Xiebing Defies The Heavens Chapter 10


Xiebing heard this voice and became gloomy. For five years, she was at home and couldn't fight any fights but today, there was finally an opportunity, yet it was ruined by this person who is here to save her!

A red image flashed across Xiebing, abruptly disrupting her thoughts. Xiebing couldn't even react before she was pulled into a warm bone-crushing hug. The person demanded, "Who dares touch her?!"

Xiebing, who was in the arms of a boy, opened her eyes and looked at him from top to bottom. A somewhat obviously young, tender and pretty face came into view, Xiebing's heart still skipped a beat even though she has been living with a bunch of beautiful people!

A man, no I shouldn't use that word, ‘young man' would be more appropriate! Young man, with a face of pure beauty, you are worthy of being called perfect. Thick eyebrows, slightly perked up and below the long and slightly curled eyelashes were a pair of black profound eyes, a straight and sharp nose bridge and soft white skin.

The young man was wearing a red fire-like robe, looking a little like a woman's cloth. His pitched dark hair, dancing in the wind, in all respects, demonstrating his wild, unruly personality! He looks to be around 11 or 12 years old, but had the charm of a s.e.xy evil demon! It is obvious that when he grows up, he will become a source of trouble!

"You… you are the young master of the Hua family, Hua Chenyi?!" The spirit ancestor asked, recognising the teen in red clothing. He was aghast, the family patriarch specially instructed that when they were out, if they met any members of the Hua family or the Jun family, they must treat these people as distinguished guests and must not become enemies!

Hua Chenyi 'humph' coldly and ignored the spirit ancestor. He bent his head, looked at Xiebing who was in his arms and said, "Don't be scared, I'm here! I won't let anyone hurt you!"

When Xiebing heard that, she rolled her eyes, I'm not scared!

"Young master Hua, I am the miss of Ximen household, Ximen Li. This little s.l.u.t offended me today, I hope young master Hua, you wouldn't interfere in my business!" That peac.o.c.k-acting girl only saw the absolutely stunning and unruly Hua Chenyi but didn't look at herself. Her originally beautiful face is marred by her own jealousy!

When the spirit ancestor heard Ximen Li's words, he felt like dying. Didn't you see the att.i.tude young master Hua is displaying to this girl? You still dare to hurl insults at her and order someone else around?! Aren't you just seeking death?! What qualifications do you, Miss Ximen, have to compare with young master Hua?

"Are you commanding me?!" Hua Chenyi looked threateningly at Ximen Li, is this woman tired of being alive? Does she still dare to scold the girl in my arms?!

"Young master Hua please don't get angry, this young miss doesn't know anything, this one apologises to you! Please don't take it to heart!" The spirit ancestor pleaded, putting a bold face, forcing himself to bow in apology for his family's young miss and pulled her behind him.

"This, not a thing, Ximen's Miss, what did you want with me?" Xiebing asked. She jumped out of Hua Chenyi's hold and sat on the chair again, calm and composed, pouring tea for Hua Chenyi and herself. This Ximen family is really arrogant, the debt from Ximen Qing has not been collected yet a Ximen Li has come!

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Hua Chenyi looked at his empty arms and a wave of abandonment filled his heart. I really want to hug that small and soft body! I was about to come to the 2nd floor but overheard this small person's crisp and interesting words so I came to watch the show unfold. But my heart thumped uncontrollably once I've laid my eyes on her! When I heard they were going to throw her out, I just reacted and took her into my hold!

Glancing back at Xiebing's carefree look and hearing her crisp voice, Hua Chenyi laughed softly, sat opposite her and drank the tea poured out for him.

"You… all of you! Just you wait! Let's go!" Ximen Li noticed Hua Chenyi's knife-like expression and broke into a cold sweat. She left right after threatening Xiebing. s.l.u.t, don't ever let me see you, I will skin you alive!

Xiebing gave a scornful look to Ximen Li, if you are bent on seeking death, then don't blame me for being ruthless.

"Hua Chenyi? Young master Hua, the number one genius in the continent?" Xiebing cooly stated, drinking tea, casting sidelong glances at him.

"I don't dare to be claimed as the number one genius, but I thought even if I didn't interfere just now, you would still be able to escape unscathed!" Hua Chenyi raised one eyebrow up, shifted himself to a comfortable posture and smiled.

"Since you knew then why did you still interfere?" Xiebing looked at him and called him a monster in her heart.

"If I said that I lost control of my body and rushed out, would you believe?" Hua Chenyi replied with a smile and with a tone similar to joking.

"Jun Xiebing, my name." Xiebing looked firmly into the eyes of the joking yet serious Hua Chenyi. This guy better remember!

Hearing what Xiebing said, Hua Chenyi smiled. Jun Xiebing, oh so you are the Jun household's genius princess that I have always wanted to meet! Is the so-called… destiny?

"Bing er, this time I came out, was to meet you the Jun household little genius, then go to a mountain range in Zijin to obtain a Ziyang fruit. Do you want to come with me?" Hua Chenyi asked, remembering the reason he came out for.

"Ziyang fruit, the fruit for advancement? Ok, let's go together!" Xiebing doesn't have any fascination with the Ziyang fruit but she may be able to get to the mountain range in Zijin to be contracted with a few spirit beasts!


"Wait for me for 15 minutes. Where should I look for you later?" Xiebing asked, interrupting Hua Chenyi, she just needs to be told the necessary information.

"Here is fine, we'll go to the campsite together in a while, with a few of my other friends!" once he heard that she agreed, his heart burst with joy and he didn't even know why he was that happy.

Xiebing nodded her head and stood up to leave. She walked to a corner where there was no one, lifted her head looked at the sky and ordered, "Go back and tell grandfather, father and mother to not worry and that I went to the mountain range in Zijin with young master Hua!"

After a while of silence, a husky voice travelled through the air, "Yes!"

Then, Xiebing shouted for Lingxiao, who was training, out of the ring. Looking at the good-looking teen, she grinned, "Lingxiao, today I bought 49 children whom I would be handing you. This is the foundation pill and skill technique, as for the training method choice, you will decide!"

Hearing Xiebing's instruction, Lingxiao's whole body trembled! Soon after, joy overflows and was shown on his face and knew the trust Xiebing has for him, "Xiebing, don't worry! I won't disappoint you!"

"Oh right, amongst them, there is a proud and aloof teen, please pay close attention to him! I am going to a mountain range in Zijin, duration not certain, so you'll have to take care of yourself properly!" She told Lingxiao though her mind was still on the proud and aloof teen.

"En, I understand. Please take care of yourself too!" She still cares for me! Xiebing, I will work hard.

Xiebing then parted with a sentence, " The Jun household will arrange everything, you'll just need to train them! I will take care of myself properly!"

Lingxiao stared at Xiebing's back, he didn't turn around after a long time. He only walked toward the Jun household when the white back disappeared! If Xiebing trusts me so much, how could I make her disappointed?

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