Two Saints Wander off into a Different World Chapter 57

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Chiharu: Saintess . A good friend of Maki . Age: 25 .

Maki: Saintess . Was summoned along with Chiharu . Age: 25 .

Edwy: Prince of Midland . Age: 18 .

Aeris: Elf . White Philosopher . Age: over 300 .

Grudo: Dwarf . Invented the train . Age: over 300 .

Kaider: Third prince of the Dwarf Lands . Adventurer and Blacksmith .

Nyran: Fifth prince of the south lands . Adventurer and chaperone to Kaider .

“Maki . It sure is peaceful now . ”

“It really is . I can hardly believe it considering how it was recently . ”

Maki and Chiharu were talking while they looked at the garden from the castle balcony .

When they thought back on it now, their travels had been going well up until they were kidnapped by the mayor of Gromble .

Though, if Edwy had heard them, he would have said:

“No, things went bad the moment you left the castle . ”

Of course, he would . As for Kaider…

“It was when the merfolk tried to kidnap you . ”

And Nyran…

“What about when you were attacked by the Gazer by the lake?”

He would probably say that . But to Maki and Chiharu, there had been nothing worse than being held by the mayor .  Advertis.e.m.e.nt

“Well, the stuff with the dungeon couldn’t be helped . ”

Maki said . But it wasn’t exactly true . And then Chiharu added:

“Well, at least it’s all been resolved . ”

Who cares if we slept an entire day after that . They thought .

“And we ended up at the dwarf castle after all . ”

“Kaider’s ‘house . ’ Come to my house! He said . But it’s a castle!”

Maki said as she angrily raised a fist into the air . Chiharu said,

“Now, now . He is a prince after all . ”

And then she covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing .

“You can’t hide it, Chiharu . ”

“Hehe . ”

Well, they had seen the castle from the outside when being interviewed as cooks . But now they could see inside .

At first, they had wanted to continue helping in the kitchen . But they were persuaded that Saintesses were officially above royalty, and so they were forced to present themselves at court .

Along with Edwy, Chiharu was escorted by Nyran and Maki by Kaider as they greeted the king . They were both wearing their layered, formal dresses now, and the hall erupted into cheers . Chiharu had thought this the last time she was here, but the dwarves seemed to care a lot about fashion . But as they were just one race, the trends did not change often . And so they became excited when the saw something new .

When Nyran and Chiharu appeared together, many people said that they made a good-looking couple . As Nyran had lived at the castle since he was a young boy, many of the dwarves were very fond of him . Even more so when he began to act as a bodyguard fo Kaider . Still, as the life spans were different, there were no women who started any serious relationships with him .

Even if they were different in height or size, humans looked better with humans . The dwarves said as they nodded to each other . But then they gasped when Kaider and Maki walked in together . They looked perfect together! Prince Kaider!

While not as tall as a human, Kaider was still quite tall and muscular . And so dwarven women looked very small next to him . But Maki was just a little shorter than Kaider and incredibly slender and delicate-looking as she held onto Kaider’s arm .

It wasn’t bad . Yes, it could work . They looked nice . That’s what the gazes in the audience seemed to say .

On the other hand, Maki and Chiharu’s minds were somewhere else . Back at the castle in Midland, they just had to smile and be quiet . And so it was there first time in a place like this . And they were quite nervous and stiff . Kaider patted Maki’s hand as if to encourage her . Maki gave him a rea.s.suring smile .

“It’s really nothing . You shouldn’t be nervous . ”

“You’re right . This is nothing . ”

But in the heads of those that watched it looked like:

“Maki, don’t worry, I’m with you . ”

“Oh, Kaider . You are so reliable . ”

Of course, Maki and Kaider had no idea that this was so .

Nyran seemed worried as he saw how small Chiharu’s steps were .

‘I hope she’s not going to trip on the carpet . ’

But in the minds of those who watched:

‘What a delicate princess . I must protect her . ’

Aeris and Grudo were also there . The king was grateful that the monsters of the dungeon had been reduced to a normal level, and the ceremony was soon finished . After that, the soldiers and Adventurers split from the officers and two separate parties were held . This was so the soldiers could enjoy themselves without worrying about formalities .

Of course, Maki and Chiharu tried to go with the soldiers, but they were promptly caught by Kaider, Nyran, and Edwy .

“Surely you weren’t thinking about forcing all the work onto me?”

The prince said with a smile as he pulled them away . And so Maki and Chiharu were forced to attend .

There were Kaider’s father, mother, brother #1, brother #2, brother #1’s wife, brother #2’s wife, brother #1’s three children, and brother #2’s two children . And then there were other relatives as well . They were all big dwarves like Kaider .

“So these are the humans that Kaider was running around in search of . ”

“No . They are the Saintesses . ”

“Of course, the fact they are Saintesses is important . But what is most important is that Kaider finally found someone and had grown attached to them . Now that is rare . ”

Kaider’s brother said to his wife .

“You sure are skinny, Saintess . What do you eat?”

Said one of the children of the second brother .

“Saintess, this outfit you are wearing…”

Said the daughter of the first brother . Her eyes were shining as she looked at them . She looked about the same age as Maki and Chiharu . In fact, the king and queen didn’t look that much older than them either . Aside from the very young children, it was hard to tell who was older than Kaider . This was one thing that was annoying about races with a long life span .

Of course, Maki and Chiharu wanted to ask what they meant about Kaider’s fate and about finally meeting someone, but they found it difficult to enter the conversation . And without ever getting to touch the food and drinks on the table, the party ended with them being confused and surrounded by dwarves .

They continued to smile politely until the end . This resulted in them being seen as ‘polite and quiet Saintesses from another land . ’ Later, Maki and Chiharu would hear about this with much surprise .

“Uh, I’m so tired . ”

Maki said as she fell onto the bed in the guest room .

“It’s unlike you to sound so defeated, Maki . ”

Chiharu said as she sat heavily on the sofa . Maki’s face remained in the sheets as she muttered .

“Being out in society is completely different . That Kaider! He said we would only have to be there for a short while, and then we could eat as much as we wanted!”

“Things really are different here . Uh, do you want some tea?”

The guest room had a tea set and a place to boil water . Of course, it used magic stones to heat the water .

“This is the dwarf lands alright . They really think of everything . ”

Chiharu said as she boiled some water and smelled the tea leaves she had found .

“You seem really tired Maki, so I’ll avoid anything too strong . ”

“Thanks . I don’t want anything smelling of flowers right now . ”

Knock-knock . Maki raised her face .

“Oh? Visitors? I wonder who it is . ”

A voice rang on the other side .

“It’s Aeris and Grudo . Can we come in?”

Maki and Chiharu looked at each other in surprise . What could it be? In any case, we should open the door .

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