Transmigrating into a Demon Spirit to Blow up the Entire World Chapter 160.1

Chapter 160: Source World 12 (part 1 of 3)

The Little Phoenix didn’t understand why Kong Ming will appear here, nor did he have the spare energy to think about this at this moment, as he merely furrowed his brows a little, in concern over An Ying.

Because breaking into a forbidden area is equivalent to a major crime. The Heavenly Way has long set down, that once an intruder has been caught, the other will then be taken into the flame pool, to receive the fierce burning of the Heavenly Thunder’s fire for a full seven days, regardless of life or death. As a Demon race, the punishment received by An Ying will perhaps be even more severe.

But the pain and weakness in his body were still extremely heavy. The Little Phoenix knows full well that he might not have the strength to go before his adoptive father and ask to take the place of An Ying, and for fear that An Ying will be unable to withstand the fierce burning of the Heavenly Thunder’s fire, he therefore took out a very small token from his storage s.p.a.ce, and used the opportunity of shaking hands as a cover to place it in An Ying’s palm.

It is the Zhao Huo decree that can command all the fires of the whole world, even the Heavenly Thunder’s fire will also be controlled by it. From time in memorial, the Dragon race holds power over water, while the Phoenix race holds power over fire, and this Zhao Huo decree, is exactly the only relic left by the deceased Phoenix King to his beloved son, Shen Tong.

In just a short span of a single day, the Little Phoenix had given him all the things he could give.

His heart, as well the Zhao Huo decree that represents the ident.i.ty of a Phoenix, in addition to the unspoken feelings, hidden behind the two.

No one knows, that the birds were the most devoted in love. Even if they appear aloof and remote outside, and also avoid from mentioning those words, but once he has someone he cares about, he can sacrifice everything for the other party without arguments.

The Little Phoenix didn’t have the time to say a word to An Ying, as Kong Ming had taken him in his arms. The strength in his body was only sufficient enough to maintain his human form, that even the mere lifting of an arm was impossible to do. Thus, he can only allow Kong Ming to hug him tightly, so tight as if he wanted to meld him in his bones. It was only after a long while did this hug loosen.

The incessant bouts of pain in his chest made the Little Phoenix’s consciousness unconsciously slip away once more. Kong Ming has yet to take note as to why the youth in his arm’s had become a little bit shorter, he merely felt that his arm had suddenly sunk after having just recently loosening his hold. His heart also sunk immediately afterwards, as he reflexively held tight onto his beloved baby once more.

The Little Phoenix had completely sunk into a deep sleep.

This lethargic feeling was actually very good, and was just like being placed in a soft hotbed, with invisible protective barrier surrounding it as well, that feels safe and comfortable. Nonetheless, he vaguely felt someone caressing his cheek, while whispering his name.

“.…..Tong Tong, Tong Tong.…..”

This caress and whisper didn’t make the Little Phoenix feel irritable at all, but made him fall into a deeper and longer sleep like a hypnosis instead. His eyelids grew even heavier, while his body felt even more tired. Time and s.p.a.ce seemed to also be cut off and come to a standstill at this point. Without any need to care nor think about anything.

Thus, the Little Phoenix slept even deeper, and only managed to wake up after ten days.

After looking around, he found that although the surroundings were as gorgeous and brilliant as his Qi Chen Palace hall, but it wasn’t the Qi Chen Place hall at all. But like the Chang Liu Palace in the Netherworld. The two approaching ghost servants confirmed his thoughts. He subconsciously asked the ghost servant: “Why am I here? What about Brother Kong Ming?”

The Little Phoenix was completely unaware, that during his brief ten days of sleep, earthshaking changes had already taken place outside, and couldn’t even understand why this happened when he slept. Why is it, that when he opened his eyes, everything had completely broken, and was no longer the same as before.

The Demon race and Heavenly race were at war.

The raging demon fire dyed the sky red, the fire ignited into a long line at the junction of the distant sky and directly pierced the barrier above Buzhou Mountain, dying half of the sky red and burning the entire mountain range. It’s momentum was so great that even the Human Realm suffered in due course. The only safe place remaining in the entire world is the Netherworld.

The Little Phoenix hurriedly walked out the Chang Liu Palace despite the ghost servants obstruction. Seeing the burning ‘fire dragon’ in the distant horizon, made his already pale face instantly became even paler.

“How can this……”

The Little Phoenix’s eyes widened, as he shook his head in disbelief. The incessant bouts of pain in his chest flared, that he almost fell down.

“That isn’t a demon fire. Although a demon fire is powerful, but there’s no way it can be that powerful.…..”

That kind of power, that kind of power that can even burn down the Heavenly Realm’s barrier, can only be made by the Zhao Huo decree.

— Why is it the Zhao Huo decree!!!

The Little Phoenix waved away the ghost servant. He immediately rode a cloud and flew to the summit of Buzhou Mountain, heading straight to the burning army camp of the Heavenly Race. His complexion had already become shockingly transparent, and had an even voice: “.…..Imperial father, where is my Imperial father?!”

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