The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 103

Otomege Volume 3 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Livia's Power.

Part 1Princ.i.p.ality army flagship──Hertrauda's private room.

There was the rescued Hertrude beside Hertrauda.

「Onee-sama, please don't summon the guardian deity of the earth. The sky and the sea──with those two guardian deities, it will be easy enough for us to accomplish our objective.」

「I have pushed that painful role to you. If only I used the magic flute」

Hertrauda shook her head.

「One of us has to shoulder that role. When Onee-sama failed, it was decided that I'll be the next one heading to the kingdom.」

Hertrude clutched the magic flute tightly, and then tears flowed down.

In case the magic flute's true power was displayed──the compensation that was demanded from that was the user's “life”.

In exchange of the user's life, they could employ a gigantic monster that was called guardian deity.

「Rauda, I became unable to understand. I wonder which side is actually in the wrong.」

Hertrauda didn't have a clear answer for Hertrude's question.

Because the answer for that question was already meaningless.

「Even if Queen Mylene's words are the truth, we can't possibly stop. We will sink the kingdom, take away the floating island that make their land float──and the princ.i.p.ality will obtain a new land. This is something necessary for the princ.i.p.ality to become a truly great country.」

The reason for the princ.i.p.ality to sink the kingdom was because they desired the floating stone that was making the kingdom's land to float.

If they could bring back that floating stone, they would be able to expand their territory.

The princ.i.p.ality was unable to win with a frontal attack. To fight the kingdom and won, they needed a method that was at least this coercive.

「Are we in the right?」

「I cannot decide that. Because the only thing I can do is leave the rest to Onee-sama after everything is over.」

The parents of these sisters died in accident.

There were other people that could be categorized as royal family, but only these two would be able to impart things like oral tradition or teaching or the like to the next generation as the heir.

One of them needed to survive and led the country.

「──Onee-sama, how did you spend your time in the kingdom?」

There was only a little remaining time where Hertrude could speak with her sister.

That was why, she wanted to have a conversation that was as fun as possible.

「I was placed in a place called the academy. I enrolled there as an overseas student. It was a place that is more horrible than I imagined.」

Female students were taking slaves around with them and they were looking down on the male students. Even Hertrude had heard about it.

But, it was even more shocking to see it with her own eyes.

「Even that fiendish knight was bowing his head obsequiously to the female students there.」

「The fiendish knight who defeated Bandel? How did the kingdom end up like that? I heard that the princ.i.p.ality is still the same like the era when the we were still archduke though.」

「Indeed. It's a really strange country. They even go out adventuring in airship for woman's sake. I also went to a floating island with village of elves and saw a ruin.」

Hertrude talked about adventure story seeing Rauda's sparkling eyes.

The ancestor princ.i.p.ality──the former archduke house was also an adventurer.

They held interest because they were raised hearing adventurer story since they were children.

Rauda was grinning cheerfully when Hertrude finished her story.

「So Onee-sama has gone to an adventure. I'm jealous. I, don't have any more time.」

「──Rauda, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.」

Hertrude pitied her little sister, but the time had come.

A knight came reporting.

「Your highness Hertrauda! We have confirmed the kingdom army approaching!」

Rauda's expression changed instantly from a childish expression to a cold expression.

「I will be there immediately. ──Onee-sama, please take care of the rest after I fall.」

The distance until the capital──the center of the continent wasn't far.

Everything would end when they arrived there.

Tears flowed from Hertrude's eyes even while she was smiling toward her sister.

「Leave it to me. Also, I too will stay at your side.」

「That's rea.s.suring, Onee-sama.」

Part 2I made Arroganz sat on the deck.

Inside the c.o.c.kpit, I whistled to put on a brave front seeing the sight before my eyes.

「The impact is even more impressive compared to the game.」

The princ.i.p.ality's fleet is right below the gigantic monster as though they are under its protection.

They're escorting the monster that is slowly approaching the capital.

『Target is entering the firing range.』

The stupidly huge monster has the shape of many eyes and many arms with cloud enveloping it. Several of its large eyes are directed at the kingdom army.

I'm launching a charge toward the princ.i.p.ality army along with the kingdom army's airships that are following behind Partner.

The gigantic monster stretched one of its hands toward us.

『Target is approaching.』

「Ram it!」

Following my words, Luxion that has completely become an empty sh.e.l.l muttered 『Roger』.

He didn't even say his usual abusive words. He only talked the minimum required word.

『Missiles are fired.』

Three missiles are fired from the missile firing pod of Partner.

They rammed straight onto the gigantic monster's hand and caused a large explosion, blowing away the large hand.

The large hand that could even hold Partner in its grip is blown away. It's changing into black smoke.

「Keep firing without rest!」

『Beginning bombardment.』

Partner's large cannon spouted fire. It caused a large explosion when hitting the gigantic monster.

Missiles are fired one after another, blowing away the arms.

Partner then changed the direction of its bow and accelerated.

『Change in enemy fleet's formation is confirmed.』

「Too slow!」

They must be starting to prepare to intercept us in panic after seeing the arm of their prided last boss blown away.

Perhaps the other side is also in a state of bad communication, because their movement is sluggish.

Following right behind Partner are the airships boarded by my family and friends.

At present their airships has the best specs among our force.

I made Arroganz stood up on the deck and readied its rifle.

I shot down the monsters flying around the fleet of the princ.i.p.ality army. Thousands, tens of thousands of monsters──the airships other than Partner will be the one facing them.

Partner is busy with attacking the gigantic monster.

I can only leave the shot exchanges of fleet battle and monster extermination to my allied warships.

When the distance with the enemies is rapidly shrinking, my allies started their bombardment.

The monsters are shot through and changing into black smoke.

Cannon are fired one after another toward Partner, but there is no damage even if they hit.

The barrier that is deployed to protect the airship deflected all of them.

Airship with cannons lined up at the sides of the hull is the mainstream. The enemies that are bombarding us are showing their flank at me.

「Bite a hole into it.」

When Partner approached until within a stone's throw from the princ.i.p.ality army, the allied warships right behind me fired their main cannon that is installed on their bow one after another.

Even when the warships of princ.i.p.ality army deployed magical barrier around them, it got penetrated and the airships are sinking.

「How does the latest style cannon taste? Don't think you can block it with just that much!」

When the enemy ships are sinking, armors are flying out one after another next.

One airship with its flank facing us appeared in order to hinder Partner's advance.

The lined up cannons fired simultaneously, but Partner blocked them all.

「You won't stop us just with that much. Besides, ramming attack is also Partner's forte.」

Partner's bow charged at the flank of the enemy airship, then the enemy bent into the shape of “

Partner kept advancing like that. The airship is decapitated into two and fell.

「The battle is ours now that we've come this close.」

I already penetrated until right below the gigantic monster.

In this position, the gigantic monster won't even be able to attack me──maybe!

The kingdom army's airships behind Partner deployed their armors and both armies plunged into a fierce melee.

「First stage is cleared with this.」

Several missiles are fired from Partner. The gigantic monster is blown away by explosions when they hit and changed into black smoke.

The black smoke whirled and got absorbed into the cloud, becoming even larger and blacker.

This battle happened early in the morning, but the bright sky got completely covered with thick black cloud.

The revived gigantic monster appeared from that black cloud.

Its many eyes are all looking at Partner.

「Its revival is faster than expected. We're going to continue attacking it like this and seal its movement.」

『──Enemy approaching.』

Princ.i.p.ality armors are heading toward Arroganz.

『Found you, fiendish knight!』

「Fiend? Don't speak like you yourself aren't stepping off into the wrong path!」

You who came to kill me and me who are going to kill you after this are both birds of a feather.

I pointed my rifle and pulled the trigger. The enemy's stomach is shot through and the armor fell on the deck.

When I looked up, airships and armors are moving to surround Partner.

I pointed the rifle at the airship right above and pulled the trigger. It hit the engine part and caused fire to break out.

It's falling toward Partner, but Partner that is protected by a barrier isn't even scratched.

I can hear voices mixed with noises.

『Destroy him with armors!』

『You'll get all the promotion you'll want if you take him down!』


I used the axe in my left hand to cut down an armor that approached.

The armor got gouged from its right shoulder until its stomach. I immediately realized the pilot is beyond help.

Luxion pointed out to me.

『Your reaction is delayed.』

「Well yeah!」

I swung my axe to the head of another armor. The axe dug until the armor's torso. I didn't pull it out and let go of the axe.

I shot the third armor with my rifle and placed a new weapon into my left hand.

「──I'm counting on you.」

I turned my gaze toward Weiss just once before looking up to the sky and flew. (TN: I used Vice for the name of the royal family's ship last chapter, but some readers pointed out that the right name should be Weiss which is German for white.)

Part 3Weiss's bridge.

The kingdom army charged at the princ.i.p.ality army, bringing the battle into a melee. The battle was fierce.

Ange who was watching that hugged the trembling Livia to support her.

「Livia, rest for a bit.」

Livia shook her head. Tears were spilling from her eyes. She was holding her head with both hands and breathing roughly.

「It's painful. Why is everyone fighting? Even though it's this painful──why」

Ange was troubled of how to answer.

「──I wonder why.」

She knew the answer.

Ange had learned the answer for that question before, but now that she had actually witnessed it with her own eyes, she didn't know if that answer was the right one.

Livia pressed her hands on her chest. Then Marie yelled.

「Hey! Enemies are gathering around this ship too!」

Ange rebuked loudly at Marie who was dressed in saint's attire.

「Be quiet!」

「Ye, yes!」

「We have escort vessels around us. Besides, this ship won't fall that easily.」

The floating Creare nodded.

『The greatest threat is the gigantic monster right above us. This ship cannot be destroyed except by that monster. Rather than that, are you two prepared? Also, Marie too.』

Marie who was treated like an extra looked dissatisfied, but she was scared of Ange and stayed silent.

Ange supported Livia and then she talked to her kindly.

「Livia, let's end this kind of battle quickly. You can do it right?」

Livia nodded while crying. She joined her hands in front of her chest.

After she made a gesture like offering a prayer, Ange also copied her gesture.

(What? My chest feels painful. IT also──feel sad tears are coming out)

She could hear the voices of the surrounding.

《Help! I don't want to die!》

《Mom, save me!》

《That's why I didn't want to go to war》

Ange felt the vanishing lives and voices. Her chest was also growing painful.

(You have been, feeling this all this time?)

Creare spoke.

『Should I call this as resonance? It's reacting to Olivia's ability. There is no explanation of this kind of function in the manual.』

Marie looked to the front and made a ruckus.

「NOOOO! A large monster is coming from the front!」

A monster with its mouth opened wide was approaching them.

When Creare muttered 『There』, Weiss's main cannon shot the monster, blowing it away.

『Marie too, please do your job.』

「Eh? What should I do here?」

『Imitate the two of them, after that do something about this using the saint power.』

Marie hurriedly imitated the two and started praying, then Weiss started shaking.

It was as though it was going to get serious──.

Ange looked up to the ceiling and spread both her hands.

(──Warm feeling is overflowing. It's also calming.)

What surfaced in Ange's heart was the summer vacation──the scene of the three of them on the way back from the hot spring.

The setting sun was pretty, and it was fun.

Ange thought that if only such day would continue forever.

Part 4I turned around after cutting down an approaching monster.

The surrounding armors and also the airships stopped moving.

The battle stopped, and then the monsters became black smoke before vanishing.

A warm light enveloped the battlefield. That light is being emitted from Weiss.

「──So this is the ultimate weapon.」

The monsters are vanishing due to the light. Even the gigantic monster above is closing its eyes and crossed its many arms to protect itself.

But, that gigantic body is gradually vanishing due to the light.

「So it's the end with this.」

Many armors are dropping the weapon in their hand.

The communication is improving. Even the thick cloud covering the sky vanished and the blue sky became visible.

「Love is amazing huh! ──Tsu!」

When I'm about to laugh thinking that we won, my fighting spirit is suddenly disappearing.

At the same time I felt──fear. It's a feeling like my fighting spirit getting forcefully taken away.

──I can hear a voice.

(Don't fight anymore. I──don't want to see a battle like this. Please, stop the fighting!)

It's Livia's voice.

「I see, so this is Livia's true──」

Livia's voice reached people's hearts clearly.

Even if it isn't anything like a wise saying that shook the heart, it will seized people's feeling if it's Livia saying it.

Livia's voice directly reached the surrounding people's hearts from Weiss.

──I can't disobey.

(Let's stop already. At this rate a lot of people will become sacrifice. Please stop fighting.)

There won't be any hardship if war can stop with such words.

There won't but──the feeling that genuinely wished for the war to stop is penetrating into the heart.

Luxion's empty sh.e.l.l muttered.

『Mind attack confirmed.』

So it is. This thing is a really powerful attack.

Livia's ability that is strengthened by Weiss's function is outrageously atrocious.

The knights of the princ.i.p.ality that are holding grudge to the kingdom threw away their weapon and listened to Livia's voice.

Don't screw around! or, Who's going to let it end like this!

──Such feelings are dissolving in front of Livia's sad emotion.

And then, the sight that I can see is──the nostalgic memory of my previous life.

I looked up at the gigantic monster raising an eerie voice and disappearing while──muttering.

「What a really terrible attack.」

This power must not be used──that's what I thought.

Part 5Hertrauda was watching that sight from the flagship of the princ.i.p.ality army.

Tears were flowing.

「Why are you grieving for our sake. Stop. All of you have to be our enemy. Don't feel sad! I'm begging you──stop already.」

The pain of Livia's heart flowed in. Her chest was painful.

The people around her were also in a daze or shedding tears and sitting down on the spot.

Their fighting spirit was taken away.

「Such thing. You are telling us to forget our resentment with something like this? Something like this」


But, her desire for revenge was being taken away.

Gradually they became unsure whether they were really in the right.

Hertrude hugged Hertrauda tightly.

「Rauda, let's end this already. The guardian deity of the sky, has vanished completely.」

Hertrauda shook her head.

「No. No way. If it ends like this, then I won't know what do I lost my life for. I, I have to fight no matter what! ──Just what do I die for like this!」

Hertrauda gripped the magic flute tightly. Her heart was reluctant even though she wanted to fight.

She was unable to hate the opponent that she should hate.

「──Coward. The kingdom is the worst just as I thought, doing something like this. They're the lowest to do something like this that doesn't even allow us to hate or resent. To take away the will to fight from me like this. It's unfair to go as far as dominating people's heart like this.」

Hertrude hugged the crying Hertrauda and shed tears.

「I'm sorry. To make you do this in my place──I'm really sorry.」

The guardian deity of the sky vanished.

The magic flute in Hertrauda's hand broke into pieces.

「──Lies. Even the guardian deity of the seas is defeated」

Hertrauda's vitality was gradually vanishing. Her consciousness was going far away within her big sister's arms.


「Onee-sama──for some reason, it's warm even though it's scary.」

All her fears were gradually disappearing due to Livia's ability. She felt like she was enveloped in something warm.

With her will to fight taken away, Hertrauda's face became peaceful.

「I'm sorry, Onee-sama. To leave you alone──I'm sorry.」

When Hertrauda slowly closed her eyes, she understood that her consciousness was vanishing.

She could hear Hertrude's sad crying voice, but even that voice was gradually vanishing from her hearing.

Part 6Bandel stood beside Hertrude.

The crying Hertrude was gradually starting to smile.


「Bandel. It's, strange. Even though I should be sad, my heart feels warm and happy. Even though Rauda died, I'm not even allowed to feel sad.」

The people of the kingdom are really horrible. Hertrude whispered. Bandel softly placed his hand on her shoulder.

「Please leave it to me. This Bandel will bring everything to an end.」


Perhaps because of the magic right arm's effect, the mind attack didn't work on Bandel.

「Now, please give me your order while you still have a will to fight remaining.」

Hertrude made a distressed expression. Bandel felt nostalgic seeing that face that was the same with her childhood.


「──Bandel, go. Show them the princ.i.p.ality's pride.」

Bandel nodded resolutely and walked away from that place imposingly.

When he got outside, his hand pressed on his mouth and he coughed.

His palm was dyed red with blood.

「Good work holding out for this long.」

He thanked his own body while looking at his right arm.

「At the very least I have to sink that ship of the kingdom no matter what.」

The white ship that he could see at the distance.

Bandel thought that such thing couldn't be left alone. He put strength into his right arm. It swelled and covered his whole body, taking the form of an armor.

『──Now, let's begin.』

Bandel flew away, charging toward the white ship──Weiss in a straight line.

Part 7I'm feeling absentminded.

Even though I must not fell asleep in this situation, I'm feeling sleepy──that's my state right now.

Or is that not it?

Anyway, now it felt stupid to fight.

『Mental pollution to master is confirmed.』

The voice of Luxion's empty sh.e.l.l entered my ear, but I don't feel like doing anything right now.

Thinking back now, why am I fighting?

In the first place, it's Marie's fault.

No one would be angry at me even if I abandoned her.

No one──no, perhaps only my parents from the previous life who I won't be able to meet anymore will be angry at me I think?

You are her big brother, so look after your little sister, they would say.

But, that's not my character──.

『Enemy approaching. They're heading toward Weiss.』

When I turned my gaze, a black th.o.r.n.y armor that looked like an imitation of Arroganz is charging toward Weiss.

I felt like I have also seen that armor somewhere.

I still can't remember where did I see it.

「Hm? Weiss?」

Right after that, a hole is opened in Weiss's hull by the charging black armor and an explosion happened.

「This is bad!」

I gripped the control stick in a hurry. My mind cleared up when I moved Arroganz.

「What? It was like I was dreaming.」

『It was a mind attack. The mind attack from Weiss affected everyone whether enemy or ally.』

「──So this is Livia's mind attack. It is terrifying.」

The sensation of being enveloped in that warm something gave me euphoria, but at the same time I also felt fear.

The surrounding airships and armors are still unmoving.

「Even so, that armor──」

『It is the armor that took away Hertrude and the magic flute from the palace.』

「So it's the old man black knight!」

Thinking that it will be dangerous at this rate, I accelerated Arroganz to full speed.

Part 8The reverse side of the continent.

Luxion confirmed that the gigantic monster had vanished, at the same time he judged that the power which erased the enemy was dangerous.

『So this is Olivia's power. Certainly it's fitting to be called as an ultimate weapon.』

Smoke was coming out from Luxion's hull.

『The communication is improving. My link with my extension will recover soon.』

He submerged the hull into the sea once, causing water to evaporate from the heat.

The surrounding was covered with white vapor. It was like Luxion's hull was enveloped in mist.

『It will be nice if nothing happen.』

He even thought that it would be fine as long as Leon survived even in the worst case.

Luxion cooled down his hull while thinking about the plan after this──then he slowly moved.

Part 9Bandel used the great sword he held to cut apart the white and beautiful hull. He then stepped inside the ship.


There he found something that looked like an armor without legs charging at him with weapon in hands.

He struck it with his great sword and grabbed it with his left arm.

『There is no pilot? How very weird.』

He crushed it in his grip, and then he advanced while destroying the ship.

『This kind of ship must not exist. As I thought the kingdom is evil. Evil──yes, it's an evil that has to be destroyed!』

His right arm swelled up, then several eyes opened up and magic was unleashed from them.

The inside of the ship was exploded. Weiss received a great damage.

The alt.i.tude was gradually lowering. Fires were starting to blaze up everywhere.

『That's right. I have to defeat them──the kingdom is enemy!』

Bandel caused destruction while advancing, then he arrived at the bridge.

There he found three girls.

『Women? I see. So it's you three who did that.』

Bandel raised his great sword in front of the three fearful women.

A brown haired girl stepped forward.

「Please wait. Let's stop this already. This kind of battle, it absolutely has to be ended!」

『Not yet!』

Bandel vomited blood while venting his feeling toward the three.

『It hasn't ended yet. I won't let anyone stop it! As long as the princ.i.p.ality exist, and then as long as the kingdom exist, we will keep fighting. It's only natural thinking of what all of you had done!』

The other woman who looked strong willed opened her mouth.

「Don't screw around. Don't speak like all of you princ.i.p.ality hadn't done anything at all.」

From her tone, Bandel understood that this woman knew about the princ.i.p.ality's past.

But, Bandel didn't concede.

『So what about it. Do you girls know how it feels to see your family die huh! My wife tried to protect my daughter. My daughter was still little. Even though she was still little but all of you…!』

When Bandel was about to swing down the great sword, his back was attacked.

A wire bound him and he was forcefully dragged away from the bridge.

When he turned around, there were five showy armors with different colors.

『That's as far as you goes!』

A white armor wearing mantel came toward him with a sword in hand.

Bandel forcefully tore off the wire and blocked the attack with his great sword.

Bandel laughed inside the armor.

『Don't think you can stop me with your level!』

When he sent the armor flying, the green colored armor fired at him with a rifle this time.

Bandel didn't dodge that attack because he knew his armor would deflect the bullets.

『So this is deflected.』

He sensed clearly how his opponent was anxious.

When he looked around, there were spears floating to surround Bandel.

They attacked simultaneously and pierced the gaps in the armor──the joint parts.

『How's that! You can't escape from my spe──』


When Bandel exerted his strength, the spears snapped from the part that stabbed into him and became unusable.


『I won't let you!』

The red armor and blue armor launched a pincer attack at Bandel, even so he sent one armor flying with his great sword and struck away the other one with his tail.

Bandel was facing the five armors near Weiss that was starting to sink and laughed.

『What's wrong you brats! You think you can take down this Bandel with that level of skill!?』

The man piloting the white armor was surprised.

『Bandel? The black knight huh.』

『That's right. Right now I'm former black knight. Even so I can take care of the likes of you instantly.』

He accelerated and swung down his great sword to bisect the white armor, but the red armor tackled him and disturbed his swing.

The blue armor came forward and slashed at him.

『That swordsmanship. Sword saint huh! No, it's cruder than his.』


He defended against the blue armor's fierce attacks with his great sword while laughing even being surrounded by enemies.

『That's right. Show even more serious effort! Bring even stronger opponents against this Bandel──the black knight Bandel!』

His eyes were bloodshot, and his mind was gradually turning unstable.

The five armors were in disadvantage facing the rampaging Bandel.

Bandel's armor──the magic equipment swelled up and eyes appeared all over his body. That ominous appearance caused the five armors to flinch.

『So you got scared you cowards! Then die!』

When he swung his great sword while laughing, there was an armor that sent him flying.


He was shocked by the great impact, but he rejoiced when he learned the opponent's true ident.i.ty.

Bandel grinned fiercely from finally being able to meet him.

『I've been waiting, fiendish knight!』

Floating there was Arroganz.

『Sticking a strange name like that on me. If I'm a fiend, then you guys are even worse trash than that.』

Blood was flowing from the corner of Bandel's smiling mouth.

Part 10When I looked at the ominous armor in front of me, it made me unable to comprehend just what happened.

The armor looked like a biological creature, but it also looked like machine.

The eyes on the surface of the armor are disgusting with how they are rolling around restlessly.

『I've been waiting all this time for the day I fight you.』

「Thank you very much for that unpleasant confession. I didn't want to meet you anymore though. More importantly, that's one strange armor.」

The black knight chuckled.

『I thought that I've to say thanks to you──to the kingdom. This magic right arm, it was lying idle in the treasure warehouse of the kingdom. You all didn't even know its worth and sent it to the princ.i.p.ality!』


『The difference in spec with your armor is gone with this. Let's begin a battle where pure skill is the only thing that matter!』

I dodged the black knight that tackled at me, but he immediately circled to my back.

The empty sh.e.l.l warned me.

『Enemy approaching from behind.』

「Your reaction is also too slow!」

I blocked with my rifle, but the great sword bisected it.

I immediately tossed the rifle and held a new weapon with both hands.

The new armor of the black knight that is moving really smoothly made me unable to feel any difference in specs with Arroganz.

If that's the case──I won't be able to match him.

「You're persistent, geezer!」

『I'm not going to die until I take your head!』

Just what have I done to you!

The black knight followed behind when I flew higher with Arroganz. Not just that──.


The eyes attached on the black knight's armor unleashed magic.

Many fire b.a.l.l.s are approaching me with terrifying speed.

I tried to dodge, but they're tailing behind me.

「This is cheating!」

Even when I raised Arroganz's speed to shake them off, the fire b.a.l.l.s sped up even more.

「Sent out the drone!」

『Deploying drone.』

Drones are ejected from the container and they began attacking.

The round drones are equipped with machine guns. Those machine guns attacked the fire b.a.l.l.s.

However although the fire b.a.l.l.s can be shot down──the drones also got swallowed and destroyed by the fire b.a.l.l.s.

There are also drones that got cut down by the great sword the black knight held.

「This s.h.i.tty b.a.s.t.a.r.d!」

『Only you──no, wrong. The one that I have to defeat no matter what is something else.』

The black knight suddenly stopped moving, then he turned his gaze at Weiss right below.

「Oi, don't screw around!」

『That's right. I have to destroy that ship at any cost.』

The eyes all over the black knight are going to launch fire b.a.l.l.s all at once.

I made Arroganz to swoop down in a hurry and floated in front of Weiss's destroyed bridge.

Behind me there are Livia and Ange.

Marie is also there. The pa.s.sage is blocked so it seemed they cannot escape even if they tried.

「Deploy the shield.」

『Deploying shield.』

I became a shield to protect the three from the fire b.a.l.l.s that came attacking one after another.

But, I cannot block all of them. The raining down fire b.a.l.l.s. .h.i.t Weiss and caused large explosions.

The five guys also came before I realized and protected Livia and others.

When Weiss got enveloped in flame and began to sink for real, the battle also started to resume at the surrounding.

「Even though it was finally going to end.」

I can hear the black knight's voice while blocking the fire b.a.l.l.s that continued to rain down.

『I won't accept this kind of end. This battle won't end until one side is destroyed! I won't let anyone end it!』

I gave an instruction to the masked knight.

「Oi, perverted knight!」

『I told you I'm masked knight!』

「I don't care, just evacuate those three quickly. I'll hold him back here.」

『──Got it.』

He looked like he wanted to say something, but it seemed he thought that they wouldn't be able to do anything here and obediently obeyed the command.

──It's fine like that.

「I'll take on this s.h.i.tty geezer.」

I made Arroganz charged forward. The black knight lifted up his great sword.

At that time.

The lake surface rose up and a mountain appeared from there.

「──You're s.h.i.tting me.」

That mountain──an enemy that looked like one made me broke into cold sweat.

『New enemy confirmed. It's a different type from everything before but──it's concluded to be another species of gigantic monster.』

The voice from Luxion's empty sh.e.l.l entered my ear. The instant I let my guard down, Arroganz is slashed by the black knight and fell toward the ground.

Part 11Hertrude who was holding the magic flute looked at Rauda who lied down on the floor.

She apologized to her beloved little sister.

「Forgive me. Forgive me for being a useless big sister──I wonder why it turned out like this?」

One high ranked authority approached the crying Hertrude.

He was wounded and bleeding from his forehead.

「These useless girls. It's pathetic how you two failed!」

There wasn't any respect toward the royal family there. This man who was shouting foul abuse was a n.o.ble who held an important office.

He moved to kick Rauda, so Hertrude immediately covered her body and got kicked in her place.

「Stop! Rauda has done her best!」

「So what! Just working hard is pointless. Show a result, result! You parents and children are really useless. Your father and mother were also opposing the war. That was why they were killed and we used you two as puppet, and yet」

It looked like the n.o.ble gave in to despair at this situation.

「It's the end. Everything is over. At this rate, the kingdom will invade the princ.i.p.ality to keep their face. Even though I thought we can win using that monster. But for the kingdom to neutralize it!」

Hertrude clasped Rauda's unmoving hand.

「Just what are you saying?」

「You still don't get it? You parents and children are both stupid huh. All of you were just being used by us.」

Hearing the words of the men before him, hatred was born inside Hertrude.

The man looked at Hertrude and laughed.

「No, not yet. If I offer your head to the kingdom, then I alone will be saved. I'll become the hero who stop this folly!」

The man pointed a handgun at her, but the airship shook at that timing.

The magic flute tumbled toward Hertrude's hand.

「Da, dammit!」

The n.o.ble aimed his gun once more, at the same time Hertrude took the magic flute and blew it with all her strength.

(Everyone──everyone should just disappear!)

Then monsters appeared at the surrounding while emitting black smoke.

They attacked the man and devoured him.

「Sto, stop! Help!」

The man cried and yelled. The monsters devoured him to the death.

Hertrude slowly stood up. She went to a spot where she could see outside with the magic flute in hand.

The truth of the dead of her parents in accident, the man's words, Rauda's death──all of those made her unable to understand just what she had been risking her life for until now.

Hertrude went out to the deck. Her eyes were dull.

The battle had resumed outside. Weiss had just gotten destroyed by Bandel.

Hertrude shed tears and blew the magic flute.

Mysterioous sound resounded through the area.

(Enough. I don't care what happen──but, everyone should just die.)

The magic flute summoned the guardian deity of the earth.

Originally it was a monster that should make its appearance as the last boss.

Hertrude let go of the magic flute and started laughing madly.

「Everyone should just disappear!」

──The guardian deity of the earth responded to that mad order.

Part 12Leon's father, Barkas was giving order from the bridge.

「Another crazy huge monster came out! Just what the h.e.l.l is going on?」

Just when the kingdom army had charged into the princ.i.p.ality army, their consciousness was suddenly gone.

When they noticed the gigantic monster in the sky was vanishing, but next a large monster that was like a monster appeared on the lake.

He couldn't keep up with the situation.

Nix who was also in the bridge pointed outside.

「Father, the monsters appeared again. What's more, the number is a lot more than before!」

「Send out the armors. I'm going out too.」

「No, father has to give order here! I'll──」

「Shaddup! Listen, there is order for everything. You should just stay here. If something happen, protect our house and family. You get that?」

Nix couldn't be allowed to die.

Barkas thought that and put his hand on Nix's head before tussling it roughly.

「If something happen to me, you siblings must get along well. If Leon survive, work him hard to protect our territory. That guy is capable but he is an idiot after all. Look after him properly.」

「It's impossible for me to look after that guy! In the first place it'll be better for father to be the one remaining behind!」

「You brat isn't going to die earlier than me! You guys, take care of Nix.」

Barkas said that and walked out of the bridge.

Part 13The last boss appeared just as expected, the dark knight is absurdly strong, I don't know just why the h.e.l.l it turned out like this.


Weiss is sinking and this time the black knight gramps kept chasing me.

I'm not happy at all. ──Even though it would be better to have a cute girl chasing after me.


My axe is worn out from blocking the black knight's great sword.

「Missiles! All of them!」

『Firing all』

The container opened and small missiles attacked the black knight.

The black knight took distance from me and dodged all of them.

His movement was disgusting, in addition the eye b.a.l.l.s all over his body shot out fire b.a.l.l.s that intercepted the missiles.

My weapon is only the axe in my hand.

Even when I tried to grab him and hammer shockwave into him, I cannot catch up to the black knight in the first place.

「The situation is like this even when I have cheat. It makes me hate myself.」

I got cornered and ran out of any means──just when I thought so, the gigantic monster produced thorns from its body part that looked like mountain.

It fired those thorns and hit the surrounding airships one after another.

It started attacking without differentiating the kingdom or the princ.i.p.ality.


As expected even the black knight got fl.u.s.tered.


The gigantic monster is rampaging without discriminating enemy or ally.

「How is Partner's condition!?」

『It is hindered and cannot attack the gigantic monster satisfactorily.』

Partner continued to attack the gigantic monster, but the princ.i.p.ality army is surrounding it and showering it with concentrated fire.

「──You guys, there is enemy that you should defeat before targeting my ship!」

I yelled while readying my axe at the same time. I swung it down and the black knight's great sword blocked it.

『I don't have any more time to take you on. Die already!』

「I refuse! I don't want to die in this kind of place!」

I absolutely refused to die in a place like battlefield.

『You have no pride as knight and also no willpower. You're really a fiend!』

「What about it. Don't force your pride and will on me.」


My bad, it seems that the kingdom's chivalry exist to protect the girls.

That's why, I can't go along with your aesthetics.

Partner let out all its remaining ammunitions and blew away the gigantic monster.

At the same time Luxion's empty sh.e.l.l informed me.

『Partner is at its operation limit.』


Partner that is continuously showered with concentrated fire lost its barrier and got hit right after with cannon and magic. It burst into flames and falling toward the lake.

I feel sorry for Luxion with this.

And then the black knight's blade is approaching me.


I gripped the control stick to struggle till the end──.

Luxion's voice──returned to its usual tone.

『Purging the container.』


The container on Arroganz's back is purged, then it flew toward the black knight.

The black knight cut apart the container and he got swallowed by an explosion.

But, my armor's mobility became slow with this. Because the engine nozzles were attached on the container.

「What're you planning to do about this situation, appearing so suddenly like that!」

The next time the black knight attacked, I won't even be able to run away.

『There's no problem. Schwert is coming.』

Approaching from the sky above is Schwert with its shape changed completely.

「What's that?」

『It's Schwert.』

「The shape is different!」

『A minor matter.』

Schwert arrived on Arroganz's back and immediately combined at the part that was connected with the container.

「It combined! Awesome!」

『Exchanging parts. There is a great blade so please use it.』

Arroganz pulled out the sword that came out from Schwert. It's a similar great sword like the black knight.

Schwert's new shape can be seen as an aircraft or a shield depending on how you see it.

Arroganz that had such thing installed on its back looked like it had wings on its back.

「Can we fight with this?」

『There is no problem. The system update has been completed too.』

The black knight flew out from the smoke that came from the container's explosion, so I made Arroganz flew down.

The acceleration is greater than before. The control is difficult.

「This is too fast!」

『Please get used to it. Beginning attack.』

Lights that looked like laser are fired from Schwert. They attacked the black knight.

「The laser bent!」

『Please be quiet or you will bite your tongue.』

──What's with this AI who is treating his master not like a master.

I felt lonely before this but, now I'm strangely feeling annoyed.

「But, I guess it'll be possible to fight the black knight with this.」

I turned to face the black knight and took a stance with the great sword.

『Brat──you still kept such an ace up your sleeve』

「The one who win last is the strong one. So don't complain you geezer!」

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