The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 63

Volume 2 Chapter 8 part2It was the next morning.

The airs.h.i.+p would depart at noon, but I had some free time until then, so I went sightseeing.

At any rate, it was easy for a distinct culture to thrive on a floating island.

The reason being that we had to use airs.h.i.+ps to go back and forth to other islands. At times, there were floating islands that didn't have airs.h.i.+ps, so the people there built their own society by themselves.

There were also adventures set to discover such floating islands.

Though sometimes people with ill-intent would raid them.

No matter how much people tended to gloss over it, there were many adventurers who were wild.

Actually, I suppose I also destroyed some historical ruins in order to obtain Luxon back then.

I climbed up a stairway made of stone.

The gate and shrine I then saw were indeed reminiscent of j.a.pan.

Since the floating island itself was styled after j.a.pan, it made me feel as if I had stepped into a completely different world.

I spotted a shrine maiden cleaning the grounds.

She was an adorable shrine maiden who looked around ten years old.

“h.e.l.lo. Is this the shrine for marriage?”

Once I asked that, the cute shrine maiden smiled and nodded her head.

“Yes. There's a G.o.d of marriage. There's also blessings for war and magic.”

The G.o.d seemed appreciative of military personnel and magicians.

As I was heading towards the shrine to give my thanks, some people came by while I was talking with the shrine maiden.


“So you're here as well?”

“U, um.”

While I could only let out a few syllables, Anjie looked at our faces while seeming troubled. It seemed she met Olivia below the stairway and then came up here.

The small shrine maiden greeted us with a smile.

“Ah, you're the n.o.bles from the academy. Um, do you know what to do?”

The cute shrine maiden politely proceeded to tell us what to do.

Ah~, this was soothing.

It was like it washed away all the outrageous things in this otome game world.

I came here to visit for that reason, but now the three of us were standing in front of an offertory box.

──This was awkward.

“W, we're supposed to make an offering, right? How much?”

An embarra.s.sed Anjie took out a gold coin from her purse.

Olivia looked at her.

“T, that much?”

“Is this not right? This much is normal in temples.”

It was nice that temples were monotheistic, but didn't reject other religions. I really did not want a religious war. This was the first time I thanked the lackl.u.s.ter setting for the world of that otome game.

While standing beside the two, I put in a roll of banknotes and some gold coins to repay for yesterday. Was I insane? I think not. In the game, paying a certain amount of money led to the protagonist's likability with the capture target to drastically increase. Placing trust in such a blessing, I put in a great deal of money.

I only remembered it last night, and regretted that I hadn't brought more money with me.

While the two were dumbfounded, I politely made my prayers.

“G.o.d, I won't ask for anything luxurious. So please, please, let me have a wife! Please let me get married to a kind woman with good sense! I don't want a woman who looks down on their husband and raises their child as if they're a stranger. Please give me a suitable partner!”

My strong wish escaped from my mouth.

The two were shocked, but this was a very important matter for me.

Despite having done all I could, the results had gone awry and I had to suffer hards.h.i.+ps, so please grant this wish to my pitiful self, G.o.d!


While I frantically prayed, Anjie and Olivia also began praying next to me.

As expected, they didn't voice out their wishes.

I wondered what the two would wish for.

I had no clue about Anjie's prayer, but it probably had to do with marriage since that was what the shrine was for. As for Olivia──I wondered if she would get closer with anyone other than the worthless Greg and Brad.

No wait, there was little hope. Since Julian and Jilk were useless as well, that left only Chris as a candidate.

──Whatever, as long as Olivia is happy, then anyone is fine.

I just wanted the country to be saved.

I returned to thinking about my wish.

“If possible, make her chest big, and a narrow waist would be nice as well. It would be even better if she was slightly frisky! Honestly, I want an amorous adult who can pamper me and──”

Listening to my prayer of unstoppable desire, Anjie and Olivia pulled me by the ears and dragged me out in embarra.s.sment.

“Wait! I didn't say everything yet! There's still more I want to say!”

Anjie's face was bright red.

“W, what are you saying in front of a child, you idiot?!”

The young shrine maiden's face was red as well.

That was pretty cute though, wasn't it? No, I didn't mean that in a twisted sense. I just found it precious that a girl was so pure.

Pure enough that it made me embarra.s.sed of my own desires.

Olivia apologized to the shrine maiden.

“I'm sorry. Please forget what you just heard.”

“U, umm, it, it's okay. I was a surprised at a lot of it, but do your best!”

Right! I would do my best. I would do my best at seeking marriage.

I waved my hand at the smiling shrine maiden, and we descended the stairway

Returning to the luxury liner, I watched us leave the floating island from the deck.

I took out my charm and examined it.

Luxon, perhaps having interest in it, voiced out to me.

[It seems like it goes around your neck.]

“Say, do you think this thing is blessed?”

[It's not a bad thing to rely on something for spiritual rea.s.surance. You shouldn't rely too much on it, though.]

It didn't deny the existence of G.o.ds, but it seemed that it didn't believe that the charm would result in good luck either.

I put it around my neck and looked up at the summer-like sun, squinting my eyes.

“It's hot.”

[It seems so. Anyways, I'm a bit curious.]

“About what?”

[Could it be that you didn't actively tackle the dungeon because you didn't have that charm yet? Are you expecting some game-like effect?]

“I, idiot, that's not it.”

[Is that so? I've had my suspicions since you were constantly pus.h.i.+ng back the retrieval of that 'Holy Bracelet'.]

“Y, you really are a distrustful thing.”

To be honest, I hadn't challenged the dungeon any more than I needed to, hoping for an effect from the charm. I was expecting a game-like effect, but I didn't really know if it would become a reality.

This was a little embarra.s.sing.

“It's hard to get to where the bracelet is. It's a tough place for even the uppercla.s.smen. I need to make preparations for safely retrieving it.”

[Is that so? I'm worried since you're not doing it in a hurry. I'm curious about how you're not rus.h.i.+ng it despite the threat of Marie.]

If Marie played the game, she wouldn't do anything stupid.

Originally, conquering the dungeon was something that would happen during the third school term.

At that point, I would earn money through the dungeon until the middle of my second school year.

[All things considered, I thought I would be able to unveil ”Schwert”, which I had taken great pains to make.]

“Did you just arbitrarily give a name to that air bike? You know, the owner of that thing is me. Actually, you called it Schwert, right? I suppose it's fine since I like the name, but what meaning does it have?”

[Master, do you know about how air bikes are compared to a fish? They're likened to them because they're small compared to an airs.h.i.+p.]

“I've heard about that. What about it?”

[No, it's nothing. Schwert means sword.]

“Ain't that nice! I like it even more. That air bike has a pointed tip, so I feel like it matches well.”

[Erm, I was actually going for a swordfish a.n.a.logy──never mind.]

I admired the naming sense of this thing.

“At any rate, you must have done quite a bit of remodeling. Maybe you can make it a metallic color.”

[Sounds good. Would you like there to be some blue mixed in? Even better, I can take the rudder and──never mind.]

“I'll entrust the coloring to you.”

[Leave it to me. Also, Schwert is a like a restless, moody horse, making it hard to regulate. Master, handle it with care.]


Did this thing cherish the air bike after having named and modified it?

Come to think of it, it also cherished Partner quite a bit as well.

I better not say anything bad about Partner or Schwert.

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