As Beautiful as Ever, the Bells Sound under the Starry Sky Afterword

Afterword (Author’s Note)

At first, I wanted to write a really, really long novel, but I can’t stand the feeling of churning out chapters like I have a deadline to meet. As such, I’ve decided to split the novel into ten.

Witsen and Karile are not the only protagonists, so more protagonists will appear in the upcoming sequels. The final boss I have in mind is not something that can be defeated by just one or two people, so more characters are necessary for the great finale.

The first sequel will be named as “As Resplendent as Ever, the Gems s.h.i.+ne under the Radiant Moon”. It will introduce a new world that will play a role in the growth of the first and second generation protagonists.

If you liked this novel, be sure to follow my profile for the latest updates. I actually haven’t started writing the sequel yet, but! But! I won’t keep you guys waiting for too long!

Translator's Afterword

SaltyTank here! It's been a thrilling ride, no? It has been an enjoyable novel to translate, and I hope all of you have enjoyed reading it just as I did. It does have its flaws, and it is probably pretty easy to tell the author is still trying to grasp the key to writing a novel, but it's certainly not a bad read. I do make things sound better here and there, but in the end there's a limit on how much I can do.

Anyways, I'm glad that I finally have a completed novel under my name and I can finally move onto the next project which is also a 30 chapter long novella. In case you're wondering about the sequels, BUSS was completed in August 2018 and the author has yet to publish the next novel as of now.

Hope to see you guys again soon!

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