Don’t You Like Me Chapter 51

Translator: Reiyu; Editors: Pyrrhae, fraise On returning to the dorm room that night, Lin Feiran let his Yin-Yang eyes open and looked all around.

The dorm room was quiet, and not a single ghost was in sight!

Lin Feiran did not know to which poor unfortunate soul's dorm room this dead disco-dancing army had moved.

The old is indeed expeditious and efficient, Lin Feiran thought happily. Just to be on the safe side, he also checked the closet and under the bed before relaxing fully.

Before returning to the dorm today, he had also worried that the school might send the sixteen ghosts away only to stay and supervise him and Gu Kaifeng in person…

It was very cold in the middle of December. Although the heating in the dormitory was sufficient, bed was still the most comfortable place to be. Before it was even 9pm, the two had already showered and washed up. Gu Kaifeng picked up a set of English practice papers and put a hardcover notebook beneath them, then took them to his bed to work on. Lin Feiran was standing in front of his desk, looking for that day's unfinished homework. As he was glancing around, his eyes were caught on Gu Kaifeng's profile, the handsomeness of which was amplified by his studiousness. Thinking again about how there were no longer any ghostly onlookers, Lin Feiran's heart pounded wildly, and the sudden rapid flow of blood made him hot all over.

What are you thinking about, can't you stop thinking like Gu Kaifeng! Lin Feiran scorned himself inwardly, and hurriedly bowed his head to gather his scratch paper, writing implements, and mathematics homework.

As soon as Lin Feiran looked down, Gu Kaifeng, who had seemed engrossed in his homework, now casually glanced over and ogled Lin Feiran from head to toe. When Lin Feiran looked back up, Gu Kaifeng looked away after a second and stared at the English papers in his hand with unparalleled seriousness.

Lin Feiran eyed him darkly. "……"

Gu Kaifeng kept staring at his papers for three more seconds before he could no longer keep a straight face, and the corners of his mouth quirked suddenly.

"You weren't working on your questions at all!"

Gu Kaifeng laughed. He tossed his English papers aside and, while seated on the bed, opened his arms to Lin Feiran. "Come quickly, hubby wants to hug you."

"Oh." Lin Feiran's face exuded a pretence of calm, but his limbs were honest; he quickly walked over, kicked off his slippers, and fell into Gu Kaifeng's arms, hugging him tightly. Immediately after, he burrowed his way beneath the blankets.

Now, they could finally have couple time! Lin Feiran could not keep his heart from soaring!

Gu Kaifeng ardently kissed Lin Feiran's face, then moved his body forward so his hands could feel around beneath the blankets. Lin Feiran twisted and wriggled in protest. "What are you touching there for…"

"Your hubby is touching your feet, what are you concerned about?" Gu Kaifeng tightened his hold. "I find your feet get cold too easily."

Lin Feiran's feet were enveloped by Gu Kaifeng's hands. He felt somewhat bashful, but he could not free himself, so he just bit his lips in embarra.s.sment. Perhaps due to his body's const.i.tution, but during the winter, even if he was staying in a warm room, his hands and feet were often cold. He had been like this since he was young, so he did not think much of it.

"Go, sit over there and give me your feet. I'll warm them for you," Gu Kaifeng ordered in a tone that brooked no opposition.

Lin Feiran thought to himself that he wanted to hug and kiss him a little more, but he could not bring himself to spit out the words, so he moseyed his way to the foot of the bed and faced Gu Kaifeng, extending his recently-washed feet. Gu Kaifeng pulled up the hem of his pajama shirt then took hold of Lin Feiran's skinny ankles and pressed both ice-cold feet to his abdomen. After, Gu Kaifeng lowered his pajama shirt so it covered Lin Feiran's feet, then turned to pick up his discarded English papers.

"Don't warm them with your stomach," Lin Feiran said anxiously. "A cold stomach can get diarrhea easily."

"Then where should I warm them?"Gu Kaifeng caught hold of Lin Feiran's wandering feet and pressed one of them downward, the corner of his mouth quirking perversely. He asked in a low voice, "Would baby prefer that I warm them here?"

"You…" Lin Feiran's brain was buzzing. He felt that the place beneath his foot was undergoing rapid changes. He swallowed with difficulty and said stubbornly, "I don't like it."

Gu Kaifeng raised his eyebrows. "You really don't like it?"

Lin Feiran pulled the corner of the blanket and covered more than half his face so that only his bright black eyes were showing. He whispered, "Fake don't like it."

Gu Kaifeng bit his lower lip lightly. Holding on to Lin Feiran's ankle, he directed the foot so it slid in an up and down motion. The fabric of his pajamas was soft and slippery, and only two thin layers of fabric were between them.

Lin Feiran pulled the blanket up again so that almost his whole face was hidden behind it.

With this ostrich-like protection, Lin Feiran daringly used his foot to rub back and forth for a while. Seeing Gu Kaifeng's surprised and joyful expression, Lin Feiran's entire face went red, and deceiving himself and everyone he buried his entire face under the blanket; he did not dare look at Gu Kaifeng.

In a show of great mercy, Gu Kaifeng released Lin Feiran's foot. He scooched over and pulled aside the blanket Lin Feiran was using to cover his face, and pressed Lin Feiran against the wall. He kissed Lin Feiran's thoroughly red cheekbone, then the soft corner of his lip, and then bit Lin Feiran's sensitive earlobe before whispering, "The way you looked at me just now…"

"Don't bite there…" When Lin Feiran's earlobe was bitten, his waist on that side of his body would go unspeakably numb.

Gu Kaifeng let go with his teeth, but gave an even more wicked lick. Then he followed up on what he had not finished saying: "… was so tempting. I almost 'that' when you looked at me."

Lin Feiran was pleased at heart, and he could not hide the smile on his face."Can't help it. I'm too charming."

"Yeah, even the Adonis has been teased to madness by you, which means you are even more of an Adonis than Adonis." Gu Kaifeng was so good at bootlicking the boot flew up. In the meantime, one of his hands sneakily hooked onto the edge of Lin Feiran's pajama pants.

Before, Lin Feiran was always worried that there would be ghostly voyeurs, so ever since the first time he and Gu Kaifeng had "helped each other out," even though he really wanted to do ‘that,' he could not relax. Gu Kaifeng had failed at initiating intimacy many times and thought it was because he was embarra.s.sed, so this time, Gu Kaifeng had devised a little scheme.

"That's true. Good that you know." Having successfully overtaken the Adonis's throne, Lin Feiran quirked his little tail right up to the sky, revealing the little you-know-what under the tail.

"Of course I know," Gu Kaifeng said, and tossed Lin Feiran's pajama pants outside the blankets. He felt around inside the blankets for a moment, then continued feeding Lin Feiran an . "RanRan, don't think that because you're ten centimeters shorter than me…"

Lin Feiran's brow furrowed and he corrected severely, "Nine centimeters."

Gu Kaifeng: "……"

Gu Kaifeng swiftly removed his own pajama pants and matter-of-factly compared legs with Lin Feiran. "Even though you're nine centimeters shorter than me, your body proportions are better than mine, and your legs aren't any shorter than mine. All your height went to your legs, and you grew them very well."

"But… mm…" Lin Feiran struggled to respond, his mind in a daze. He thought that Gu Kaifeng's legs were still a little longer than his own, but he was also so flattered by Gu Kaifeng that he believed his legs really had grown long. Without giving him any time to prepare, Gu Kaifeng's hands had already started lighting a fire all over.

By the time Lin Feiran realized, he found he had already slid down the wall and was pressed firmly in place by Gu Kaifeng.

The moral of the story, kids, is that quirking one's tail is a very dangerous thing to do!

Gu Kaifeng stuck his hand out from the blankets and threw away another two articles of clothing…

Now that Lin Feiran no longer suffered the psychological pressure of being watched by ghosts, he was very enthusiastic, and even daringly reached out to touch Gu Kaifeng's body!

Because Gu Kaifeng exercised often, his muscles were well-proportioned, firm and lithe, and nice to the touch. After touching them once, Lin Feiran wanted to touch some more.

Ah ah ah when did I become as perverted as Gu Kaifeng?! After touching him under the cover of the blankets, Lin Feiran suppressed his desire to touch again, and retracted his hand like a thief. He gave Gu Kaifeng an innocent look and after a moment of silence he said, "…I didn't do it on purpose."

Gu Kaifeng almost burst out laughing. He wrapped one arm around Lin Feiran and caught Lin Feiran's hand with his other, placing it around himself. He whispered, "Come on, let's touch each other."

Lin Feiran's face glowed red. He stammered like he was meaning to refuse, but his hands were honest.

About twenty minutes later, the two put their clothes back on. After this tussle, Lin Feiran's hands and feet were no longer cold, and the two were cozily snuggled beneath the same blanket, leaning sweetly against each other… doing the homework they had not finished.

Yes, this was called reality.

It was very important to study hard, otherwise how would they get into the same university?!

In no time at all, it was the 24th of December, Christmas Eve.

It was a, and ordinarily after having four periods of cla.s.s in the afternoon, school would be let out and the students could go home. Perhaps the school did not want the students to take advantage of Christmas Eve to run around and make trouble, but the school had added a period of evening self-study, making it so students could not leave school and go home until 7pm.

In winter, the sun set early. It was not even 6pm when the daylight had vanished completely. Someone murmured that it was snowing, and all the students raised their heads to gaze out the window.

Under the somber curtain of night, small, delicate snowflakes were drifting all around. The vault of heaven was illuminated by their refracted light, making it seem not as dark outside anymore.

"What are all of you looking at? When school is let out you can look all you want. Don't get distracted during self-study." Ms. Zheng, who was supervising evening self-study, had her hands behind her back as she patrolled the room. The excited atmosphere was quelled immediately. When Ms. Zheng reached the last row where Lin Feiran was seated, she leaned over to look at the English essay he was writing. She pointed at the rune-like English letters and sighed, "Your handwriting…"

Lin Feiran hurried to explain, "…Ms. Zheng, I really did write properly."

Gu Kaifeng let out a snort of laughter.

"I know." Ms. Zheng walked away, not at all rea.s.sured.

Lin Feiran's Yin-Yang eyes happened to be open, and out of habit he glanced around Ms. Zheng, wanting to see the little girl's ghost.

The little girl's ghostly silhouette had become increasingly insubstantial and transparent over time as her unfulfilled wishes continued to reduce. The strange thing was that just now, without warning, her form had become as distinct as before, the degree of transparency about the same as when her wishes were at their strongest. Lin Feiran was able to spot her with only a glance.

Lin Feiran was shocked; he feared the little girl's ghost's wishes had increased again. Just as he was thinking of how to ask her, the little girl's ghost gave him a sweet smile and said, "Big brother, I'm going."

Lin Feiran mouthed, Where are you going?

The little girl's ghost frankly said, "To reincarnate."

Her eyes were no longer black and lifeless, but as clear and bright as brown amber. A gentle light radiated from within.

"I came to say thank you." The little girl showed two tiny dimples with her smile, her gaze sincere as she looked at Lin Feiran and said, "Thank you, big brother. I have no more regrets."

Lin Feiran pursed his lips and nodded so slightly it almost could not be seen.

The little girl's ghost looked at Gu Kaifeng, a hint of slyness in her gaze. As if afraid someone would hear, she bent close to Lin Feiran's ear and whispered, "I wish you and that big brother eternal happiness."

Lin Feiran's face turned red!

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