The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 104

Otomege Volume 3 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – The Power of LovePart 1

The sinking royal family's ship──Weiss.

Livia and others who escaped from there were riding on a small airship.

The masked knight got down from his armor and confirmed their safety.

「Looks like everyone is safe.」

Ange supported Livia who looked haggard from using her power.

And Marie was being supported by Cara.

Ange looked at the masked knight.

「You saved us. Thank you.」

「──No need. More importantly the battle has resumed. There is even a  new gigantic monster appearing. We are at a disadvantage now that we  have lost the method to defeat it.」

Partner had defeated the gigantic monster once, but after that it was  shot down. Ange looked slightly sad seeing the airship that she had  fond memories about sinking, but she shook her head and made a serious  expression.

The newly appearing gigantic monster was attacking indiscriminately, because of that a three way struggle was started.

Jilk in his armor took an aim with his rifle and shot the approaching monsters.

『It will be dangerous here. Let's retreat.』

Greg opposed it.

『There isn't anywhere to retreat to here! That huge guy will go to the capital at this rate!』

『Then are you saying we can win against that!? Both Partner and Weiss has sunk, we don't have any way to win now!』

The masked knight watched Arroganz and the black knight fighting a fierce battle. He clenched his hand.

「──Bartfalt also his hands full. If only we can do something」

Marie lifted up her face when everyone was enveloped in a dark atmosphere.

「Wait. There is──there is a way to win!」

The masked knight questioned Marie who said that.

「Marie, no, Marie-dono, is that true!?」

「Ye, yes. There is the magic flute right? That big monster can be  erased if we ask the user to blow the flute one more time. But──」

They didn't know where the user was located.

And then, would the user blow the flute once more for them?

「I see, so we will need persuasion.」

That would be difficult. ──While everyone thought so, Livia made her decision.

「──Let's go. This battle must not be allowed to continue.」

「Livia, you should rest. You can't even stand straight anymore.」

Livia shook her head even after Livia told her that.

「I want to stop this battle. Besides, I have the feeling that only we can do it.」

The surrounding was in chaos and Leon also had his hands full. The communication was also worsening again.

「We are the only one, who can do it huh.」

The masked knight nodded slightly and spoke to Kyle who was steering the airship.

「Head to the magic flute's user's location!」

But, Kyle showed a very displeased face. He must be reluctant to follow the order of the masked knight.

「Why are you giving me order? In the first place, we don't even know the location of the owner.」

『Ah, I know the location you know?』

Everyone's gazes gathered on the floating white sphere.

『I've finished pinpointing the location. Leave the navigation to me.』

Livia asked Creare.

「Are-chan, please. Guide us there.

『Oh, is that my nickname> It gives a feeling of familiarity. Now then, we should keep going forward like this.』

Kyle moved the airship following Creare's instruction.

「Advancing through a battlefield like this. I can't go on if I'm not given a special bonus.」

Kyle did his job even while saying that.

The masked knight took a pose.

「Let's go! We shall end this battle!」

Chris felt displeasure toward the masked knight.

『This guy, acting all familiar.』

Robots were gathering one after another around the airship.

「Wha, what!?」

The masked knight hurriedly raised his guard, but Creare told them it was fine.

『They're guard. It seems that sourpuss has arrived.』


A pillar of light appeared from the sky above. It shot through the gigantic monster, changing it into black smoke.

The airship slipped into that black smoke, moving toward the princ.i.p.ality's flagship.

「That light just now?」

『Hahaha! ──It was magic. An amazing magic.』

That was magic! The masked knight and the others said in surprise.

『It's coming into view.』

The masked knight couldn't see anything in this battlefield that was covered with black smoke.

「The visibility is bad that nothing can be seen though?」

『It'll be dangerous if we don't reduce the speed.』

Kyle hurriedly decelerated, then an airship came into view from the other side of the black smoke.

Brad was panicking.

『Oi, we're going to crash!』

Creare laughed in amus.e.m.e.nt.

『It's fine. We will arrive safely with this speed.』

They could see Hertrude sitting on the deck.

There were monsters around her, protecting her.

The masked knight got into his armor.

「I shall take the front.」

Ange who was supporting Livia smiled slightly seeing the masked knight like that.

「You're reliable despite your strange mask.」

「Please call me masked knight.」

The masked knight got into his armor and spoke to everyone.

「Follow me!」

But, Jilk made a dissatisfied face.

『Please don't order us around!』

The five defeated the monsters around Hertrude, then they helped Livia and Ange──and also Marie going down on the deck.Part 2

Livia and other came down on the deck and stood in front of Hertrude.

The masked knight and the other four were around them to protect them.

Hertrude was only sitting down holding the magic flute. She showed no sign of resisting.

「Hertrude-san, we have a request.」

Hertrude didn't reply, but Livia continued speaking.

「Please stop this war already. Everyone will die at this rate.」

Even then Hertrude didn't react. Ange got angry.

「Is it your wish to rampage until the end? The battle is already decided. Surrender.」

Marie tightly clutched the saint's staff and looked around.

The battle was continuing. She was scared that any stray bullet would come their way.

Quietly, Hertrude lifted up her face that had dark circles under her  eyes. 「Hih!」 Marie was shocked, in contrast Livia pleaded earnestly.

「Let's end this already. This cannot be allowed to continue. At this rate the people of the princ.i.p.ality will also perish.」

Ange added on Livia's words.

「The princ.i.p.ality army is also nearly destroyed. Retreat. That will  be for the sake of both sides. That monster can be stopped with that  flute right?」

Hertrude looked down once more and chuckled. She tightly clutched the magic flute and started laughing loudly.

「You're right. It'll be wiser to give up here. ──But, absolutely not.」

Hertrude stood up and yelled with both her hands spread out.

「Kill me if you want! But the guardian deity of earth won't stop even  if you kill me. It will keep resurrecting no matter how many times it  is destroyed. I wonder how all of you will face such opponent.」

Livia persuaded Hertrude who was in despair.

Weiss had already sunk. They had no way to get rid of the gigantic monster.

The pillar of light too, it rained down each time the gigantic monster revived, even so the monster wouldn't stay defeated.

「It's also attacking the people of the princ.i.p.ality. At this rate──」

「──What about it」


「I can only laugh. One of my retainers said it at the end. How we  were only used by them. I won't trust anyone anymore. Everyone──everyone  can just disappear!」

Livia approached Hertrude and spoke.

That's wrong! Surely there are also people who thought about Hertrude-san.]

「Yes, there were! Though Bandel will also die soon. Besides, Rauda──my only sister has died.」

Livia drew back in surprise. Heltrude was laughing.

「The price for summoning the guardian deity with this magic flute is  the user's life. Even though it ended in failure, my little sister also  died when the guardian deity vanished. It was we were toyed around by  all of you.」

Hertrauda breathed her last with her frustration, resentment, and also her hatred taken away.

「It was really cruel. All of  you who even toyed with our hearts are the worst.」

Livia looked down, but Ange covered for her.

「Stop joking. Do you intend to turn a blind eye at what all of you have done yourself?」

Marie spoke timidly.

「If you blow the magic flute once more, it won't go as far as taking your life──I, I think.」

Hertrude was impressed with Marie.

「I'm amazed you know that. Certainly the user won't die if they stop  midway. Though I won't be able to use the magic flute anymore and the  guardian deity will try to kill me. But you know, I'm not scared of  death at this point. I cannot help but wish to destroy this hopeless  world. ──I just want to take revenge for my little sister!」

Livia strongly opposed that yell of Hertrude.

「Even so──something like this is wrong. Revenge won't bring you anything! Your little sister won't be happy about it!」

The opinions of both sides wouldn't reach an agreement. The one enraged by it was──Marie who should be an ally.

Marie stepped in front of Livia.

「Shut up, this flower field brain!」

Both Livia and Ange were surprised. Even Hertrude was looking surprised.

Marie held the staff with her right hand and placed her left hand on her waist──.

「What are you calling wrong in the first place! Even if it's wrong  for you, it's the right thing from where this girl's standing! Revenge  is wrong? Who give a d.a.m.n about it! Besides, are you saying that  Hertrauda wouldn't want revenge? Don't act as other people's proxy as  you please! That's shameless!」

「But, at this rate no one will be──」

Livia tried to argue back, but Marie didn't allow any reb.u.t.tal.

「Because of that, are you telling this girl to become unhappy without  taking down her enemy? Please stop because revenge is wrong? Then what  are you going to do about this girl's feeling! You're acting high and  mighty scolding her but, will you stay quiet if your important person is  killed? You won't take revenge because it's wrong?」

「Tha, that's──」

「Have you ever have someone important to you die? Have you experience  the many regrets because of that? It's painful. It's really painful  when your important person die! Besides──your words are shallow. You're  just a little good girl saying pretty things without any substance in  it!」

Ange protected Livia who was cornered.

「Whose side are you on! I have no interest in Hertrude's revenge or whatever. Stopping that monster is the priority right now!」

「Shut up! A world that'll get destroyed by just this much should just get destroyed already!」

Marie's yell that came from her heart made even Ange to flinch.

Even so Marie didn't stop.Part 3

Marie was irritated.

Revenge is wrong──such thing was just for the surrounding's convenience.

(That's right. I hate this girl with flower field for brain. Even in  the game she only said pretty words and lines that sounded fake. War is  wrong? Revenge is not good? Is there something wrong with your head?)

「She know that it's something wrong and not good. Even so she cannot stop herself and tha's why she took action!」

Even Marie herself didn't understand why she was defending Hertrude.

But, she was unable to see Hertrude who was only getting told how she was mistaken.

Besides──Marie was also feeling regret when her important person died.

When her big brother in the previous life died, she felt really sad.

Ange reproached such Marie.

「And she is going to kill a lot of people because of that? Look  around you! The battle is already decided. If it continues more than  this, the important person of someone else will further die. Even more  death will come. Don't you understand that!?」

──The soldiers and knights who died in battle must have their own important person.

There must be also people waiting for their return.

When they looked around──the princ.i.p.ality army was raising white flag.

They were attacked by the gigantic monster and the kingdom army. The number of their airships that were still floating was few.

「There isn't any more meaning in fighting. If they withdraw here,  there will still be ground for negotiation. Where is the need in  continuing to fight pointlessly like this?」

Marie couldn't talk back.

「Do you intend to continue this completely pointless war of attrition?」

Even if the princ.i.p.ality army rallied after this, their military  strength would be diminished too much there wouldn't be any meaning in  it.

They would only get attacked by another country one day and lost.

「Fanoss royal family was also a relative of Hohlfahrt royal family if  their origin is trace back. It's still possible to hold a negotiation  if they withdraw here.」

Hertrude looked down and chuckled.

「That's right. But, what will be waiting for the princ.i.p.ality will be a future that is like a slave.」

Painful reality would be waiting for the defeated country.

Livia talked to Hertrude.

「The soldiers also have family waiting for them back home. Please don't let them die pointlessly more than this.」

Even Marie understood that much.

Livia and Ange were in the right──then, what would happen to Heltrude?

Hertrude moved her lips before Marie could say something.

「I never thought, that I will be defended by the pathetic saint. Just  why are you defending someone like me. If only you aren't here──I won't  have this kind of feeling.」

Saying that──Hertrude blew the magic flute.

That tune was gentle.

「Are you, fine with that?」

Asked by Marie, Hertrude separated her lips from the breaking magic flute and smiled.

「It's unpleasant being unable to take revenge. But, seeing the saint  made me able to calm myself. That's right. I understand it. I know that  there is no meaning even if I do something like this──but, I couldn't  stop myself. Just why something like this happen to me, to us」

Hertrude burst out crying and crumbled on the spot. Marie gently hugged her shoulders.

When they noticed, the surrounding had stopped fighting.

The five positioned their armors to protect Marie and others. The surrounding had become really quiet.

Hertrude wiped her tears.

「The princ.i.p.ality──surrender.」

Creare gave a warming after she declared that.

『An armor is rapidly approaching! Everyone, be careful!』

The five armors who surrounded them raised their guard. Then a black armor roughly landed on the deck.

The armor was battered and liquids were flowing out from it. It looked as though it was bleeding.

──It was the black knight.

『Get away from princess. You fiends of the kingdom.』

Several eyes appeared on the armor. They were looking at Marie and others.

「This guy is disgusting.」

Hertrude cried seeing the black knight looking like that.

「Bandel, it's enough. Let's end this already. You have fought well  for the sake of someone like me. Thank you. That's why, it's enough  already. It's over.」

The battle was finally over.

Everyone thought that, but the black knight wouldn't accept it.

『──Princess, have they deceived you?』


『Please don't worry. Watch me, I'm going to scatter the kingdom army immediately.』

The black knight stood. Liquids spurted out from all over his body like blood.

「You're wrong. It's over already, Bandel!」

『I'm not going to let it end!』

The masked knight slashed at the black knight, but it was repelled away with his great sword.

The other armors also attacked, but they weren't his match.

『That's right. It won't end. I still, cannot let it end yet──the  revenge for my family isn't over. I'll make the people of the kingdom  feel the same──it won't end until I take revenge for my wife and  daughter!』

The black knight approached Marie and others.

And then, the revived gigantic monster also headed toward them.

For a moment Marie thought 『Is this the end?』.

Even in her second life──she failed continuously it made her sad.

Livia stepped in front of the black knight and spread out her hands.

「Black knight-san, please stop it already.」

Marie reached out.

「I, idiot, what are you doing even at this situation!」

The black knight stopped moving, and then he raised up his great sword.

『You are the girl from that time. Then, I've to kill you here──you can't be allowed to live.』

Marie gripped her staff tightly. She deployed a shield of magic power with her saint power.

That shield was easily smashed by the black knight's left hand.

『So even the saint is only this much!』

「Stop it already Bandel!」

Even when Hertrude yelled, the black knight swung down the great sword at Livia.


Ange rushed forward to protect Livia.

Marie closed her eyes.

At this rate the two of them──and then she would also die. The moment she thought that, what surfaced in her heart was,

(Save us, Onii-chan!)

Perhaps that voice reached. Entering their ear was──.

『──I'll murder you, you s.h.i.tty geezerrrr!』Part 4

「d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.ds getting in my way.」

The princ.i.p.ality's armors swarmed me to help the black knight.

After I defeated all of them and looked around, the black knight isn't anywhere to be found.

When I thought that I finally found him after chasing the fleeing black knight, he is on a princ.i.p.ality's airship──on its deck.

For some reason Livia and others are also on it. They're going to get killed even now.

I instantly lost my cool.

「What the h.e.l.l are you doing──I'll murder you, you s.h.i.tty geezerrrr!」

Arroganz tackled him and blew him away from there. The black knight yelled something.

『It hasn't ended! I won't let it end! I'll ma.s.sacre all the fiends of the kingdom!』

Luxion shook his single eye hearing that voice.

『He isn't sane anymore. He is being taken over by that.』

The black knight who was taken over by the magic right arm took a stance with his great sword.

『Master, let's end this soon. The gigantic monster is heading our way.』

I also readied my great sword and accelerated.

「Geezer, go to sleep already!」

The black knight drew near──I copied his movement, furthermore Luxion is supporting me.

We've exchanged blows with the black knight many times. We repeatedly did correction throughout all those.

It felt like the charm hanging on my neck shined slightly.

『YOU b.a.s.t.a.r.dDDDDDD!』

Both of us swung our great swords. The black knight's great sword gouged deeply into Arroganz's shoulder.

──My sword entered the torso of the black knight.

「Luxion, do it-!」

『Please leave it to me. ──Impact!』

The blade of the great sword shined red and unleashed sparks. The black knight was sent flying.

It was like a balloon filled with water got sent flying. Black liquid  spurted out and the black knight geezer fell on the airship's deck.

Arroganz's left arm that was almost breaking reached out by itself.

The left hand grasped and recovered the part that looked like an armor's right arm.

An eye appeared on the back of its hand. When it looked at Arroganz, it rolled around restlessly as though in panic.

It looked like it's scared of Arroganz.

『Master, the preparation is ready anytime.』

When I tossed it away, light poured from the sky and annihilated the magic right arm.

「Feel refreshed?」

『Yes. That thing is next.』

Ahead of my gaze is a moving mountain──the gigantic monster.

「Make it flashy.」

『That will be good.』

Arroganz stored away the great sword and spread out both hands widely.Part 5

Hertrude clung on Bandel who fell on the deck.


Bandel opened his eyes, but blood was leaking when he touched his stomach.

He also had lost his right arm.

「──Ah, so I lost.」

Bandel smiled seeing the crying Hertrude.

(That brat, has grown strong.)

「Princess, my apologies.」

「Don't leave me!」

「──It looks like this is it.」

When he looked to the sky, Arroganz was spreading its hands widely.

Several magic circles appeared and overlapped in preparation of something.

Even Bandel who didn't specialize in magic could guess that it must be an amazing magic.

And then, the overlapping magic circles emitted a beautiful radiance.

A great amount of energy was compressed, creating a light that looked  like cannonball to be fired toward the guardian deity of earth.  Arroganz let out crackling electrical discharge. From the sparks coming  out from its joints, it seemed to be forcing itself.

And then──when the cannonball was fired, it hit the guardian deity of  the earth and exploded. Seeing the explosion and smoke from above the  shaking airship, Bandel keenly felt that everything was over.

Fire burst from every part of Arroganz due to the recoil of using magic. It then was falling toward the lake.

Livia and others rode an airship toward Arroganz.

But, Marie stayed beside the two of them. She was watching over Hertrude.

Seeing her, Bandel felt slightly relieved.

(Is she worrying for princess? If there is someone like her──perhaps,  it will still be alright. With this──my revenge is also over. I'm going  to where my family──)

Bandel vomited blood from his mouth. He smiled before closing his eyes.Part 6

On the lake.

Arroganz deployed a life buoy and floated on the lake.

I'm looking to the sky inside the c.o.c.kpit together with Luxion.

「Hey, I wonder if I'm right?」

If from the start I used Luxion's main body not at the other  side──but at this side, then it would end without anyone dead. There was  also reason why I didn't do that. But, it was me who chose this way of  fighting.

『In case master exposed my main body, a life where master can't let  your guard down will be waiting. Besides, fighting at the other side of  the land would be too dangerous for the current kingdom. The sea  gigantic monster also couldn't be ignored. This outcome isn't the best  but it might be the better one?』

Wreckages of airships and armors floated on the lake.

Seeing that I thought

Shouldn't I be able to do better?

「In the end, I was unable to use you skillfully.」

『I agree. But, it'll be alright as long as master learn from here on won't it?』

「A lot died. I killed a lot.」

『Humans have been fighting since the dawn of history so please don't  worry. Someone like master is still in the lowest division.』

「I'm not happy hearing that at all.」

『I'm not good with consoling someone after all.』

「──I'm surely going to h.e.l.l.」

『That's only if h.e.l.l exist. Should I accompany master?』

「It feels like you're going to pick a fight with King Yama there. That will only make my sin heavier so I decline.」

『It's master who is always picking a fight with your surrounding.』

「You're an idiot huh. I at least understand which opponent must not  be angered. I'm good with flattery. I've started thinking of words to  b.u.t.ter up King Yama from now.」

『As expected. It's too horrible I have no word.』

I'm distracting myself by making stupid talk.

『──It's also a fact that a lot of people are saved due to master's  action. Both the kingdom and the princ.i.p.ality are exhausted and it will  be difficult to continue the war. Seeing the outcome, I believe that  master has done well. Master is also able to display that Partner and  Arroganz are now beyond repair. Depending on the method, master might be  able to obtain the peace that you wished for.』

If it was the actual main character of a story who did it, then surely he would save everyone and got happy end.

I couldn't get the happy end. ──As expected I'm just a mob.

If there is a main character who can save everything, I'll do everything I can to b.u.t.ter him up.

──That's why, help me out. Anyone is fine, I want to be helped.

──I cannot obtain great achievement like a main character or a hero.

「I wanted to do better. It's my responsibility.」

『War would happen between the two countries regardless of master's existence. Master is being excessively self-conscious.』

That must be a consolation from this guy in his own way.

He is irritating but, this is far better compared to when he was just empty sh.e.l.l.

「My bad about Partner and Weiss. They got sunk.」

『I will recover Partner and fix it. Regarding Weiss, I judge that  mind attack is dangerous. It seemed there was a device that was loaded  into the ship later on. The ship itself didn't have such function.』

「It's scary to stop war with love. Getting your fighting spirit or your wish to fight taken away is too scary.」

『It will be more convenient to keep it sinking like that. If not,  Olivia and Angelica's life will be in danger. ──I understood the reason  why the kingdom was hiding it as trump card.』

I don't want to make those two use that anymore.

If the ship kept existing, the two who became its owner would be constantly under the threat of

For their sake, it's important to make everyone think that trump card cannot be used anymore.

「I don't want to use it anymore. What do they mean love. That's just a mind attack.」

『A wise decision. But──isn't it a fact that love is what stopped the war?』

「That? Even I was appalled by it you know?」

『Didn't master lend your hand because you love those two? Besides  master's feeling that want to protect your family and other  acquaintances is also love. It's exactly because of that the kingdom is  able to win.』

「That's wonderful. At the same time, what started the war was also love was it?」

『There were various reasons but, love is effective if it can be used.  When instigating the populace, their morale will heighten if they're  told it's for protecting their family and loved ones.』

「It made me want to vomit.」

『Human can fight for love. They can risk their life for other people's sake. It's something wonderful.』

While I'm going along with this guy's sarcasm, a small airship landed near Arroganz.

It landed on water which caused wave that shook the armor.

On the ship are LIvia and Ange.

The two of them are crying.

「Eh? Could it be they think I'm dead?」

『Don't be joking, how about master get out and rea.s.sure them? If  master don't resolve yourself already, even I will be irritated. Master  love those two right?』

「You're an idiot huh. ──It's because I love them that I'm cherishing them.」

Resolve? Laying my hand on someone who I can't marry, or rather  someone who I can't take responsibility for is impossible for me.

Because I'm──a sincere man after all.

「I have worked hard for a lifetime's worth. I want to live peacefully next.」

『Even if there is a peaceful future for master, I don't think that master will be able to get away from those two though.』

「Do you think I'm worthy for those two? There are worthier men for them.」

『It's for those two and master yourself to decide. Please rest  a.s.sured. If it's about living expense then I'll do something about it.』

「I'm so happy I'm crying here.」

Arroganz's hatch opened and I went out. There Livia and Ange jumped down from the airship and hugged me.


「This idiot!」

I'm embraced, and then I put my arms on the two's backs.

「I didn't think of what I should say here. But for now──I'm back.」

Livia shed tears and pressed her forehead on my chest.

「Leon-san, please don't make us worry.」

「Eh? You were worried?」

Ange pinched my arm, but I'm wearing pilot suit so it doesn't really hurt.

「Don't joke. Also, why did you run away that time?」

「That time?」

「That time in the underground──that, when it came to light that Livia and I are in love with each other.」

For some reason it made me want to tease Angelica when she is looking embarra.s.sed like this.

「No, because, I thought it would be bad if I got in the way.」

「Who said that you would get in the way! ──Don't say something like that anymore. You're an important person for the two of us.」

Father's airship landed near us.

It seems they came to pick us up.

The war also looked to be over.  What remained is──tidying up and dealing with the aftermath.Part 7

When we returned to the palace, the place is busy and many things are decided.

About the matter of the princ.i.p.ality, both sides made peace for the time being.

The reason is because the kingdom is being attacked by other  countries in various places and they don't have time to focus on the  princ.i.p.ality alone.

Even if the kingdom wanted to invade they don't have the leeway for it.

However, the country called the princ.i.p.ality is terminated.

They ended up entering under the umbrella of the kingdom as Fanoss Duke House.

At the same time they are also tied up with a humiliating agreement.

Of course they have to pay reparations, but the kingdom will also be  the one to decide the military strength that they can possess and they  would be fined if they violated the agreement.

It's also decided that the kingdom will send an overseer to there.

They also have to send their army if the kingdom demanded it and they have no right to refuse.

──Their treatment is far worse compared to other feudal lords.

A future where they won't be killed but also won't be allowed to live  while being exploited for several hundred years is waiting for them.

It's not a matter that involved me who returned to the palace. Around that time I am──.

「Leon-sama, it seems that you have accomplished a great achievement.」

「Truly a hero.」

「Please allow me to listen to Leon-sama's achievement.」

──being surrounded by girls in the palace.

「Ahahaha! I wish I can show you girls my effort there. I kept tearing  apart those princ.i.p.ality bunch and tossed them away, rinse and repeat!」

By the way, the girls surrounding me aren't students of the academy.

They are the juniors who will enter the academy in the future.

They are high cla.s.s young ladies who aren't even bringing slave  around with them. They are pure girls who haven't been stained in a bad  sense by the society or rather by the girls in the academy.

They're daughters of n.o.bles so they must have various ulterior motives but, they're still better than the girls in the academy.

Besides──it's the best feeling to have girls making a fuss over me like this!

Everyday girls are coming to visit me who am currently being half imprisoned in the palace.

There are some signs of movement behind the scene but, I don't want to live worrying about a lot of things anymore.

Right now I'll just enjoy this moment.

「Next year when we enrolled, Leon-sama will be our senior.」

「It feels like a dream to be able to go to the same academy.」

「I'm looking forward to Leon-sama's tea party.」

I pressed my chest in front of the lovely juniors.

Unlike the girls in the academy, these are unsullied maidens──perhaps this is the beginning of my life? Has it finally started?

The war is over, I might have been freed from that otome game's binding!

「I'm also looking forward for everyone to enroll.」

The girls blushed.

Even someone like me will be popular when becoming hero.

My laugh cannot stop anymore.

I reincarnated to another world and just when I thought it's a world  that placed woman above men──a normal harem development is waiting for  me from now on.

It's the best feeling!

While I'm enjoying myself like that, Mylene-sama showed up.

「Viscount Bartfalt, can I ask for a bit of your time?」


Her serious expression is slightly colored with sorrow.

Stop it. Don't look at me with such expression.

When the girls read the mood and left from the room, I'm getting fl.u.s.tered like a man who got caught having an affair.

「Mylene-sama, the, there is various circ.u.mstances about this」

「I understand.」


It seems she understand something but, she really can comprehend my  feeling that is becoming loose from having girls fussing over me? She is  truly a broad minded woman. Mylene-sama is just too lovely.

「You are distracting yourself by doing that right? We have made you  go through painful things. I have heard, that you raised a truly  spectacular achievement──that must be exactly why it's painful for you  correct?」

──I thought that she is misunderstanding a lot but, it looks like she is looking at where she ought to look.

I stopped making excuse and shrugged.

「I'm beaten. But, it's the truth that I was happy having girls  fussing over me. It's something I've never experienced in the academy.」


Mylene-sama said that and smiled. She then sat at the opposite side of me.

「Do you remember? I said that I will tell you everything.」

「What Mylene-sama said before the battle is it? Is now the time for that?」

Mylene-sama nodded. She straightened her posture and looked straight at me.

「Will you be able to accept everything, Viscount Bartfalt? The thing called truth is cruel.」

She said something about the cause the kingdom became like this.

Is there any reason for the otome game setting?

I straightened my posture.

「Although I appear this way but I'm not a pure and innocent boy. I've resolved myself.」

I will later regret saying out this line so thoughtlessly.

「Then, I will talk while also explaining its relation with the conclusion of this incident.」

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