The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 100

Otomege Volume 3 Chapter 7Chapter 7 – Destiny.

Part 1「──In other words, you foisted your own child to mother and father?」

「Ye, yes. Because, they said to me that I won't be able to raise her. Isn't it horrible?」

「No, it's not horrible at all. Rather, that way would be better for that child──for my niece too. I'm relieved instead. Father and mother were correct there.」

In the waiting room near the audience hall.

There I had a fateful reunion with my previous life's little sister.

It was a reunion that I didn't make me happy at all.

It was actually my previous life's little sister who thoroughly messed up this world. That fact made me wanted to cry.

But, I'm glad that I could hear how my parents were doing.

「And? From where your memory is cut off?」

「E, err──my boyfriend was treating me violently, and when I thought that this might be really bad, when I realized I was in this world.」

Tehe! She made that kind of face, so I pointed the handgun at her. Marie raised both her hands high in fear.

「Even I was doing my best mon!」

「Shaddup! Don't use 『Mon!』 when you're an old hag inside! I got gooseb.u.mps here.」

「How can you say that! It's you s.h.i.tty big bro who is an old geezer inside!」

Rather than that, it's painful that in the end I couldn't learn what happened with my parents.

「Anyway, you work together with Livia.」

「Lo, look here? At this rate I'll die though?」

「I guess. But, how about you at least confront your life seriously at the end?」

Marie started crying.

「I don't want that! Help me, Onii-chan!」

Calling me s.h.i.tty big bro, or big bro, or Onii-chan──this girl, just what does she think I am?

Marie cried. She is crying for real.

「No way. I don't want to fight that kind of monster. I absolutely won't join the war.」

「──Ha? Don't screw around. A lot of things went wrong because you became the saint. Anyway, take responsibility and get on the airship. You just need to act as Livia's support.」

Marie looked at me while shedding tears. She muttered 「Why is it only that woman. Help me out too!」 before running outside.

「Tha, that idiot!」

And then Barnard-san entered inside in this bad timing.

「Viscount, the preparation is finished. Come into the audience hall.」

Barnard-san is going around even though he is a minister because of the lack of manpower. He looked really busy.

I can't cause him trouble, so I headed toward the audience hall.

──I'm worrying of what to do even while feeling irritated toward that Marie.

Part 2Marie rushed out of the room and then dashed through the corridor without stopping. Livia was watching her in surprise.

「Marie-san──ran away?」

Ange glared at Marie's back.

「That woman, she plan to run away even at this point?」

Livia judged that it would be dangerous to let Ange chasing after Marie with how sharp her glare was.

「Ange, please go to the audience hall. I'll go to persuade Marie-san!」

「Go, got it.」

Ange was also called into the audience hall. She had to go there after this.

Inside her heart Livia was,

(It will be Leon-san's important scene, if Ange isn't there──it'll be no good if I get in their way.)

Thinking that she started running.

She ran through the palace's corridor chasing after Marie.

Tears were coming out.

(I'm not fitting for Leon-san. Even though I understand that. Even though there is Ange, so why am I)

The place Marie ran into was one of the rooftops of the palace.

The rooftop looked like a garden with plants growing in abundance, there also wasn't any place to run away there.

Livia who cornered Marie there was breathing hard with heaving shoulders.

When the two caught up their breath──Marie told Livia.

「──I'll return it.」


「I'll return back everything to you, so return it back to me too. What you need, is his highness and others. Those five, and then Kyle too──even the saint status, all of them belongs to you!」

Livia's understanding couldn't keep up with Marie's talk, but Marie left her behind and pleaded.

「That's why give it back. Give back Onii──chan. Give back Leon. I'll return everything to you, so return him back to me too!」

Livia approached Marie and then swung her right hand with all her strength. The strong slap made Marie fall.

Marie powerlessly held her cheek.

「Aa, this is nostalgic. I was also hit like this by my parents. It's really painful. What? Are you angry? Don't worry. Because I'll return all of your things back to you. You'll be able to become happy.」

Livia yelled while crying.

「──Don't make fun of me!」

The crying Livia sat down on the spot.

Marie was looking Livia who was like that with a puzzled look.

「Leon-san isn't an object──at the very least, I wanted to stay together with him even if it's just during our time in the academy. Even though I don't need anything else other than that」

n.o.ble and commoner.

There was a large wall called status between the two of them. Compared to that kind of wall, the wall between Leon and Ange was something trivial in Livia's opinion.

──The two of them are well-matched.

She wanted them to become happy.

That was why, she had to withdraw herself.

「Don't say something like giving back. Leon-san, doesn't belong to me.」

Marie looked down and laughed.

「Then what? In the end, I simply lost everything. This is really the worst, even in my second life I kept losing everything.」

Marie started crying. She crouched down and let out a sob.

「Even though I knew just about everything. Even though I thought that it would go well──why is it, I'm unable to become happy」

Seeing Marie crying, Livia didn't know what she should say.


「So this is where you are.」


Kyle and Carla ran toward Marie.

It seemed they were looking around for them.

When Marie lifted up her face, the two of them were looking at her with an expression that looked really worried.

「You two, why?」

Why are you two here? Marie's expression asked that. Carla answered her with tears in her eyes.

「I, I──without Marie-sama, I'll really become alone. I was really happy when Marie-sama saved me! Besides, Marie-sama is really kind.」

Kyle glanced at the crying Carla and made an exasperated face but──he looked a bit embarra.s.sed.

「I myself have some bad behaviors. But, as expected goshujin-sama yourself is also horrible with your att.i.tude. Well, we're even with this. I don't know about the other five but, goshujin-sama will be too pitiful if at least I and Carlsan don't accompany you.」

Large drops of tears trickled down Marie's cheeks.

「So──ry. I'm sorry. I'm really──sorry, you two.」

Kyle rubbed his eyes with his sleeve to hide his tears.

「Come on, let's go. You are the saint even if a fake one. You should dress the part at least.」

Marie stood up with the help of Kyle and Carla.

The two of them bowed at Livia before returning inside with Marie.

Livia looked down and smiled.

「──Liar. You haven't lost everything haven't you? There're still two people who will lend you their shoulders like that──you liar.」

After muttering that, she gasped in realization and covered her mouth with both her hands.


The black emotion inside her chest made tears came out.

(Even though I have nothing left for me.)

Part 3At the rooftop's entrance, Ange was watching the crying Livia.

She didn't even give a glance at Marie and the other two who were pa.s.sing beside her. She couldn't take off her eyes from Livia's crying figure.

「Livia, you──of course it is. We were always together.」

Ange felt her chest growing painful looking at Livia.

She had noticed Livia's feeling.

But, it was fun with the three of them together that she didn't want to turn her focus to it.

「I'm sorry. If only I don't harbor this feeling, you wouldn't suffer like that. Forgive me, Livia.」

Ange covered her mouth and shed tears.

She wiped her tears, and then she walked toward Livia brazenly.


The crying Livia hid her face and played stupid.

「Ange? E, err, Marie-san has returned without problem. Tha, that, please don't look at my face right now. A lot happened so──」

Ange spoke her feeling honestly.

「I──love Leon.」

Livia closed her mouth and looked down. Tear fell to the ground.

「That's why, you too don't back away.」


Ange held out her hand toward Livia.

She grabbed Livia's hand and pulled her up. And then with the two of them facing each other she held both her hands with her own hands.

「You're fine like that. Tell your feeling to Leon properly.

「I told him. I told him once. But, Leon-san immediately evaded the topic right after that. He won't give me the answer. Surely it's because he like Ange.」

Even then Ange told Livia.

「Even so! Even so, tell him your feeling one more time. Make it so he won't be able to run away this time. Don't allow him to evade the topic. ──I'll also tell him my feeling, so you tell him too.」

Ange hugged the crying Livia.

「Is it okay? Because, Ange and Leon-san are n.o.ble──」

「Stupid. Difference of status doesn't matter for something like this. You're suffering because you cannot give up just from that. Then, you've no choice but telling him.」

The two of them wanted to know who was it that Leon truly liked.

Ange talked gently.

「You're also someone important for me. That's why, stop with the crying.」

Livia also placed her hands on Ange's back and hugged her tightly before nodding.


Part 4Audience hall.

I moved my gaze searching for Livia and Ange, but they aren't anywhere.

What now. I'm feeling a bit discouraged here.

The group of five are present here, but from their expression their heart aren't in this place due to the matter with Marie.

──These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are anguishing about romance.

Even though I'm also thinking so seriously about love!

Besides, even though I was holding hope for you guys and Marie, like this my plan won't come to fruition.

What can defeat the gigantic monster that even Luxion cannot defeat is love! Love is really amazing! Love is the strongest weapon there is!

──Isn't there love lying around somewhere that can be replacement for these guys?

Learn a bit from me who is worrying so seriously like this, you idiot five.

The n.o.bles and knights who are standing in rows.

His majesty lifted the right corner of his lips meaningfully and conducted himself in a good mood.

「The number of people here has become really few isn't it?」

The n.o.bles and knights who escaped. Even the number of soldiers isn't satisfactory.

That is just how despairing they thought this war with the princ.i.p.ality is.

I too will run away quickly if I'm just a common soldier.

No, the civilian wouldn't even become a soldier in the first place.

「But──it's none other than the people who remain here who are the true heroes! The princ.i.p.ality despicably bring monster with them and invade our kingdom's territory. Gentlemen──now is the time to risk our life!」

I don't know whether the people who stayed behind have nerve of steel or they're simply resigned──.

「In order to stand against the princ.i.p.ality, it's necessary for us to fight as one! Viscount Bartfalt, come forward!」

I walked on the red carpet that is spread out in the audience hall and kneeled with my head bowed in front of his majesty.

「I appoint you as the supreme commander in this critical juncture. Surely there are also those who make light of you due to your youth. There surely are also those who won't trust you due to your lack of experience. But, only you viscount possess the strength to break through this situation. Viscount Bartfalt, this battle──can you win it?」

His speech was theatrical. ──But, I don't dislike it.

I wanted to try it at least once.

I replied with a line that I once heard from somewhere.

「If that is what your majesty wish for.」

The surrounding became noisy.

The voices that reached my ear are「This greenhorn」 or「Only his mouth is big」 or「Hm~, seventy point」 or「I've heard that line from somewhere」──you guys, it's embarra.s.sing so shut up!

Look! His highness is a bit angry! Eh? Why is he angry?

「──I see.」

In contrast, Mylene-sama blushed slightly. She looked happy? Eh? Why!?

His majesty proclaimed.

「We will tackle the final battle against the princ.i.p.ality from here on with Viscount Bartfalt as the supreme commander!」

After such exchange, a n.o.ble clad in extravagant attire──Marquis Frampton raised his objection.

He seemed to be tired as could be seen from the shadow under his eyes. His cheeks are also losing fat.

Well, it can't be helped.

After all the battle force he sent out got done in by the princ.i.p.ality who he thought his ally.

「Please wait your majesty! This upstart cannot be trusted. This person was suspected of treason! Are you telling us to fight under someone like this? Is it your intention to ridicule us?」

The n.o.bles who agreed with Marquis Frampton also spoke their objection.

「That's right. We should negotiate with the princ.i.p.ality instead.」

「Please leave it to me. I swear I'll make the negotiation with the princ.i.p.ality a success!」

「It's mistaken to rely on someone like that!」

I stood up and looked at his majesty and Mylene-sama's faces. His majesty got his eyes closed but Mylene-sama opened her mouth expressionlessly.

「Stop with the unsightly act. The viscount isn't a traitor. You all are the one who fabricate the accusation. Besides, it's his majesty who appoints the supreme commander. Are you saying that you are disobeying?」

Using his majesty's name to forcefully appoint me as the supreme commander──it's a coa.r.s.e method but, there is no other way.

Marquis Frampton's face went red and he protested.

「What! Even for the queen that way of speaking is inexcusable! We won't unite to fight together if the circ.u.mstance is like this!」

They're desperately resisting my side because they know that if the kingdom wins with me as the supreme commander──then it will be the end for them.

They're desperately opposing in order to have a comeback no matter what.

I slowly turned around and looked toward the marquis and his cohorts.

Inside the audience hall where n.o.bles, military officials and government officials lined up, I took out a handgun from my pocket and fired it toward the ceiling.

Gunshot sound and the sound of sh.e.l.l case falling to the floor echoed inside the hall.

With that as the signal palace guards and──the knights of the duke house entered the hall.

Vince-san nodded slightly when I looked at him.

──The permission has also been given. It's my time from here on.

「Shut up that dirty mouth, you trashes.」

「Wha, what did you say! Guards! What're you all doing. Quickly capture that──wha, what?」

The palace guards are moving to apprehend the n.o.bles who were in opposition just now──the people of Marquis Frampton's faction.

「Having connection with the princ.i.p.ality behind the scene and pushing the kingdom into danger. It's not me who needed to be apprehended for treason. It's you guys.」

Palace guards restrained the arms of Marquis Frampton and dragged him until where I'm standing.

「Do, don't screw around! Why are we the traitor!? We took action thinking of the country's sake. What does a greenhorn like you know!?」

「You're arrested now because you lost against that greenhorn. It's just like you say, I'm just a greenhorn. However, it's no good if the people who are working at the core of the country lose against that greenhorn isn't it?」

Your blunder was setting me up.

──But, I'm pitying you guys. Because it's not me that you guys lost against, but Luxion.

In the first place I wouldn't be able to win if I don't have Luxion.

Eh? Thinking carefully, I wouldn't get dragged into this kind of political struggle if I don't have Luxion.

Well, it doesn't matter.

「Where is the proof that we're connected with the princ.i.p.ality!? Your majesty! This is a mistake. You must not lend your ear to the words of a greenhorn like this!」

His majesty doesn't reply at all. He is only sitting and watching Marquis Frampton.

Marquis Frampton is irritated seeing that. He glared at Mylene-sama who sat beside his majesty.

「This must be your work. This treacherous fiend!」

To say such terrible thing to Mylene-sama──this guy, perhaps he needed a punishment?

「Marquis Frampton, that's unsightly. This is your defeat.」

When Mylene-sama said that with a pitying look, Marquis Frampton made a ruckus as though to say he still hadn't lost.

「What're you saying! How are you going to establish my treachery in this situation where there isn't any proof at all? Know that divine punishment will befall this diabolical deed!」

The surrounding n.o.bles are also similarly clamoring. The n.o.bles outside of the marquis's faction are watching with cold gaze or looking bewildered.

Even so, this guy doesn't know when to give up.

Amusing. Let's made fun of him.

「Do you want the proof that much?」

When I said that, Luxion appeared and projected 3D image at the center of the audience hall.

What is projected there is the marquis and other n.o.bles──the members of the marquis's faction.

The hall became noisy with the appearance of the 3D projection, so I raised my voice and gathered everyone's focus.

「Too bad. It's really too bad. I am compa.s.sionate, so I planned to forgive you if you unite and fight together with us here. You just let go of your last chance, Marquis Frampton.」

──Well, I'm lying though. Forgiving him? No way.

「Wha, what are you! Your majesty! Please stop him. This person brought a gun into the audience hall! He is dangerous! Your majesty should understand too. This person cannot be allowed to roam free! Your majesty mustn't get tricked by this kind of deception!」

The 3d projection started moving and then a voice resounded inside the hall.

『Lord Marquis! A report came stating that the queen is recommending Bartfalt to be the supreme commander!』

The mouth of the marquis inside the projection opened.

『It's pathetic how she got cajoled by a youngster like that. She is quite capable but as expected in the end she is a woman. His majesty is also really pathetic with how whipped he is. Even so, to think that the princ.i.p.ality would break our secret agreement──』

He is looking really annoyed inside the projection.

『We have lost a lot of compatriots. What should we do from here on?』

『Use her highness Hertrude for negotiation. Those guys should be wanting to take back her highness and the magic flute no matter what. Don't forget to move things forward secretly from his majesty. After that──don't let that guy, Bartfalt to do as he please. The princ.i.p.ality's trump card was a miscalculation but, that guy is also as dangerous or perhaps even more so than that. When push comes to shove we will push the blame to his majesty and strike an agreement with the princ.i.p.ality.』

For a retainer to make his majesty take responsibility, that could only be taken as irreverence.

Marquis Frampton turned pale and looked toward me.

「Li, lies! This is nothing but a deception! This is an illusion that this traitor made up! This traitor is trying to set me up!」

I pressed my gun barrel on Marquis Framption's forehead and smiled.

「Are you stupid? You have gone this far. If this is all the proof that I have, then even his majesty and the queen wouldn't take action. They allowed this to happen means that's just how unshakeable the proof that's in my possession.」

I took out letters and notes from my pocket and tossed them.

Marquis Frampton opened his eyes wide and trembled fiercely.

「Ho, how? Those letters──should be burned already.」

The numerous letters are familiar to him because the writing is exactly his own. The letters contained his exchange with the princ.i.p.ality.

Luxion had copied them exactly like the original──they're fake.

「Aa, there is also a message for you from her highness Hertrude. 『He is unexpectedly useless isn't he』 she said. She easily fessed up what kind of conversation she had with you guys.」

She spoke up about what kind of secret agreement she exchanged with Marquis Frampton who had outlived his usefulness for her.

From Hertrude-san's perspective, she must be having fun watching the kingdom having internal conflict under this kind of situation.

She revealed everything without covering up anything knowing that she had accomplished her role.

Perhaps she thought that we would quarrel even more by doing that?

Good grief──she is really a bothersome princess.

The marquis inside the projection continued talking with a dissatisfied tone.

In contrast, Marquis Frampton in front of me is turning bright red and muttering 「Tha, that little girl」 and so on in vexation.

『Every last one of them don't get it! Don't they understand just who is the dangerous one here? That saint is also troublesome but she is nothing we can't deal with. But, that man alone is no good! Him alone can do the work of who knows how many fleets. Don't they understand what does being able to completely win against a fleet of dozens of ship using just one ship means?』

『However, right now the problem is the princ.i.p.ality. We should cooperate with Duke Redgrave too──』

『Then, make Bartfalt to clash with the princ.i.p.ality so they crush each other! Take his family hostage. I don't care what kind of method you use! Listen well, don't think that guy as a mere watchdog of the duke. The report mentioned that his airship doesn't even need a crew at all, not a single one. Do you get it? He is the real danger!』

『But, in our current state we don't have that much influence──』

The marquis inside the projection is enraged.

『That Vince too, just what in the world is he thinking. Allowing that youngster to do as he please is what will cause this kingdom to end. There won't be any meaning at all even if we win against the princ.i.p.ality like that. No matter what──no matter what we have to crush him!』

I'm really pitiful to be feared so much like that.

Even I wouldn't do anything if they didn't start anything.

Come to think of it, in the game──in the real scenario, was the main character able to gain prominence thanks to these guys secretly maneuvering behind the scene?

It's pointless even if I pondered that right now.

「Now then, do you understand now? The kingdom is in danger because of your fault. Don't you think it can't be helped if you're charged with treason after doing something like joining hand with the princ.i.p.ality?」

Marquis Frampton yelled at me.

「What about it? I did everything for this country's sake. Who do you think is supporting this country? It's me. I have supported this country until now! There is no way a youngster like you can understand it! What I did is necessary to preserve this country!」

「And it resulted in our current situation right? You made a mistake in your dealing. There wouldn't be any problem if you dealt with the princ.i.p.ality correctly instead of making a move at me.」

「Don't screw around! Do you understand just how much power you have? You're judged as danger because you're just a kid of that level. One day the kingdom will perish because of you! Everyone, open your eyes! It's none other than this youngster who brought calamity for this country!」

This guy is overestimating too much huh. That's why──I laughed.

「No, it's the princ.i.p.ality that's going to destroy this country rather than me you see. It's you ain't it who caused this country to get destroyed by the princ.i.p.ality before it get destroyed by me. You really messed up there, gramps. No, perhaps I should call you a doddering old fool instead in this case.」

Marquis Frampton raged when I called him a doddering old fool.

The guards got shaken off.

「You, you-you-you, you don't understand anything! Do you know how much I've been grinding my body into dust working for the sake of this country!?」

「You ended up like this because you were on guard against a harmless person like me while making light of the princ.i.p.ality.」

「──You ignorant brat! Everything will be solved peacefully if you die. The kingdom can win even without borrowing your strength! I'm not mistaken! There's no reason for a brat who don't even understand politic to complain about my decision! Do you understand just how much I've been devoting my effort for the sake of the country? His majesty and the queen can be so carefree sitting on their seat is also because this me have been working for the country's sake until now! I won't let a brat like you to deny all my effort until now. A MERE BRAT LIKE YOUUUUU!」

Could it be, this guy is thinking that I'm denying achievement?

That's a misunderstanding. I've got to correct him.

「It looks like you're misunderstanding something. Just so you know I'm actually recognizing you. You must have supported this kingdom so splendidly until now. Yep, you've worked hard! I tip my hat off to you! You're the best!」

The surrounding n.o.bles, knights, and soldiers are dumbfounded by my speech and gesturing.

It seems they found it unbelievable that I'm praising my enemy.

And then I turned around and lowered my hand to aim my gun toward Marquis Frampton once more.

I lowered my voice,

「But──if you failed then you got to take responsibility.」

「Fa, failed you say!」

「This situation right now, it's the result of what you did. Do you get it? You guys push the kingdom into danger. Take responsibility for that. That's your job.」

「I, I'm a marquis you brat!」

「Wow, amazing. That's a prominent rank you have there. That's exactly why you're adequate for taking responsibility. It's okay for you to feel relieved you know? After all I'll be the one to clean up your mess. Aren't you glad that you have a junior like me? I'll clean up your failure neatly.」

I laughed in provocation.

Your failure was making me angry. Yes, that's all.

「Just what do you think you can do you brat! A brat who don't even understand politic is talking big──」

「Hm~, perhaps you still don't get it? I'll say it frankly because it looks like you're unable to understand──you lost. This time it's you guys' turn to become sacrifice for the country's sake. You tried to sacrifice me and obtain authority didn't you? It's not like I'm angry about that. But, I simply want you to take responsibility.」

「Wh, why should I──」

「You have lost already. You are defeated in political struggle and put the kingdom into danger. You have discarded a lot of weak people just like you did to me until now right? There were people who you crushed like me so that you could get ahead in life right?」

「What about it? Those are necessary sacrifices! Are you saying that's wrong? That's why a brat like you is no good. You don't understand politic at all!」

──It made me want to praise him instead for being so candid like this.

Discarding the few for the sake of the many.

How truly wonderful! The society won't think well of it but, I won't deny that method.


「Gramps, I said it remember? I'm not denying you, instead I agree with that thinking. The weak should be cast away. The few should become sacrifice for the sake of the many! There isn't any need for any pretty words. That's why──you can accept it right?」

「Yo, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d──what are──fugoh!」

I stuffed the gun muzzle into Marquis Frampton's mouth.

「Aa, it's enough already. You don't need to talk anymore──weakling. You guys are weak loser who ought to be casted away so you can accept it right? You can understand how the few has to be sacrificed in order to keep the many alive right? You will become the sacrifice readily won't you? You aren't going to say that you don't want it right?」

Marquis Frampton turned pale, but he tried to shake his head in refusal.

The gun muzzle inside his mouth got in the way that he couldn't talk well.

「You have sacrificed a lot of people cheerfully until now saying that it's necessary. You aren't going to say that it's wrong at this point right? If you have done as you please claiming it's for the sake of the country, then this time──you become the sacrifice for the country's sake.」

I pulled out the gun muzzle from Marquis Frampton's mouth and punched his large nose.

Marquis Frampton is sent flying. His nose is broken and blood flowed from there.

I gave the command to the surrounding.

「The matter of you picking a fight with me, I'll forgive it with the punch just now. ──Next atone for you sin. Take him away.」

「Ye, yes!」

After the traitorous n.o.bles got taken away, there are only few remaining n.o.bles inside the audience hall.

The military personnel──the generals are also looking at me.

「Now then, gentlemen who have learned that I was imprisoned because of false charge. There're several things that I should clear up first here. First──I hate you guys. I hate this country. The reason? I have to work hard because of you idiots. Do your job properly!」

Many gazes stabbed at me.

They too must have various justifications but, such things doesn't matter.

In the first place, just what in the world they were doing even though they're the pillars of this country? No, thinking carefully it must be pointless reasons. Such thing often happened even in the country of my previous life.

There were plenty of cases that made me wanted to tilt my head wondering just why such thing happened.

Even so, the previous world is still better.

──I want to go back to j.a.pan.

Because, if it's the previous world it wouldn't become something tedious like this──maybe? Well, doesn't matter. It's the fact that the previous world is absolutely the better world to live in.

「Second. I understand that you guys don't have confidence in me. I myself don't trust you guys. The third is even simpler. ──If there's someone here who think that if it's them they'll be able to overturn the situation and lead the kingdom to victory, then step forward. I'll let you take over for me anytime.」

The knights and military officers averted their gaze.

It's clear from their att.i.tude that they aren't convinced, but perhaps it's better that at least there isn't any idiot who nominate themselves thinking they can do better.

If the supreme commander is his highness Julius, surely these guys too would be able to accept it.

Or rather, I myself want to refuse if I'm told to the one standing at the top.

「The last one is extremely simple. I'll make you guys win if you obey my order. If you aren't going to obey then run away quickly. Don't hold any doubt, don't talk back, the only thing you guys are permitted to do is to follow my order. How's that, you guys get it?」

My voice echoed clearly through the noisy audience hall.

「Fight and die for my sake. ──In exchange I'll save this country.」

Part 5After finishing the kickoff party, I'm at my wits' end.

「This is the worst!」

『Saying that now? Even though master was the one who said that you will be the one to do it. Even so, I'm amazed that master could go that far in your speech. Master yourself was also underestimating the princ.i.p.ality. In my conjecture this situation can be avoided if only master conducted yourself well.』

「Shut up. In the first place, was there any need for me to go that far?」

『Won't it be better for master to work harder if you dislike this situation? Master's boomerang performance is really G.o.dly. I'm honestly impressed.』

I said it myself that I'll do it but, even without thinking hard it's clear that it's already over for this country seeing how they're placing someone like me as the supreme commander.

There's an extreme lack of talented people.

I am facing Luxion inside a room that was prepared for me.

「Anyway, the first priority is the evacuation. a.s.sign those who don't want to obey my command to evacuate the people of villages and cities located on the path of the enemy army. Make them evacuate people from the capital too.」

『The insufficient military strength will decrease even further. I will create the paperwork for that arrangement.』

The machine that looked like a printer which Luxion prepared is producing up decree in written form one after another.

Luxion checked the data that we received and then he arranged various things like the organization of the force, the schedule, etc.

「What is the situation of the enemy army?」

『Their traveling speed is slow, so there is time until they arrive at the capital.』

I took the finished up doc.u.ment and signed it.

「I'll have your main body to do work too.」

『I don't mind that but, the communication is bad. If I end up needing to act at the other side of the land, the support for master will become minimal. I can't really recommend that.』

「No problem.」

『──Understood. Even so, the marquis was really capable.』


I'm surprised hearing that. Luxion then boasted.

『It's impressive that he judged that the threat isn't Marie or even the princ.i.p.ality, but the master who I'm serving instead. Also, the marquis surely possessed knowledge regarding the royal family's ship. That's why he regarded master as dangerous while underestimating the princ.i.p.ality.』

Royal family's ship──it made appearance in the game as the main character's airship, but it had the setting as a Lost Item that greatly helped the founding of the kingdom.

Certainly it might be unavoidable for people to be wary of Partner which was also a Lost Item airship.

「But, if he is really capable then the situation won't become like this.」

『Isn't the same can be said for master? Even though master possess a power like me, the situation still become like this and master even get placed into a position that you don't wish for. Master cannot laugh at the marquis.』

I wonder just where did I make a mistake. I'm thinking that while signing the doc.u.ments.

Part 6I stepped into the hangar that was built deep underground of the palace.

The airship that was lying dormant there had beautiful white hull.

The airship's shape was streamlined similar like Luxion.

But, this one had a more elaborate design.

Right now we were──in front of the airship that would become the main character's mother ship.

「It's big.」

『It's approximately 400 meter. It's smaller than Partner.』

「It looks strong.」

『It's unreliable compared to Partner.』

「──The design is nice.」

『It's a luxury cruise ship that ignored productivity and ease of maintenance. It cannot hope to match Partner's functional beauty.』

Luxion seemed to feel a rivalry. He repeatedly boasted that Partner is better.

I turned around and looked at the people present here.

Other than the lining up mechanics who maintained this royal family's ship──.

Are his majesty who looked disgruntled and Mylene-sama who is exasperated with his act.

The quintet are standing silently. Marie is looking awkward near them.

Other than them, Livia and Ange are also here.

I'm the one who brought Livia here, while Ange is present as someone related to the royal family.

「That familiar is really proud of his own ship.」

I can't stop sweating coldly hearing his majesty's biting words.

「This guy hate to lose. E, err, anyway! Let's get inside. Perhaps this thing will be able to move if it get repaired.」

「That's impossible.」


His majesty pointed at a device in front of the airship.

The object that is covered by a sheet is peeled off by his majesty's order and came into view.

A heart shaped pedestal──and a heart shaped backdrop appeared. The thing is really mismatched with this place.

「When two people who genuinely love each other stand there, the royal family's ship will recognize them as its owner and display its power. The door won't even open and it's impossible to enter inside if there is no owner.」

──I don't think there was this kind of setting in the game.

The ship should be reacting when the main character and her partner came in search of the royal family's ship.

His majesty looked deeply emotional for some reason.

「The royal family Hohlfahrt, and then the branch family Marmoreal House. In addition is Field House, Arclight House, Seberg House──they are heroes who formed a party in the past. It must be destiny for their descendants to be all present here like this.」

──Feels like I had heard that in the game.

There was a group of five men including the ancestor of Hohlfahrt royal family who formed a party before the founding of the kingdom. They were heroes. That's why, these five──the bloodline of the five has the qualification to move the royal family's ship, or so they said.

There was one more person in that party, a female adventurer whose name isn't known.

There was the story that female adventurer was Livia's ancestor or something.

If my memory isn't wrong, Livia's ancestor was the first generation saint.

I wasn't interested so I thought 「Yes, yes. Destiny, destiny, ain't that nice」 and skipped all the game's explanation.

I should read it more carefully, now I'm regretting it.

But, at that time I didn't have any thinking like one day I'll reincarnate into this otome game so I got to remember all this! so it can't be helped.

If there is a guy who is thinking like that I'll look at him like he is crazy.

「Only the royal family and the remaining four houses can be recognized by the royal family's ship. Other than them the only one with qualification is the family of the last party member who are lost in history──that's what the legend told.」

His majesty boasted to me full of confidence.

Does he has some kind of grudge to me? The only thing I've done is only beating up your son and wooing your wife isn't it?

Ah, no good. It can't be helped that he hates me. From other people's eyes that can only be seen as the doing of the worst sc.u.m.

Luxion whispered to me.

『We will be able to enter inside the ship if the door is destroyed but──perhaps it will be better to read the mood here?』

What is necessary in the end is love.

If there is a device to ascertain that love, then I want to ascertain it now that we have the chance.

I asked Luxion to read the mood and we walked until the pedestal.

Seeing the pedestal from nearby, it looks excessively horrible.

This stage that is in the form of heart shaped pedestal doesn't have any mystique at all.

Mylene-sama turned around toward us and spoke with a serious expression.

「Have you resolved yourselves? This isn't an easy device at all just so you know.」

Mylene-sama was strangely nervous while his majesty suddenly fell silent.

「First we will show everyone how to use this device. Is that alright, your majesty?」

「U, umu. It should work without fail this time!」

His majesty was flinching back from Mylene-sama's doubting gaze.

When the two got on the heart shaped stage, a line lid up at the center.

When the two stood up with the line between them, the heart shaped stage began to shine.

The spot where the man is standing is colored blue.

The spot where the woman is standing is red──pink? Well, it shined with that kind of color.

Then a voice came from the stage.

『Man──25 point! Woman──58 point! Unfortunate!』


Everyone is looking at each other in confusion the Mylene-sama started hitting his majesty. Oi, that's a bit cute.

「Liar! 25 point, what's with that! That score is already in the level of stranger or acquaintance!」

His majesty is making excuse, but he is looking extremely pathetic.

「Shu, shut up! Even your score is just 58 point! Even you don't love me anymore! Yeah, that's right. I'm not seeing you as a woman anymore! What's bad from that!?」

I somehow guessed the mechanism from seeing the two of them arguing.

「This device told someone's affection with number?」

Luxion nodded.

『This device is something like a joke item. Just now I tried accessing this ship and investigated, but it seemed it's an airship that was made by a rich person as amus.e.m.e.nt. It was produced far even before the production of my main body. It seems it was used once for honeymoon before being placed inside a warehouse unused.』

The reason of the creation of the royal family's ship is too questionable that I'm troubled of how to react. Eh? The reason is something like that?

Even if I said that this ship is civilian ship from the ancient times, no one would believe me.

『By the way, it seems that married couple divorced in two years.』

「I don't want to know that kind of information. Let's finish this right away. Now we understand how to use it. So it seems this ship might be able to move if someone among the group here got on there.」

The relationship of Marie and the five is impossible to fix no matter how you looked at it.

At this rate the royal family's ship will be unusable.

『It will become a valuable a.s.set without a doubt if it can move. After all it is armed and also has far higher specs than the airship of this world. Ah, it needs to be repaired first though.』

Until now it has been stored inside a hangar and treated carefully, but no one could perform maintenance for the ship's inside.

To make an example, perhaps it's like a car that hasn't been serviced? Even though the inside is all worn out, only the outer appearance is pretty.

But, the device to decide its owner is──a joke item, that's really pathetic no matter how you cut it.

「If it's no good no matter what we do, then I guess we'll destroy the door to enter inside.」

『Then, I shall call the manufacturing robots. Please wait ten minutes.』

It will be lucky if someone got recognized by the device during that time.

The problem is, even if the ship moved, as expected love will still be an indispensable factor in order for the ship to display its capability.

While I'm feeling anxious wondering if it will really be alright──.

「──Marie, come!」

「Eh? Eh!?」

His highness Julius grabbed Marie's hand and roughly led her onto the device.

He forcefully made his arguing parents to get down.

If it's me, I'll be shocked to learn that my parents doesn't love each other but, his highness Julius seemed to be prioritizing Marie rather than his parents' lovers' quarrel.

The device started up and measured the two's love in number.

『Man──90 point! Woman──17 point! It ended up in an extremely unfortunate result.』

The electronic sound didn't read the mood.

It seemed it doesn't have high performance AI like Luxion.

It only played lines that had been prepared beforehand that is matching with the displayed score.

Marie looked down.

But, his highness Julius is smiling. Why? Has he snapped after knowing the reality?

「If this is the result than I can accept it. Marie, I shall proclaim here. I swear that one day I will make you turn toward me.」

A proclamation to make a woman who tricked him and not loving him turn toward him.

He is acting like this even though Ange is here.

When I glanced at Ange to check her state, she is making an exasperated face.

──Yosh! It's fine if she isn't angry.

Marie remained in that spot, then next Jilk replaced his highness Julius to stand on the device.

『Man 89 point. Woman 12 point. It ended up with a sad result.』

Is that last line needed!?

Jilk kindly talked to the bewildered Marie who cannot understand the situation.

「It's vexing that I lost against his highness but, I also cannot lose. Marie-san, I swear that I too will absolutely make you turn toward me.」


「Step aside, next is my turn. Marie, this is my feeling!」

This time Greg got up on the deive.

『Man 91 point. Woman──22 point. It's an unrequited love, just give up.』

Stop with that last comment!

Greg smiled powerlessly hearing the score.

「It's painful. But you know, I'm feeling refreshed with this. Marie, do you understand my feeling now? ──I'm not gonna give up on you.」

「Greg, li, listen to me!」

「Next is me.」

Greg jumped off from the device and Brad got on the stage confidently.

『Man──98 point! Woman──9 point. What an amazing discrepancy.』

Stop. I can't watch this anymore.

──My stomach hurt from holding back my laughter.

「So my score is the lowest.」[

「I, I'm sorry. But, I!」

「But, this is where it start. I'm aiming to become Marie's number one from here. Marie, we realized it. That time, perhaps Marie acted coldly to push us away.」

Just what is these guys misunderstanding?

Chris took Brad's spot.

「Certainly we are unreliable. But, we──have nothing else but Marie.」

No, there are a lot of other fine women. ──Wake up already.

『Man 87 point. Woman──30 point! Isn't this woman too cold?』

Marie is crying.

「Everyone, you're wrong. Listen to what I have to say!」

His highness Julius took Marie's hand and led her down from the device.

「We understand. It's pathetic but, we were unable to protect you. It's only natural that Marie is disgusted with us. We were unable to be by your side when it mattered.」

It seemed these five thought that it's natural for Marie to be disgusted with them for allowing her to be sent off to war.

What a misunderstanding. I wish they would display such good character before they met Marie.

「Don't worry Marie──we won't let go of you anymore.」

「You're wrong! That's why, listen to me!」

Everyone is acting like 「We understand so it's fine」, and yet Marie is desperately trying to convey something.

Whatever, I don't care but, I was wrong for expecting love from this bunch.

Now then, what to do?

When I looked around, Mylene-sama is criticizing his majesty.

「Even though Julius and others are showing score that high. When it come to you, your score wasn't even 40 point around the time when we first met.」

「You're looking for love from a political marriage? In that case I also wanted to marry with someone I love.」

「You promised that you will increase your score without fail! You said that we would travel the sky together with the royal family's ship!」

「Obviously I was lying!」

「You are only full of hot air like that. You're always like this. You acted like an actor that only care for your own joy and get satisfied by yourself──you're really just all talk!」

This side's relationship is impossible to repair. ──Or rather, it's just like Mylene-sama said, certainly this thing isn't an easy device. Depending on the result it would turn the situation to be a disaster.

Also, the fact that his majesty is only putting a show to look good at the outside is sad.

I've realized that though. Since the first time we met, I was thinking that this guy feels shallow for some reason. ──I wasn't tricked at all. I was aware of the truth!

Now then, I planned to do something about the danger to this country, but even I cannot fix a danger to marriage life.

After watching over the two's relationship, I turned around toward Livia and Ange who are staying quiet.

I got enough good laughs already, so I planned to return back together with the two.

「Aa~, it must be that. Love is really difficult. Now then, let's return back. It will be fine to leave the rest to Luxion. ──Hey you two, why are you grabbing my arms?」

The two are grabbing my arms. It feels like holding flowers in both hands.

They silently pulled me toward the device.

What's more they're pulling really strongly.

「Wait. I'm begging you two please wait! No! I don't want to get on that joke item!」

Livia and Ange forcefully tried to get me on it even though I'm resisting in dislike.

「Leon-san, please get on!」

「Everything will become clear using this. Even you who are always dodging the matter won't be able to lie with this!」

「No way! Something like this can be laughed off when you're just an observer. I'm absolutely not going to join in! My mental isn't strong like those guys. I'm someone delicate. I won't be able to endure it if a bad result come out!」

I could laugh because there was no way I would join in.

And yet, the two are trying to put me on it.

They talked about making it clear, so the two would surely stand on the opposite side to ascertain the love.

It will be embarra.s.sing even if the score is high, and if the score is low I'll surely fall into self-loathing wondering just what is love──I'll also learn Livia and Ange's scores through it.

If we're unlucky, a result that is bad for both sides might came out.

I don't want that. I wouldn't know what kind of face to make when talking with the two of them after that.

「Both of you, it's strange to measure love using number! Something like this is wrong!」

Luxion looked at me──he looked amused.

『It's alright for other people but not for yourself. I think that's a wrong thing for human to be.』

This d.a.m.n AI, he betrayed me his master!

「Stop! I won't be able to accept it if a bad result come out! I won't be to laugh it off as someone else's problem! Even though I wanted to end it with a laugh like this! Even though I wanted it to finish with me laughing at everyone!」

After I yelled that, his highness Julius and others gathered around me with unsteady gait.

His majesty put his hand on my shoulder and grinned widely.

「It'll be boring if you become the only one not doing anything right? Your smirking face was really irritating. Get on there already!」

I got brought until right in front of the device with the men pushing me, but I crouched down in resistance.

Livia and Ange got on the device. Each of them pulled at my hands to drag me on the stage.

「Leon-san. It'll be over before you know it.」

「Get on quickly and make it clear!」

His highness Julius and──Marie also pushed my back.

「Bartfalt, you better resolve yourself too!」

「You get on it toooo!」

「You guys, you better remember this. I absolutely won't forgive this day! Ah, wait!」

While I am desperately resisting, the stage shined pink and a fanfare resounded to the surrounding.

The engine sound of the airship growled throughout the room.

『120 point for both sides! Congratulations. The two of you are tied together with true love!』

Everyone let go of me. I tumbled backward from being suddenly let go.

On the stage were Livia and Ange.




The two on the stage blushed red and stared at each other shyly.

Right after that the two hugged each other tightly with their hands going around each other's waist.

Their distance is──really close.

「Tha, that, I'm happy.」

「I feel the same.」

While the surrounding is also dumbfounded,

『There is no mention that the same s.e.x is no good, so this too must be one of the correct answer.』

I sat down hearing Luxion's words. ──To be honest I had a slight hope.

I thought that my score would be higher than Marie and those five.

As expected, there is no way that the result would be a tragedy like those guys, I thought.

And yet, seeing the two of them noticing their feeling and staring at each other's eyes, I learned the truth.

「──In the end I'm just a mob in charge of comedy anyway! This kind of treatment is the best I can hope for!」

It's a complicated feeling.

I didn't know that my extremely beautiful acquaintances are getting into yurilesbian development.

It's a sad feeling, but there is also happy feeling that their partner isn't another man.

But, as expected it's so sad that I'm crying on the spot.

Mylene-sama placed her hand on my shoulder.

「Le, Leon-kun. I don't know what to say here but──don't be disheartened.」

──I, ran away from that place while crying.

「This is cruel!」


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