The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 79

v2 InterludeLuxon's Report 2

Luxon watched Leon, who was sleeping in the room within his household.

Leon, who had been given his own room inside the rebuilt residence, seemed to sleep happily on his bed.

When he was awake, he had repeatedly badmouthed Marie, but Luxon believed that he would forget about it by tomorrow morning.

[And he said that it was impossible for Marie to be the saint. What luck to have a master whose predictions always go amiss.]

After making a sarcastic remark despite n.o.body being able to hear it, Luxon reflected on the second semester.

[All things considered, quite a bit had happened.]

Leon had also been very busy during the school festival.

Leon was to blame for half of the things that kept him busy, but Luxon doubted that he was aware of it.

The suppression of the sky pirates and the battle with the princ.i.p.ality were serious matters.

This time, Leon's biggest mistake was──pushing his achievements onto other people.

He had Brad, Greg, and Chris take the credit and even drained his funds in order to end their isolation from their respective households.

Leon had sent a considerable amount of money to their households under their name.

He ended up using almost all of the treasure he had gained from suppressing the sky pirates.

However, he spoke as if it didn't concern him at all.

After all, Leon had Luxon by his side.

Since Luxon could prepare a great deal of resources, there were many ways for him to earn money if he so desired.

However, the people around him didn't know that.

He gave the three households an opportunity to reconcile with their shunned sons, who he had handed over his achievements and gave prestige to.

Naturally, the three households felt that Leon had not done enough for them.

However, if the three households didn't forgive him after he had handed his achievements over and had shown considerable sincerity, there would've been many problems for their standing within the world of n.o.bility.

Though there were signs of ulterior motives, since he had shown good faith, the three households had to pardon him.

Their recommendation for his promotion was a mutual action to let the public know that they intended to let bygones be bygones.

They did not endorse him because they liked him.

[Bouncing around from place to place, it seems that he didn't think he would be promoted.]

Before he had realized it, he became a viscount and of the lower fourth rank.

Leon, who had risen so high in the course of one lifespan, was a hero who could only be compared to a few others within the Holfault Kingdom's history.

Luxon became worried about whether Leon, who was currently sleeping on his bed without a care in the world, knew about that.

[Now then, I wonder what will happen with the one──no, two other problems.]

Now that Leon had been promoted, the options he had for marriage partners had increased.

There were already two girls who seemed to have announced their candidacy.

[Clarice and Deirdre, was it? I can't tell whether my master is ingenious or inept for having such bland people come to like him.]

Since Leon had resolved the vexing tension between Clarice and Jilk, and had also comforted her, he had won over her heart.

As for Deirdre──Luxon had no clue.

However, Luxon judged that she probably didn't dislike him.

Or perhaps it was because she disliked him that she wanted him by her side──but Luxon didn't want to think too much about it.

[Master will probably be busy from now on. Though he said that the crisis involving the kingdom's fate had been avoided, I'm very much looking forward to how things will develop.]

Luxon, watching Leon sleep, predicted that things would become hectic.

However, Luxon didn't intend to do anything on its own accord.

After all, it didn't care about whether or not the kingdom would be destroyed.

In the worst case scenario, it could take Leon, along with any other important people, and flee.

Since it wasn't interested in the crisis of the kingdom, Luxon didn't plan on investigating the matter too deeply.

After all──

[If Master so commands it, I could swiftly overthrow the princ.i.p.ality or the kingdom──which would erase all of his worries.]

──Luxon hated the new humans.

Luxon was a lost item created by the former humans.

If Leon ordered it to, it could even destroy the world in a flash.

Luxon floated, facing its red eye towards the moon visible from the window.

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