The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 80

v2 Side StoryAnjie's Wish

TLN: So here's something peculiar. Bakapervert had informed me that the LN has different side stories depending on what retailer you buy the physical version of the novel from. The eBook (what I use) unfortunately has none of them. Bakapervert's copy has a side story from Anjelica's POV, but there's one out there with Olivia's POV as well, which neither of us have. Bakapervert, the kind person he is, offered to translate the side story in his copy. So, here's a chapter that's only edited by me.

This took place when the three were visiting the shrine.

This was during the leisure period of the field trip.

Her legs were moving towards the shrine for marriage.

The reason her legs brought her here was really simple.

She wanted to improve her awkward relationship with Leon.

The three of them were standing side-by-side in front of an offering box.

Anjie thought to herself.

(…This is awkward. Besides, what should I say?)

She became worried since their relationship had worsened.

She didn't know what she should talk about with Leon and Livia.

Anjie was perplexed toward this unprecedented experience.

The three of them were born and raised in different environments.

So, Anjie relied on asking help from a G.o.d.

“W, we're supposed to make an offering, right? How much?”

When she took out a gold coin from her purse,

“T, that much?”

Livia was completely surprised.

Anjie couldn't understand her reaction.

“Is this not right? This much is normal in temples.”

(I heard that I just need to put in a coin but is that not it? I thought that even one coin was too little, but am I doing something wrong?)

While Anjie was thinking that one coin was too few, Livia was thinking that it was too much.

Beside the two of them who were like that──.

“I've been waiting for this!”

There was Leon who was putting in rolls of banknotes, gold coins, silver coins, and even platinum coins into the offering box from his bag, one after another.

As expected, even Anjie thought that was wrong.

After all, the offering box was overflowing from the money.

“H, hey, you're donating that much?”

Leon spoke without turning toward Anjie.

“I have a wish that I want granted no matter what.”

Anjie's face blushed a little seeing Leon's serious face from the side.

(It's troubling how he looks gallant at a time like this, even though he's normally frivolous.)

Then she too recalled her objective for coming here.

(That's right, I'm here to make my wish come true as well──Oh G.o.d of marriage, please listen to my wish.)

She put not just a single gold coin into the offering box, but all the gold coins inside her purse.

Her wish was about the relationship of the three.

(I want to be like before again, with us three getting along──)

Anjie wanted to get along well with Leon and Livia.

They were different from the followers who had been prepared to her.

They were true friends who she had obtained in the academy.

Normally, she would try to do something about it through her own effort, but she didn't understand what to do, and so she ran to ask help from G.o.d.

(──I want to get along with Leon and Livia.)

Beside Anjie, who was making her wish with pure intentions, an excited Leon blurted his wish.

“G.o.d, I won't ask for anything luxurious. So please, please, let me have a wife! Please let me get married to a kind woman with good sense! I don't want a woman who looks down on their husband and makes their husband raise the child of another man. Please give me a suitable partner!”

Anjie thought to herself after listening to that wish.

(S, so the boys also have it hard.)

Even from the perspective of Anjie, who was also a female student of the academy, the marriage situation of the boys was something that she couldn't help but feel sympathy towards.

But──she wasn't doing anything about it.

No, she couldn't do anything.

(Forgive me. But, if you wish for it then I can introduce you to a suitable wife──)

When she thought until that far, just for a bit──Anjie felt it unpleasant to imagine Leon getting with another woman.

Her chest ached a bit.

She was feeling perplexed with her own emotion while looking at Leon's desperate face.


“If possible, make her chest big, and a narrow waist would be nice as well.”

──Listening to the desires leaking out from Leon's mouth, Anjie's blushing face turned stiff.

Even her slightly reddening cheeks were recovering to their normal color.

“It would be even better if she was slightly frisky! Honestly, I want an amorous adult who can pamper me and──”

She felt stupid about the various things she had been worrying of just a little while ago.

(Leon, you──were thinking of such things with a serious face like that?)

He was a boy at the academy where the conditions regarding marriage were harsh.

She wouldn't say any criticism even if he wished for a good match. ──She couldn't.

However, his desire leaking out like this was unacceptable.

“Big b.r.e.a.s.t.s! Tight waist! And also a beauty──I beg of you, G.o.d!”

Her eyes met with Livia, who was standing at the other side of Leon.

She immediately understood what Livia wanted to say.

(Ah, Livia──so you're also thinking about it.)

She felt like she was able to converse with the bewildered Livia using her gaze.

The two of them thought.

(This guy is no good.)

Leon's desire knew no end.

“Bluntly speaking, I prefer someone like the queen!”

Hearing those words, Anjie and Livia reached their hand out toward Leon's ear simultaneously and pinched.

“W! Both of you, why are you getting in the way!?”

They wordlessly pulled and dragged him away from the place of worship.

“Wait! I didn't say everything yet! There's still more I want to say!”

Both Anjie and Livia ignored the desperate pleading.

(I have the feeling this idiot will become a good-for-nothing if left alone. Good grief──)

──What a handful friend.

When she thought that, she felt happy and also a bit sad.

No matter how far they went, she and Leon were friends.

Even if they got along with each other, it wouldn't go further than that.

Because their statuses were different, they couldn't become lovers and of course they wouldn't be able to marry.

When she thought that──.

(If it's Livia, would Leon be able to get along with her? Even if it's impossible for her to become the first wife, if it's as a mistress, then even Livia──. I should wish for the sake of the two of them.)

Anjie thought about coming again later for the sake of those two.

“I'm begging to you let me pray! For my wifeeeee!”

Anjie sighed, seeing an unwavering Leon──but her face was a bit red.

“Just give up already! Good grief, to prattle like that about a chest, or waist, or whatever.”

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