I Was Just an Only Child Boy, Now I Became One of a Four Quadruplet Sisters Chapter 53

The Tenjouin's House is Far From Normal. Part 3

I am placing the sisters + brother here as a reminder.

Nishi Yotsutsuji daughters.

 The first daughter is Asahi (朝日)(Morning sun)(Friendly Athletic,Ponytail

The second daughter is Mahiru (真昼)(Midday)(Independent,Shoulder length bob haircut)

Third daughter named Yuudachi(夕立)(Evening Shower)(Long Hair)

The fourth daughter is Yoru.(夜留)(Night)(Aloof, Shoulder length bangs waved.)

The older brother Souji.(奏時) Btw she is always using (私) from now on.

Author: Toharumina ()

Also Tokiwa Tenjouin, the weird girl that has the hots for "Asahi" and is a weird smell person.

Sakadera Shouko,Asahi's friend. Family is loyal to Tenjouin's family

And Yonagi Sakura Kojii, the weird rich kid that has this weird fascination for "Yoru" and can tell the sisters apart by the shines in their eyes.

It didn't take long for us to finish showering, so we soon submerged ourselves into the bath.

There was this weird feeling. And Asahi, Mahiru, and Yoru also felt it.

Even though quite some time has pa.s.sed, n.o.body talked. Silence ruled the bathroom.

The cause goes without saying.

"Fufufu. . .In the bath it's impossible to tell who is who. It's hard to identify by your smell when we are in here. . ."

She was staring directly at us with flushed cheeks, not even stopping to blink.

While lightly licking her lips and a glint in her eyes, she stared at us like a snake. And just like a small animal, we were all frozen with fear.

No. . .This is embarra.s.sing. . .She is staring so intently. . .

That along with the last thing she said is giving me gooseb.u.mps.

I know that even though I can't see myself in a mirror.

Although it is strange. Rather than feeling refreshed from taking a bath, I am feeling exhausted. . .

However now I know. Never take a bath with Tokiwa.

It would take a strong determination to be able to break through this unbearable awkward air. Mahiru was able to gather her courage and opened her mouth.

" . . .W-Well, surely Yoru-chan and I can be told apart, because we have different hair cuts. . .However it's hard to tell Yuu-chan and Aschan apart, right?. . ."

"T-That's right!"

Mahiru eagerly changed the atmosphere and Yoru was quick to jump on board.

I was hoping that would change Tokiwa's predatory eyes, but she simply muttered (I'm not sure~) and continued her gaze on her prize.

She bluntly told us that we'd get used to it in the dressing room. . .but I don't see that happening anytime soon. . . However, I don't think we have a say in the matter. . .

N-No, We still have Asahi!

She is our last hope. She has known Tokiwa the longest, is her cla.s.smate, maybe she can. 

I looked at her with hopeful eyes, however she just gave a bitter smile and shook her head.

". . .I see."

Yeah, I understand. If she had a good idea, she would have already done it.

"Hmm? Did you say something Yuudachi-san?"

"Ah, no. It was nothing."

Well this is probably the only time I'll take a bath with Tokiwa. And once she has had enough enough, we can leave the bath.

So until then I just have to endure. . . Just do my best to endure. If i close my eyes I won't need to see her doing what she is doing. 

I'll just gently close my mind and endure.

. . . Just don't mind it, don't care. . . Don't care. . .If you care you lose. 

"Honestly. . .It's very similar. . ."

"Um, Yuu, Toki-chan, don't you think you guys are a little. . .t-too close to each other?. . ."

If you care you lose!

That short time in the bath felt like a lifetime pa.s.sed by.

I bet most of you forgot about this novel. I forgot I was translating it. But now I do remember why I liked translating it. The author is a pretty good writer. Which leads to me having a bit of a frustrating time trying to piece it apart, but that is fun. It's like solving a puzzle.

Also I missed these characters. The chapter was sadly so short.Too bad we'll probably have to wait another 5 months for the next chapter. . .

Anyways, I'll head back to my other story now. Just wanted to finish up this chapter and make sure this novel is up to date.

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