The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs Chapter 37

v1 InterludeLuxon's Report

It was late at night.

Luxon, floating in the room where Leon was sleeping, turned its red eyes, or rather its lenses, and studied its master.

[Leon Fou Baltfault, age sixteen──male. A self-proclaimed reincarnated person who claims that this intense world where woman domineer over men is an 'otome game world'.]

Luxon was intrigued by the boy who claimed to have reincarnated and saw the world as that of an otome game.

Otherwise, it would have refused being used by Leon, and instead would have self destructed.

[It's interesting that he calls himself j.a.panese. At any rate, perhaps I've done all I can to see if he was a fake.]

A self-proclaimed j.a.panese person.

Leon being someone who reincarnated was suspicious, but Luxon repeatedly tried to verify it, seeing how he claimed to have roots from a country of the former humans.

Luxon checked if Leon really was a j.a.panese person, but Leon was calm throughout the whole process, and Luxon came to the conclusion that it was true.

He also said things that made it seem as if he felt out of place, such as when he was handed a sword-like weapon and he voiced out “What's with this fantasy katana?”.

So with that, Luxon came to understand that Leon was j.a.panese, or at least, a boy who knew j.a.panese people very well.

To Luxon, Leon was eligible for being its master.

…If it turned out that he was a fake, it would immediately turn against him. It thought that such a thing was improbable, but it had wanted to test Leon, who kept insisting that he was someone who reincarnated.

[This world is that of an otome game, was it?]

Leon a.s.serted that they were in the world of otome game.

The Holfault Kingdom, with its tendency to place women over men, did indeed give females some favorable treatment. No, it gave them a lot of favorable treatment.

[There's certainly a ruling cla.s.s. Furthermore, a portion of that cla.s.s has a strangely large amount of power over men. It's also odd that there aren't a particularly large amount of males.]

Since magic was incorporated into their culture, they couldn't really be compared with the former humans, but even so, it wasn't surprising for social systems of the latter to give preferential treatment towards males.

Wars and even monsters emerged in this world.

The death rate for men going into battle was high, so there tended to be few men.

Although it wasn't pointed out within the academy, the female-to-male ratio increases drastically a few years after graduation.

The reason was that the number of men decreased.

It wouldn't have been strange if this society had given men a better position and allowed them to choose their fate.

In reality, the main providers in n.o.ble families were men, both doing work and being on the battlefield.

[…Even when a.s.suming that the poor treatment of males is something that couldn't be helped, why do the women have such strong authority?]

Luxon was unable to understand.

The same went for Leon's current situation.

He had been in an environment where he was likely to be sold as a leftover-husband to a woman in her fifties.

When people went to find a marriage partner despite their disadvantages, they would have to accept that their partner already had additional lovers. The world didn't have the technology for things like genetic identification, so there was the question of how exactly one would confirm who a child belonged to.

It was unbelievable that such conditions were treated as if they were normal.

[Was this push to favor females intentional? Or perhaps, is this really the world of an otome game? No, that's not possible.]

The one who believed that the world of a game had turned into reality, Leon, tossed and turned in his sleep.

He was sleeping in joy.

[…This really is an interesting world. I'll observe the situation with my master for now.]

Luxon wasn't interested in a world where the former humans had perished.

Its interest was in Leon.

[All things considered, my master really is…a 'fool,' isn't he?]

Luxon called Leon a fool, but it had its reasons.

First of all, he caused trouble while thinking half-heartedly about what it would cause.

[If he wasn't in danger of being sold as a leftover-husband, he likely wouldn't have come alone to where I resided. Why didn't he use that courage sooner?]

It wasn't incompetence.

Actually, he was able to beat the seventy point mark that was sought after in the academy, and so he had somewhat superior grades.

Luxon thought that if he was more serious about it, he could further his grades and reach the top rankings.

However, he basically had no motivation.

[Is his motivation only in tea?]

Luxon was amazed at the somewhat expensive tea and and the high-cla.s.s tea leaves in the room. It thought about how he might be a j.a.panese person following the Way of Tea, but didn't voice it out loud.

In summary, he was a person who was capable, but lacked motivation in things other than hobbies.


[He's not evil either. His alignment…is hard to describe.]

──He wasn't a bad person.

That was evident by the fact that despite having a policy to not get involved with Olivia and Anjelica, he helped them when he saw them being bullied.

[I do think there was a better way to go about doing it, though.]

Luxon was owned by Leon. There were many ways of accomplis.h.i.+ng things, and if he gathered information on a daily basis, he probably would have noticed the matter of Marie too.

It probably would have sufficed if Leon intervened without starting a fight.

Leon, who got involved with them at a late moment, made various excuses about why he did it, but…it simply boiled down to him having a good-natured side.

He wanted to help Olivia and Anjelica.

[Perhaps he's hiding his embarra.s.sment?]

Luxon then thought about Marie.

[According to my master, Marie is also someone who reincarnated, but…well, I wonder what will happen from now on.]

Luxon s.h.i.+fted its sight from the reckless Leon to the floating moon outside the window.

Marie being someone who reincarnated was fine, but that didn't change the fact that she s.n.a.t.c.hed away the position of the protagonist from Olivia.

If things progressed according to the story, as Leon said they would, then the Holfault Kingdom was going to get involved in a war.

If that were true, then what would happen from now on?

Olivia didn't have any partners, like the capture target boys, to protect her anymore.

To make matters worse, Marie captivated the five boys, and they gave up their positions as the heirs of their household for her sake.

In addition, Anjelica was on Olivia and Leon's side.

It was obvious that the situation was different from what Leon a.s.sumed it would be.

However, it didn't seem to Luxon that its sleeping master was thinking deeply about it.

[Well, whatever. Even if something happens, it's easy for my master to transport people somewhere to take refuge. I was prepared for such an event to begin with. No matter what happens, I will protect my master.]

Luxon muttered as such while gazing at the moon.

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