The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 48

Volume 2 Chapter 3 part2

Marie's voice resounded within the medical office.


She clung to Jilk as he laid in a bed, and was legitimately crying.

Jilk faced her with a worried, but smiling face.

His long green hair made the bandage wrapped around his head stand out.

“It's alright, Marie. I'm safe and sound, as you can see.”

Julian and Kyle were also in the medical office. The other boys, the capture target boys that had fallen in love with Marie, were performing as a partic.i.p.ant in an event, so they couldn't appear.

Anjie spoke with the executive committee for the first-year cla.s.s.

“It seems we have no other choice but to find a subst.i.tute.”

The executive committee was troubled at Anjie's suggestions.

“B, but, then there's the problem of whom to choose as the partic.i.p.ant.”

“Since practically all of the skilled boys are already in another compet.i.tion, it won't be easy to find a subst.i.tute.”

It seemed that it would be tough to prepare a subst.i.tute.

Livia clutched my arm. She whispered under the atmosphere of the place.

“U, um, is Jilk okay?”

“They said that in three days from now, he will recover. It's quite amazing that a bone fracture can be healed in a matter of three days.”

Magic was amazing.

Its speed was something that modern medicine from my previous life couldn't even compare to.

Luxon boasted by saying [If I handled it, he would be fine in one day, depending in on the situation. No, he wouldn't even need twenty four hours.]

It made me smile seeing how this thing was overly-frantic about not losing to magic.

Livia seemed confused as she spoke.

“But, if I handled it, he would've been able to recover quicker. Why didn't they let me do it?”

There were few people who were skilled with healing magic.

The protagonist was a special existence that held a high proficiency with healing magic, to the point that she would later be called a saint.

Knowing that, it was indeed odd that the people around her didn't let her handle it.

I persuaded her to keep silent.

“It's because what you consider normal is actually abnormal, Livia. If you talk to the doctors about it, they'll get mad, so it's better not to mention it. This recovery rate is normal for people.”

“I, is that so? Though, they might listen if you talked with them, Leon.”

I felt they wouldn't actually understand if I did, but it was fine as long as she kept silent.

At any rate, even if I did try speaking with them, I would only end up sounding pathetic.

──I'll stop here before I make my heart ache.

Leaving that matter aside, I knew that Livia was more skilled than even the specialists we had, but it would be troublesome if she announced it here. It would wound the pride of the doctors, and it would be very likely that rumors would spread about them being incompetent or something like that.

Livia should show her ability at the proper time and place.

“The prize money for the airbike race was so large! It was supposed to be my moneeeey!”

Marie's revealed her true, horrendous intentions while crying.

Julian comforted Marie by placing his hand on her back.

“It's fine, Marie. Everyone else and I will win the other events.”

It was just one of the programs in the school festival, but the prize money was tremendous since it was an academy for n.o.bles. Speaking in terms of my previous life, it was as if they were treating several millions of yen like they were a normal amount.

The amount varied per event, but among them, the prize money for the airbike race was a whopping thirty million. That amount of prize money indicated how popular it was.

“I had hopes for the airbike race! Even if we win the other events, their sum wouldn't even make up half of the prize money for the airbike race!”

Jilk looked apologetic.

“My apologies. I never thought that this would happen.”

Marie wiped her tears.

“Really, weren't those uppercla.s.smen cruel? I should press charges for consolation money.”

Once Marie said that, both Julian and Jilk were embarra.s.sed, as they seemed to have thought that Marie was worried about them.

Love is blinding, as they say.

“That person has only been talking about money for some time now. Is that okay?”

Once I whispered that, Livia also seemed troubled.

“S, she's definitely worried about Jilk too. After all, they all abandoned their status in order to be together with her.”

This Marie person ensnared the five capture targets since she was someone who reincarnated. If it was just that, she might have been able to manage somehow, but these guys then cast away their statuses.

Starting with Julian, everyone used to be the heir of a prestigious n.o.ble family.

As of now though, they abandoned their fiancees in order to be with Marie, which caused their families to cut connections with them.

Their decision to do so amazed me.

“Eh~, I wonder about that. It seems that Marie is fond of money. She was talking solely about cash for a while.”

While I was figuring out what kind of woman Marie was, uppercla.s.smen then barged into the medical office.

Leading them was a second-year student and daughter of an earl household, “Clarice Fier Atlee.” She had soft, bulky orange hair that was tied up behind her neck and hung on her right shoulder.

She had looked more like an honor roll student in the past, but she completely changed after the summer and currently started dressing like a gyaru.

Nevertheless, she looked stylish since she had a slender, well-proportioned figure and a tall, model-like height.

She was part of the honor roll, but her complete change after summer vacation was shocking.

Furthermore, this person was the daughter of an earl household from the royal court──and was Jilk's former fiancee.

She and her boy followers had marched into the medical room.

Also surrounding her were five sub-race exclusive servants. They stood behind her, as if she was purposely showing them off.

“Oh my, you're definitely in poor shape. Jilk, how are you feeling right now?”

A large portion of her cleavage was visible from an opened section of her s.h.i.+rt.

She wore her uniform in a casual fas.h.i.+on and adorned herself with a scrunchie, decisions akin to those of a gyaru or delinquent. Wait a minute. Was it right to call them the same kind of thing?

Surrounding Clarice were her grinning followers.

However, her facial expression changed into one of confusion when she saw that Anjie was here too.

Jilk closed his eyes.

Perhaps he didn't want to see his completely changed fiancee. I thought that it suited her, though.

I had a fondness for both cute honor roll students and gyarus.

“Clarice, so this was indeed your doing?”

Clarice shouted at Jilk, who was able to guess what happened.

“Yeah, that's right! You've thrown me away, and now I'll make you suffer through even more bitter experiences from now on. ──I will never forgive you.”

It was frightening seeing a beauty like Clarice getting into a fit of rage.

She had a bloodcurdling aura, and looked like a different person than from before.

“A beautiful woman's rage is really intense, isn't it.”

“Leon, what are you saying?! Be serious.”

While I closed my mouth in response to Livia's demand, Anjie stepped forward to face Clarice.

“I'd prefer if you kept quiet in the medical office. Also Clarice, I understand your feelings, but wasn't what you did during the race quite foul?”

In response to Anjie's glare, Clarice took a step back while smiling. It was all the more frightening when seeing Clarice like that with her disheveled hair.

“Don't be so smug. I went this far because you weren't able to keep a tight rein on his Highness. It infuriated me when I hadn't done anything, and yet was casted away like you were. I constantly felt like screaming.”

A furrow appeared between Anjie's eyebrows.

To tell the truth, Anjie was quite short-tempered.

She would instantly react when agitated.

She had recently mellowed, though. Perhaps it was because of the time she spent with Livia.

“So what? Were you planning on being the heroine of some kind of drama play? It was quite flashy of you to go as far as to bring along your exclusive servants. I can see now that your graceful self from before was just a ruse.”

“──! W, what do you know?!”

When the two seemed like they were about to claw at each other, Clarice's followers intervened.

The person she was going against was the daughter of a duke household.

She was not someone a person wanted to make an enemy of.

It would spell trouble for even the followers. I felt a bit sympathy for them.

Clarice glared at Jilk, who was still closing his eyes and not looking at her.

Jilk was making sure not to look at Clarice's face. Had he actually reflected on what happened? The events that had transpired were because of him, after all. Something had to be done about it.

“Don't show up to a match next time. We'll beat you up in front of the public. I'm going to get my revenge on you from now on. You'll be crying and begging for forgiveness. I will never forgive you, though!”

It seemed she really was angry.

Jilk's reaction was composed.

“If it will calm you down, then do as you must. However, if you do something to Marie or the others, I will never forgive you.”

Although Marie had been completely invisible to the two, the mention of her name caused Clarice's eyes to become bloodshot, and she then glared at her.

Marie reacted with a jump, but it seemed that she was acting, as if some kind of switch had been flicked within her.

──This person was exactly like my sister from my previous life. It really irritated me to see her around.

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