Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 751

The Lady Poison took King Yue's performance as a joke at first, but when she saw King Yue's increasingly thin and worried expression, she couldn't help but suggest, "Yao`er, why don't you try attacking him with poison?"

"Using poison to fight poison?" Mu Yunyao was a little puzzled. No matter how she tried to explain, w.a.n.g Yue didn't seem to have the intention of letting go of the knot in his heart. He still couldn't sleep soundly at night, so she really didn't know what he would look like on the day she gave birth.

"That's right, you're fine now, King Yue is always worried that you're busy, so you might as well set things up and let him busy himself. Maybe he won't have time to think about it?"

Mu Yunyao thought for a moment and felt that this idea sounded somewhat reasonable. "Then … "Alright, I'll give it a try."

Yuhuang took Nian'er out to play, but immediately saw Yu Heng run over in a hurry. "Mistress, the w.a.n.gfei slipped when she was walking around today. It's not a small matter, please go take a look."

As soon as Yu Heng finished speaking, he felt a fat child being carried in his arms. A wind blew before his eyes and without any trace of King Yue, he could not help but shake his head: "Although your highness has lost a lot of weight recently, your inner force seems to be a lot deeper than before."

As Yu Heng spoke, he lowered his head and met a pair of eyes that were on the verge of tears. Immediately, he couldn't help but shudder, "Young Master, what's wrong with you?"

"I'm going to see my mother. Uncle Yu Heng, quickly let me down." Ning Anxin anxiously shouted, constantly flapping her legs.

Yu Heng could not help but tremble. If the prince were to reveal such an expression, tsk tsk, he would suddenly feel as if his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Not only did Wei Heng not put him down, but he was also stunned. He lowered his limbs in annoyance, like a kitten that had just been fished out of the water, causing people's heart to ache for him.

Ning Anyu's eyes lit up, but his expression turned even more sorrowful. "Aunt Jinlan, quickly save me. He won't let me down to see my mother."

Jin Lan hurriedly took Ning'an over. Seeing his sad appearance, she felt as if her heart was about to break. "Aunt Jin Lan, take you there." After he finished speaking, he couldn't help but turn around and glare at Yu Heng.

Yu Heng felt a chill run down his spine. For the sake of not hitting the floor at night, he hurriedly chased after her. "Jin Lan, I was just joking. That's not the situation with the w.a.n.gfei. You know that?" Isn't he afraid that the young mistress will cause trouble after she

Naturally, Jinlan had been informed of the w.a.n.gfei's plans in advance. However, this was not the reason for him to bully the young mistress. He glared at her and said, "Speak honestly and go stand at your post." Yu Heng stood where he was in a daze. When he saw Ning Anxin lying on Jin Lan's shoulder with a fierce look on his face, he could not help but complain in his heart, "Why do I feel like the young mistress has not been that obedient recently? She must have been corrupted by Young Master Cheng and Supervisor Qin's knowledge, so I'll have to put her in some of the tea I gave her another day."

Yu Yi walked over and just happened to hear his words. He couldn't help but stop and pat him on the shoulder: "Brother, tell me in advance when you want to make a move."

Yu Heng couldn't help but smile, "Brother, are you going to help me?" It turned out that Yu Heng hadn't been bullying Eunuch Cheng and Steward Qin for a long time. After all, Eunuch Cheng had threatened for them to listen to his orders all day long.

Yu Yi shook his head. "Brother, once you make a move, I'll help you collect your corpse." Look at who those two old men were, they ate more rice than most people.

Yu Heng rolled his eyes at the sky, "All of you …" "I can't afford to offend him, I can't afford to offend him anymore..."

On the other side, Yuwai w.a.n.g quickly rushed to the rear courtyard and saw Mu Yunyao leaning on the bed with a pale face, one hand covering her stomach as if she was in extreme discomfort. Immediately, cold sweat drenched her back. "Yao`er …"

Mu Yunyao raised her eyes and looked at King Yue's appearance. Her heart trembled and waves of regret surged up to her heart, while his eyes trembled slightly. A bright uneasiness and fear seemed to be surging out, and perhaps she shouldn't have used this method: "Fourth Master, I'm fine, baby is fine too …"

It was as if he couldn't hear Mu Yunyao's words as his entire body sank into fear. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't get rid of it.

Mu Yunyao's heart became anxious and she quickly raised her voice, "Fourth Master, calm down!"

Duke Yue's arm suddenly stiffened as he looked down to see Mu Yunyao worriedly looking at him. He could not help but tremble, and his voice was unexpectedly hoa.r.s.e and fierce. "Yao`er, are you really alright?"

"I'm fine, you're the one." Mu Yunyao raised her hand to caress his cheek. "Fourth Master, what's going on with you?" I am afraid, "King Yue's voice was very soft as he cherished Mu Yunyao in his embrace," Yao`er, I am afraid that you will also leave me like mother. " In his arms was the girl he had pursued with all his luck, the pillar of his heart. If she were to leave, how would he face the future … …

A long and endless life?

"Master Four, I won't leave, but your current appearance really makes me worry. If you continue, I might really be affected."

"Yao'er, don't worry. I will never do this again." In the next few days, it was normal for him to eat. Mu Yunyao thought that the Poison Lady's method had worked, but later on she discovered that every time he finished eating, he would have to find an excuse to leave for a while. She pretended as if nothing had happened and followed him, only then did she realize that he was looking for a place to eat before …

I spit it out.

The Poison Matriarch was also dumbstruck. These two days, she didn't even bother with Ning Anyin as she spent her time researching King Yue. Unfortunately, she couldn't find any clues about him.

Finally, after nine and a half months, Mu Yunyao felt a little agitated. When she woke up the next morning, she was already soaked in water. She laid on the bed and didn't dare to move. "Fourth Master?"

Yue Yang suddenly opened his eyes: "What's wrong Yao'er?"

"I'm about to give birth."

After Mu Yunyao finished speaking, she saw King Fu's body stiffen and his face turn white. He didn't even have time to put on his outer robe and shoes as he ran out the door in large strides. Someone come quickly!

The entire brocade garden was now bustling with activity.

King Yue held onto Ning'an's hand and waited outside the delivery room with a pale face. When Eunuch Cheng and Steward Qin saw this, they hurriedly spoke up, "Your Highness, do you want to sit down and wait?"

Yue Yang turned a deaf ear to her, and focused on looking at the door. It was a pity that it was quiet inside, other than the servants hurriedly walking in and out, no one could detect Mu Yunyao's breathing.

When the basin of blood was brought out, King Yue only felt that it was abnormally eye piercing. He had never felt so disgusted with blood before.

This time, Mu Yunyao's delivery was very smooth. With the wicked woman around, her body was in good shape. From beginning to end, it took her more than two hours to successfully give birth to her child.

At the door, King Yue's face was growing paler and paler. Just as he was about to collapse, he heard a cry coming from the delivery room.

"Congratulations, your highness. The w.a.n.gfei has a daughter."

The voice of the midwives and maids was loud and clear. King Yue let go of Ning Anye's hand and walked around them into the delivery room. He saw Mu Yunyao lying on the bed. She smiled at him with her eyes bent, "Fourth Master."

"Yao'er, we will never have another chance to live again."

Mu Yunyao nodded, "Alright." This time, she was afraid. With a child, perhaps King Yue would not be able to hold on. Before he could finish his thought, he heard a loud bang. The t.i.tan in front of him fell to the side abruptly and fainted.

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