.」

Creare answered vaguely.

『That might be so. Perhaps master has been thinking a lot in his own way.』

「It feels like he is hiding something but, he won't tell us because we are unreliable. Then, we can just become an existence that Leon will rely on.」

『Hm~, that enthusiasm is praiseworthy but, it's fine to not get that worked up isn't it?』

Livia seemed to understand that.

「I understand. But, next time we want to be relied on. I need to study a lot more in order to become helpful for Leon-san. We will shock Leon-san when he come home.」

Creare's single eye turned toward the books on the table.

In front of Livia were books related to magic, while in front of Ange were books related to territory management.

『It will depend on the situation but, I'll be able to contact the sourpuss Luxion if you two asked me. Tell me if you have something you want to tell master.』

Ange looked happy.

「Really? Then I'll count on you at that time.」

Livia looked outside the window.

「──Leon-san, I wonder what is he doing right now?」

Part 11Inside my room in Einhorn.

I'm lying down on my bed──.

「d.a.m.n it! I departed with good atmosphere but, I DON'T WANT GOING TO OTHER COUNTRYYYY!」

I threw a tantrum like a kid.

Originally I'm not really interested with foreign countries. And yet, I got stuck studying abroad miserably.

『Master don't know when to give up.』

「It should be okay for me to complain at least! Just why do I have to watch over the romance of other people in foreign country huh.」

The world will be in danger if the new main character's love failed.

Is it alright for such unreasonable situation to exist?

『Putting that aside, how about coming over here?』

There is an unnaturally large box inside the room.

I'm curious toward that very suspicious box.

「What's this?」

『It was sent here from the palace.』

「Come to think of it, they told me to carry souvenir for Alzer Commonwealth.」

『As expected from master, calling gift to other country as souvenir. By the way, this one is addressed to master.』

When I opened the box──Marie is sitting while hugging her knees inside.


I felt like I'm watching a horror movie.

When I closed the box again, Marie jumped out.

「Why did you close it!?」

「It's scary! I'm breaking out in cold sweat here.」

Why is this girl here?

When I looked at Luxion, he looked like he knew about this from the start.

『It'll be better for master to hear the situation directly from Marie.』

When I looked at Marie, she poked her fingertips on each other in front of her chest while looking embarra.s.sed.

「A, actually──about the allowance from big bro, it was used up.」


「It wasn't me! It wasn't me who did it! ──Those five were」

Part 12The floating island that Leon gave up was moved to the sky above the territory that the kingdom managed.

Marie lived there since the spring, but a problem suddenly occurred.

「──What's this?」

There was something covered in sheet in front of the mansion that Leon prepared for her.

Julius took off the sheet with a smile.

「We prepared this for Marie. We believe it will make you happy.」

There is a stone statue there. It's a stone statue of Marie looking like a G.o.ddess.

(──Wha, what's this!? Really just what's this!?)

Jilk sent his gaze toward the statue of Marie like he was looking at a holy object.

「I asked a craftsman who is still young but famous to make this.」

Brad was also satisfied with the workmanship.

「The craftsman immediately tried to make the chest bigger, so it was a pain to make him correct it.」

Looking closer, the statue's chest was as flat as Marie's.

(My, my chest is bigger than that! Or rather, isn't the chest shaved too much? Wrong. That's not it. I need to confirm the important matter.)

「Thi, this statue, just who was it who prepared this?」

Greg made a thumb up while saying.

「We prepared it with everyone's money. Well, it was just a bit lacking to request a skilled craftsman to work on it though. That was why, we sold the items in this island to get the money.」

Items like the important farming tool, or the food that Leon sent──these five sold off those things.

It seemed they were thinking that if they requested it then the things that were lacking would immediately get delivered here.

(Do, don't tell me, they came to big bro's floating island earlier than us for this? IT'S A LIE RIGHTTTTT!!)

The money that Marie obtained by kowtowing was used by these five who didn't know about the circ.u.mstance.

It seemed they got on the floating island ahead of her and prepared this to make her happy.

Chris also showed no guilt at all.

「If we're receiving money each month, then just this much is a cheap purchase.」

The five was happily saying that Marie's statue would be set up in the fountain that would be prepared later.

Its seemed they were thinking that their house would send them money.

「There won't be any allowance from your houses!」

The five were puzzled by that fact.

Kyle was appalled by the five who were like that.

「There is no way that they will send you money each month after what everyone has done and they became that angry. The money that everyone used was our living expenses for this one year.」

Cara who was carrying Marie's luggage was also dumbfounded.

「A, all that money, was used up!? That much money, all of them!?」

Julius tilted his head and made a confused expression.

「Eh, is that so? Then let's contact the palace and request them to increase the budget.」

Marie's sight turned dark from seeing the way the five were thinking.

(These guys, they're just G.o.ds of pestilence when they aren't rich anymore.)

Marie held her head and fell on her knee on the spot.

She didn't have any composure to think of anything else like her skirt was getting dirty or the like.

(I, impossible. Even though they were living expenses and food that I finally obtained after begging big bro!)

She was given not just goods but also cash because merchant ship would come here periodically.

Originally they would the crops that they produced themselves. This was to teach them the importance of earning money.

Marie didn't think that they would be able to do that right away from their first year, that was why she relied on Leon.

「If that kind of request can go through, I WON'T HAVE IT THIS HARDDDD!」

Kyle and Cara ran toward the bawling Marie and consoled her.

Part 13Marie looked down with a pale face.

「Even though I didn't do anything bad, I got scolded by the queen.」

「That's horrible. Even I feel sympathy.」

Marie and others who suddenly became incapable to continue their living got called to the palace and received scolding.

In the first place, it's unthinkable that those five can change their money sense in this short period.

Being suddenly told to live in poverty after being raised as young master for more than ten years is quite unreasonable.

「And then, the queen said that it's a mistake to suddenly throw them out──she said, that's why go study in other country. She said, that way might be better if big bro is with them.」

By that, did she mean them coming along with my study abroad?

──Eh? I have to look after those guys? Looking after those G.o.ds of pestilences!?

「Oi, where are those guys?」

「They're in the warehouse. Also, this」

Marie handed me several letters.

First I opened the letter from Roland roughly.

『Take care of the troublesome matter well.』

I immediately crushed the letter and crumpled it.

Next is the letter from Mylene-sama. I gently opened the letter and──.

『Please take care of Julius and others. Actually──』

It seems there is a force that is unable to forgive Marie and others.

Because of that, Mylene-sama want to evacuate them to other country temporarily.

Or rather, his highness Julius──let's stop using honorific and just call him Julius now.

It seems that in reality the kingdom is busy dealing with the aftermath of the war and cannot look after Julius and others.

After the war against the princ.i.p.ality, Julius's right to inherit the throne is stripped and he became a simple prince.

There are also various other problems and the palace is really busy.

If I stayed in the country, even I might end up getting involved with those problems whether I wanted it or not.

Thinking about it, perhaps studying abroad is the right choice?

In Mylene-sama's letter there is also writing that is worrying about my welfare. It moved me to tears.

I can't forgive the son of a b.i.t.c.h Roland, but I'm praying for that person's happiness.

「Eh? There is one more letter──」

「That one is from Hertrude.」

Part 14I got out to the deck and read the letter.

In the letter there is a simple greeting written at the beginning.

I thought that perhaps she was writing her grudge to me who killed the black knight, but there isn't even a sentence about it anywhere.


『I'm wondering that perhaps if I was seriously trying to win you over, then the future might change.』

──Such thing is written.

From here on a painful life is waiting for her. The palace let her live because that way is more convenient to rule the territory of Fanoss House. Rather than executing her and making other ruling the territory, they will send royalty like Julius and made her bear a child. Because by doing that, the territory can be taken in with smaller opposition from her retainers and population.

『Recently I'm often recalling the words of the elf's village chief. Surely I made the wrong choice.』

Seeing that sentence, I thought that everyone is expecting too much from me.

I'm just a mediocre person who luckily obtained Luxion.

And then, I'm unable to use Luxion's power well.

I threw a question at Luxion who is floating beside me.

「Luxion──do you have the thinking that you want to serve a more capable master?」

『Even if it's someone capable but I refuse if they're the descendant of new mankind. In the first place, I'm not expecting any competency from master.』

「You're really an unpleasant guy.」

I sat down on that spot and put the letter into my pocket.

「──Foreign country huh. I wonder what kind of place it is.」

I'm not expecting much from Alzer Commonwealth that I'm heading to right now.

After all, it's the sequel of that──”that” otome game.

──Really just spare me.

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