The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 105 - Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – A Cruel TruthPart 1

「The beginning started from the insurrection of the archduke house. You understand that in war, the side that made the first move will have the advantage right?」

When it came to the war in this world, the attacking side will be in advantage in part due to the existence of airship.

「Yes. In fact the defensive battle in the capital was also a pain.」

Mylene-sama nodded and continued talking.

「──The royal family was hara.s.sed by the archduke house in the past, because of that they feared the second coming of another archduke house.  As someone from feudal lord household yourself you surely understand but, when you reach the level above baron house, there is a way to rapidly increase your military strength.」

「By increasing the number of airships. I heard that in the past there was a method of attacking other houses and expand your power base like that.」

Because there is convenient thing like floating stone, the maintenance cost of airship is surprisingly cheap.

It's also possible to construct airship cheaply.

Increasing military strength and obtain new floating island through dispute between feudal lords.

In other words, even a baron could make the kingdom quake in fear as long as they gathered military strength and possessed the quick wits to use it.

──It seems there was that kind of era.

「Even worse, among the feudal lords who shut themselves within their territory, many of them thought that the kingdom won't be any match against them. In fact there were also a lot of feudal lords who made light of the kingdom and attacked.」

That kind of misunderstanding b.a.s.t.a.r.d lost against the kingdom.

But, the attacked side would be in disadvantage, so the damage to the kingdom also wasn't light.

「The kingdom prepared the academy is also for displaying their strength. It's for showing the capital to the feudal lords and made them understand the difference in strength.」

Luxion also said something like that.

But, just what relation it has with the truth?

From the way Mylene-sama spoke it felt like that some burden was forced on male but──.

「And then, the kingdom prepared one more plan. That plan was for shaving off the feudal lords' strength. They planted a new sense of values.」

「Shaving off their strength? Sense of values?」

「Do you understand why the females of the n.o.bles were given extremely favorable treatment?」

「That is──」

「Originally the number of male is extremely few in part because of the wars. You won't notice while in the academy but, after the graduation the number of male becomes insufficient. ──In fact the number of female who cannot marry is numerous.」

Then why is the female given preference in marriage when the situation is like that?

──Somehow many things are getting connected.

「The n.o.bles got conditioned to hold a shared sense of values in the academy. In so doing the kingdom favorably treated the female more. Even though it was somewhat horrible, the kingdom continued to take the stance that gave preferential treatment to the female.」

──Oi, wait a second.

Could it be, the kingdom was the one who created this situation!?

「Ple, please wait. What is the meaning of doing something like that? Because, you know! When the time comes it caused the n.o.bles to be reluctant to do their duty!」

It was also like that this time.

The youths who were in the same environment like me tried to change side the moment they understood that the kingdom was in disadvantage.

Mylene-sama told me to calm down before continuing her explanation slowly.

「At first the kingdom never imagined that this kind of situation will happen. It will be alright if the feudal lords are taught to have the same sense of values and camaraderie with each other while shaving off their strength slightly, the kingdom only thought that far. But, the effect surpa.s.sed the imagination. The females grew impudent.」

The number of idiot who challenged the kingdom became few after they learned the kingdom's true strength in their youth.

At the same time, the idea of prioritizing female is fine and all, but the female grew to hold influence that surpa.s.sed the expectation.

The warped marital relationships appeared because of the kingdom's fault.

「Correct it along the way before it became like this.」

「There wasn't any need for that. In fact, if I was an official at that era I would also ignore it. It was convenient for the kingdom. After all the feudal lords will get impoverished even without them doing anything, and their riches will gather in the capital. The number of n.o.bles that revolted also got reduced drastically.」

Mylene-sama answered bluntly. Then she spoke about one more meaning of the academy's existence.

「──And then, another objective of the academy is to establish an education method.」

Eh? Now that she mentioned it, I think I remember Luxion mentioning something like that too in one of his stories that I ignored.

「By establishing an education method, the kingdom intended to educate not the n.o.bles──but the commoners. Do you understand what that mean?」

When I averted my gaze, Mylene-sama smiled.

「It's to create a world where the n.o.bles are unnecessary a few hundred years later.」

──I don't want to hear it.

If I hear this kind of story, won't I get erased if I'm careless?

「The royal family at that time prepared the academy with the intention to carry out a revolution of the political system throughout several hundred years. No, they must be taking such action because halfway they realized they had to carry out such plan for the kingdom's sake.」

The royal family grew fed up in going along with the feudal lords and thought hard. The result──they wanted to change the political system.

What's that? Aren't they living too much in the future?

「Just as represented by the archduke house at that time, the n.o.bles were overflowing with ambition in that horrible era. Viscount too should understand if you're a n.o.ble.」

There were also some good guys, but the majority was trashes that made you wanted to tilt your head wondering if they were really human.

In fact, there were a lot of guys who would try to rise up in life using armed might if they had the power to do it, unlike me.

「The academy also attempted to correct such thinking of the youths. If the n.o.bles are decent, then the kingdom would continue on safely, they thought. But, the situation progressed to a direction outside the expectation of the royal family at that time.」

It seemed that the position of the girls became stronger than expected was a problem.

「As the result of ignoring that problem because it was effective for shaving off the feudal lords' power, a part of the females from the baron house until count house ran wild. It became a situation that was more horrible than the palace expected.」

And it led to the current situation.

「What a horrible story.」

「Yes, it's a horrible story. But, it's also a fact that the riches of the feudal lords gathered into the capital. The females who wanted to live in luxury in the capital were also convenient existence for the palace. This is the reason why burdens were forced on the males.」

From the kingdom's perspective, the n.o.bles──especially the feudal lords couldn't be trusted.

They created the academy to give education to the commoners and reduced the number of n.o.bles in the future. From the way Mylene-sama spoke, could it be they were turning a blind eye toward the girls who were running wild in the academy?

──It looked as though they were choosing which n.o.bles to be cast away one day.

The houses with rank higher than count didn't allow their daughters to have slave──might also because they suspected or knew about this truth?

The remaining n.o.bles must be aiming for the important positions in the new system when the political system is reformed.

Even if the n.o.bles who don't know anything ran wild, the kingdom that possessed the trump card which was the royal family's ship should be feeling confident.

I never even imagined that the messed up academy actually had such calculation behind it.

I'll ask about the detail to Luxion later.


「Could it be, Livia getting enrolled into the academy was for…」

「It was for the transition to the next phase. The n.o.bles should be having a sense of danger. That girl was to be the beginning with the plan to increase the number of commoners enrolled increased each year. Well, it's an action that is thinking about 100 or 200 years ahead though.」

──I learned this in the school of my previous life.

After the feudalism it would be──absolute monarchy with centralized authoritarian rule was it?

「──Centralized authoritarian rule.」

「Oh, that's a good word to concisely state the result that the royal family is aiming for.」

I got praised after displaying my knowledge from previous life, but I'm not happy hearing that in this situation.

She is saying that the kingdom would steal everything from the feudal lords and made the commoners do the n.o.ble's job.

I never even imagined that the academy was established for that.

「But it didn't progress as planned.」

Mylene-sama said that and looked at me with a self-depreciating smile.

──Stop. Don't test me like this.

Right now I'm really worried that I might get killed after hearing this story.

If the male n.o.bles heard this story, they would go mad with anger.

I understand that it's pointless even if I blame the current royal family but──this is horrible.

「As expected a hero is different. The likes of me was dumbfounded when I heard this story. But Leon-kun is really calm. Even though I thought that it can't be helped even if I got yelled and cursed at.」

It seems Mylene-sama is misunderstanding from seeing me speechless from shock.

「Also, let me say this not as a queen but as myself personally──」

Mylene-sama stood up from her seat before kneeling on the floor and lowered her head toward me.

──Eh? What's with the kowtow! Wait a second. There shouldn't be any custom of kowtow in this world! Is she imitating what I did at the school festival?

「Wa, wait! Please stop it. What's the matter so suddenly?」

「Viscount Bartfalt. I wish to make a request to you even knowing that how rude it is. Please, can I ask you to save my son Julius? This is my request as that child's mother.」

──What did that guy do?Part 2

The six got put inside the underground prison.

Julius, Jilk, Brad, Greg, Chris, and also Marie were silently waiting for their treatment to be decided.

Marie was crying.


Julius smiled to console the crying Marie.

「It's because I could only help you by doing this. Don't mind it Marie.」

Jilk was looking at Julius with a sad expression.

「It couldn't be helped that your highness couldn't join the battle. Besides, someone who introduced himself as masked knight gave us help in that battlefield.」

Brad also recalled the masked knight and made a dissatisfied expression.

「That guy was suddenly gone. Well, he was quite the capable guy though.」

Greg sat cross legged and placed his chin on his hand while talking to Julius about the masked knight.

「I won't go as far as saying that guy was Julius's replacement, but I'll admit he was useful.」

Chris also nodded and recognized the masked knight's strength.

「He was piloting an armor that I had never seen before. His swordsmanship also wasn't bad. But, we never discovered just who he is until the end. Though it seems Bartfalt knew something about him.」

Julius made a small smile hearing those four's reactions.

「──I see. I also wanted to try meeting him.」

「No, there is no need for your highness to meet him. He was a man who suddenly appeared and tried to take control of the place. His ident.i.ty has to be questioned the next time he appear.」

Marie was utterly amazed seeing the five's behavior.

Are they seriously saying that? Her face seemed to say that.

「Everyone, that man was Julius──」

Footsteps could be heard approaching the underground prison where the six of them were at.

The knights guarding the prison saluted and allowed that man to enter. A black haired girl was also following behind the man.


Marie looked at the man with her eyes shining──it was Leon.

「──You guys are really stupid.」

Behind him her highness Hertrude──no, d.u.c.h.ess Hertrude was also present.

「I'm really astonished by all of you.」

Marie clung on the iron bars and asked for help from Leon.

「I have worked hard. So please save me from here.」

Leon made a pained face and confirmed the situation while pressing his hand on his forehead.

「Do you guys understand the charges that are placed on you?」

Julius looked straight at Leon.

「I don't believe we have done anything to be ashamed for at all.」

「You guys, be a bit more ashamed! The prince attacking a d.u.c.h.ess after signing the treaty isn't laughing matter! The palace is shamed because of your fault!」

Hertrude sighed and looked down.

「Did you act recklessly like that for my sake?」

「That's a part of it. Because that treaty was just too horrible as expected. Besides, if it continued like that I would have to marry into your house. Other than that──it was because Marie asked me to.」

Marie requested Julius saying  that she wanted to do something for the princ.i.p.ality──for the duke house.

「So that's your true motive.」

The palace must be wishing to send Julius to put the Fanoss House under a harsh management.

If he was married off to Hertrude, the emotion of the princ.i.p.ality's populace would also subside somewhat.

By doing that they thought the governing there would also go well, and yet──Julius attacked Hertrude.

Of course, he only pretended to attack.

Because of that the palace's face was completely ruined.

Even with the treaty in place, Julius's act made the palace to compromise to some extent.

Naturally the talk about Julius's marriage was also aborted.

(Even though it would be good if he marry like that.)

Marie thought such thing.

Leon turned his gaze to the other four.

「You guys also understand right?」

Greg's finger rubbed below his nose looking slightly embarra.s.sed.

「It was to protect Marie. I got no regret.」

「Regret for a bit! Are you an idiot beating up the temple's people who came to take Marie into custody like that? Hey, are you really an idiot? You're an idiot aren't you!?」

Chris threw out his chest.

「It was a legitimate self-defense.」

「You guys overdid it. The temple sent us a protest! Even though I also got various arrangements created but you guys ruined it all.」

The people of the temple that came to take Marie originally only came to collect the saint's items back.

But, people who found Marie's existence inconvenient slipped among them and brought poisoned wine with them. They tried to make Marie drank it.

They tried to make Marie shoulder all the responsibilities.

The four came running and then──beat up all the temple personnel and kicking them out of the palace.

So far it was already problematic, but even Leon couldn't blame them for that. The problem was after that.

「Now see here. Marie was recognized by the saint's tools. She herself said that she's a fake, but there is no doubt that she is the saint. Do you understand until here?」

Marie seemed to think she was praised and looked bashful.

「Eh, is that true? What, then I'm really the saint.」

「The men of that saint beat up the priests so the matter got complicated though. You guys beat them up without even investigating further, so the temple also got obstinate and said that they won't recognize Marie now.」

Hertrude looked like she wanted to say something, but she didn't say anything and left it to Leon.

「Do you know how much I've been pulling strings behind the scene? Hey, why are you guys making all my hard works futile?」

Brad got enraged and stood up in protest.

「Are you telling us to let Marie die then!? We won't accept something like that.」

「Certainly, you four are in the right. Those guys tried to poison her to death. Even I thought that those guys are a real idiot. But see──you four making a ruckus after driving them away is no good. a.s.saulting the temple is really stupid.」

Marie defended the four.

「Wait! Everyone only protested to the temple because they thought I would be executed.」

「You don't call bringing out armors and rampaging a protest! You call that use of force! Even though it looked like the matter might be resolved nicely because they got found out trying to kill using poison!」

From the perspective of the palace's official, these six who were thrown into the underground prison must be a very aggravating existence.

Hertrude was pitying Leon.

「You also have it hard. Want to come to my place? If it's now I can promise you a nice treatment. I'll prepare a rank of duke for you.」

「Not interested.」

Leon instantly refused and walked toward Marie.

Hertrude made a slightly vexed and sad looking smile. She was muttering 「Even though I'm serious this time, I got rejected again」.

「The extraordinarily devilish woman who seduced the five who originally had bright prospect──you're being talked like that.」

「Eh, is that so?」

Leon showed an irritated voice at the bashful Marie.

「Protests are flooding in because of you guys! Your houses are enraged, the palace officials are saying that you guys are absolutely unforgivable, while the temple are raging to execute you all!」

Marie grabbed Leon's ankle.

「Please save us!」

「I was trying to save you! But you guys messed up everything! Hey, do you guys have grudge for me? How in the world you guys turned the situation to be this outrageous? Everyone was astonished!」

Leon felt like crying.

「You're wrong! We tried to do something about it by ourselves. But then it ended up like this.」

「It's the worst! Think more before doing something!」

Marie was crying.

「Then, we are going to die?」

Leo was about to say something, but he swallowed his words and turned his back on them.

「──I was also asked by Mylene-sama. I'll do whatever I can. But, don't expect too much.」

Marie's expression turned into a smile.

Yes, if her brother from the previous life──Leon was taking action, then most thing would be resolved somehow.

(Thank you Onii-chan!)Part 3

I headed to where his majesty is in order to resolve the matter of Marie and others.

Vince-san and Barnard-san are also present around his majesty Roland.

Everyone is showing disapproval at my suggestion.

「It looks like you don't understand what it means to help those six.」

His majesty's words are cold even though this matter is concerning his son's like. In respond I──.

「I don't mind even if it's in exchange with my reward this time. If it's not enough then I'll also offer the a.s.sets in my possession.」

His majesty scoffed.

「The workshop in your possession has been transferred to your father the baron hasn't it? As for Lost Items, you have lost all of them. There won't be any meaning to obtain some fortune at this point. Besides, you even lost our royal family's ship. Isn't this your responsibility?」

This detestable b.a.s.t.a.r.d is making snide remarks insistently.

It's possible to repair Partner and Arroganz, but I should keep it quiet here. That way will be convenient for me after all.

「I'm begging your majesty to please be merciful there.」

His majesty is looking at me while grinning and acting

Isn't this guy hating me too much?

Then Barnard-san spoke.

「It's easy to save only their lives. But you see, I hope you understand those six cannot be leave to their own device. His highness Julius is a royalty. And then the other four are former heirs of noted houses. And then, there is even the saint who is considered as fake among them.」

His majesty looked back in surprise at Barnard-san's opinion, but even Vince-san is affirming my opinion too.

「It'll be safer to shut them up in a floating island where they can be monitored, but we have no leeway to prepare such convenient island. The palace also won't try too hard to search such a floating island. And so, in that case. ──The island that you discovered will be used for it. Is that really okay?」

I'm told to hand over the floating island that I discovered and became mine.

His majesty doesn't look like he can accept that. He is looking at Vince-san reproachfully.

It seems that in the first place Vince-san and others are thinking that the matter of the royal family's ship is something that can't be helped.

They don't mention that matter at all.

Seeing Vince-san ignoring his majesty made me felt relieved.

But, it's painful to hand over the territory that is filled with my ideals.

Hm? Wait a second──in the first place I don't mind letting go of my territory.

On the surface it'll look like that I have nothing remaining but──that's just fine isn't it?

「I don't mind if their lives can be saved by that.」

Barnard-san questioned me.

「You will go that far to protect his highness and others? Can I ask you what make you go that far for them?」

I thought for a bit.

It will be fine to say something that will make them like me here, but I have learned that it will bring a lot of trouble if I forced myself and got favored by the higher ups.

That's why, I'll speak honestly.

「I'm tired with my position as n.o.ble. I also don't need the viscount rank. I honestly want to return it back. Actually I just wanted to spend my life leisurely as a quasi-baron or lower.」


I don't know what Vince-san is thinking behind the gaze that he directed at me.

「I also have lost my airship and armor. The me right now has no worth at all, so I'll start over from zero. As for me helping those six──I guess it's because of this troublesome inseparable relationship between us?」

The three listened to my talk attentively with serious expressions.

「Inseparable relationship is it? It seems his highness has obtained a good friend. Your majesty, is this fine regarding the treatment of those six?」

「Eh? A, aa, umu. I leave it to you.」

His majesty seemed to think of something when Barnard-san talked to him.

Vince-san told me to leave.

「Understood. We will take care of the rest. We have really asked a lot from you.」

「You have. That's why, please help me next. I want to retire and take it easy.」

「Having a comfortable retirement in that age? But, I guess. ──I'll surely show you my grat.i.tude.」

It's good I tried saying it.

Vince-san's grat.i.tude──I can't help but looking forward to it.Part 4

『Well, the things master lost can be recovered immediately though.』

「Oi, don't say that. It really hurt to lose that floating island. Even though that island will be able to finally produce rice, miso, and shoyu after this.」

I'm talking alone with Luxion inside my room.

『Even so, I'm amazed that they allowed master's retirement.』

「It's the fact that they're troubled of how to treat me, so the palace must also be thinking that it's not a bad idea. They might be thinking that I'm not a threat at all anymore.」

『Master seems happy.』

「I wonder~」

Now that it's over, the result settled into a form that I wished for although slightly different.

All those hard works are worth it.

「Now then, I'm thinking to depart to a new adventure journey for the sake of my new mob life but, what do you think?」

『I will accompany master. Because, master cannot do anything without me.』

「What a rude guy.」

When I become free, let's enjoy a trip in the sky using Luxion.

I have enough already of troublesome matter.

Wait a second. It will also be nice to take it easy at home. Second elder brother──no.

Now big brother Nix has joyously got promoted as the eldest brother and became the heir.

I can just help him out.

「My life is starting.」

『It hasn't started until now?』

Thinking back, various things happened since I almost got sold to perverted granny and everything was flurried.

「First I got to graduate from the academy. Eh? Is the academy going to get reopened in the first place?」

『I haven't confirmed it but, with the condition of the capital I think it won't be able to hold activity like before even if it's reopened.』

The room's door is knocked while I'm talking idly with Luxion and it opened.

Livia ran inside in a hurry.

「Leon-san, did you quit being a n.o.ble!?」

Livia is out of breath. I said 「What, you already heard about it?」 and told her to sit down.

However, Livia doesn't look like she will sit.

「Viscount peerage with lower fourth court rank doesn't suit me in the first place. I also let go of my territory, so even if I'm able to become independent I'll only have knight peerage or something at that level. Well, I'll be treated as knight more or less though.」

「Bu, but, that's horrible even though Leon-san has worked that hard. Even Ange was really──」

「Are you two worried about me? But, this is just right for me.」

「That's not it.」

Livia casted her gaze down.

She grasped her skirt tightly and tears gathered in her eyes.

「Ange, she kowtowed to Marie-san for Leon-san's sake. Now it become a problem. And yet, how can something like this happen to Leon-san too」

「──Eh?」Part 5

Ange was summoned by Vince and she was questioned regarding the happening in the academy.

The reason she was called into a room inside the palace was because Vince was busy dealing with the aftermath.

「──I'm disappointed with you.」


A daughter of a duke kowtowed at the academy's public square──what's more it was in front of a lot of people.

「What you did threw mud on our family's honor.」

「I understand.」

She bowed her head for Leon's sake.

She didn't regret doing that, but it was a mistaken choice if she thought about her house.

「The man who you placed your expectation on let go of his position, prestige─and even his territory. You disgraced the honor of our house for the sake of such man. How do you think I should deal with you?」

She was questioned, but Ange didn't try to answer.

She left it to Vince's decision. Even so if she had to answer──.

「Should I take my own life?」

「That's some resolve.」

Vince looked up to the ceiling.

「I can't keep a daughter like you in this house. I'll prepare a fitting person for you, so prepare to marry.」

Even this treatment could be considered affectionate.

When Ange replied 「Yes」 with a small voice, Vince smiled.

「You aren't interested who you will be married to?」

「Who will it be?」

She wasn't interested but, if she didn't at least hear the name then she wouldn't be able to investigate the person.

Vince said to Ange.

「There is this stupid knight who is trying to let go of his territory, peerage, and even his rank. He is an idiot who is thinking to retire even though he's still young but, don't you think someone like that will be a fitting husband for you?」


「This house will take care of it. I have also heard about your friend's circ.u.mstance but, my bad however that girl will be treated as concubine.」

It seemed that Vince was aware of the relationship of the three of them. He must had investigated thoroughly.

Vince laughed when Ange lowered her head deeply.

「Tha, thank you very much!」

「This talk is still not decided yet. I will bring it up with the person himself after──」

Gilbert ran into the room when Vince said until that far.


「You're too noisy.」

「Tro, trouble. Leon-kun is──」Part 6


I'm rampaging in the underground prison with my right hand holding a katana.

Marie is begging for her life while trembling inside her prison.

「Wait! It wasn't my fault. I was only joking when asking them to kowtow in public!」

「Is that all you want to say? Yosh, show your neck. I'll be slightly merciful and end it with one swing.」

Knights and soldiers are holding me down in the underground prison.

「Please calm down!」

「Viscount, put away your weapon!」

「I understand your feeling, so for now let's calm down!」

Marie is alone in the prison.

The other guys?

Their treatment has been decided, so they were let out of the prison and right now they are being scolded.

But more importantly──this girl is the only one I can't forgive.

「I was an idiot for pitying you. Pay for your sins with your life!」

「You told me that you will save me!」

「Do you think I'll forgive you after making Livia and Ange kowtow? I'll give you your judgment here!」

I dragged the knights and soldiers until near the iron bars, but then someone ran into the underground prison with loud footsteps.

It's Livia and Ange.

「Leon-san, wait. Calm down!」

「Just what are you thinking!?」

I turned toward the two and pointed to Marie.

「──I want her head.」

Both Livia and Ange are appalled by my words.

「Saying you want her head──Leon-san, what will you do with it?」

I wiped my eyes with my left arm. I feel guilty toward the two my tears won't stop.

「I'll present it to you two.」

「We don't need it so calm down. It won't do you any good even if you do something like this.」

It seemed Ange also doesn't need Marie's head.

The surrounding knights and soldiers also agreed with Ange and stopped me, but I've had it with Marie.

She is the only one that I have to end with my own hands.

In the previous life I had also cleaned up after her all the time, but in this life it's my duty as her former brother to a.s.sist with her beheading.

While we're making noise, Mylene-sama also came down in a hurry.

「Leon-kun, wait!」

The five guys are also behind her.

「Bartfalt, have you lost your mind!?」

I can't accept being told that by his highness Julius who has lost his mind right from the start.

「Not as bad as you!」

Marie cried toward the five.

「Everyone save me! This guy is trying to sever my neck!」

Greg grabbed my arm.

「Bartfalt, a guy like you! I absolutely won't allow you to take Marie's head!」

Chris grabbed my hand and took away my katana.

「I won't let you lay even a single finger on Marie!」

Kilk stood in front of the prison and told me.

「Step back!」

Brad grabbed my head to pull me away from the iron bars.

「What are you doing causing a ruckus even though the decision has been made!?」

「I don't want to be told that by you guys! Enough, let go of me! ──Luxion, DO ITTTT!」

Before I knew it the soldiers and knights were taking distance from me with the five surrounding me.

『Is it alright?』

「Do it already! Don't give any mercy to the guys who got in my way!」

『Then, excuse me──』

Something electrifying is emitted from Luxion and paralyzed us.


The scream of six guys echoed in the dungeon. And then we collapsed.

「Yo, you! Dragging even me──」Part 7

I'm sleeping on a sofa when I woke up.

Mylene-sama, and then Livia and Ange are near me.

They are relieved that I woke up and also exasperated.

「Good grief. I wondered what happened when I heard that there is a ruckus.」

I tried fawning on Mylene-sama.

「Mylene-sama──I want Marie's head please.」

Mylene-sama made a troubled face. It looked like her heart is slightly wavering at my pleading.

My tactic to stimulate her maternal instinct worked well. But, it seems that it's no good.

「I'm sorry. It'll be difficult to overturn the decision after it has been made. I'm sorry to tell you this after the many helps you have given us, but the saint has to be kept alive.」

It seems she is troubled that I'm saying I want her head after it has been decided to push the idiot six away into a floating island.

Ange is worried for me.

「What's wrong so suddenly? Didn't you want to save them so much you even presented your own territory?」

「Because she made the two of you kowtow.」

I looked down and muttered so. Livia smiled wryly.

「That was──it's」

Mylene-sama who also performed a kowtow seems to know about that matter.

「So Leon-kun didn't know. I thought you know about it, so I asked for help in the same way.」

That stupid Marie, what did she want to do spreading kowtow in this world?

I sat on the sofa holding my knees. To such me, Ange──.

「Leon, can we talk for a bit?」


──When I lifted up my face, Ange and Livia are holding hands.

「A cruel truth」

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