Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 329


The darkness of the night gradually grew thinner. The light of dawn had already begun to appear on the skyline.

Mu Yunyao stood up and gently tidied up her dress. The clothes drenched in cold sweat earlier were now completely dry by themselves and made her feel extremely uncomfortable because they stick to her body, but she didn’t plan to change them. She strode towards the door. “Si Shu, Si Hua, you follow me to see Elder Sister Yuyi.”

Liu Liang stepped forward: “Mistress, I will go with you.”

“How about your injury?”

“It doesn’t matter for the time being.”

“Alright.” Seeing his resolute att.i.tude, Mu Yunyao didn’t force him away. The things she had prepared earlier were all burnt in the room. Fortunately, she still had some left on her body just in case.

Su Yuyi had been sleeping very restlessly. In her dreams, she would always remember the moment when Mu Yunyao was looking at her with a ruthless gaze. Just as she was half asleep, she suddenly discovered a figure sitting beside the bed, causing her shocked and hurriedly wake up. She opened her mouth to cry out in alarm but was stopped by a dagger embedded with a gem and forcefully swallowed that cry of surprise as she gulped it down.

Su Yuyi’s eyes widened, borrowing the light from outside the window, she was finally able to clearly see the figure in front of her: “Mu Yunyao?”

“Cousin, are you curious to see me?” Mu Yunyao slightly turned her head with a slight smile on her face, but it didn’t seem to be warm at all, causing others who saw it to feel a chill in their hearts.

“What are you going to do?” Su Yuyi couldn’t help trembling as she looked outside with a slight gaze. She wanted to find Mama Qi, who had been keeping watch for her. But she found that she was being tied up and thrown onto the ground, unable to utter a single word with a cloth blocking her mouth.

Mu Yunyao’s smile became even wider, “Cousin’s words are surprisingly strange. If I come to see you at this time, what else can I do? Naturally, it’s to avenge my mother.”

“What revenge? Why did you come to me? I didn’t do anything sorry to your mother.”

“Cousin, why are you lying to me now? You’re the one who did harm to my mother, and you set the fire as well. Why did you forget what you did so quickly?”

“You’re lying!” Su Yuyi quickly denied it. “I’ve been resting in my room and didn’t know anything when I fell asleep. When I woke up, the fire had already started. This had nothing to do with me.”

Mu Yunyao chuckled. “Cousin’s appearance of not admitting to the debt at all is really disgusting. Before, I asked you if you saw my mother. Do you remember how you answered?”

“What?” Su Yuyi quickly thought about it, and then her face turned pale.

“You remember now?” Mu Yunyao held the dagger and gently moved it forward. The sharp dagger carried a ghastly chill and immediately left a thin line of blood on Su Yuyi’s neck. “You said that you didn’t notice, but you asked if my mother didn’t escape?”

Su Yuyi felt pain in her neck, and her whole body trembled more and more. Her voice trembled, “I don’t understand what you’re saying. Who remembered what they said in that moment of panic?”

“It’s because of this panic that people can’t lie.” Mu Yunyao’s eyes filled with murderousness. “You came back earlier than my mother. If you had been sleeping, you probably wouldn’t have known that my mother had returned to the side room and wouldn’t have known that she had escaped or not!”

Su Yuyi wanted to shake her head, but the dagger was tightly pressed against her neck, causing her not dare to move at all: “Don’t speak nonsense, I don’t know anything! Mu Yunyao, I’m your cousin. The legitimate daughter of the Su family and the Eldest Miss of the Su family. If you dare to even touch a single hair on my head, Grandmother and Mother will definitely not let you off!”

Mu Yunyao laughed lightly, her eyes filled with hostility. “Are you threatening me?”

Su Yuyi thought that Mu Yunyao was afraid and couldn’t help but sneer: “What I said was the truth. Although your mother is Grandmother’s biological daughter, she has been living out for so many years, so Grandmother has no feelings at all for you. Furthermore, your father is born in the countryside, and his status is low, so Grandmother doesn’t like you at all. If you dare touch me, I will definitely complain to Grandmother when I go back. Do you think she’s helping me or helping you, the cheap granddaughter who depends on others! “

Mu Yunyao clicked her tongue, “You did remind me. I will say that I accidentally cut your neck with a dagger. It seems like you hold a grudge against me in your heart. When you return to the Su family, you will definitely sue me. Since that was the case, I might as well just kill you right here and now. The dead won’t say a word, won’t you?”

Su Yuyi’s eyes widened in fear. She wanted to see the meaning of this joke from Mu Yunyao’s expression, but her clear eyes filled with killing intent. It was so cold that it seemed to be mixed with ice and snow. “You....”

Mu Yunyao raised her head and looked towards the window. The sky was already gradually getting brighter. “Elder Sister Yuyi, the sky is about to brighter, so I don’t have much time to talked with you.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t like to drag my feet the most and dislikes procrastination. After all, grudges are a form of suppression. If you acc.u.mulate too much, you will inevitably crush people. So if I have any hatred, I usually avenge it face to face. You dared to reach your hand to my mother’s side and almost killed her. If I don’t get revenge, I will toss and turn, so....”

As soon as Mu Yunyao finished speaking, she pulled over the quilt from the side and covered Su Yuyi’s face. Then, she placed half of her hand on the bed and let her forearm hang in the air. Then, presses her knee against the hanging little arm.

“Ka Cha!” A bone-cracking sound was heard.

“Ugh …” Su Yuyi struggled violently. She wanted to scream, but her mouth and nose were blocked by the quilt.

She struggled too hard, causing Mu Yunyao to be thrown to the side due to her lack of strength. Si Shu and Si Hua stepped forward and held Su Yu Shi down, not allowing her to move.

Mu Yunyao took out a handkerchief and lightly wiped off the blood on the dagger. After tying it back to her leg, she patted her hands and looked towards Su Yuyi with a smile as she said, “Elder Sister Yuyi, you extended your hand towards my mother today,so I broke your hand. It’s especially fair, right?”

Su Yuyi was in so much pain that she broke out in a cold sweat. Her eyes widened in fear as her face contorted slightly. “Ugh … Devil.” Mu Yunyao was a Devil!

Mu Yunyao sat on the bedside and lowered her eyes to looked at Su Yuyi, “Many things have one and two. Why are there two if they are one. You harmed my mother once, so you must want to harm her a second time. Furthermore, I broke your hand today. This new hatred and old grievances are superimposed, and I really can’t rest a.s.sured that your life will be right. Si Shu, Si Hua, send Eldest Miss Su to the streets on the road. She is a legitimate daughter of the Su family, so don’t let her die disgracefully, leave her with an intact corpse...”

“Oh... Oh...Ugh…” Su Yuyi’s eyes widened as her face contorted in fear. She struggled to beg for mercy, but her mouth was tightly sealed, and she was unable to make a sound.

Si Shu and Si Hua took the brocade quilt from the side and placed it on Su Yu Yi’s head. No matter how much she struggled, she did not relax.

After a long while, Su Yuyi’s struggling became weaker and weaker...

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