I Got a Cheat and Moved to Another World, so I Want to Live as I Like Chapter 22

Publishedat 14th of October 2019 11:08:47 AMChapter 22

Translator: Imouto Hunter

I push open Jayanne’s doors and enter the lobby .

I’ve gotten very familiar with the concierge . I ask him how things are going with Instructor Light Cruiser .

「Thanks to you, she’s very well . She’s in good condition and none of her symptoms are returning . 」

That’s good to hear . As I smile, the concierge apologetically speaks .

「I know that you came all the way here, but unfortunately she is with other guests right now . 」

「Ahh, don’t worry about it . I just wanted to ask how her treatment went . 」

She must surely be glowing after her recovery, and with the way she works it would be odd for her to not have any customers .

「I’ll choose a different girl today . 」

He seemed relieved to hear my reply .

(It looks like the explosive onee-san isn’t here . )

There’s no sign of her s.e.xy, voluptuous figure on the sidelines . She could be in the middle of work, or she could be late coming in . I wonder which it is? Let’s look at the tiered platform .


I’m being watched . A certain girl is really focusing on me . Her stare is blowing me away, but it’s not a bad feeling . It’s as if she’s begging for me to pick her . She’s a beautiful, stylish onee-san with long wavy hair . Her figure is small, and large where it needs to be . I can sense the pheromones that only mature women possess .

Still, she’s got some amazing eyes . They look like the eyes of a starving animal . Advertis.e.m.e.nt

(What’s this?)

An accessory?

Her hair band has what looks like a pair of animal ears attached to it . The “gap” quality of an adult woman wearing that hairband is really cute .

(I might as well ask for her, even though her eyes are a little scary . )

I called out to the concierge to request her . The concierge then, in a quiet voice, whispered in my ear .

「Tauro-sama, thank you for your request . However, I would like to confirm something with you . 」

Wondering what it could be, I urged him to continue .

「On the off chance you weren’t aware… that woman isn’t human . 」

Looking at my surprised expression, his face told me that he expected this .

「The girl is a werewolf . 」

(Looks like the fantasy’s here at last . )

Ever since coming to another world and hearing word of other races, I’ve been ready to meet one . Though, I wasn’t expecting my first encounter to be in a brothel .

「What would you like to do?」

I’m ready . If there’s not any huge problems, I’ll stick with my decision .

「It’s my first time with a non-human, so could you tell me about them in detail?」

The concierge proceeded to teach me .

On nights with a full moon they transform into wolves, meaning she won’t transform with the way the moon is right now . When untransformed they’re the same as humans, with the exception being their extreme physical strength . There’s also the ears and tail . They have their differences in personality, but to generalize, they have a tendency to be very pa.s.sionate about games and contests .  And so on .

(She really does look like a normal human . I honestly thought those ears were fake . )

「Understood . I don’t mind, so I’d like that girl… By the way, why is she staring at me so much?」

The concierge made a troubled expression .

「Ehh… It’s probably her mating season . 」

「Mating season?」

「Yes . It looks like it’s started unexpectedly . 」

「If I left the store, would she be alright?」

「That’s no problem . There are customers that prefer her in this state, and specifically make reservations for times like this . 」

(I guess she’s been looking at me because I’m a male… wait, there are other males than me here, aren’t there?)

I look around, and there are at least five or six other men here . Despite this, her gaze is fixed on me .

「Why is she only looking over here?」

「There’s a reason for that too…」

With a sigh, the concierge started to explain .

The werewolf is friends with Instructor Light Cruiser, and was worried about her health . She used her abilities and connections as a werewolf to search for a cure, but was never able to find one . She then heard that it was me who cured her . She had given up hope on her friend’s illness, and I was able to cure it . On the first try, even .

Because of that, the werewolf’s natural instincts to seek out superior genetics seems to have sprung into action . Then after seeing me, her strong instincts ignored her usual cycle and instantly put her into heat . That’s what the concierge has imagined anyway, since she wasn’t in heat before this . But there’s good logic in that theory, it seems sound to me .

「Um… She can’t have kids, can she?」

I anxiously asked .

「Don’t worry, she’s taken proper countermeasures . You may do as you like . 」

Relieved to hear that, I headed towards the counter . After paying, the werewolf came out and… swept me away . Breathing wildly and carrying me to her side in one arm, she hurried up the stairs . She’s so strong despite being so slender . Her face came alive with the happiness and excitement of catching her prey .

「I found a good mate! I found a good mate!」

Those words came out of her mouth . I’ve never been called a “good mate” before, so it was both awkward and pleasant . And yet because I inherited these powers from the stone statue, they aren’t actually genetic . I felt a bit sorry for that .

(Well, there’s no way she’ll get pregnant anyway, so I shouldn’t have to worry about genetics . )

While thinking about those things, we reached the room . The girl entered, gently placed me onto the bed, and then went back to lock the door .

(Hey, are we not getting anything to drink!?)

She’s skipping over the usual procedure .

With the door locked, she swung her body this way . The light in her eyes isn’t normal, and her breathing is heavy and fast . There’s a bit of drool hanging from her mouth . It’s as if I’m all she can see right now .

I prepared myself for a one-sided trampling, the opposite of what happened in Cione between me and the tomboyish magical girl . Thus, the battle between a starved werewolf and its prey had begun .

About an hour and a half later:

I sat on the sofa sipping iced tea, and the werewolf lay collapsed on the bed . The battle had made me thirsty, so I left the room to order a drink from the waitress girl . Of course I ordered some for the werewolf as well, although she’s unable to drink it right now .

As for the results, it was an easy victory for me . It would appear that being solely fixated on me was what drove her into heat . I was her goal from the beginning . The moment she came into contact with me, her heart and her body were at bursting point .

Balloons will expand until they’re at their limits, and if you pierce one with a needle, it will explode . I pierced the balloon, and it exploded .

I continued thrusting the needle, and like a continuous bombardment, the explosions wouldn’t stop . It was a long series of explosions . Even without me doing anything, there were explosions, explosions and more explosions .

While that was going on, I continued to thrust the needle from behind . As expected of werewolves, with inhuman stamina she was able to endure the continuous series of explosions . …For about an hour and a half . Of course right now, the werewolf is all out of strength .

(I wonder if she’ll be mad at me . Well, it’s not like it’s my fault . )

I looked at the bed .

(Why don’t I do some work for a while?)

Finishing the iced tea, I left a large tip by the pillow . I showered, got dressed, and went downstairs to explain the situation .

Right now, I’m doing some window shopping in the plaza’s eastern shopping district . In preparation for tomorrow’s move, I’m seeing where and what things are being sold here . I’ll need furniture, but I’ll also need some consumables and general goods .  By the way, the concierge laughed when he heard about the incident at Jayanne . It should be fine, as it’s something that happens during mating season . However, it is rare for such an individual fixation to lead to a “continuous” state like that . Apparently, the guests who specifically choose girls in mating season enjoy this sort of thing .

「Alright, this should do it . 」

I said, after checking out the clothing store . Underwear aside, I don’t own anything besides what I’m wearing . As expected, I’m reaching my limits . I’ll have a place to put them, so I plan on buying a bunch . The sun began to set, so I decided to go have dinner .

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