Strategy to Attack That Scum Gong Chapter 4

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Translated by Eve nLWZz5

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【444:Ding. The capture target's favorability value +10. The current favorability value is 50.】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【444:Host Dada, I don't know how you do it!】

【Xie He:In order to capture the target, you must first loosen the reigns, that's all. There's no need to make a fuss over it. Moreover, what's so great about an insignificant 50 points? For a guy, a f*ck buddy, a good friend, a coworker, or even any good-looking person can get 50 favorability points. 】 frdMCa

【444:(⊙o⊙) Oh.】

【Xie He:If we were to go by the system's standards, towards the hosts that I have slept with, they would all get about 50 points. That's the minimum amount paid in exchange for the other's body as the most basic sign of respect. In comparison, Zhou Yizhe can be considered extremely miserly, making me have to resort to scheming in order to get these points.】

【444:……】He shouldn't have any illusions in regards to Host Dada's moral integrity_(:зゝ∠)_

【Xie He:Men are born cheap. As long as you plan well, getting 80 points is not a difficult task.】 dJvOZY

【444:What about over 80 points?】

【Xie He:Above 80 points means that he'll like you exclusively. Men will begin to think with their brains here. It's easy to get a man to cheat but difficult to keep a man faithful. To make a man only love one person requires not only strategy, but typically also requires luck. 】

【444:Luck! The system store also sells that! The Level E Luck Buff only costs 10,000 points!】

【Xie He:Baby, even a rich man wouldn't waste money like that. I'm just saying that one typically requires luck.  But would you say that I need it?】Moreover, Level E Luck doesn't sound good at all…… chREvg


【Xie He:Rather than rely on luck, I much rather prefer the feeling of having everything under my control:)】

444:I feel that Host Dada's aggressive nature is leaking out, what to do……

Naturally, Xie He could not continue to stay at the hotel. He packed up all his belongings, took a taxi to a small, less conspicuous hotel, and stayed there for five days. 1JkDS

During these five days, he didn't turn on his cell phone. Every day, he only looked at the news and surfed the internet. He casually let 444 put on a film for him to watch. The system store offered all kinds of movies, shows, and stories from all kinds of worlds. They were very cheap and could played directly inside his head.

Xie He was very satisfied with this kind of life. 444, however, felt a bit anxious.

【444:Host Dada, are you really not even a little bit worried? You've already wasted 5 days! 】Zhou Yian should already be worried to death, right?

【Xie He:Look at the news. The no-good youth Ding Mou was arrested after an unsuccessful rape attempt. 】 io8Wxk

【444:You're still able to care about this sort of thing?】It was such a small, unremarkable piece of news from this world. You'd easily miss it……..besides, it had nothing to do with them anyway.

Xie He sighed. He shouldn't hold any hopes for 444's IQ. He should just consider him a mascot. As long as 444 is obedient, then it's fine.

【Xie He:I'm willing to bet that the next time I see Zhou Yizhe, his favorability value will increase by at least 10 points.】

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