Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 99

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When Mu Yunyao left, Steward Qin immediately sent someone to bring hot water and tea leaves over . Opening the teapot's lid, the aroma of tea immediately wafted over . He couldn't help but be startled, he hadn't even started brewing tea, how could there be the aroma of tea? After carefully a.n.a.lyzing it for a moment, he realized that the fragrance of the tea was coming out from the purple clay pot …

! He loved tea and had collected a lot of precious tea sets, but none of them were as warm as this teapot . Mu Yunyao clearly knew that he truly loved tea . Before sending the teapot over, she carefully used the tea leaves to nourish the pot's body, allowing the fragrance of the tea to seep into it .

When tea was brewed, the taste was especially rich and mellow .

According to the density of the tea fragrance, he dared to say that this teapot had been kept for at least two months . In other words, Mu Yunyao had already started preparing this gift when the embroidered garden began to rest and prepare to open the teahouse . Just this kind of intention was already extremely difficult to achieve .

The prince had a cold personality . With someone like Miss Mu accompanying him, the elders were relieved .

Steward Qin stretched out his hand to touch the surface of the pot . There were a few lines of poetry written by the prince, so he was reluctant to put them down at first glance . He could not help but smile as he murmured complacently, "I still need to write a letter to tell senior . "

As soon as his voice fell, a servant came in and reported, "Steward Qin, Master has sent a letter . "

Steward Qin hurriedly stood up and headed towards the study room with the clay pot in hand . At Mu Yunyao's request, Wei Yi and Yun Chun had all changed into a uniform set of white clothes . The man wore a white crown and wore a pristine, spotless white robe . The woman similarly wore a white dress .

Advertis.e.m.e.ntThe train was moving and beautiful .

At first, half of these fifty people were inconspicuous, but with the contrast of their clothes, they appeared ethereal and elegant .

When Mu Yunyao saw them make tea, a hint of disappointment flashed in her eyes . These fifty people were very obedient, but lacked the intelligence to make tea . Even if they studied strictly according to her actions, they could feel the rigidity and rigidity within .

Just as she was thinking about how to sharpen their personalities, she saw Steward Qin walk over with the letter in hand .

"Miss Mu, Master Four has replied . "

Mu Yunyao was stunned . She obviously didn't expect that King Yue would actually reply .

Below, Wei Yi, Yun Chun, and the rest were even more serious as they made tea . The prince actually replied to Mu Yunyao with his temperament; it was obvious that the relationship between the two wasn't ordinary .

After she opened the letter and skimmed through it, Mu Yunyao couldn't help but blink her eyes .

There was only a simple sentence, or four words, which were more appropriate: Speak carefully!

Noticing that Mu Yunyao's expression wasn't right, Steward Qin was extremely curious, and he didn't know what his own prince had written .

The prince had a cold personality and was used to giving orders . Would he not have a stiff tone when he wrote a letter to Lady Mu? Would he make a mistake? If he had known earlier, he would have warned her more . He would have asked her to tell him more about the matters of a girl's family . This might have had some effect .

"Miss, in the next few days, we have some account books to send to Master Four to read . After you write your reply, please send them to me . " Steward Qin smiled merrily as he finished speaking, not giving Mu Yunyao any time to reject . "Lady, please continue to teach Wei Yi and Yun Chun . This old servant still has some matters to attend to, so I'll be leaving first . "

Mu Yunyao came back to her senses . Supervisor Qin had already walked far away, so she could only put away the four words of the letter . She pondered on the meaning of King Yue's words in her heart .

Carefully speaking …

She carefully recalled the contents of the letter and thought to herself, could it be that I didn't write the last letter carefully enough? Or was it that if the King wanted more information, then should she also write down what had happened in Ziling City?

All the way back to the Nebula Market, Mu Yunyao kept thinking about this matter until she decided to write it . After all, she still had to maintain a good relationship with t.i.tan . As for whether she could turn hostile in the future, that could only be discussed later . After accompanying Su Qing and finishing dinner, Mu Yunyao returned to her room to write a letter . She wrote for nearly two hours and looked at the thick pile of paper . She couldn't help but smile .

He could even book it if he went there . Who knew, maybe after a while, he would be able to organize the letters she wrote to Yue Yang and they would all become history books of Ziling City .

The next morning, not long after Mu Yunyao finished her breakfast, Jin Lan walked in with four maids . She placed the four indentations in her hands in front of her and said, "Miss, it's just the four maids that Manager Qin sent over . "

When the four maids saw Mu Yunyao, they immediately curtsied, "Greetings Miss . "

Mu Yunyao carefully sized up the four people . They were around fourteen or fifteen years old, had slender bodies, delicate faces, and an imposing aura that was not strong enough to cover their bodies . They looked extremely ordinary, but their eyes could detect the hidden sharpness within . Upstairs, Mu Yunyao called in Jinlan and Jinqiao before looking at the four maids . "From today onwards, you will be buying six taels of silver from Hei Zi to serve my mother . From the left to the right are Si Qin, Si Chess, Si Shu and Si Shu .

Serving my mother from today onwards will be your first duty . "

"Yes, miss . " Seeing that the four of them were calm, Mu Yunyao secretly nodded . She still believed Steward Qin's eyes: "In a while, you all will go to see your mother . If she goes out to teach those embroidery ladies, you all will always follow behind her and protect her safety .

Startled her . "She's safe and sound . You all have your rewards heavy . If she loses even a single strand of hair, you all will have to pay a hundredfold …"

As Mu Yunyao spoke, a cold aura flashed around her body . The dense, vicious aura carried a dense coldness within it, causing the four maids to shudder for no reason .

"Yes . Miss, please be at ease . This servant will definitely protect Madam with his life . " Before coming here, Steward Qin had already instructed them to listen to Mu Yunyao's orders . Moreover, their indenture contract was still in her hands, so she naturally had to use all of her strength .

Mu Yunyao was quite satisfied with them for the time being, and her expression eased up a lot . "Jinlan, get Jinyi to bring them to meet their mother . "

"Yes, miss . " Jin Lan arranged the brocade pendant before returning to Mu Yunyao's side . Her expression was somewhat uneasy . "Miss, do you have any instructions?"

Mu Yunyao looked at Jinqiao and her and said, "I picked the two of you to be by my side first . I've been bringing you two along in these past few days because I wanted you two to see more, not to let your imaginations run wild . "

Jin Lan and Jin Qiao's hearts were in panic as they hurriedly knelt in front of Mu Yunyao . "This servant is deeply grateful for the Miss's respect . " Although Mu Yunyao was only thirteen years old, they didn't dare look down on her in the slightest . I am saying this not because I am dissatisfied with you, but because I want to tell you that you do not need to mind Si Qin and the others . I have asked them to come here to protect your mother, but you guys have been carefully groomed by me .

It's more important . "

Jin Lan and Qin Qiao looked at each other . A hint of shame flashed across their faces at the same time . They felt extremely uncomfortable and vigilant when they saw the four maids come in . They were afraid that Mu Yunyao would find someone to replace them if she thought they were useless .

The period of time they had been in the Nebula Market was the most relaxing one for them . They had also followed Mu Yunyao to see another world, and if they were to be expelled, they would definitely live out their remaining days in regret . Please forgive me, Miss . "

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