The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 101

Otomege Volume 3 Chapter 8Chapter 8 – Departure.

Part 1I took a deep breath.

I'm watching the scenery of sunrise from the palace's rooftop.

When the cold air entered the body, the coldness awakened my eyes.

Many airships came and went from the capital, continuing to evacuate the citizens thoroughly the night.

『Master, Partner's preparation is finished.』

「With this our side's battle preparation is ready huh.」

The capital is in chaos while the evacuation is going on.

「I wish that everything will keep progressing just like planned.」

『──The communication is worsening further along with the approach of the gigantic monster. When my main body circles to the other side of the land, I won't be able to support master except for the bare minimum. Master, is that really alright?』

Luxion confirmed once more.

This spherical form with one eye is an extension of Luxion's main body.

If its link with the main body is cut off, its capability would drop no matter what.

The communication is worsening because of the gigantic monster that we can't even scout the enemy like before.

In other words──we don't know how the princ.i.p.ality will move.

What we know is only that the gigantic monster is slowly moving toward the capital.

We also sent out the kingdom's airship for scouting but, the number is lacking that it's impossible to call it thorough.

「We also have Livia and Ange so it's fine. We're going to blow away the monsters with their power of love.」

『Love is it? If something can really be done about this situation with love somehow, then I wonder what is the love that is overflowing all over the world?』

「There is no way I know the answer of that. We can think about something like that after winning.」

『More importantly, is this really alright? Master has been avoiding those two since then hasn't you?』

I learned that the two loved each other using the joke item.

There isn't any need for me to be a nuisance for them.

「As expected that was too unexpected even for me that I cannot say anything.」

『It seems the two of them were searching for master after that.』

「──It's not like I'm avoiding them because of that joke item. I just don't want to meet them right now.」

I decided to go to war.

Now that it has reached this point, I too have to resolve myself.

「I won't meet them because it feels like my resolve will become blunt if I do that, that's all.」

『If only master said that honestly from the start──! Master!!』

──Luxion is looking up to the sky.

Part 2In one of the rooms of the palace.

Leon's teacher was there.

He was preparing tea since early in the morning and served it to the two women who were sitting at his opposite side.

The two were Mylene and Hertrude. There was an air of tension from them.

「Princess Hertrude, can't you stop this war?」

Hertrude answered right away after Mylene said that.

「It's impossible. The princ.i.p.ality has endured for dozens of years until now for this day. This time it's your country's turn to be trampled.」

Mylene closed her eyes seeing the faint smile on Hertrude's face.

「I understand your feeling that want to say that the kingdom is to blame. But──」

「Oh, do you intend to threaten me? It's too late. The magic flute that child has summon the sky and sea guardian deities of the princ.i.p.ality. Once the order has been given, they won't stop until the order is carried out. ──It's already too late.」

There wouldn't be any meaning even if she was used as hostage for negotiation.

When Hertrude said that, Mylene shook her head.

She placed a very old doc.u.ment and a single book that she brought here on the table.

「What could this be?」

「First read this one.」

The doc.u.ment that Hertrude read came from the era when the princ.i.p.ality had just gone independent.

In it, the reparation for the act of barbarity so far was written.

The reparation wasn't about the act of barbarity that was carried out by the kingdom, but by the princ.i.p.ality.

「Li, lies. The princ.i.p.ality fought the kingdom for its independence due to the unjust treatment from them! This is a forgery.」

Mylene looked toward Hertrude with completely exasperated eyes.

「So you have been raised hearing only the pretty story. You're really a wonderful princess as a puppet.」

Written in the book was the history between the kingdom and princ.i.p.ality.

The king of the princ.i.p.ality──a former archduke of Hohlfahrt Kingdom was connected to a country that was hostile toward the kingdom and attacked the kingdom many times.

He pillaged the territory he invaded without the slightest mercy.

The military power of the archduke house was considerable, so the kingdom was at a complete loss.

Even though it would be simple to crush a single archduke house, the kingdom also had other enemies in the surrounding, so they were unable to exert their full strength.

Because of that, Brad's house the Field House was appointed as feudal lord of that area to protect the national border.

「They prepared military installations, a.s.sembled airships, and turned floating island into fortress. That was an enormous expenditure of fund and material.」

The kingdom was angry at the archduke house and treated them not as retainer but as enemy country.

When the archduke house introduced itself as princ.i.p.ality, they became unable to continue their pillaging like before and they were temporarily exhausted.

Furthermore Field House was pinning down the princ.i.p.ality.

As the result──the princ.i.p.ality tried to a.s.semble military strength. In order to obtain floating stone from floating island that was still lived in by people, they bombarded and destroyed the island.

Floating stone was an indispensable resource for airship construction.

In order to gather it, they destroyed a single floating island that had people living there.

The kingdom and Field House were enraged and defeated the military of the princ.i.p.ality.

They were made to pay reparation, which was written in the doc.u.ment that Heltrude was holding right now.

「The princ.i.p.ality attacked the kingdom again even after that. The damage became small after a feudal lord was positioned there, but the grudge didn't vanish. When the kingdom attacked the princ.i.p.ality previously, the soldiers who marched there were the people who lived in the place that had been pillaged by the princ.i.p.ality until then.」

She wouldn't say that the kingdom was absolutely in the right, but Mylene thrust the truth to Heltrude.

「The princ.i.p.ality really loves to pillage from the kingdom aren't they?」

「Wrong! The princ.i.p.ality fought for our independence. It was because the kingdom forced us into an unfair treaty!」

「We only demanded reparation. Though the princ.i.p.ality didn't have any intention to pay at all at that time. They lost so they paid reluctantly. Was it the kingdom's fault that their living became tough because of that?」

Hertrude's face went red and her hand moved to take a cup, but teacher quickly moved.

「It seems the tea has gone cold. I shall brew another.」

Hertrude glared at teacher in frustration, even then Mylene told her as though to say that she was the one talking with her.

「You have the duty to know. Certainly the kingdom pillaged the princ.i.p.ality's territory. But, it's troubling that you had forgotten how it started to reach that point.」

Hertrude was in confusion, but teacher suddenly turned his gaze outside the window.

The sound of siren resounded, notifying that enemy had come to the capital.

Mylene stood up from her chair.

「They're faster than expected.」

Teacher looked toward Hertrude.

「Are they here to rescue her highness?」

「That's possible. The magic flute mustn't be allowed to fall into their hand. Where is Leon-kun?」

「Partner is already sallying out. Mister Leon has gone out to intercept the enemy. How very reliable.」

Hertrude was trembling. She was looking down, unable to accept the fact.

「Both of you, please excuse me.」

Teacher made the two to duck on the floor.

Right after that, sound of explosion reverberated in the sky of the capital.

Part 3Arroganz landed down on the palace's rooftop.

I immediately boarded it and received explanation from Luxion about the situation.

『They got us. It's a surprise attack from the sky.』

「Even your radar isn't a big deal huh.」

『I mentioned that the communication is bad. I wish that you will praise me for detecting the attack before it was carried out. Partner, scramble.』

Partner sallied to protect the sky of the capital. Seeing that I grabbed Arroganz's control stick and flew to the sky.

The sound of siren is reverberating through the capital.

「How many?」

『Thirty ships. They must be a detached force. The airships dropped down bombs at the same time when they were descending.』

「Shot them down.」

The barrage of bullet and explosions that Partner laid out hit the targets.

Explosions bloomed in the sky. Black smoke covered the capital.

The sky with beautiful morning sun suddenly became like a cloudy sky.

『Master, the kingdom's army is asking for order. It seems the sortie of the interception squad will be late.』

「Make them prioritize the evacuation. I and you will do something about those guys until our allies got up to the sky.」

『The enemy deployed armor and ground force.』

I tightly grabbed the control stick and took out a rifle from the container on Arroganz's back.

I picked up the voices of the pilots riding the armor of princ.i.p.ality's army.

Noises were mixed with the communication. It's hard to listen to.

『The fiendish knight, he came out!』

『Captain, an armor that big is closing in so fast!』

I fixed my aim at the captain unit and Arroganz pulled the trigger of the rifle.

『No problem. That guy is a coward who can't even kill human──eh?』

The stomach part got shot through. When the armor exploded, the surrounding armors are panicking.


『Wasn't that guy a knight who refuse to kill!?』

The enemies pointed their rifle to me. In respond I strongly gripped the control stick.

──What do you mean refusing to kill.

I persisted in not killing because the situation at the field trip was still manageable for me somehow.

If you guys attacked until the capital──I can't keep persisting in not killing anymore.

「It's you guys who cornered me until this far. Don't think bad of me.」

I dodged the bullets, and even if they hit they got deflected by Arroganz's armor.

I equipped the left hand with battle axe deeply cut into an armor that I pa.s.sed by.

I kicked away another armor that drew near before readying my rifle and aimed at the engine part of an airship that is descending to the capital.

When I pulled the trigger, the bullet penetrated the airship──a bit later fire blew out from the airship.

The soldiers of the princ.i.p.ality are running around in confusion at the sky.

I'm watching that from the monitor.

「It's the worst. This is really the worst. If only you guys don't come, I wouldn't need to do something like this!」

『Master wouldn't need to fight if you ran away though?』

「I'm fighting because I'll feel even worse doing that! I hate the kingdom but, I hate the princ.i.p.ality even more! Rather than this worrying about marriage would still be better!」

I pushed down my urge to vomit and piloted Arroganz. Then the enemies around me converged on me.

My finger on the trigger is trembling.

Armors are coming toward Arroganz.

『Stop him!』

『This fiend!』

『Don't challenge the fiendish knight alone! Attack all at once!』

It seems fiend and fiendish knight are my nicknames. ──What do you mean fiend.

The fiend is──you guys, for making me do something like this.

「You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, don't attack me just because of unjustified resentment!」

I destroyed another one and aimed my rifle to an airship.

Part 4The sky of the capital became a battlefield.

Julius was running through a corridor in the palace.


He found Jilk wearing a pilot suit.

「Your highness, you are safe!」

Jilk ran toward Julius. Julius looked up outside the window while making a vexed expression.

「What the h.e.l.l the princ.i.p.ality is thinking? What is their reason attacking the capital at this point with a detached force?」

The princ.i.p.ality army came attacking by themselves without bringing monsters with them. Julius thought of that as strange. In respond Jilk talked about his thought.

「Perhaps they are trying to take back her highness Heltrude──and the magic flute?」

Julius. .h.i.t the wall with his right hand. He didn't even try to hide his irritation.

「What is Bartfalt doing!?」

「He is going out to intercept them. Your highness, please withdraw.」

「Don't be stupid. I'm going out too.」

While they were doing that, Mylene and Hertrude──and teacher appeared with royal guards protecting them.

Mylene told Julius with a stern tone.

「You're not allowed.」


Julius turned around and requested Mylene to be allowed to sortie out.

He was unable to watch quietly in this situation.

「I'll also sortie out. Mother and everyone should evacuate right away.」

「Julius, you don't have the strength to fight. Also, your duty is to survive.」

「Jilk is going to fight! Are you telling me to run away by myself!?」

「Yes, that's right. The only thing you can do is to run away.」

「I'm not asking you to give me an airship. If you only give me an armor──」

「Julius, there is no one to prepare an armor for your sake.」

「Then isn't it the same with Jilk!?」

Jilk too should not own an armor just like him.

「I requested my house to prepare an armor for me. The other three are also the same. Your highness, please leave the rest to us.」

Julius powerlessly shook his head hearing Jilk telling him that.

「Why? Why are you four betraying me!? We spoke about us cooperating with each other. Were those words a lie? We said that we will protect Marie together!」

Mylene stopped Julius when he condemned Jilk who was looking down.

「Julius, there is no more armor or airship in the palace. You don't have the strength to fight. You should obediently evacuate together with us here.」

There was no armor for Julius to use because all the armors and airships in the possession of the palace were dispatched.

But, Julius recalled one thing.

「There is! The airship of the duke should still have left over armor. I heard that they are recruiting knights. If I head there immediately──」

「──Do you remember what you did to Redgrave House? The duke is not your backer anymore. Jilk, the enemy army is descending. Be quick if you're going to sortie.」

「Yes! My queen, and then your highness──I'm off.」

When Mylene said 「May the fortune of war be with you」 and saw him off, Julius ran away from that place.

Part 5The inside of the palace was in chaos.

Ange was running while pulling Livia's hand.

Livia was looking anxious seeing outside the window.

「For them to approacah the capital undetected」

「The noise of the communication devices is worse than usual. If Luxion couldn't detect them then it would be hopeless for us. In any case, we have to go to the royal family's ship.」

Ange turned her gaze to outside the window and saw Partner's figure.

It was protecting the sky of the capital by itself.

(Where is that Leon right now?)

Leon vanished after the two of them were recognized by the royal family's ship.

When they asked around, it seemed he was feeling dejected. After that the two of them also became busy due to being chosen by the ship and in the end they couldn't meet Leon.

Livia looked down.

「Have Leon-san became fed up with us seeing us getting carried away like that?」

「I, I don't think that's the case but──no, certainly it was our bad. But, I never thought that he would be gone without even giving us any chance to apologize.」

After that, the robots that Luxion dispatched arrived and started repairing the royal family's ship.

They pried open the door and entered inside before starting the repair. It caused a huge ruckus.

They could hear the sounds of bombardment and explosion continuing without pause from the sky of the capital.

(Both father and brother aren't here. The timing is too bad.)

Airships that sallied out to protect the sky of the palace showed themselves.

Three of the ships were airships that were left behind by the duke to protect Ange.

They were prepared in order to take Ange away to escape when push came to shove.

Julius appeared in front of Ange and Olivia breathing hard with heaving shoulders.

Ange was looking outside the window and only noticed him when he was already close.

「Your highness, what are you doing at this kind of place!? Please escape quickly.」

Ange proposed for him to hurry and evacuate, in respond Julius bowed his head.

「Angelica, I have a request. I want to borrow the military a.s.set you have──the fleet of the duke.」

Livia couldn't keep up with the situation. She was only looking in bewilderment.

Ange was surprised for a moment but she immediately turned calm and shook her head.

「They are my guards but not my subordinates. The one who can command them is only father or brother──or perhaps Leon. I cannot abide by your request.」

Frustration appeared in Julius's face, even so he kept making his request.

「Then, it's fine even if it's just a single armor. I don't want to be a coward.」

Julius bowed his head, saying that he didn't want to run away from the battlefield. Ange strongly denied his words.

「You must not. Your highness, please evacuate together with us.」

Julius lifted up his face in respond to Ange's words.

「──Do you hate me for betraying your feeling? That's why you won't lend me your strength right?」

Ange noticed from hearing Julius's words.

(I wonder why──I don't feel any hatred or frustration anymore.)

Her worry toward Leon was stronger than her wish for revenge.

At the same time, she wanted to see Leon's face quickly.

「If you asked my just a little while ago, it's the truth that I hated your highness. But, now I'm──in love with Leon. I don't hold any resentment for your highness.」

When Ange said that with a smile, Julius was captivated by her face.

He was going to say something, but the knights of the duke found them and ran toward them.

「My lady, so you're here!」

Ange immediately ordered them.

「We will head to the underground from here. Bring his highness together with us too.」


The knights surrounded Julius, and then they started evacuating toward the underground hangar.

Livia gripped Ange's hand.

「Are you alright? That, err──」

「Don't mind it. I'm alright. It feels like I'm set free from many things.」

Ange said that with a smile. Julius looked down seeing that.

Livia looked at Julius and asked.

「What's wrong?」

Julius smiled in self-derision.

「This is my first time seeing Angelica smiling like that. ──That's all.」

Ange could hear those words of Julius, but she didn't even pay any heed to it and worried about Leon.

(Leon, come back no matter what.)

Part 6The princ.i.p.ality's airship.

There was Garrett's figure in the bridge.

「You're getting in the way again, fiendish knight! Even though I volunteered to lead the surprise attack force because I thought you absolutely wouldn't appear!」

He thought that Leon wouldn't appear because he was imprisoned by the kingdom, so he was fl.u.s.tered by Arroganz's attack.

He heard that both Partner and Arroganz could only be moved by Leon.

Garrett immediately judged that in that case it was Leon riding them.

「Even though we have to recover the magic flute before the main force arrive!」

The main force was moving together with the gigantic monster that was said to be the guardian deity of the sky.

The spot where the monster appeared was far from the capital and there was also the flaw of the slow traveling speed of the guarding deity, so the main force still hadn't arrived in the capital.

「That magic flute is a precious item to summon the guardian deity of earth. We cannot lose──」

It wasn't Hertrude but the magic flute that Garrett wanted to recover.

It was a treasure of the princ.i.p.ality. It would affect his future if it stayed lost.

Because of that he forcible said 「We will rescue Hertrude」 and borrowed thirty ships from Hertrauda to launch a surprise attack at the capital.

A nearby officer reported to Garrett.

「Count, ten ships are already sunk. The armors are also getting shot down one after another.」

「I know that just from looking! That fiendish knight, giving up his policy of non killing like this, he has no pride as knight! At this rate if that guy come here, I──I, ca, cannot die in this kind of place!」

Garrett immediately decided to retreat, but it was already too late.

The airship's bridge──Arroganz appeared in front of it.

A voice came from the armor.

『So this is the flagship.』

Garrett covered his face with both hands in front of the gun muzzle aimed his way.

Arroganz's container opened and the missiles stored there were fired toward the airship.


Garrett's consciousness cut off the moment Arroganz pulled the trigger.

Part 7At one of the evacuation sites of the capital.

Clarice was the one protecting the people who were trying to board the airships there.

She was giving instruction to board the airship.

She was helping the refugees boarding into the airships owned by Atlee House to escape from the capital.

「Protect the refugees no matter what!」

They were taking in the refugees in a hurry, but the princ.i.p.ality army was pushing on fiercely.

The knights and soldiers were building barricade on the ground and fighting back, but they were getting pushed back.

Students riding air bike were battling the princ.i.p.ality's air bike force in the air. Both the ground and the sky were noisy.

The armors protecting Clarice on the ground could be seen getting destroyed by the armors of the princ.i.p.ality.

Clarice considered surrendering, but the enemy mercilessly launched attack at the airships.

She used a megaphone in panic to inform the opponent but──.

「Wait, these ships aren't warship! There are refugees inside!」

『It doesn't matter even if they're refugees. Die to make up for your sins you fiends of the kingdom.』

Clarice gritted her teeth in frustration at the enemy's voice.

「All of you, are also the same acting violently as you please!」

Then one armor──appeared in front of the bridge.

It swung the axe it was holding and dealt a gash at the ceiling.

The armor then forcefully widened the gash and entered inside. Then a vulgar laughter came from it.

『There's a woman here! What's more she is a n.o.ble woman!』

Clarice broke out in a cold sweat from the bad premonition she got.

Because she knew what would happen to woman who was captured in battlefield, her body was trembling from imagining the same happening to her after this.

The armor reached out toward Clarice. The nearby crews were firing their rifle, even then the armor's plating deflected the bullets.

『There is no way that kind of peashooter will work. Atone for your sins with that body of yours!』

The moment the armor's hand almost reached Clarice, the armor got torn away from the bridge violently.

There was Arroganz's figure there.

It pointed the rifle its right hand was holding toward the enemy army and pulled the trigger.

The bullet pierced the armor's stomach part and the enemy's movement stopped, then a voice came from the armor that Arroganz held up in its grip.

It was struggling fiercely though it was unable to get away from Arroganz even then.

『Let go! You──』

Shockwave was unleashed from Arroganz's left hand. The armor's pilot became quiet then.

The armor was tossed away and Arroganz immediately left toward the next battlefield. Clarice saw it off before letting out a small sigh. The armor that was tossed away fell on the ground.

The armor got its stomach shot through and became unmoving──that way of fighting that wasn't thinking of holding back made Clarice saw through how Leon was forcing himself.

「Leon-kun──so you have resolved yourself.」

And then she whispered with a worried look.

Part 8「My lady Deirdre, please escape!」

Refugees were flooding into the mansion of Roseblade House in the capital.

Knights were riding armor and fighting in the sky while airships were firing cannons at each other.

The airships that were shot down fell onto the capital. Fires and smokes were rising everywhere.

Deridre declared to the knights guarding her.

「You are telling this me to run away? If I run away here, I won't be able to show my face toward Otou-sama and Onii-sama who are fighting to protect our territory.」

「My lady isn't a knight! There is no one who will condemn you even if you run away!」

The knights became desperate, but Deirdre ignored them and gave an order.

「Send out the airships of our house! It doesn't matter what kind of airship it is. Evacuate the citizens immediately.」

「My lady will also board that airship won't you!?」

「Yes, I'll board it. ──The last airship that is.」


The knight cried while running away to convey Deirdre's order.

The showy armors of Roseblade House that were protecting the sky above the mansion were heading away because some enemies were approaching from there.

A part of the armors of the princ.i.p.ality army were hitting the mansions of the n.o.bles thoroughly.

A princ.i.p.ality's armor broke through the guard armors and landed on the mansion's garden.

The refugees ran around scattering like baby spider. Deirdre was enraged.

The princ.i.p.ality's armor pointed its weapon to the refugees.

「That's not something a knight will do!」

「What are you doing my lady!?」

The knights ran toward Deirdre to allow her to escape.

The princ.i.p.ality knight retorted back.

『You have no right to say that to us! The kingdom will sink anyway. Even if I kill you all now, that only means that you die earlier than the others!』

The princ.i.p.ality's armor pointed its gun muzzle at Deirdre.

『Beg for your life!』

Deirdre was scared and became unable to move, but she acted courageously.

「Begging for one's life doesn't suit a daughter of Roseblade House. You plan to kill me anyway right? Then do it already!」

「My lady, please don't provoke the enemy!」

The princ.i.p.ality's armor was enraged by Deirdre's stubborn att.i.tude and about to pull the trigger──he was shot through from right above.

The princ.i.p.ality's armor collapsed powerlessly.

When Deirdre looked up to the sky, the guard armors were rushing toward her position──behind them an armor with a container on its back were leaving away.

「Oh, not even giving me a greeting is he? What a detestable person.」

The guardian knight stroked his chest in relieve while saying.

「My lady, please don't put a brave front while your legs are shaking. Come on, let's evacuate quickly.」

「Wa, wait a second! ──I can't move.」

The guardian knight let out a long sigh, then he lent Deirdre his shoulder and led her into the mansion.

Part 9Inside the c.o.c.kpit.

I puked into the vomit bag for who knew how many times.

The piercing smell of gastric juice was disgusting.

The descending princ.i.p.ality army was rampaging inside the capital.

「Just surrender. Why are you guys rampaging? The battle is decided already.」

He crushed the flagship.

Even though he had beaten their leader, they still continued their opposition.

『They must think that they will be killed anyway even if they surrender.』

A part of princ.i.p.ality army surrendered, but the kingdom army didn't accept it and shot them dead.

Smokes are rising from everywhere in the capital due to the urban warfare.

The airships and armors of the princ.i.p.ality fell down and destroyed the buildings, turning the surrounding into a sea of fire.

「We will need to send rescue party after taking care of this. Those who won't obey me still need to work.」

『Even they will work if it's for the sake of their birthplace.』

I wiped my mouth and then looked around.

「Where is the next battlefield?」

I asked Luxion, but it seemed the time has come.

『──Master, looks like it's time. From here I can only give the bare minimum support.』

His voice was like usual but it sounded apologetic.

「I see. Work hard there.」

『Is it really alright?』

「I don't mind so just go. I can only ask this to you anyway.」

Luxion looked at me with his single eye, and then he nodded once and moved his eye.

『The repair of royal family's ship is finished. I attached a different AI than me for support. Please consult that AI in case something happen.』

「A different AI than you?」

『Yes. Also, remember to not be careless──if it's hopeless re──tre──at──』

The electronic sound is mixed with noise before he could finish speaking. And then Luxion's voice changed slightly different from usual.

Even though it should be the same electronic voice, it sounded like a different person to me.

『The link with the main body is cut off.』

I felt slightly uneasy hearing the mechanical tone, even so I placed my arm back on the control stick.

「──I'm counting on you, partner.」

Part 10Luxion was between the floating land and the sea.

The sunlight was blocked by the land. The limited s.p.a.ce was dark.

The pillar of water extending from the sea was the seawater that the land was drawing up.

Other than that, there were also several arms that looked like tentacle piercing the land from the sea.

A large human face protruded out from the sea surface.

That monster that looked like an island was the gigantic monster that was called the guardian deity of the sea.

Airship──s.p.a.ceship Luxion's size was more than 700 meters.

Even that Luxion looked small compared to this monster.

『What an extremely big monster.』

Luxion slipped below the land alone and stayed in the front of the monster that was called the guardian deity of the sea. He was calm.

『Well, there is no problem at all with defeating it continuously.』

When Luxion's main cannon unleashed light, the arms that were stabbing into the land were all severed and changed into black smoke.

When the eyes of the large face saw Luxion, tentacles came out one after another from the sea and entangled around Luxion.

『Don't touch me.』

After saying that, laser gun muzzle appeared from the grey colored hull one after another.

The lasers that were fired from the gun muzzles cleared away the tentacles.

Then a firing muzzle for missile showed up from the hull. It fired a single missile.

It caused a large explosion when hitting that blew away the gigantic monster.

The black smoke blowing out from the monster spread out to cover the surrounding view.

『It's gradually regenerating. So master's information isn't wrong.』

When tentacles appeared from the sea surface once more, he shot through them one after another.

The sea surface billowed in a grand scale when the monster that was like a squid with human face showed its figure in front of Luxion.

Seeing that figure Luxion──shot through it with his main cannon and it changed into black smoke once more.

『It doesn't look like that you will be able to achieve your objective as long as I'm here.』

The problem was the other one──the guardian deity of the sky. He was unable to face that one.

He could only leave that one to Leon and Partner.

He repeated his attack on the enemy that seemed to be regenerating or perhaps resurrecting. Luxion was sealing the enemy's movement completely.

『Certainly I won't lose, but it's also impossible to win. The problem is the other monster at the opposite side──master's survivability rate is going down more than expected.』

Luxion started improving Schwert──Leon's air bike in the factory inside him.

『Schwert, you shall be born again for master's sake.』

Luxion was facing the gigantic monster at the s.p.a.ce between the land and sea.

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