Pleasing Start-Over Chapter 38

Pleasing Start-Over Chapter 38: Arc 3 Part 9

Author: 橘子

Last chapter of the arc!

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On the capital planet, there were ten wind turbines that collected wind energy. These windmills were very tall and towered among the clouds in the sky.

As wind season approached, the wind turbines didn’t only store the energy needed for everyday life on the planet for the entire upcoming year. They were also capable of directing the wind directions so that the surrounding planets would also be able to store enough energy for themselves. Another thing the turbines could do was expanding and forming a shield as a defensive measure to protect the capital planet.

Usually as the season approached, the wind turbines would spin faster and faster. However, this year, the wind season was nearing, but the turbines were still rotating quite slowly. This has inevitable cause some panic within the The royal family and officials paid a considerable amount of attention to this matter as well.

All the government branches on the capital were investigating the reasons for the wind turbines’ slow rotations. However, their results showed that the winds were moving as usual. According to the air volume and wind speed in s.p.a.ce, the wind turbines haven’t detected any anomalies anywhere in the systems.

Just when everyone was at a loss, the Mineral and Energy Research Department found something that affected the turbines’ rotating fans. There was a kind of magnet.i.te that caused the fans to rotate slowly. Therefore, various government branches and the army all simultaneously launched a search for said magnet.i.te on the capital.

Early in the morning, Qiao Chen had yet to awaken from his slumber when he heard a sharp knock on the door. Qiao Chen blearily opened his eyes and sat up. After the sleepiness faded, he got out of bed and walked to the door.

“Master Qiaoxi, there are a lot of people who have come here to arrest you.” The housekeeper said nervously.

“Really.” Qiao Chen calmly walked to the stairway.

Qiao Chen stood at the top of the stairs and looked at the man who led the group below and said, “Count Conrad? I heard that you’re going to arrest me. Please do tell me. What I’ve been charged with?”

“We have detected the energy signals of the magnet.i.te from you. As far as I know, you have lived in planet Gitanes for ten years. That planet has the largest source of magnet.i.tes available. So I have reason to suspect that you deliberately caused the wind turbine to rotate slowly. Furthermore, there were you evil attempts to harm the emperor. Presently, I want to bring you in for interrogation. I advise you to follow us obediently.” Conrad spoke righteously and in a dignified manner, but his eyes were filled with dirty thoughts as he looked at Qiao Chen, who was only dressed in his robes, up and down.

“So you say to follow you obediently, but did I say I was going to listen? What if I don’t go?” Qiao Chen said fearlessly as he crossed his arms.

“Then we can only use reasonable force to take you with us. If you accidentally hurt your fingers or that pretty little face of yours, then you can’t blame us.” Conrad smile insidiously. He hoped that Qiao Chen would resist, so that the process would be more fun.

“Does my cousin want to take my people away? Did you get my approval?” Augea said as he brought in his men from the outside.

Conrad’s fave immediately fell. He lost the arrogance and pride he had put on just now. He had chosen to come here after Augea had left, so he didn’t expect Augea to return so quickly.

“I am just enforcing the law. Even if you are the prince, you can’t just shelter a suspect who threatens the safety of the capital, can you?” Conrad looked at Augea and said.

“I am harboring him, so what? You can go ahead and run to my brother and tattle on me.” Augea walked up to Qiao Chen, hugged his waist, and kissed him on the cheek. “Did you sleep well?”

“What do you think?” Qiao Chen unhappily and coldly glanced at him. He was played around by the guy all night last night and he had only slept for two hours before he was woken up by these people.

“Let’s go back to my place and you can sleep there.” Augea hugged Qiao Chen and walked down the steps.

“Augea, if you dare to take him away, then I have no choice but to deal with you too.” Conrad said, pointing his gun at Augea.

“Deal with me? Are you even capable enough to try?” As soon as the words escaped his lips, Augea’s subordinates immediately subdued Conrad and his subordinates and pushed them on the floor.

“Augea, how dare you do this to me! I will never forgive you for this.” Conrad was subdued on the ground, but didn’t forget to spit out his threats.

Augea walked over to Conrad, crouched down to his eye leve, and said, “Haven’t youe lost almost all of your most powerful men yet? What can you do to me with the small fry you have left?”

“You…” Conrad gritted his teeth angrily and he revealed a malicious glare.

Augea took Qiao Chen back to his mansion. Qiao Chen was already asleep on the drive there. Augea picked Qiao Chen up and brought him into his room where Qiao Chen fell into a deep slumber as soon as he hit the bed.

While Qiao Chen slept, the discovery of the magnet.i.te that was supposedly found in the Goldmand’s estate had slowly spread throughout the capital.

Then, rumors from regular citizens and aristocrats claimed that Qiao Chen returned to the capital to avenge his grandfather on the interplanetary web. They claimed that his first step was to bring the magnet.i.te to the capital and force the wind turbines to rotate slowly so they couldn’t gather the wind energy. His next step was to completely destroy the capital. It was said that he would ignore the life and safety of others all so he could take revenge on the behalf of his grandfather.

Then they claimed that Prince Augea knew about Qiao Chen’s actions, but was bewitched by Qiao Chen and protected him. Prince Augea prevented the relevant authorities from investigating and interrogating Qiao Chen according to law. He disregarded the capital, and more importantly, the people’s safety.

The rumor suggested that Qiao Chen had already been convicted, but had not been executed because of Prince Augea’s protection. Qiao Chen’s fame and reputation, which had only began to grow, had collapsed in an instant. The public can understand Qiao Chen’s desire for revenge. After all, even though no one dared to mention the matter that happened ten years ago, they all knew that the old emperor was wrong for doing that to the Goldmands.

But they just couldn’t sympathize with Qiao Chen because of his choice to endanger safety and lives of the entire capital all for revenge. Even Qiao Chen was able to play so well, didn’t they have to be alive to hear it? Furthermore, they wouldn’t support a musician who wanted to endanger their lives.

People began to protest outside the palace and Augea’s residence. They demanded a thorough investigation into Qiao Chen. They also demanded that Qiao Chen, a dangerous criminal, to be sent to prison on a remote planet far from the capital.

It was in the middle of all this chaos that Ferney stood up and played music under the wind turbines. The several technicians who couldn’t figure out how to fix the problem, but the wind turbines began to rotate like normal.

Ferney told the media who came to interview him after his performance, “Even though I was banned from performing for three years, for the sake of the capital, I will perform again and again. I will accept another three year sentence added on to my sentence and continue to play if that means the wind turbines will return to normal.”

Then, Ferney looked into the camera and expressed, “I want to tell you, Qiaoxi. There is hatred in your heart. You will never be happy because of it. And it is absolutely terrible and shameful for you to even ignore the safety of the entire capital for the sake of your revenge. I hope you can own up to your mistakes and repent. Take responsibility and don’t hide from the consequences of your actions.”

Ferney bowed to the camera and continued, “I apologize again to everyone for cheating. Even though it was wrong for me to try and make myself look better through such disgraceful means, I would never do something so despicable as to endanger the lives of others. Finally, I hope that we all can come together and make the royal family hear our voices. Prince Augea must hand over Qiaoxi for a trial. He needs to get the punishment he deserves.”

After Ferney’s speech, the people seemed to be more emotional and excited.  The increased their intensity and strongly demanded Qiaoxi to have a trial.

Even though the public has been boiling over, Qiao Chen stayed in Augea’s home and leisurely played the piano and drank tea. It as though nothing was going on.

“Count Conrad is really capable. He directed and acted out a good show.” Qiao Chen got up from the piano and said as he walked to Augea’s side and sat.

“He’s in a rush, so he has to give it all he’s got.” Augea cleared out most of Conrad’s  strength and powerhouses, forcing Conrad to play his last hand.

“Quickly get rid of them. They’re so annoying.” Qiao Chen said.

“Soon. In just a few more days, I’ll be able to get rid of them all in one fell swoop.” His emperor borhter was also urging him to hurry up. THe public opinion has put a lot of pressure on the royal family, but he needs to wait until the most critical moment to completely weed every single one of them out.


In the middle of the night, most people on the capital were asleep. However, there seemed to be unusual movements in a large manor at the foot of the mountains in the suburbs

Augea sat in the car and played around with the weapon in his hand. After he received a message from his subordinates, Augea smiled at the screen. He pressed the screen on the communicator and within three seconds, bright lights shown down at the manor. The entire property was lit up like it was day. Five seconds later, a huge explosion erupted from the back of the mountain. Screams and chaotic clamor came from the estate. At the same time, hundreds of soldiers descended from the sky and landed in the middle of the property. It wasn’t long before the noise from the manor stopped.

Alarms rang throughout it all and woke up the sleeping residents of the capital. They all jumped out of their beds alert and looked out their windows in a panic. They had no idea what was going on.

People were panicking and checked the alarms at their homes. If there were any emergencies, the alarm would notify them and tell them how to prepare. However, all they found was that their alarms were all unresponsive. They had no choice but to check the internet or turn on their TVs to see what was going on.

When Augea finally entered the manor’s study room, all the occupants had been subdued by his men. There were people sitting on the sofa who were subdued as well.

The study held Conrad, Dayton, Ferney, and some other n.o.bles and officials.

“Lift their heads and let the entire country see their faces.” Augea live broadcasted the military operation on the interplanetary web to avoid the public from repeating the same things they had said about the matter with Duke Goldmand a decade before: The royal family was covering up their sins.

Everyone watched their screens in confusion. They still didn’t quite understand the situation. Augea asked his subordinates to pick up the items on the table in front of these people and one by one show the camera everything, so that the people would know what they were doing.

When civilians saw the war plans and the doc.u.ments and contracts outlining the spoils of war, they didn’t quite understand what was going on. However, the n.o.bles and officials who saw the papers immediately understood what they indicated and were shocked.

When the camera’s feed switched to the mountain behind the manor, images of an a.r.s.enal that carried a large number of weapons appeared. There were also various equipment and devices that could control and manipulate the country’s emergency alert system and the wind turbines. The civilians finally understood what was going on. The people who were just shown were prepared to rebel against the emperor and take control of the capital.

“Take them all away.” Augea commanded.

Conrad knew that he failed. Everything had been exposed to the public. This time, if he didn’t die, then he would never walk a free man again. As he was taken away, the moment he pa.s.sed by Augea, he broke out of the soldier’s grasp and rushed to Augea. He wanted to kill Augea with the weapon hidden on his waist. It was Augea who pushed me to this point. He forced my plans to fail. Even if I die, Augea can’t live well and alive.

Augea kicked Conrad’s waist and shot him in the shoulder. Conrad immediately crumpled to the ground.

“Let go of me. Let me go. Augea! I will kill you!” Conrad seethed as he violently struggled despite the gunshot wound on his shoulder.

“Hn.” Augea sneered coldly. He didn’t want to talk to a desolate dog like him and signaled his men to take Conrad away.

When the restrained Dayton walked pa.s.sed him, Augea said, “I pity Duke Kirsty for having a son like you. He’d be so disappointed if knew what you’ve done.”

Dayton knew that his father would be the first one who wouldn’t forgive him once he was exposed as a partic.i.p.ant in the rebellion. However, his face just darkened and didn’t say a word.

Augea took another look at Ferney. He was despondent and spiritless as he stood behind Dayton. Augea signaled his men to take them all away.

No slept that night. People on other planets all witnessed the matter unfold over the interplanetary network. However, it didn’t even end even when the sun’s ray broke through the night sky.

The royal guards surrounded the homes and estates of all those involved with the incident and detained their families. They found more evidence among their homes.

Ferney’s house was personally searched by Augea. Ferney’s parents knew that the rebellion failed, and they were done for. They had watched, panicked, as soldiers of the royal guard surrounded their home late last night.

“I have nothing to do with these things. I didn’t partic.i.p.ate or have any knowledge of anything. Please don’t me away. Please, Your royal highness.” Ferney’s mother cried and begged when she saw Augea coming.

“Please let me see Qiaoxi. Please, Your royal highness. Let me see Qiaoxi.” Ferney’s father, Mudaru, emotionally asked Augea. He knew that only Qiaoxi could save him now.

Augea ignored all of their pleas. When his men reported the evidence to him, he had quickly scanned through it. There was already enough evidence to convict the entire family.

As he was taken outside, Mudaru saw Qiao Chen standing near a car, not too far away. He excitedly struggled and shouted, “Qiaoxi, Qiaoxi. Save me. I’m your father, you can’t not help me.”

Qiao Chen walked up to them and spoke to Mudaru, “When you planted that magnet.i.te in my house, I’m afraid you didn’t think about the fact that you were my father, did you?”

“I-I….” Mudaru’s eyes shifted. Then he wept to Qiao Chen, “I’m sorry Qiaoxi. I know I was wrong. I was really wrong. I’ll never do anything to hurt you ever again. Please save me. Only you can do it, please.”

“Save you?” Qiao Chen laughed. Then he looked at him sharply, “What was it that Ferney said? Ah, I did return to the capital with hatred filling my heart. Unfortunately, that hatred wasn’t for the royal family, but was for your family. Didn’t you ask me if my mother returned to the capital with me? I can tell you now that she didn’t. She’s dead- died on that planet in some remote country.”

“Die- died?” Mudaru stared at Qiao Chen, then he quickly defended himself, “It was this woman who seduced me! She’s why I divorced your mother. Believe me, the one I still love is your dear mother. Believe me.”

“Mudara, have you no shame? Clearly it was you who seduced me first. You were the one who promised me that you’d divorce her, but now you’re saying I seduced you?” Ferney’s mother said emotionally. “It’s clear to see that you and Ferney plotted all this by yourselves. This has nothing to do with me. Why should I be arrested with you? Let me go. These things have nothing to do with me.”

“Please be rest a.s.sured. I will not separate you two. I’ll let you stay together for the rest of your lives. I’ll let you have a taste of what you forced my mother to suffer when she was alive. I’ll be sure to let you experience it over and over again.”

“No!” Ferney’s mother shook her head and said, “I don’t want to be with him forever. I haven’t committed the crimes he’s committed. You can’t do this to me.”

“Qiaoxi! Qiaoxi, forgive me. Please, help me. Please!” Mudaru pounded on the window. He was still begging Qiao Chen for help even after he was put in the car.

Augea hugged Qiao Chen and brought him back to their car. He stroked Qiao Chen’s back and said, “Don’t be sad. I’m your husband and your family. Trust me. I can fulfill both roles very well.”

“And? What are you trying to say?” Qiao Chen squinted at him.

“If you miss your family that much, then you can call me dad.” Augea looked at Qiao Chen and earnestly said. “I will be a good lover and a good father.”

“Oh, so you don’t want to have any children with me?” Qiao Chen said. “If I call you dad, would our child call you grandpa or my brother? Is is good for a family to have such messed up roles?”

“If you want to have children, we’ll have them. If you don’t want children, then we won’t.” Augea kissed Qiao Chen’s forhead.

Qiao Chen thought that the man’s brain goes to a weird direction every time he mentions being his dad.  He didn’t want to continue talking about this topic with him anymore.

Qiao Chen looked at the testing hole from the car’s windshield and said, “ When Ferney pushed me down the test hole over and over again, I ended up fainting at the bottom of the hole. That damaged my spiritual strength, so I couldn’t make any breakthroughs in music. Then I failed to enter the Imperial Academy of Performing Arts. I had always dreamed about going there.”

“With your current playing ability, you can just become a professor at the Imperial Academy of Performing Arts.” Augea said.

“That’s a good idea.” Qiao Chen smiled and said. “I want Ferney to know what it’s like to lose his spiritual strength and ability to play music because of it.”

“Leave that to me. Your hands are meant for playing music.” Augea pulled Qiao Chen’s hands up to his mouth and lovingly kissed each finger.

“Are you curious about how I later recovered my spiritual strength?” Qiao Chen turned to look at Augea and asked.

“If you want to tell me, then I want to know. If you don’t want to tell me, then I don’t want to know. I’m willing to respect all the secrets you want to protect.”

“Will you always love me this much? Even if it’s in the next life and the life after that and the life after that? Would you love me like this forever?”

“If there is a next life, then it doesn’t matter how many lives. I swear that I will always love you this much. No- I will love you more than I did in the previous life.”

“Your sweet talk is getting sappier and sappier. Look at my goose b.u.mps.” Qiao Chen said with a laugh.


Evidence of Conrad, Dayton, and the other n.o.bles and officials who conspired against the emperor was published in the interplanetary network. This included the videos of Mudaru planting the magnet.i.te in Qiao Chen’s house and Conrad preparing the wind turbines to attack the palace. They also posted evidence of Conrad sending people to manipulate public opinion.

The evidence that proved how they framed Qiao Chen for the wind turbine matter was also released. It showed how they had Ferney ‘restore’ the turbine to normal, when they were actually diverting people’s attention while they manipulated the turbines’ energy reserves.

Ferney’s previous speech after he ‘fixed’ the wind turbines were cropped and played on repeat on the interplanetary network. It was filly with rants as people continually scolded him.

“He was the one who denounced others as despicable and shameful. He was only talking about himself.”

“Musicians have never partic.i.p.ated in any politics. I never expected him to have such big political ambitions as a musician.”

“Such a shameless, scheming person doesn’t deserve to be a musician.”

“What a horrible excuse for a human being. I’m ashamed that I was ever his fan.”

“He must be convicted of a felony. He brings shame to all musicians. He shouldn’t be given leniency.”

“That’s right. He needs to be convicted.”

The person who was affected the most by Conrad and Dayton’s collusion and plot for rebellion was none other than Duke Kirsty. For years, he had a firm hold as the Chief of Staff of the Military. On one hand, he did so in order not to follow in the footsteps of his dear friend Duke Goldmand. On the other, it was hard for him to carry on as big leader and he couldn’t control such great power at all.

Originally, he wanted to hand over his strength once his grandson was old enough… but now that Dayton had plotted a rebellion, how could he continue to control the 1st Legion?

Duke Kirsty handed back the military power of the 1st Legion. Conrad and his people were all implicated and collapsed. It was much easier for the emperor and Augea to manage the country.

Conrad was convicted of his felonies and sentenced to a life time in prison on planet Lonely Sea Star. He could never leave his three square meter metal cell.

Even though Dayton was one of the main members in the conspiracy to overthrow the government, the emperor’s final sentence was relatively light. Due to Duke Kirsty handing over all the military power, he was only sentenced to thirty years in the Capital Planet Penitentiary.

Mudaru and Ferney’s mother were sent to planet Wild Rock where they mined and carried stones day in and day out in the scorching sun. They were locked in the same cell where they often argued and physically fought with each other.

On his journey to the border planet, Scorching Rock, Ferney’s mind received a shock and he lost his spiritual strength. Ferney realized that his spiritual strength had collapsed and, in turn, he was on the verge of collapse. He originally thought that no matter where he was sent to, he would be able to live well due to his musical ability as long as there were people willing to listen. However, his mental strength had degraded so severely that he couldn’t play music any more.

Ferney broke down, screamed, and cried in the room where he was being held. However, no one paid attention to him. He knew that this was Qiaoxi’s revenge, but he there was no way he could retaliate in this lifetime.

Qiao Chen entered the Imperial Academy of Performing Arts just as Augea had suggested. He also wrote several musical pieces that were later handed down to each generation and was immortalized as a part of their history’s great musicians. Then, he and Augea got married in the royal palace with the emperor as their witness.

All this time, Qiao Chen had stayed by Augea’s side. He knew that Augea would never leave the world before Qiao Chen himself did. When it was time for Qiao Chen to part, he died in Augea’s arms and Augea followed right behind him.

Qiao Chen has reached 100% completion for soul fragment, Augea. The world has been completed.


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