Reincarnated as My Little Sister Chapter 50

Reincarnated as My Little Sister 50 - My Brother's Story Continues…

After that, in order to purchase lunch, we headed towards the nearby convenience store.

"Riku, how about we go somewhere more restaurant-like?"

"I'm good with anywhere as long as I can eat. Also, it's because you wanted to play games that we're going to a convenience store to eat, right?"

"There's also that!"

This guy is quick to change his mind… Well, it's better than being annoying.

"Kouyou, putting that aside──"

As I tried to start a normal conversation about what we were going to eat, there was a person who called out to us.

"Hm? Isn't this Onii-sama and Moritsenpai?"

As I turned around towards the direction of the voice, f.u.kubyas.h.i.+-san was there.


"Konohchan, it's been a while~."

"It's been a long time, the both of you. It's rare for Ane-sama to not be here."

Rare? I think it's more often that she's not here though… Well, when f.u.kubayas.h.i.+-san's here, Naru is the one who invited her.

"Well, there's also days like this, you know. Also, Konohchan, what are you doing?"

"I went out go shop for groceries. I thought I'd cook for myself today. Where are the two of you headed to?"

Huh, so she can cook.

"We thought that'd we go buy some lunch."

"Is that so… U-Um! If you don't mind, would you like to come to my house? I'll treat you guys."

So suddenly. But, Naru ins't here, so it isn't like I have much of a reason to refuse? Well, let's look at Kouyou's reaction.

"Seriously!? Alright, RIku, let's go!"

This guy is so full of energy… Does he not know the meaning of restraint or something?

"Fuu, Sorry about that f.u.kubayas.h.i.+-san. I'll accept your offer for a meal."


f.u.kubayas.h.i.+-san replied with a smile. After that, the two of us chased Kouyou, who had already ran to the supermarket.

"Hmm, so you met Konohchan today right. But certainly, the story wouldn't have changed if I didn't listen to this part, the introduce to the story doesn't have to necessarily be this long you know!? You could've made it much shorter, right!?"

It would've been fine with just: when I went to buy lunch, I met Konohchan!

"It's fine, I'm going to jump straight into the story from here."

"I wonder if it'll really be fine…"

After finis.h.i.+ng shopping, we arrived at f.u.kubayas.h.i.+-san's house and ate f.u.kubayas.h.i.+-san's home cooking. The cooking was honestly as good as Naru's, and I was surprised.

After we ate lunch together, f.u.kubayas.h.i.+-san whispered something into Kouyou's ear, and Kyouou strangely insisted on going home first, without even mentioning anything. Weren't we going to go back and play games?

"What's with Kouyou… Well, whatever. Kouyou is being Kouyou. Thanks for the meal, by the way. I'll treat you back another time."

"N-No need for any thanks. I just felt the urge to make food."

"Well then, I'll also go back soon."

Naru might have already returned home already.

"U-Um! ……I feel the urge to walk, so may I follow Onii-sama!?"

"Eh? Sure, that's fine."

Well, it wasn't particularly any problem, so I accepted.

"…I also want to eat the cooking that Konohchan made. Why didn't you save a portion of her cooking for me! Please tell me what sort of food it was!"

I'm curious about it!

"You were the one to tell me to keep it short."

Ah, he's right, the confession part is more important right now! I'll thoroughly ask him later about this!

"You're right, that was a mistake… S-So, what happened next? Were you confessed to?"

"Aah, after that, we dropped by a park due to f.u.kubayas.h.i.+-san's suggestion—-"

"It's been a while since I've come to a park. I haven't dropped by often recently… Hm? f.u.kubayas.h.i.+-san, what's wrong?"


f.u.kubayas.h.i.+-san was silent and facing downwards. Looking closely, her face was slightly red and hot, so I became worried and approached her. Then, f.u.kubayas.h.i.+-san said with a small voice.

"…li …you."


It was a quiet voice, so I thought I misheard. However, the next words clearly reached my ears.

"I like you!"

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