Kill the Hero Chapter 274

Kill The Hero – Chapter 274 – Kill the Hero (2)

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There were many things that needed to be prepared when hunting.

The first thing that had to be prepared was none other than your weapon, your fangs.

What kind of fangs would be needed to pierce the skin, tear the flesh and break the bones of the prey.

Without an answer to that question, the plan itself could not form.

The same was true for Lee Se-jun.

It was the first question Kim Woo-jin asked himself when he decided to hunt Lee Se-jun.

How many fangs would he need to hunt a prey like Lee Se-jun?

Kim Woo-jin's answer to this question was simple.

'Only the Longinus Spear can kill Lee Se-jun.'

Longinus Spear.

Only this item was the fang that could be used to kill Lee Se-jun.

'It's the only item that can make all of Lee Se-jun's skills and items useless.'

It was the only thing that could neutralize Lee Se-jun's large number of legendary items and skills.

So he made a plan.

A plan to make Lee Se-jun take out the Longinus Spear, which he'd hidden deep within his inventory.

He made him use it against Isaac Ivanov.

This gave Lee Jin-ah the opportunity to obtain the spear and attack Lee Se-jun with it.


And while Lee Se-jun could not use any skills because of the Longinus Spear, Kim Woo-jin stabbed him in the heart with Balmung.

'Now only his head remains.'

Lee Se-jun grabbed onto the sword like it was his lifeline.

If Kim Woo-jin moved his hand, then Lee Se-jun would die even if he had thousands or hundreds of thousands of ways to survive if things had gone differently. (TL: half sure I tl'd this wrong… but it was a pretty hard sentence…)

It was a situation that marked the end of a long hunt.

'This is the last.'

On the other hand, this was also his last chance.

Why did you betray the world that believed in you?

Why did you betray the colleagues who sacrificed their lives for you?

Why did you betray me?

This was Kim Woo-jin's last chance to hear an answer to all his questions from Lee Se-jun himself.

When he had this thought, Kim Woo-jin pulled Balmung, which had been stuck in Lee Se-jun's chest, out.


Blood shot out of Lee Se-jun's chest and covered Kim Woo-jin.


And in that state, Kim Woo-jin swung Balmung and cut off Lee Se-jun's head without hesitation.

The cut was so clean that it took a few moments for the severed head to tumble off the neck and fall to the floor.

Kim Woo-jin didn't even look down at the head.

Instead, it was Lee Jin-ah who looked at him in shock.

“Y-, you just killed him right away?”

It seemed Lee Jin-ah would never have imagined that such a long, difficult, and fierce fight would end in such a dry manner.

“Aren't you supposed to ask why?”

In fact, Lee Jin-ah thought Kim Woo-jin would ask a few questions after finally cornering Lee Se-jun.

This was natural.

After all, one was the person who perfectly played the role of saviour in order to devour the whole world and the other was the person who noticed this goal and moved to stop it.

When they finally met each other face to face, it was natural that they would have a lot to say to each other.

Kim Woo-jin responded inwardly to Lee Jin-ah's words.

'I didn't come here because I wanted to hear his excuses.'

It was like this from the start.

Kim Woo-jin didn't just want to kill Lee Se-jun.

He knew that the feelings he felt after being betrayed by Lee Se-jun wouldn't simply melt like snow after killing him.

“I didn't take such a long and arduous path just to listen to some childish excuse.”

On the other hand, if he just intended to end it by killing Lee Se-jun, if the completion and culmination of his revenge was all he'd been after, there would have been no reason for Kim Woo-jin to have prepared all of this.

After all, it still wasn't over yet.

With that thought, Kim Woo-jin turned to look at the remaining members of the Messiah Guild.

There were no longer any traces of reason in the expressions of the Messiah Guild's members.

“Lee Se-jun!”


It was because the presence of Lee Se-jun, who had been decapitated, had taken away their reason.



The Messiah Guild's members, who had lost their reason, simply charged towards Kim Woo-jin, ignoring the skeleton army that was attacking them.

Even if their colleagues died miserably, even if they were inflicted with grievous injuries, they continued rushing forward without stopping.

They were no longer afraid of death, so they threw away their lives for this final attack.

Lee Jin-ah, who saw this scene, no longer looked stunned.

'This is no joke.'

It was difficult and dangerous to deal with so many talented people who had lost everything and were now doing everything to take down their enemy even at the cost of their lives, and he had to be focused.

Of course, Kim Woo-jin was different.

The shadows around them began to crawl towards Kim Woo-jin, who was calmly observing this scene.

These shadows crawled up Kim Woo-jin's body to his head where they finally took the shape of a pure black dog mask.

[Anubis descends.]

It was the moment he used Anubis' Descent.

30 days.

That was how long they were forced to survive on the second floor of the dungeon.

[There is 1 day remaining.]

And now they received a notification that only one day of that time remained.

It was an indescribably joyful reminder.

“Now, there's only us two left.”

However, Lee Jin-ah's words after they received the reminder were truly terrifying.

They meant that out of the 999 people, the number closest to 1000, that had gone to the second floor of the dungeon, only two remained.

In other words, 997 people died on this floor.

Kim Woo-jin didn't respond to Lee Jin-ah's words.

[Anubis fades away.]

Instead of answering, he released the power of Anubis, which had descended on his body.

Then he took off the mask he was wearing, as well as the Isaac Ivanov mask.

He had returned to his original appearance.

It was a more definite answer than any words. 

An answer that there was no longer anyone who could see their appearances so they no longer needed to act.

In response to that, Lee Jin-ah also took off the mask he was wearing.

“Kuh, now I can walk around with my manly face. It's such a waste to hide your handsome face. Isn't it?”

Lee Jin-ah, who'd taken off his mask, spoke as if he was trying to show off his coolness.

Kim Woo-jin didn't answer his question.

Instead, he walked forward.

Most of the bodies that Kim Woo-jin pa.s.sed as he walked were not complete.

And as there were so many bodies piled up, their blood formed a pond.

This sight was very messy and cruel to the point that it would make one dizzy, but it wasn't difficult to find the body with red hair among the pile.

'Park Shin-hye.'

The number two in the Messiah Guild.

The woman who helped the hero play the saviour in order to rule the world.

Her current appearance wasn't very good.

Her robes was filled with cuts and signs of battle, and through the countless holes on her armor, countless injuries could be seen on her body.

Her face also had obvious signs of poisoning.

The only thing that seemed comfortable was her expression.

Of course, that wasn't necessarily a good thing either.

This was the comfort that Park Shin-hye had only managed to reach after she gave up on her own life after her death became obvious.

Anubis' Descent was such a skill.

A skill that made those who knew they would die give up without hesitation.

Looking at Park Shin-hye's expression reminded Kim Woo-jin of a few memories he had of her.

'Now that I think about it, I have more memories with Park Shin-hye than with Lee Se-jun.'

There were more memories than those of Lee Se-jun.

In a way, she was Lee Se-jun's mouthpiece.

She was the one who communicated Lee Se-jun's wishes to Kim Woo-jin, and also the one who he met when he fulfilled those wishes.

Lee Jin-ah approached Kim Woo-jin who was staring at Park Shin-hye while immersed in his memories.

“Is it finally over?”

As he said those words, Lee Jin-ah's voice carried a trace of weakness.

This was natural.

It would be strange if he didn't feel drained in a situation where he had to carry out an unbelievably difficult task that no one could know about, and eventually succeeded.

Of course, Lee Jin-ah knew.

“Ah, of course I know we still have to clear the dungeon. I know that much even without you telling me.”

If he reacted like that, Kim Woo-jin would definitely tell him it's not done.

He'd tell him there was still the dungeon attack left.

Kim Woo-jin chuckled at Lee Jin-ah's words.

“Right, there's still more to be done.”

“Huh? More?”

Lee Jin-ah couldn't help but ask this when he saw Kim Woo-jin's expression.

Kim Woo-jin's eyes became black as he responded.

“We still have to make everyone here heroes who tried to save the world.”

Kim Woo-jin then received a notification.

[Anubis' eyes have opened.]

With those black eyes, Kim Woo-jin looked at Park Shin-hye.

'Because my revenge isn't over yet.'

October 4.

An unusually strong wind blew over the Chengdu city. 

The only thing that wasn't affected by these heavy winds was the concrete dome in the center of the city.

This place, which was called the Saviour's Cradle, was as secure as ever.

And in it, was the same scene as always.

Hundreds of cameras located around the dungeon gate were constantly streaming a still image.

It was a scene that was so boring it would make people lose their minds.

However, there were no signs of boredom in the eyes of those watching.

They were watching to ensure that they didn't miss a single moment of this historical event.

It was due to this.

“Ah! Someone came out!”

The person who was monitoring the image immediately understood what this meant and quickly reported the situation.

Immediately after that, the world began moving busily.

There was a huge screen in a conference room filled with reporters which showed the inside of the concrete dome.

“They finally cleared it.”

Thanks to that, they were able to see it right away.

“It's Isaac Ivanov!”

Isaac Ivanov!

The sight of this hero crossing the dungeon gate.

“It's Spashiba!”

And following Isaac Ivanov, the large frame of his closest companion appeared.

That was all.


No new players appeared from the dungeon gate.

'What about Lee Se-jun?'

'What about the Messiah Guild?'

The saviour who would save the world didn't appear.

It remained the same even as more time pa.s.sed.


The cheers that erupted around the world suddenly stopped, and the atmosphere became cold.

It was as if a harsh winter had settled upon the world.

Everything froze.


And in this situation, only one person, Isaac Ivanov, stepped forward without hesitation.

His footsteps led him to the podium that had been erected with the concrete dome beforehand.

It was just a simple platform.

But Isaac Ivanov stood upon the platform meant for the greatest and most historic declaration in the world.

Soon, Isaac Ivanov, who stood upon this platform, said.

“997 people died.”

The world didn't show any reaction to the words he said.

They were like dolls who had lost all of their emotions.

Nevertheless, Isaac Ivanov continued.

“Every time someone died, they left a will. 997 people left their wills. And every time, I only gave them one answer.”

He calmly repeated the wills of the dead.

“That I will kill the final boss and put an end to this game.”

Everyone in the world looked towards Isaac Ivanov, who stood upon the podium.

Only then did they realise.

Isaac Ivanov didn't lower his head, narrow his shoulders, or avert his eyes despite announcing this terrible news.

Instead, his eyes burned intensely with strong determination and will.

It was this Isaac Ivanov that said to the world.

“That way, I will save the world they wanted to save.”

When those words came out, a warm spring began to fall on the cold winter that had suddenly settled.

The warmth blossomed green.

And in this warmth, Isaac Ivanov said.

“I will accept Lee Se-jun's will. And in the name of the Messiah Guild, I will attack the 9 Floor dungeon and save the world.”

Then that warmth became a fiery heat that devoured the world.



The reporters all jumped up, throwing their pencils, notepads, and even their smartphones and cameras into the air as they cheered. 

Then, Kim Woo-jin said.

“And I will make the world remember the Messiah Guild and Lee Se-jun as heroes who saved the world.”

'Lee Se-jun, die as a hero who saved the world.'

It was the moment Kim Woo-jin righted all of the wrongs.

'Because the Lee Se-jun whom I gave my life for was a hero who wanted to save the world.'

And it was the moment he regained the meaning of his existence that had been denied.

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