Turns Out I’m Crazy Chapter 25

Chen Qingyu's affairs led to some tension building up within the usual upbeat atmosphere of the family.

During the afternoon, Liu Huamei had no plans of sticking around, and headed off for square dancing instead; meanwhile, Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei napped the whole afternoon.

Having not been in good spirits from yesterday, Chen Qianqing slept little during the night, thus he found some time during the afternoon to replenish his sleep instead. Since there were guests in the house, Lu Zhengfei had even more excuses to sleep together with Chen Qianqing.

Crawling into bed at one o'clock, Chen Qianqing dozed off for an hour, and at two thirty, he was completely awake. So, he brought up his phone to play around with in bed.

Lu Zhengfei slept soundly beside him until the clock rang three. Waking up, he saw Chen Qianqing huddled into bed beside him as soon as he opened his eyes, playing on his phone with his lips pursed. Instantly, his heart melted into a puddle.

Lu Zhengfei leaned over and kissed Chen Qianqing's lips: “Qianqing, I want to do it.”

Chen Qianqing responded without even so much as turning his head: “You did it two days ago.”

Lu Zhengfei stuck to Chen Qianqing like an octopus; he had actually decided to go the spoiled route: “That was rape, I want it to be consensual…”

Chen Qianqing: “…” So you were aware that it was rape too? Can you please have some shame?

Seeing that Chen Qianqing was not responding to him, Lu Zhengfei turned himself over to lay on top of Chen Qianqing. He s.n.a.t.c.hed away the phone from Chen Qianqing's hand and forcefully shoved Chen Qianqing's hand into his own pants: “How about you rub me off then?”

Chen Qianqing: “…Lu Zhengfei, do you want to be castrated?”

Lu Zhengfei was paralyzed in an instant, but he was still holding Chen Qianqing's hands tight, putting on an expression as if he was saying ‘I'm not letting go if you don't jerk me off'.

Chgen Qianqing felt helpless. He knew that he should be going with Lu Zhengfei's flow at moments like these, did he not know himself best? This b.a.s.t.a.r.d could only be dealt with by coaxing, not by force.

Chen Qianqing thought seriously about it for a moment. In some ways, helping Lu Zhengfei vent could also, in a way, be freeing himself from something worse. He wrinkled his brows: “If I get it out for you, can you hold yourself back for the rest of the month?”

Lu Zhengfei: “I'll hold myself back for a week!”

Chen Qianqing: “…Half a month!”

Lu Zhengfei: “Ten days! And not a single day more!”

Chen Qianqing took it: “Deal!”

Lu Zhengfei suddenly felt like he had lost.

After reaching a consensus, Chen Qianqing pulled Lu Zhengfei's pants down easily, and started to help him out with his hands. Lu Zhengfei was leaning against Chen Qianqing's body, observing his blank face. Somehow, he felt exceptionally excited today——This was Chen Qianqing's house, it was different from the time they made love a few days ago; today, Chen Qianqing was helping him with his desires by his own will.

The thought of this made Lu Zhengfei very happy.

Helping Lu Zhengfei vent his desires should have been something simple, but without coincidences, there would be no stories to tell; just as Lu Zhengfei was enjoying his hard to come by benefits, the door to their room suddenly opened.

Lu Zhengfei reacted very quickly, immediately covering up the bodies of both him and Chen Qianqing with a blanket before shooting a glare towards the door.

Chen Xiaohui who had suddenly opened the door and saw everything was shocked. After a quick yelp, she shut the door and ran away.

Chen Qianqing's face turned dark in an instant. He pushed Lu Zhengfei away and ran towards her while still wearing his pajamas. He could not let his relationship with Lu Zhengfei be exposed——At the very least, not now.

After Chen Xiaohui saw that, she shut herself in the guest room.

Chen Qingyang had already taken Chen Qingyu out at this time, so the only ones left in the house were Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei, and Chen Xiaohui.

Chen Qianqing knocked on the door of the guest room and called out: “Xiaohui, are you in there?”

Chen Xiaohui kept quiet. It seemed like she had gone mute from shock.

Lu Zhengfei had also come over, and asked: “Did she see?”

Chen Qianqing was already feeling quite angry, so he snapped at him: “If mom and dad finds out, the both of us are done for.”

Back then, when Liu Huamei and Chen Qingyang found out about the relationship between Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei, they had exhausted practically all their efforts to take him away. And due to their eagerness to protect their only son, they ended up angering Lu Zhengfei again and again, and this was also the reason why Chen Qianqing was unwilling to compromise with Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei knocked on the door: “Xiaohui, please come out, we need to talk.”

Chen Xiaohui's weak voice sounded out with the remnants of a bitter sob: “No, I'm not coming out, you two are perverts, it's gross, sob sob sob…”

Chen Qianqing's face turned for the worse. If he were himself at this moment, he would not have minded those hurtful words from Chen Xiaohui, but just thinking that these words were aimed towards Chen Qianqing caused an irresistible anger to rise up from his heart.

And during this time, it was clear that the young Lu Zhengfei shared the same sentiments at him. There was no hint of kindness or coaxing to be heard from his voice, it had instead become cold: “Chen Xiaohui, come out.”

Still, Chen Xiaohui did not respond, but from what they could hear, she was crying even louder now.

Lu Zhengfei turned to look at Chen Qianqing: “Qianqing, do you have the house keys?”

Chen Qianqing's heart was in chaos. He never would have thought that Lu Zhengfei that b.a.s.t.a.r.d would not have locked the door when they went back to their room, and coupled with Chen Xiaohui who liked to open doors as she pleased without knocking, things had turned even more complicated.

He took out his phone to call Liu Huamei, and asked where the keys were kept.

After hearing nothing coming from outside even after such a long while, Chen Xiaohui spoke up softly: “Are you still outside?”

Lu Zhengfei said: “Qianqing went to look for the spare keys, you decide whether you want to come out on your own or if you want us to open the door ourselves.”

After a period of silence, Chen Xiaohui still decided to open the door, saving Chen Qianqing the effort of getting the keys.

As soon as she went out, Chen Xiaohui saw the bitter looks on both their faces. She turned directly towards Chen Qianqing: “Cousin, how could you do such disgusting things? Just think about how sad uncle would feel if he saw that…”

Chen Qianqing looked at Chen Xiao Hui, and he could easily find from the weak and pitiful eyes of this girl a look of malice. He asked: “Do you plan to tell them?”

Chen Xiaohui lowered her head, and said meekly: “How could I hide such a thing from uncle and auntie?”

Instantly, a tinge of ridicule emerged on Lu Zhengfei's face who was looking on at the side when he heard Chen Xiaohui's words.

Chen Qianqing responded to her: “Alright, just tell me then, what can I do for you to keep it from my mom and dad?”

Being stared at in such a way by Chen Qianqing, Chen Xiaohui could feel a chill crawling up her back. But she still mustered up the courage and spoke her request in a hushed voice: “Please help me persuade auntie… Ask auntie to sell… sell that house to my mom.”

Well, this entire family has no shame.

If this was the real Chen Qianqing, then he may actually have agreed out of fear and panic.

After hearing Chen Xiaohui's request, Chen Qianqing put on expression that seemed almost like a mocking smile: “Chen Xiaohui, do you and your mom want that house so much?”

Chen Xiaohui tried to explain in a stutter: “Cousin, it's…it's not like I have any other choice, my family is too poor so my mom can't afford a house…Just pity my family for once, please…?”

Chen Qianqing said to her: “So these are your conditions? For me to persuade my mother to sell the house to your family?”

Chen Xiaohui responded with a soft hum of acknowledgement.

Chen Qianqing turned to look at Lu Zhengfei, and the voice that came out from his lips was as cold as ice: “Lu Zhengfei, this is your fault, so don't you think you should be the one wiping your own a.s.s clean?”

It would be a lie to say that Lu Zhengfei was not angry; it was so rare for Chen Qianqing to finally show his soft side in front of him for once, and it ended up being seen by someone else, even turning into something that was used against them——Anyone else would also be p.i.s.sed.

Lu Zhengfei wanted to try and move Chen Xiaohui with reason, but thinking about it, no amount of talk would get anything done. Besides, looking at Chen Xiaohui's crying face, he could tell that about eighty percent of it was just her putting on an act. So, he told her: “Xiaohui, can you give him some time to think? Don't you still plan to stay for two more days? How about you give him until the day you leave before he agrees to anything?”

Chen Xiaohui raised her head to look at Lu Zhengfei, and seemed to be a.s.sessing the credibility of his words.

Lu Zhengfei put on a warm smile: “Do you not trust your cousin, or…”——This face of mine?

Under Lu Zhengfei's gentle smile, Chen Xiaohui actually agreed.

Chen Qianqing crossed his arms and looked coldly at Lu Zhengfei. Without even saying a single word to him, he turned and left.

Chen Xiaohui watched Chen Qianqing's back as he left, and she turned to Lu Zhengfei: “Brother Lu, you're nicer than my cousin, he's so fierce to me…”

Lu Zhengfei reached out to pat her on her head, and he really wished he could tell her——Silly child, just because I'm nice to you doesn't mean I like you, I'm just waiting for the right time to come before I chop you up.

Even though they have temporarily settled things with Chen Xiaohui, things were not over just yet.

Lu Zhengfei returned back to their room with a bitter face, and saw that Chen Qianqing was back to playing mahjong. He said: “Qianqing…Don't be angry.”

Chen Qianqing hummed a response.

Lu Zhengfei: “…I'm sorry, it really was my fault this time, really…”

Chen Qianqing responded without even turning around: “Don't apologize to me, Lu Zhengfei, if you can't settle this right then I'll castrate you.”

Lu Zhengfei actually felt that Chen Qianqing was not joking around!!!! And because of what he said, he could actually feel a twinge of pain bubbling up in that certain part of his body.

Lu Zhengfei took out his phone slowly and dialed a number. After going through a long conversation with a bunch of mms and ahs, he finally got to business: “Help me investigate a person, yeah, that's right, from C City, her name is Chen Xiaohui and her mother's name is Chen Qingyu, mhm, please be quick, if possible, I need it by tonight…”

Chen Qianqing could just about guess who Lu Zhengfei was calling. He curled his lips and the look of contempt in his eyes almost seemed as if it was going to materialize soon.

Lu Zhengfei hung up the call and went over to him: “Don't worry, Qianqing, uncle and auntie will never know.”

Chen Qianqing turned up his eyes: “I hope so.”

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