The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 38

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The academy where n.o.bles attended was a marvelous place.

Youthful n.o.bles met each other and studied hard together──or at least that was what people were led to believe about the academy, but what was important for many students was marriage.

It was a place for those high on the social ladder.

In such an academy, Anjelica held one of the top positions.

There were always followers and students surrounding her.

They were people whose families held relations with the Redgrave house, Anjelica's household.

As she walked inside the school building, more than ten people would be around her.

Anjelica noticed a group of people who came from the other side of the hallway.


There stood the daughter of an earl household, who similarly had followers crowding around her.

Anjelica immediately judged that the girl had status, power, and connections.

A follower whispered into her ear.

“Anjelica, those people are──”

“They're no big deal.”

Anjelica continued walking despite the uppercla.s.smen in front of her not moving out of the way.

They showed signs of discomfort, but they all gave way once they realized that it was Anjelica.

The earl daughter and her followers made faces of disgust while stepping back.

Anjelica didn't yield despite them being uppercla.s.smen.

Status took priority over grade. That was the stance of the academy.

A boy with a melodic voice sung praises of Anjelica.

“As expected of Anjelica! Did you see the faces of those people in the group under the earl household? Each and every one of them yielded under Anjelica's might!”

Anjelica felt like sighing.

(They're only making way because of my household's power. Does this guy even know that those people belong to an opposing faction?)

All of her followers weren't that great.

However, they didn't hold back on a.s.sociating with her since their households held relations.

Anjelica, stepping out of the school building, came to the front gate and saw a cart. Since it was after school, carts came to the front of the academy to do business with the students.

Anjelica stopped walking to observe the cart.

“…How about visiting cart? Once in a while can't be hurt.”

Having an interest in the sight of students buying and eating, she thought about purchasing something to eat as well.

“You cannot!”

“Indeed. That food shouldn't enter your mouth, Anjelica.”

“Now, let us ignore matters like these carts.”

The girls had quickly spoken their opinion while the boys stayed silent. They were afraid of opposing the girls.

Anjelica gave up on buying something.

(I suppose it'll be a waste of time to argue with them.)

Following the followers' advice, she headed towards a location where carriages stood.

She got on a carriage that was facing towards the duke household's residence ahead in the royal capital.

She then separated from her followers.

After getting on the carriage, Anjelica's followers spoke to her.

“Well then Milady, take care.”


Once the carriage began to move, the followers stood in a line, but their minds soon wandered.

Anjelica looked at a mirror attached to the carriage and let her mind wander for just a bit as well.

“I don't even have the time to get distracted in the academy.”

The duke household's residence had a private tutor. Anjelica had no rest even when school was over.

She was the crown prince's fiancee.

Considering her position, it wasn't enough to only receive education through the academy's

“There'll be a tea ceremony during May. I'll have to try on the finished dress and meet with his Highness.”

Having many worries about her position, Anjelica closed her eyes for just a bit inside the carriage.

She endured it once she remembered that it was for Julian.

She had been doing her best like that since she was a child.

However, Anjelica was also uneasy.

There were rumors of a schoolgirl who was on Julian's mind. She investigated this person, but she was the daughter of a viscount household. She definitely wasn't a match for Julian.

While thinking about that, she hid herself within the shadow of the carriage.

She looked outside the window, spotting an airs.h.i.+p flying in the sky above the royal capital.

“…I'd like to go on a trip with his Highness on an airs.h.i.+p someday.”

That was Anjelica's current wish.

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