Strategy to Attack That Scum Gong Chapter 3

Another QT? Yeah, that's right I love QTs *flips table* The lovely SilverNeko from SilverNeko Translations has let me take on this new pit and I was too excited and wanted to post ASAP. So. Here's Ch 3 of SCSG. For any of you who haven't read this before, you can find the first two chapters on SilverNeko's site. Also as an FYI (if you haven't read this or the author's author work, Sc.u.m Shou Survival Guide), the author likes to write from the MC's role's POV for an immersive experience. Just a warning so it doesn't get confusing!

Translated by Eve nirVuX

Xie He had not yet appeared in front of Zhou Yizhe when someone b.u.mped into him. The drinks accidentally splashed upon the other's body, and he immediately began to apologize incessantly, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry……."

The person who had b.u.mped into him was a frivolous-looking youth. Upon seeing Xie He's expression that was full of worry, a look of l.u.s.t flashed in the youth's eyes. Meanwhile, another young man walked over to obstruct Xie He's path. Using his body to press down on Xie He's shoulder, this man sneered, "Do you know how much Ding Ge's clothes cost? Did you think that apologizing would be enough?"

Xie He smiled in his heart. From the moment these two people had come in, they had looked at him with wicked and unbridled intentions. The l.u.s.t that dominated their thoughts was clearly written on their faces. These kind of hedonistic scion from rich families, Xie He had seen a great number of them. They were undisciplined and out of control, they're capable of doing anything. Xie He had been waiting for them here to come provoke him for a long time. As a matter of fact, they came as soon as an opportunity popped up…… Although Xie He had a card up his sleeve, his face however expressed anxiety and fear. In a whisper, he said, "I'm sorry. I really didn't do this on purpose."

Seeing a helpless and fl.u.s.tered look in Xie He's black eyes, the two people felt their mouths dry, and they wished that they could  do him right there. This was not the first time they've seized someone by force–they were really experienced with this sort of thing. Taking a quick glance at one another, the youth who had b.u.mped into Xie He adopted a magnanimous and generous appearance and said, "It's fine. You didn't do it on purpose. Ah Jian, don't make things difficult for him." DkxTdi

Ah Jian smiled, "Ding Ge, you're too kind……" He placed his arms around Xie He's shoulder, and brought the wine gla.s.s in his hands to Xie He's lips, "We're not here to bully you today. But since we're talking about apologies, well, it's only right that your apology should be sincere, right? Drink this gla.s.s of wine, then we'll overlook this matter, how about it?"

Xie He revealed an awkward expression. The wine in the gla.s.s seemed to have a high alcohol content.

Upon seeing this, Ding Ge's expression chilled, and said, in a sinister and cunning manner, "What, you can't even bear to drink a single gla.s.s of wine? Then how about you compensate me for my clothes. It's not that expensive, just a bit over $20 000."

After quite a while, Xie He finally extended his hand slowly, with gritted teeth, he drained the gla.s.s of wine in one gulp. Immediately, he coughed for half a day, face flushing faintly, "I'm sorry. Please excuse me." 6knNv1

Ding Ge's eyes betrayed a happy expression and he smiled, "No worries. You may go."

Ah Jian released his hold on Xie He's hand, and the two people left, as if nothing had happened.

Xie He hastily made his way into a corner. Not a moment later, he felt the feeling of being tipsy bubble up. He felt giddy, and he staggered as he walked away.

【Xie He:Make me sober.】 TvrOXt


Xie He felt his head gradually clear, the dense fog before his eyes also seemed to disperse. This kind of little cheap trick, how could it deceive him? Zhao Qing was a naive child who had never touched a drop of alcohol, but Xie He wasn't. That Ah Jian had long since drugged that gla.s.s of wine, and had been waiting for him to take it. This scene also attracted Zhou Yizhe's attention. Although Zhao Qing wouldn't recognize Zhou Yizhe, Zhou Yizhe definitely recognized Zhao Qing. Although Zhao Qing is as important as a pa.s.serby in the eyes of Zhou Yizhe, however, such a situation occurred before his eyes… even if it was just to protect his family's honor, he would absolutely not stay seated and watch his brother's lover be defiled by this kind of trash. There was an 80% chance that he would come to interfere with these affairs.

【444:Do you need me to remove the drug's effects? 】

【Xie He:No, help me exchange for the strongest aphrodisiac in the store. Use it on me and then shut up.】 iloTr

【444:Σ( °△°)︴Okay. The highest grade aphrodisiac costs 200 EXP points. It has been applied!】

Host Dada, what are you doing! System's highest grade aphrodisiac is really fierce, ah! It can't be that he saw wrong, and Host Dada actually is a shou at heart? However, after having experienced the host's teachings, he didn't dare to speak too much. He could only act obediently.

The drug that Ah Jian gave Xie He was just an ordinary knock-out drug and an arousal booster. These kind of drugs were actually just regular adult products and weren't strong in the least. Even if Zhou Yizhe went to save him, he would only have to help him take a shower at most, and would not have to personally help him get the drugs out of his system. However, the high grade aphrodisiac was not the same, the effect was much more obvious…….Zhou Yizhe should not think that he could get away easily.

After all, Zhao Qing was Zhou Yian's lover. According to Zhou Yizhe's personality, he would absolutely think it below him to dispose of Zhao Qing. Xie He had no choice but to use this kind of simple and crude method. In this way, he could make a breakthrough, and also quickly raise the other's favorability value. This was the best plan of action that he had come up with after careful deliberation. But…….to tell the truth, he also felt a bit uneasy. Although he considered himself as someone without any sort of integrity, however, to take the initiative to be the shou for the first time, considering his haughty personality, how could he bear to explain this clearly to 444? q9bXJ7

The drug's effect were fast-acting and fierce. Xie He's mind was clear, so he felt the change in his body all the more clearly. Both his legs went soft, and he could only continue to stand by holding onto the wall. Just when he attempted to move forwards with much difficulty. Ding Ming and Ah Jian appeared, having come from the great hall. They reckoned that the time was just about right. Indeed, as soon as they came out, they saw that their prey was feeling the effects of the drugs. Immediately, their eyes gleamed, and they pressed Xie He between their bodies, on either side of him.

Xie He's black eyes had a faint layer of mist over them, and he looked at the two people, bewildered, "You…….What……."

When Xie He looked at Ding Ming, the latter felt the place down below harden. Originally, he had thought that the other boy was just average. He never thought that after the other was aroused, he would unexpectedly be a rare delicacy! He touched Xie He's cheeks and smiled wickedly, "I see that you're feeling uncomfortable. Let Ge accompany you to rest somewhere."

Ah Jian swallowed, and spoke in Xie He's ear, releasing a hot breath, "We'll make you feel really comfortable." DgYHis

Xie He's perplexed eyes gradually revealed a bit of fright. He began to realize what exactly was going on. His eyes showed a bit of sobriety when he tried his best to reject the two people, "Leave me alone!"

He turned away, in an attempt to escape. In the end, he hadn't even walked two steps when he fell to the ground.

Ding Ming and Ah Jian had long expected this kind of result. Neither quickly nor slowly, they crowded around him. They each took one of Xie He's shoulders, and dragged him to the side, towards the room that they had previously agreed upon.

Xie He struggled along the way, but it was no use. CYoci7

When it seemed as if he would be pulled into the room, before the door closed, Xie He's eyes betrayed a look of despair. At this time, Zhou Yizhe's silhouette appeared in the distance. Xie He couldn't see people clearly at this point, but he continued to give his all. His self-preservation instinct made him shout out as loudly as he could, "Help me!"

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