Quick Transmigration: Male Lead, You’re Overpowered? Chapter 144

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Hearing his thought, Ah Zhao turns silent .

Apparently, right now the male lead still has kindness towards and faith in this world .

Though Ah Zhao has always seen most people in this world as kind but the Gu Clan doesn’t belong to this group .

That clan has rotted from the outside to its core .

At first, she wants to stop him but after giving it a thought, she changes her mind .

No matter how much she says, it’s nothing compared to what he is going to experience himself .

She nods . “Okay . ”

The yard they are staying in is not far away from the manor of the Gu Clan .

When Gu Hao returns, two guards at the gate don’t even notice him . Advertis.e.m.e.nt

Heading back all the way, he wants to go back to his yard and wash himself first when he hears the following conversation when he pa.s.ses by the rock garden:

“I’ve heard that n.o.body has seen Gu Hao for the past ten days . There’s no one in his yard, either . ”

“That’s strange . Where else can he be?”

“Who knows? Perhaps he has been taken away by some old witch who likes to nourish herself with young fellows . I’ll at least give him credit for his looks . ”

Then the two laugh vulgarly . Judging from their tone, they aren’t worried at all .

Gu Hao walks over gloomily . “I’m not taken away by some old witch . I’m back . Disappointed, aren’t you?”

The two are startled by him but when they recover from the shock, they don’t feel guilty at all .

One of them opens his mouth: “Hah! You are back, are you? We are indeed disappointed . You are just a loser . How many resources have you wasted as the young master of the direct line as you grow up?”

There are so many descendants in the direct line of the Gu Clan, so with one person gone, others will have more resources that’s why they don’t like Gu Hao at all .

“A loser?” Gu Hao mutters, then sneers coldly .

“I’m on my way to see uncle . When I come back, this loser, me, am going to ask you two to teach me a few tricks . ”

After he finishes, he heads directly to his yard, not paying attention to the laughter behind him .

Ah Zhao turns invisible and watches that in the dark .

Seeing those two disciples laughing with scorn, she frowns unhappily and makes a tactic .

“Ouch!” One of the two falls on his back all of a sudden .

The other one is surprised: “What’s the matter?”

Then, as if he is pulling up by something, he elevates and floats in the air until he reaches over ten meters high .

The other one flies as well .

“Help! What is this!” The two of them scream, scared . What’s even scarier is that when they try to use their spirit power, they find they are unable to do that .

They fall directly on the ground until that power that is controlling them disappears .



Their terrified cries ring out continuously .

Seeing how bad they feel, Ah Zhao snorts before she leaves .

Pract.i.tioners won’t die from falling from that height .

For them, the worst situation will be losing a leg or two .

They deserve it since they laughed at Gu Hao and called her a witch .

On Gu Hao’s side, he has arrived at his uncle, Gu Po Tian’s yard after he washed and dressed .

“Young master Gu Hao, Master is busy every day . He doesn’t have time to see you . ” The steward who works for Gu Po Tian says neutrally without any expression .

Gu Hao knows well that his uncle doesn’t like him much so he doesn’t try to get closer to him either .

“This time I have something important to tell him . Please report that for me . ” Gu Hao insists .

The steward glances at him and heads inside .

Something important?

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