The Price of Confessing To The Wrong Female Protagonist Chapter 22


YunGe's simple “kitchen” was just built beside the cave.

If someone were to appear, they would see the current scene and be astounded. The eminent and unapproachable Senior Martial Sister, even looking more than once was considered blasphemy. She was currently bent over, attempting to cook the meat of a flame beast. You saw that right! Cooking it!

In Yunfu School, practically all the imported food were all created with spiritual power. So pans and other cookware were found only in the Human realm. No one was allowed to descend to the mortal world without permission either. And so YunGe could only make do with the previously killed flame beast and absorb all the spiritual energy in the meat, then cook it…    “Master…” Huan Mo sat next to YunGe. She looked on, using her hands to support her cheeks. “Master…”    YunGe bent her index finger and shaved her disciple's nose. “Tomorrow, I will accompany you to Uncle Bai's place. Eating too much meat is not good!”

Huan Mo frowned. “Master…”

“Don't want to go??” YunGe thinks that Bai ShuSheng's appearance was what this girl was afraid of. “When looking at a person, don't only look at the outside, understand? Uncle Bai's character is not bad.” Judging based on looks is unacceptable!

“…” Huan Mo lowered her head. How should she say it? She doesn't dislike that person. She dislikes the times when her master and that person are together… although the other person might not make sense of some of those words.

Ultimately, after YunGe's various coaxes, dinner was cooked.

At night, YunGe meditated and Huan Mo had already climbed into her own bed, using a white-fur blanket to bundle herself up.

Huan Mo seemed particularly well-behaved when sleeping and stayed still in one position throughout the night.    Today, YunGe couldn't calm down and the spiritual power on her body began to fluctuate a little. She opened her eyes.

The interior of the cave was very quiet, enough to hear her disciple's breathing.

From the place where she meditated, she stood up. Her mind was in confusion.

It was still snowing outside. The scenery a vast expanse of whiteness from the snow.

YunGe looked at her disciple sleeping soundly. Then left the cave without a sound.

Because of her disciple, YunGe's cultivation base hadn't improved lately.

However, she didn't regret at all. To her, the existence of this disciple had greatly reduced her anxiety.    YunGe walked through the thick layer of snow, wondering why Yunfu School was so fond of snow. It was snowing nearly all year round. Perhaps it was because the first school leader had Water spiritual veins. So amongst the big sects and schools, Yunfu School was the only one in a world of ice and snow.

Creak YunGe shifted her sight towards the sound and saw Junior Suster, Lin Ling close by.     YunGe walked over. “It's so late, why are you here?” YunGe felt a bit baffled.

“Senior Sister, I heard from Second Senior Brother about the situation between you and GuiYi sect's leader…” Lin Ling ran over. In her opinion, no one can deserve Senior Sister…

“And?” YunGe was very curious about how she thought about this matter.

“GuiYi sect is too despicable!!” Lin Ling spoke as she panted with rage. “Using this kind of method to hook Senior Sister over!! They're crossing the line!”

“This is a win-win situation…” YunGe moved from her line of sight. “Regarding Yunfu School or regarding GuiYi sect, it is the best choice for both.”    “No, it's not!!” Lin Ling was angry. “When the time comes, they will definitely use the two geniuses for the reason of better descendants, and Senior Sister will…” Lin Ling felt unwell even thinking about it. Senior Sister, alone, was beautiful. Having a useless Martial Niece was annoying enough. Now that there was another annoying existence, Lin Ling felt unwell…

   No matter what person, after worshipping another for so many years, their heart will hurt seeing the person they admired fall in front of them.

A level 3 Ice spiritual beast trembled, feeling a bad premonition. What's with that “little weak chicken” now?    It felt dejected. Why must that “little weak chicken” have its favorite smell, yet be so ferocious?!”

The so-called “little weak chicken” was listening to the conversation between her master and her not-good Martial Aunt. The transparent-colored spiritual energy that surrounded her slowly turned into strands of black energy, enough to cause someone to shudder. Her dark eyes instantly turned into a dark red. With her delicate and young face, the whole image was strange to look at.    YunGe felt that the surrounding spiritual energy was a bit off. She released her spiritual sense, but didn't find anything.

Since there was nothing, she treated that split second of strangeness as an illusion.

“Senior Sister…” Lin Ling already had a sobbing tone “Senior Sister…”    YunGe's heart felt warmth. She didn't know that this girl had such deep feelings for her.

“Alright, it's nothing, go back and sleep, it's already so late!” YunGe said gently as she rubbed the hair on Lin Ling's head.

Feeling the touch on her head and hearing the gentle voice, Lin Ling was startled for a moment. She looked up to see Senior Sister, the person whom she had worshipped for so long. At this time, a gust of cold wind blew and shook the branches. The countless snowflakes once acc.u.mulated on the branches had fallen on the two people. With contrast between the snow and the eminent and unapproachable person, her appearance seemed to give off a gentle atmosphere.

“Master…” A nervous voice rang out, shattering the beautiful scene in front of her.

YunGe turned around to see her disciple wearing a single layer of clothing and outside standing in the snow, shivering from the cold wind.

YunGe hurriedly went over to carry her up. “Why didn't you wear clothes before coming out here??”    Her body was as cold as ice, so YunGe swiftly drew her into her embrace. The girl buried her head in the embrace and said with a small voice “Master wasn't there…”    YunGe patted her. “I was going out for a walk. Next time, remember to wear your cloak, understood?”

“Senior Sister…” Lin Ling felt that this scene before her eyes was too dazzling!! She had never seen this side of Senior Sister. The cold chills she had seemed to go away.    She had never seen this…    Normally, she would think her Senior Sister would treat this useless Martial Niece differently… but she didn't know…    “Cough cough cough…,” The little girl suddenly coughed. YunGe had wanted to talk with Lin Ling, but was frightened instead. “Did you catch a cold?”    She turned around to look at Lin Ling. “Junior Sister, go back early. Don't catch a cold.” She then carried her disciple back to the cave.

Lin Ling looked at her Senior Sister as her heart shed tears. Senior Sister, how could cultivators catch a cold? She was not like that rubbish who couldn't draw in qi…    But… she now wants to be just that… what to do?

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