Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 752

After Mu Yunyao had given birth to her daughter, the vomiting that Yue Yang suffered all day vanished. But now, this foolish father had a daughter who did everything, so he didn't let go at all. Mu Yunyao was worried that Ning Xuemo would be jealous, so she kept him by her side. From time to time, she would stroke his little head to coax him to play for a while, and for this reason, she would specifically look for King Yue and talk to him. She felt that she shouldn't ignore Nian'er's feelings just because she had a daughter.

If Nian`er thought they had a new child, she wouldn't love him, and that would be serious.

After King Yue heard what she said, he looked at her hesitantly for a while before finding an opportunity to let her see the scene between Ning Anxin and his youngest daughter, Ning Anli.

After a while, he let out a sigh and said softly, "Little sister, you need to grow up faster. After that, big brother will be able to take you out to play all day. It's almost time, big brother is going to play with my mother, and I don't know how, but I have to play with her every day. Father said that I'm a man, so I have to protect my mother."

"Rest a.s.sured, I will eat good food with you. After that, I will grow to be as tall as father, and then I can hug you and play all day."

After they withdrew, Mu Yunyao blinked, still feeling a little dazed. "Nian'er doesn't seem to be jealous of my younger sister, Li'er?"

King Yue had originally thought that Mu Yunyao's worries were unnecessary, but seeing her expression of disappointment and astonishment, he felt his heart ache. "Nian`er is a good, sensible boy. He won't be jealous of Li'er."

The two of them were peacefully raising their children in Jiangnan when suddenly, Jinlan entered the door to report one day. Her face was filled with excitement as she replied, "Reporting to the prince and princess, the emperor has arrived."

Mu Yunyao hurriedly put down the needle and thread in her hand, raised her head and looked at Jin Lan, "Who did you say?"

"Princess, it's the emperor. We should be near the courtyard entrance by now. Please go greet him quickly."

Mu Yunyao confirmed that she did not hear wrongly and immediately looked towards t.i.tan, who was carrying the child. "Fourth Master, quickly put Li'er down. The Emperor is here!"

"Imperial brother sent a letter earlier saying that he would be arriving in the next two days. I didn't expect him to be in such a hurry." Mu Yunyao had just tidied herself up when she saw Ning Junyu walk in from the doorway with a face full of smiles. "Fourth Brother, Fourth Sister-in-Law, you two live quite a leisurely life, leaving me alone, who has been busy in the capital all day, even going out to hunt, being scolded by a group of officials.

I know, without Fourth Brother overseeing the court, how arrogant are those officials? "

"Greetings, your majesty." King Yue handed the child to Jin Lan, who was by his side, and bowed to Mu Yunyao.

"Hurry up and rise, no need to be so courteous. I came here in a hurry because of the convenience of the southern patrol. It only took me two hours to get to the point where I wanted to ask Fourth Sister-in-Law for help."

Mu Yunyao looked at King Yue and spoke with a smile. "Your Majesty, if there's anything that I can do to help, I'll do my best."

"I …" Ning Junyu walked to the side and took the child from Jinlan. She held it in her arms and shook it lightly, her eyes filled with affection, "Fourth sister in law, you know the knot in your royal sister-in-law's heart. I came here this time to ask you to help me complete her dream. "

Mu Yunyao's heart trembled. "Your Majesty, I told you before that the Empress's body was too severely injured, I'm afraid it would be very difficult … "She's pregnant again."

"I know that the normal way is impossible, but she doesn't say it, but in her heart, she was hoping that the child would come back. So I want to ask you, what's the bad effect of the fake pregnancy gra.s.s?"

Mu Yunyao raised her head in shock, "False pregnancy gra.s.s?"

"That's right, after taking the pseudo-pregnancy gra.s.s, wouldn't there be symptoms of pregnancy? My pulse can't even be diagnosed by an ordinary imperial physician, so I want Fang Hua to think that she's pregnant. In ten months, she'll have a child. " Of course, it was impossible for her to have given birth to this child.

"Your majesty, this is a mix of bloodlines with the royal family. We cannot be careless." Ning Junyu smiled, "I know. If I were to act recklessly, wouldn't my royal father come to a dream to strangle me?" It's been almost four months since one of her concubines has gotten pregnant. After the imperial palace guards reported this, I sent the imperial physician to check the pulse of that concubine and confirmed that it was a girl. I secretly hid the news, but no matter what, Ning Xuemo came from the Imperial Family and sent his daughter to the palace.

I came here specifically to ask you and Fourth Sister-in-Law to come back to the capital and help the empress and I fulfil this wish. "

Yue Yang turned his head to look at Mu Yunyao. "Yao`er, what do you think?" Mu Yunyao saw the look of antic.i.p.ation in Ning Junyu's eyes and pondered for a moment before nodding in agreement, "Alright, a while ago, Grandmother also said that she misses the capital. Coincidentally, we'll head back now, since Li'er has already been here for five months, it's time for her to return to the capital to take a look.

If you use the pseudo-pregnancy gra.s.s well, there won't be much of a side effect. "

Ning Junyu could not help being happy. "That's great." Now Fang Hua could finally relax.

Not long after the Emperor returned to the capital, Mu Yunyao and the rest returned to the capital.

His return after so many years had caused a huge uproar in the capital.

The Emperor specially pulled the King of Battle into the imperial court. Even if he didn't say anything, just standing there and releasing the icy aura around him was enough to make those officials become like quail. The officials were dissatisfied, as the emperor's investigations into government affairs were exceptionally strict, and he was normally a subject who acted as a messenger. In the past few years, the imperial court had relied heavily on the opening of the Nebula Pavilion and the unenviable exhibition, so they were extremely busy.

Fighting against the emperor, they didn't expect that not long after they started looking, the emperor would bring back the t.i.tan. Wasn't this asking for their old lives?

In the imperial court, many ministers were thinking about how to write their accounts when they returned home. In the imperial harem, the empress Min Fanghua pulled Mu Yunyao along as she trembled with excitement, "Yun Yao … Yao'er, are you sure you haven't diagnosed wrongly? "

Min Fanghua's face turned red and her eyes were filled with tears. She couldn't believe that the thing she had been waiting for for for so long had finally come true.

Mu Yunyao smiled as she nodded, "Imperial Sister-in-Law still doesn't believe in my medical skills? In addition, this pulse is very clear now. You've been pregnant for almost three months, but the imperial physician still hasn't diagnosed it? " I... There's nothing wrong with your body, so it's been a long time since we've called for an imperial physician. " She prayed day and night, and her child finally heard her mother's voice. Had she played enough, was she willing to come back?

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