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Transmigration with QQ Farm Chapter 1547 - The Abbess Was Contracted; The Incident at City Yan (1)

547 – The Abbess Was Contracted; The Incident at City Yan (1)

“You leave this up to me!” said the emperor.

Forefather Feng shook his head and said, “No, you stay out of it. We will have Xiao Bucang reach out to them. Us elders should not be involved in this. We just need you to point him in the right direction.”

“Yes, Forefather!”

“Okay, let’s not worry too much about this. The Capital City Cheng’s are now gone. We only need to keep an eye out on the other prominent families.”

“I understand, Forefather.”

While they were plotting secretly, the situation on the outside escalated again.

“Oh no, fire!”

“Fire! Strong fire!”

“Someone come help!”

“Help! Someone, please!”

All sorts of cries for help disrupted the serenity of Capital City. Fire as high as the sky lit up the entire city and the source of the fire was the Cheng’s!

Everybody was stunned, including Cheng Xiao Xiao and her group. All of them went inside of the courtyard one by one and were all shocked when the saw the strong fire.

“Oh, that Little Yuteng. She’s gone all out…” Old Man Ying couldn’t help but cried out loud.

Cheng Xiao Xiao frowned and said, “Stop shouting over here. Go check and make sure the fire doesn’t spread to other houses around!”

“Don’t worry, Miss. Little Yuteng knows what she is doing,” said Old Man Ying then disappeared in a flash.

The others recovered quickly. Only Cheng Biyuan had an odd look on him. Staring at the burning fire, n.o.body could tell what he was thinking about.

The fire burned for four hours before it died down. Luckily, no other houses around them had caught on fire; just the Cheng’s structures. The dozens of structures of theirs all turned into ashes overnight.

The next day, members of the other prominent families went looking for the Sacred Land Zhongyuan Cheng’s and were disappointed. Everyone that were staying at Laiyue Inn were already gone.

Even though they had already departed, topics surrounding the Cheng’s and Sacred Land Zhongyuan could be heard all over town!

“Those from the Sacred Land Zhongyuan are so vicious! Not only did they kill their people, they even set a fire and burn the structures down to the ground!”

“What do you know? I heard that the First Elder of the Cheng’s wasn’t even a real Cheng at all and that he had killed so many people over the course of the last dozens of years. He was even the one who ruined the genius Cheng Biyuan. What’s so surprising that they wanted to avenge?”

“I’ve heard that the First Elder of the Cheng’s even took Housemaster Cheng’s wife, who is also Count Zhongyuan’s mother. You tell me. How could Count Zhongyuan not come to seek revenge? I said good killing and good burning!”

“Yeah, I agree. It was so unfortunately that Count Zhongyuan had to grow up in such an environment. A world’s top talent was turned into trash. I heard that they even sent out folks to try to kill him afterward!”

“Tsk. Are you crazy? Sacred Land Zhongyuan is not a trash now. He has the cultivation level of a martial emperor!”

“He is right. Sacred Land Zhongyuan has 6 ~ 7 martial emperors now. That is so incredible. Not even the Top Nine Sects have powers like that!”

“Regardless, Count Zhongyuan had a difficult past.”

“All we can say is that First Elder was so vicious and the entire Cheng’s were under his control and he could kill whoever he wants and ruin whoever he wants!”

“That’s also because the Cheng’s were too useless for letting an outsider to become their First Elder. That was such a bad decision on their part.”

“Well, that’s not fair to say that. It wasn’t like the Cheng’s were aware of the First Elder’s true ident.i.ty.”

“That First Elder was truly ….”

The truth comes to light sooner or later and soon everybody found out about what had happened with the Cheng’s and were talking about it.

Needless to say, everybody has their own values and an idea of who’s right and who’s wrong. One way or another, not very many people blame the Sacred Land Zhongyuan Cheng’s for wreaking havoc in Capital City.

Putting themselves in their shoes; they trusted that they’d be even more ruthless.

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