Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 275

Chapter 275


Mu Yunyao replied, “Your Majesty, she hit me, but my Eldest Aunt favored her and let her go without any punishment . I was unwilling in my heart, so I wanted to fight back . ”

Hearing this, Xu Li felt his legs go soft and almost couldn’t stand up . This little ancestor thought that the Emperor was too good-natured . How dare she say anything? Moreover, who was that Miss Meng? The granddaughter of the Grand Preceptor of the Imperial Court and Qingning princess, also the niece of the Imperial Concubine De in the Palace . Is she that someone who can let you fight back?

As expected, the Emperor frowned, and his eyes narrowed involuntarily . If he were an ordinary person, he would have already been unhappy in his heart . But Mu Yunyao’s words just now were considerably interesting, and with the Imperial Older Sister’s G.o.dlike face, it made him more patient . “Do you know who she is?”

Mu Yunyao nodded . “I know . Before I came to the Palace, Eldest Aunt had already told me that the Meng family’s status was extraordinary and that Miss Meng was someone I absolutely cannot offend . ”

“Since you know about this, why did you still dare to fight back?”

“Dare!” Mu Yunyao nodded without hesitation . “No matter who she is, she’ll be punished if she does something wrong . I once heard from the teacher in the book that if the Emperor did wrong, he would have to hand down a decree for his crimes . Even if the officials did wrong, they also would have to get rid of their Hua Ling and ask for justice for their wrongdoings . The common people have to go to court to be tried and punished for doing wrong . She intentionally framed and beat me up, so I could fight her back . This approach is the best way to deal with it . ”

“Shouldn’t the best course of action be for me to punish her?”

Mu Yunyao shook her head . “Your majesty, your ident.i.ty is precious, don’t mention personally ordering a person to be punished, as long as you reveal the slightest bit of dissatisfaction towards a person, that person’s entire life might be affected . Miss Meng is my Eldest Aunt’s niece . If she beats me, I’ll fight her back . Even if the matter is over, I’m not angry . If you had been the one to make the decision, Miss Meng would have been the one to ruin it . That’s not what I intended to do . ”

The Emperor’s gaze slightly moved, and a trace of unfathomable emotion could be seen within it . “Then if I agree to your words, do you dare to come directly and beat someone up?”

“Why would I not dare? With your permission, Your Majesty, I am only following the imperial edict to beat someone up . I am not afraid of anything . ” Mu Yunyao’s gaze was clear and bright . Even though her face was injured, her smile was still so sweet, causing others to feel extremely comfortable when they looked at her .

The Emperor, however, didn’t say anything . He only looked at her for a moment before saying, “I’ve heard that you’re the best at brewing tea . It’s rare for me to be in the mood today . Go brew one for a taste . ”

Mu Yunyao stared blankly for a moment, then nodded, “Okay . ”

Xu Li quickly ordered some servants to bring the tea set over .

Soon, an item was placed on the table .

Mu Yunyao brought down to wash her hands and leave the Emperor’s line of sight to prepare . She couldn’t help but sway a little as her back became wet and cold . It was unknown when she had been drenched in a cold sweat, and the wound on her waist was also faintly aching .

Mu Yunyao knew that today’s events were exceptionally high-risk . The slightest carelessness would leave an impression on the Emperor’s mind that she was playing tricks on him . There were even a few times when she could feel the Emperor’s measuring and scrutinizing gaze . Fortunately, she had already thought of this earlier and had made preparations . She repeatedly hinted that she complete trust and reverence towards the Emperor, practicing her expression and eyes in the mirror over and over again, trying hard not to leave a single flaw . It was just that the Emperor was the Emperor, and she couldn’t tell what role her words played .

Mu Yunyao faced the basin as she slowly cleaned her hands . Her actions were exceptionally solemn, as though she wanted to wash away the distracting thoughts and fear in her heart . She needed to calm down, and the closer she got to the end, the more she couldn’t panic .

After a while, she accepts the handkerchief from the attendant at the side and gently wipes it clean . “Eunuch, I’m ready . ”

“Miss Mu, please . ”

The tea set is made of white porcelain and painted with flowers . The teapot was entirely made of alum red, painted with tangled branches and lotus patterns . Both sides of its abdomen were shining, while one painted lotus flowers in a lotus pond, while the other carried two lines of poetry: Seen when flipping blank birds, the water scented .

There were very few patterns on the corresponding teacups . They only have red lines on the edge of the bottom and the mouth of the cup . The white porcelain cup was as thin as a cicada’s wing, and it is as light as nothing in the hand . It is almost transparent under the reflection of the candle fire in the main hall .

Although Mu Yunyao’s purpose in studying the tea ceremony wasn’t pure, she really likes it . After settling down in Jingling City for over a year, her initial interest in the tea ceremony had already dissipated . In addition, she studied a few books of tea scriptures, and her skills in brewing tea were even better . At this moment, she was full of joy when seeing the exquisite tea set . Her expression and actions could not help but show some of it .

The Emperor was initially deep in thought about today’s matters in the Imperial Court when his eyes unconsciously drooped and attracted by Mu Yunyao’s brewing tea skill . He had long since heard Xu Li praise this girl for her extraordinary tea skills . He had initially thought that it was somewhat exaggerated, but upon seeing her for the first time, he realized that she was really excellent .

The tension on her body had completely disappeared and was replaced by natural and smooth elegance . Her movements were neither slow nor heavy, and her behavior was relaxed . It was as if her every gesture was like a natural phenomenon . Occasionally, there would be the sound of flowing water, light and pleasing to the ear . In the blink of an eye, the room filled with fragrance .

The impetuousness in the Emperor’s heart gradually disappeared . There was a rare moment of peace in his mind, and he actually felt remarkably relaxed .

The sound of a cup pad and a teacup clinking together resounded in his ears . The Emperor looked over with rapt attention and noticed that Mu Yunyao had already folded her hands in front of her stomach as she looked over with her clear gaze .

“Your Majesty, the tea has been brewed . ”

By the side, Xu Li stepped forward and carefully took the cup of tea . He then placed it beside the imperial examination table, his movements smooth and steady .

The tea that was being brewed this time was the Lotus Fragrance Dew that Mu Yunyao had sent over . Initially, the fragrance of this tea was exceptionally fragrant . But now, with Mu Yunyao’s hand, it seemed to have risen even further .

The white porcelain teacup was thin, and one could faintly see the traces of the tea leaves in the cup from the outside . The leaves seemed to be shaking, causing the Emperor to lift the lid and take a closer look .

A cloud of white mist suddenly rose up . Within the haze, one could see a white crane flying past the teacup . The fog swayed, and the white crane nodded . The Emperor didn’t even have time to be surprised, the mist dissipated, and the crane disappeared without a trace . Within the teacup, the tea leaves were swaying, and the roots stood straight like bamboo shoots that had just emerged from the ground, with vigor and vitality, which caused him to lift the teacup and look at it carefully . Unexpectedly, when the teacup shook, the tea leaves in the cup suddenly fell like a startled snowflake and gathers at the bottom of the cup, forming a lotus shape with both form and spirit .

After a while, the lotus flower slowly dispersed, leaving only the fresh and distant tea’s fragrance .

The lotus flower dissipated, and the tea was warm enough to be consumed as well . The Emperor took a sip and immediately felt as if the entire lotus flower was contained within his mouth as he slowly swallowed down a mouthful of fragrance . “Your skills in brewing tea are indeed extraordinary . ”

Mu Yunyao revealed an expression of joy, and her eyes were full of smiles . She seemed to be extremely happy as she said, “Many thanks for Your Majesty’s praise . ”

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