The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 106

Otomege Volume 3 Chapter 13Chapter 13 – Game Clear.

Part 1Marie who was moved from the dungeon to a guest room is making a dissatisfied face.

「I don't want to live in countryside though.」

「What's with that att.i.tude even after I saved you?」

I'm talking alone with the complaining Marie because I want to ask her various things.

I kept this girl alive in order to ask in detail about my parents──about what happened to them after I died.

Thinking calmly, my parents in the previous life will be sad if I kill her.

Personally I can't forgive her at all, and even if she can be forgiven I want to beat up those five.

No, wait. Would I be forgiven if I punch them if it's now?

「I'm a woman who shine in the big city!」

「You want to complain about the territory that I put much effort into establishing?」

「Big bro has this backward and negative thinking about slow life or the like, that's why it's no good.」

Slow life ain't backward or negative you idiot.

「I guess your good deed at the previous life is allowing father and mother to hold a grandchild. But other than that our parents were really pitiful.」

「Big bro yourself also died earlier than our parents!」

「The cause of my death was because of you!」

「Big bro was always grinning while playing game that has girls showing up in it! It was impossible for you to die just form that much!」

「You also grinned when playing a game that has men showing up in it though!」

While arguing it gradually grow into a talk of which was in the wrong.

「It was big bro's fault!」

「It was your fault!」

Luxion lightly float while watching us without interest.

「Luxion, you tell her too. Tell her that it's her fault for aiming to something like a reverse harem and causing the situation to almost reach the worst result!」

「Big bro yourself is keeping the villainess and the main character for yourself!」

「In my case it's a pure relationship! It's not a licentious relationship like yours!」

「Big bro are just unable to lay your hand on them because you're a chicken and a wuss!」

「Luxion! Tell her quickly. Tell her that she is a wrong and dull witted woman!」

「The round thingy over there, say which one of us is in the right, to this pitiful and useless big bro!」

Luxion's single eye looks alternately at both of us before he replies.

『Then, allow me to say my opinion. Isn't it the parents of your previous life who are the most pitiful for having children like you two?』

──This guy, he is saying that? He is really saying that?

I abruptly cool down with guilt spreading inside my chest. Then Marie talks to me with a small voice.

「Hey, isn't this thing too cruel? Can't he read the mood?」

「It stab into the heart. I didn't want to hear those words getting said calmly like that.

『Perhaps it hurt your heart because it's the truth? Besides, can Marie face your daughter at your previous life like this?』

Marie pressed her hand on her chest and her gaze wandered around.

「Bu, but, that child isn't here──be, besides, sometimes I would meet and talk with her even after I left her on my parents' care. That's why I understand──that child won't abandon me because of something like this.」

So even someone like this girl at least has the self-awareness as a mother?

「When we had meal together she was a kind daughter who would worry for me and asked me 『Mom, are you living well?』.」

──It seems my niece grew up wonderfully.

It's vexing that as an uncle the only thing I can do is wishing for the happiness of my niece and parents.

『If that child hear that her mother seduced six men and formed a reverse harem, she will surely cry.』

Marie fell on her knees. I held my stomach and laughed seeing her like that.

「You hear that! As I thought you're really the worst!」

『Master is also the same.』


Luxion listed my bad points.

『Even right now master is running away from the confession of those two. How about master resolve yourself already?』

Yes──that day.

I was called by those two and──.

Part 2At a garden located in the palace's rooftop.

There the two of them were standing in front of me nervously.

Even I also got nervous.

The setting sun was pretty, but I didn't have any leeway to think about that.

「Leon──I love you.」

Ange looked straight at my face and confessed.

I gulped.

「I wonder when did it start. The time I was thinking of you instead of his highness increased. I had fun when together with you. I felt pleasant staying at your side.」

My mouth open and close repeatedly. Ange showed me a radiant smile.

「I love you.」

──This is the second confession in my life.

Beside her is Livia who gave me my first confession.

When I moved my head stiffly and looked at Livia, she is also smiling.

──What to do? I don't understand the meaning of this.

Why is she smiling?

Should I ask for help from Luxion? Thinking so I tried asking for help with my gaze, but there is a fake Luxion there with white spherical body.

「Who are you!?」

『It's Creare-chan. Long time no see.』

Long time no see? Just when I thought that the female electronic sound seems familiar, it's actually the AI who managed the ruin in the elf's village.

「Where is Luxion!?」

『I asked him to withdraw because his presence will be boorish here. When I told him that master will surely be troubled if he isn't present here, he happily left.』

──Isn't that guy's personality too twisted?


「Ye, yes!」

I straightened my back and turned my body to face Livia.

「I love Leon-san even now. I believe that this feeling won't lose against anyone.」

「I, I see.」

I tried saying I see, but I never imagined this kind of situation.

I didn't have any plan in my life for a situation where I got confessed by two people at the same time.

「──That's why, please tell us. We want to know the answer here.」

Ange placed her hand on her chest while saying.

「I and Livia──no, it's fine even if there is someone else who you love. We won't hold any grudge no matter who you choose between us, and it's also fine if you choose neither of us. That's why, tell us your feeling.」

I'm thinking of a way to dodge the question and run away, but seeing the two's serious face made me resolved myself.

The wind blew──the two's hairs swayed.

The two of them who are illuminated by the setting sun looked divinely radiant.

I spread out my hands──.

「I love both of you!」

──The two of them slapped my cheeks with smiling faces.

Part 3──It was amazing.

Ange slapped my cheek first, then right after that Livia's slap arrived on my opposite cheek.

It was an amazing combination.

『The worst.』

「You know, this is my second life, but getting confessed by two lovely girls at the same time was the first time for me.」

When I made that excuse, the s.h.i.tty woman who did reverse harem looked at me with an appalled expression.

「Unbelievable. You're the lowest.」

「What? What does a woman who is six timing want to say to me?」

She is looking vexed when I provoked her.

And then, Marie spoke out her mind.

「──I'm reflecting. Reverse harem is really difficult and yet it doesn't make me happy at all. That was why I wanted to end it, and yet」

Even her half-baked knowledge is understandable now.

This girl only played the game until halfway and she only watched the movie and ill.u.s.trations for the later part. From the start the amount of information she has is different compared to me.

As the result, she became the saint and messed up the situation──now six men are following her around.

「I sympathize with that part though.」

Marie who got fed up with reverse harem tried to dissolve her relationship with the five other than Kyle.

But, the five of them proclaimed an unexpectedly positive answer 「I swear that one day I'll make you fall in love with me」 to Marie.

Marie's current situation is one where she has to support five men who will be jobless in the future.

Good grief──we have good-for-nothing siblings here.

「Well, do your best. Though leave me out of it.」


Marie is making a very surprised face, but from where I stand I think I've worked hard enough.

「I have worked more than hard enough in this world. I didn't think that Hertrude-san had a little sister, and it was really hard with you messing up the situation.」

I worked hard. I'm even thinking that I worked too hard.

「Little sister? You mean Hertrauda?」

「That's right. There is also many other things that were subtly different, perhaps this is that? The pattern that it's no good to think of this world as game world? Well, anyway, I've saved the country from danger. I'll get down from the stage from here.」

In the first place, is it possible that there will be any more event than this? If this is a game then this is where the game is cleared.

The main character Livia doesn't get together with anybody, while Marie made six guys into hers.

As the result although it's not a bad end, there is no doubt that this is one tricky situation.

But, let's be happy that the game is cleared up safely.

Marie opened her eyes wide.

She nodded several times as though she knew something and,

「──I don't think big bro know this but」

Marie said that and told me about a truth of this world that I don't know.

Part 4Several days later. In a graveyard in the capital.

It's crowded with a lot of people in order to mourn those who fell in battle.

Those who lost their family.

Those who lost their lover.

Those who lost their friend.

Anyway, the other side of the tale is shown to me clearly regardless of my wish.

It's not over after winning, it's only the beginning from there.

I'm watching that sight from inside a carriage.

「It's inexcusable for the families out there, but I wanted to talk with you like this. Though it must be disappointing for you that you aren't talking with a young girl.」

The one who is sitting in front of me is Mylene-sama.

I was invited after the ceremony and we got into a carriage like this.

「The way Mylene-sama said that is a bit th.o.r.n.y. Are you angry?」

「You are always like that. You looked like you're flippantly laughing to the surrounding while keeping the problem to yourself. There are dark circles under your eyes.」

I touched below my eye with my finger. ──I couldn't sleep too yesterday.

Perhaps I should make Luxion prepare sleeping medicine for me?

「Thank you very much for the matter this time. There is also only one remaining ceremony.」

There are various ceremonies being held like victory celebration and the like. The busy days are continuing.

「Is it about my dismissal and reward?」

「That's right. Although it was only temporarily, you still became the supreme commander. Besides, you showed result.」

At the surface I will receive huge rewards from the kingdom.

It's me who is giving various things to the kingdom, but it'll be no good if they don't make a show publicly that I received reward.

The kingdom will be troubled if they don't do that.

Because if they don't give punishment and reward strictly, the lower level will be dissatisfied.

「This is the first time there is someone who wish for demotion as their reward.」

Even if it's impossible to immediately demote me, but by doing it bit by bit for several years──I will become a mere knight at the end.

「The position of viscount with rank lower 4 in the court is too heavy for me. I have also lost my territory, being a simple knight is just right for me. I'm useless now that I can't use Partner and Arroganz.」

Mylene-sama made an apologetic face.

When I told her it's payback for just now, she looked away with a sulky face.

What an adorable thirty year old. I wanted to push her down.

「Also, about that mater, it's accepted without any problem.」

「That's great.」

A situation that is convenient for me is getting formed.

「What bothers me is your Lost Item. Does it look like they can be repaired?」

「They are collected but it will be difficult. They are being stored in our workshop.」

「──We have really relied completely on Leon-kun. Please tell me if there is anything that I can do. I will respond to the best of my ability.」

For an instant──really just for an instant I imagined an erotic delusion, but the other person is the queen.

My head will fly if I laid my hand on her.

「I'll consider it a debt. That way will be more interesting.」

「We have made a lot of large debts.」

We kept talking about various things like that and before long the palace came into view from the carriage's window.

Now then, let's do the last job.

Part 5In the waiting room.

My family is there being noisy and hurried.

「I, is it fine like this?」

「Dear, your b.u.t.ton is fixed wrong.」

There is mother tidying father's disordered outfit. While at a different spot big bro is checking his attire in front of a mirror.

Because of his partic.i.p.ation in the war, it's decided that father will advance in rank to rank “upper” six.

「Why do I have to come too? There shouldn't be any need with father and Leon here.」

I calmed down the complaining big bro.

「Isn't it because big bro will be the next baron? It's great that your first campaign ended in a flashy victory.」

「I didn't do anything though. More importantly, what happened with big brother Ludward? No, he isn't actually our but brother but, I'm curious what will happen to their family from now.」

An airship fell during the defensive battle on Zola's mansion and they lost everything.

The capital itself is in a tatter. It will be busy with reconstruction work for a while.

But this world has armor that acted like powered suit, so the work is advancing without problem.

「Ludward had even his knight t.i.tle stripped away because of desertion under enemy attack. In the first place Zola is just a n.o.ble's daughter. She doesn't have any court rank so she is neglected. Now Ludward isn't even a knight, so perhaps they're treated as commoner?」

Zola who is abandoned by father can only return to her family.

But even that family ran away from the war and it's decided that their house will be erased.

A lot of n.o.ble houses are erased. Zola's family is also included among them. ──That's all there is to it.

「You're detailed.」

「I heard from Mylene-sama.」

Big bro is making a really conflicted expression.

「Why are you close with the queen like that? ──I don't think it's possible but, you aren't laying your hand on her right? Stop it. Really stop it! I don't want to get dragged into your trouble even more than this!」

How rude. Even I understood that much.

「More importantly, where is big sis? I thought that if it's her she'll come to this kind of ceremony happily.」

「Jena is shutting herself in her room. She ranted after father killed her exclusive servant. Yumerisan is taking care of her.」

I got the feeling that she'll get out of her room right away if she is given a new slave.

But, it seems that the academy is going to drastically change its policy, so even that is going to be impossible.

There is talk about abolishing the system of exclusive servant. The talk is progressing well to that direction.

It seems that Jena's exclusive servant Miall setting me up also became a problem. Also, the male camp is eager to use this chance to thoroughly crush the exclusive servant system.

Woman's grudge is scary but, man's grudge is also amazing. The male camp is united as one to re-examine the system.

The door of the waiting room is knocked. It seems the time has come.

「──Now then, let's finish this last job.」

This will really be the last.

Part 6The audience hall.

I kneeled on the red carpet that is leading to the throne while listening to his majesty's words.

Everyone's work this time is truly splendid──starting from there his majesty also praised the surrounding n.o.bles who partic.i.p.ated in the war with grandiose speech.

While I'm wondering if he can hurry it up with the speech, his majesty said.

「Viscount──no, Count Leon Fou Bartfalt. You are dismissed from your position as the supreme commander. And then I grant you an advancement to the peerage of count and the court rank of lower third!」

While the surrounding n.o.bles broke into murmurs, I kept looking down while my eyes snapped wide open.

──This idiot, what the h.e.l.l is he saying?

「Yo, your majesty. Ple, please permit me to speak!」

I'm in shock from the sudden happening, but when I asked for permission to speak, his majesty twirled his moustache while looking down at me and said.

「I allow it.」

「My deepest grat.i.tude! Can I ask your majesty what do you mean by count, and also the court rank of lower third? Such position for a youngster like me is──」

In my shock first I tried to convey how 「Me as count is impossible! And I can't do anything even if you give me court rank!」to his majesty.

Even my surrounding is the same.

Among the voices that entered my ears I can hear things like 「Being a count in that age?」「That's extreme even for being an upstart」「It's unprecedented to become a count in a single generation」「Lower third──isn't that effectively a top rank?」 and so on.

When talking about court rank of lower third──that's already the rank of cabinet minister cla.s.s.

The upper third that is above that rank is a rank for people related with the royal family.

I'm not happy at all even if I received such rank!

Even if you tell a student that he is going to be a cabinet minister starting tomorrow, he's just going to be 「Ha?」 won't he? That's like being the top bra.s.s in a company. That student isn't going to be able to take responsibility, much less doing any work!

When I lifted my head, his majesty──the son of a b.i.t.c.h Roland is looking down at me while smirking.

「The kingdom has to award you with the suitable peerage and court rank after you raised an achievement to this degree. Haha, there is no need to worry. If it's you then one day you will surely show a performance and contribution that are suitable for your peerage and rank.」

Thank you for your high evaluation of me, I'm going to vomit now!

This guy know.

This guy did something like this knowing that I'm not going to like it.

When I looked around, I can see that the officials are also in panic.

Mylene-sama also opened her eyes wide. It looks like she hasn't heard anything about this.

──This d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he promoted me without telling anyone beforehand.

Don't screw around.

When I'm about to say something, Roland opened his mouth first.

He talked with a theatrical act that stunk.

「Come forward if there is anyone who has any complaint.」

No one stepped forward.

Even if there is anyone who disliked my promotion, they will be troubled if my promotion is cancelled.

It's because they understood that if I'm not promoted, in the future──it would become hard to advance in rank no matter what kind of achievement they raised.

When their promotion is considered, their achievement would be compared with my effort and a lot of them would become unable to get the promotion.

「Count Bartfalt, I shall antic.i.p.ate your contribution in the future.」

「I, it's a great honor to hear that from your majesty.」

How nice it would be if I could yell 「Don't screw around!」 here.

There is also my family here.

My family can also get troubled depending on my att.i.tude.

These d.a.m.n son and parent, heaping troubles on me like this.

Looking at that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Roland's smirk, I swore in my heart.

──I'll pay you back one day.

Part 7I went berserk after I returned to the room.

「That son of a b.i.t.c.h! Even though I told him I don't want to get promoted, he intentionally made a count!」

I threw the cushion that was placed on the sofa.

Throwing a fragile object is scary so I can't do it.

Father and mother are whispering to each other seeing me.

「Say, how should I talk to my son now that he became a count? Should I use polite language with Leon as I thought?」

「Ma, maybe? But, it's unthinkable that child will be bothered about something like that.」

「But he's a count now. Rank of lower third, that's a G.o.d-like existence for us.」

「──Then, polite language it is.」

I turned toward the two and yelled with my finger pointed to them.

「A count in name only without any substance is just a joke! Something like this is just a bullying from the palace! Also, parents using polite language is disgusting so rejected!」

Big bro recalled something and said.

「You know, there's that. If father returned the workshop to Leon, your income will also increase.」

「I'm not going to be troubled if this can be solved with just that!」

The income from the workshop is considerable. It's considerable but──it's no good.

The position of count is very high.

It's not something that can be covered with the income of just one workshop.

Father hit his palm with his fist and said 「That's right!」.

「Then what if you just go and become a palace n.o.ble? Look, you will get yearly wage from the palace then. You don't need to worry even if you don't have territory!」

「Impossible. Absolutely impossible! With my rank it's like the cla.s.s of cabinet minister! I can't do the work at the level of a cabinet minister!」

「Seems so. I think this country will be over if you become a cabinet minister or some kind of big shot.」

I threw a cushion at my frank father. I ran out of the room.

「I'll leave this kind of country!」

Mother called out at my back.

「Come back before dinner!」


Part 8A voice called at me while I'm walking through the corridor.


It's Ange running toward me while slightly lifting up her skirt with both hands so she won't stumble.

Today she is wearing dress to partic.i.p.ate in the ceremony.

When she caught up to me, she calmed down her breathing.

She must have happened to catch sight of me and hurriedly ran after me. Her cheeks are slightly red.

「What's the meaning of just now? Did you know about it?」

She must mean what happened in the audience hall. I shook my head powerlessly.

「It was something that his majesty decided arbitrarily. Even I didn't hear anything about it.」

「Well, certainly you couldn't be demoted in that place. It's also a fact that it'll be convenient for the kingdom to promote you. But, even father didn't know about it.」

That guy, did he really decide to do that without consulting anyone?

What a troublesome family.

Whether it's his highness Julius or the son of a b.i.t.c.h Roland, all of them are the worst.

「What now? What do you think I should do? I'm troubled even if I'm seriously promoted into a count.」

「Ri, right. Even if you're given peerage but right now you don't even have house or territory. There will be problem even if you become a palace n.o.ble, I think the best way here will be to obediently marry into a n.o.ble family.」

Marry into a family?

「If you marry into a powerful n.o.ble family, they might prepare a new house and territory for their daughter. If you can marry into such family, you will also obtain a backer. That'll be a really good deal for you.」

So there is also such a way. While I'm thinking that, Clarice-senpai showed up also wearing a dress.

「Oh, it's not like you need to marry into a n.o.ble family, you can also establish a new house. Right now the n.o.bles in the kingdom are reduced in number too much. It will be a chance if you go independent.」

Due to the incident this time, the kingdom crushed many houses.

It went without saying for the houses that were connected with the princ.i.p.ality, but those who ignored the kingdom's call for reinforcement are also crushed and their territory confiscated with no question asked. Various punishments are waiting for them.

In other words, there is a lack of manpower there is also an excess of territory, so it will be easy to go independent.

「Clarice, what's your business?」

「It will be troublesome if you marry into a n.o.ble house. It also will be bad for your reputation if a count marry into other house.」

「Leon's case is an exception.」

The two started to quarrel.

「Marrying into other house, or going independent──but, in the you will go independent in both options won't you?」

Then Deirdre-senpai who is wearing a showy dress is approaching this way.


「I've been listening from some time ago, but I wonder just what are the two of you talking about?」

Clarice-senpai glared at Deirdre-senpai, but the person herself is making a composed expression.

「Can I ask you to not disturb us, Deirdre-senpai.」

「Claiming that there is only the option of being a feudal lord n.o.ble when it come to going independent, I think that both of you are too narrow-sighted.」

Ange raised an eyebrow and asked.

「──What do you mean by that?」

Deirdre-senpai threw out her chest and brazenly talked about my future.

「Right now Roseblade House is considering to have a palace n.o.ble as branch house. It seems that the number of palace n.o.ble has also decreased by a lot, so it's something to aim for. As for substance──Roseblade House will prepare it so the count can use that status and prestige to your heart's content.」

In other words, she is telling me to become the head of Roseblade House's branch family?

Is this also marrying into a family?

The three started to glare at each other, so I followed my instinct that is telling me it'll be better to escape soon and got away from that place sneakily.

Then, 「Kyah」 I heard such adorable voice and my legs naturally headed that way.

I walked through the corridor for a bit and turned at the corner. There I found Livia wearing a dress.

It looked like she stepped on the dress's skirt because she isn't used to wear one and fell.

There is a man who is offering a hand to Livia who fell like that.

「Are you alright, young lady?」

「Ye, yes.」

「That's good. If you like, how about we relax in the room over there?」

Livia's gaze wandered around looking troubled, so I approached the son of a b.i.t.c.h.

This playboy b.a.s.t.a.r.d who talked to Livia is someone hateful for me.

「Your majesty, aren't you embarra.s.sed hitting on a girl in the palace like this?」

「Fool. Everyone did something like this──mu, so it's you.」

When he noticed that it's me, he turned around and showed a very delighted grin.

「Hey there count. How does it feel to get a promotion?」

「It's the worst. What happened to the talk about demotion? If I'm promoted, it'll be troublesome to demote me later on so my peerage will be left as it is, wasn't that what we talked about!?」

「That? Aa, I thought that. But, it was really troublesome. If the hero who saved the country get treated like that, my dignity will come into doubt. After careful deliberation, I concluded that as expected you should be promoted.」

「──I'll get demoted from here on right?」

「That's if you do something that become cause for demotion.」

This guy, he looks excessively happy messing around with me.

「This is different from the promise.」

「Aa, indeed. This also pains my heart. But you see, I hate you. So I decided that I won't do anything that makes you happy.」

This guy, he is telling me right at my face that he hate me.

While I'm getting taken aback, Roland got into a good mood and continued talking with theatrical hand and body gestures.

「It's unforgivable that you stood out even more than me before the war. What's with that『If that is what your majesty wish for』. Acting cool like that, it was unforgivable. It's your fault from getting in my way even though it was finally my time to show off.」

「Eh? That's the reason?」

Livia is standing still looking fl.u.s.tered.

Her troubled expression is cute.

But, the problem is the old man in front of me.

「That was the only time I could show off. I wanted to fl.u.s.ter you with my speech and then make fun of you before showing my dignity as adult, but you ruined my plan. Your conversation with the marquis after that was also standing out. It was irritating.」

「Your reason isn't because I beat up your son or wooing your wife?」

The son of a b.i.t.c.h Roland folded his arms and stared at me from my toes until the top of my head.

「You're really trash. But, I won't be fit for life in the palace if I get angry from just that much. It's my son's responsibility for getting beaten up, and even if you woo my queen I'll only think『So?』 at this point. Though I'll sentence you to death if you lay your hand on my concubine.」

──Eh? Isn't this guy just plainly a trash? Isn't he a worse trash than me?

Roland turned back at Livia, straightened his posture, and offered her a hand.

「Now, young lady. Shall we create a memory of a night together?」

Come to think of it, the queen was also the main character's enemy.

But, in the game scenario the king was an understanding person for some reason.

I never thought that the reason for that was because he is a dirty old man who like young girl.

An otome game should have a king that let the player dream!

「Will I get demoted if I beat you up here?」

「Brat. It looks like you want to get death sentence. Very well, I'll call the palace guards here!」

Even his reliance on the guards is pathetic. While I'm thinking that,

「──Your majesty.」

Mylene-sama came with maids following her.

Roland tried to run away when he heard her voice, so I grabbed his hand.

「Le, let go!」

「Where are you going, your majesty~」

He made an amazing face when I smirked and grabbed his arm tightly. It made me want to laugh.

「Yo, you! I'll sentence you to death for real!」

「Mylene-sama! His majesty wants to execute me. Help!」

「You're making an advance to a young girl again! And then you're going to execute the one who remonstrate you for that! What's with that!? Even though the count is the hero of the kingdom. I really won't forgive you today.」

「Yo, you're wrong! This is my duty as a royalty! Making child is like a royal duty. Nothing wrong with me laying hand on young girl!」

「Just how many mistresses you're keeping already with that excuse!」

Mylene-sama dragged Roland away to somewhere.

My quarrel with Roland closed the curtain with my victory.

「Evil is driven away.」

Livia smiled wryly.

「Sa, say, Leon-san. Err──」

「Hm? Aa, that dress. It looks good on you.」

「Thank you very much. Tha, that's not it!」

Livia put her hands on her chest and took a deep breath.

「About the matter before」

She grabbed my hand when I averted my gaze.

「Why won't you answer us properly?」

What came to mind when I looked at Livia sending me an upward gaze with moist eyes is, how happy I will be if I have a girl like this as wife──that kind of delusion.

Even I want to nod if it's alright but──why are the two of them in love with me?

I should choose between them?

This me?

「I don't mind if you tell us that we are no good. But, we want a proper answer.」

Also──I acted like this world is a game, but is it okay for someone like me to fall in love with these girls who are living with all their effort in this world?

What is my difference with Marie who I had thoroughly criticized?

──That's why I'm troubled.

Livia tensed her expression seriously, and then she slightly widened her feet before telling me boldly.

「If Leon-san won't make your answer clear, then I too have my own plan.」

「Wha, what!?」

「I absolutely──absolutely will make Leon-san turn toward me!」

What a manly thinking.

When those five said the same thing I thought「Those guys are really idiot」, but when looking at Livia, I felt a manliness from her that made me want to say「AnegoBig sister!」.

I'll fall for her instantly if I'm a woman.

「That's why, please be together with me. Please be together with me forever.」

Livia's att.i.tude changed completely and she looked like she is going to cry. I scratched my head and answered her.

「Sorry. That's impossible.」

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