Gratifying the Royal Family Chapter 19

Chapter 19: A Hundred Year Old Legend [R18]

In the early hours of the next morning, Qian Mingxue carried Xu Mo into the carriage and majestically made his way into the palace to thank the emperor for his kindness.

The confused Xu Mo was woken up and looked around to find herself in the palace. She was speechless to have been taken into the palace in her sleepless state.

Qian Mingxue saw her annoyed expression and found it very cute. The princess was n.o.ble and knew how to be well-mannered but rarely kept to it. She had three thousand gigolos yet she still s.n.a.t.c.hed ordinary people.

He only knew she was a princess due to Yunfu's marriage. He was surprised that an outlaw could be an equal husband to a princess so it was only after some research it was revealed she was the little girl that had saved him.

There can only be one and one equal husband in the mansion. Commonly, many females had many lovers by this time and some even several in one night. However, she was still young and inexperienced therefore when faced with l.u.s.t she faintly restrained herself and was unwilling to indulge. Who could not like such kindness and pureness?

Xu Mo stood upright, the medicine between her legs was cool but it was still sore. She remembered there would be four more and her whole body almost collapsed.

They thanked the Emperor and ate at the palace then went home to rest.

Qian Mingxue went to the army camp and Xu Mo laid down on the soft couch. She dismissed the servants then ate the cherries given by her royal brother and wondered about modern life, "It would be good if it was monogamous. Too many men can be seriously tiring. I don't even know if I will die from l.u.s.t if this continued."

Yunfu heard her lament from outside and could not help but laugh as he walked into the room, "Don't worry Mo-er, I will protect you until you reach a hundred years old, even if I have only one breath left."

Xu Mo looked up at him and waved her hand, "That right! Why should I worry when there is a highly-skilled doctor here but matters between wife and husband should be out of willingness, I…"

"So Xu Mo knows the cause of her own problems." Yunfu walked closer and picked her up then sat down again. His long fingers stroked her tender cheeks, "You are gentle, agreeable and not fickle but you do not understand love. There is no joy without love so the acts of s.e.xual intercourse to you has no value. If you can open your heart then you may also enjoy the beauty of two people joined together."

Xu Mo frowned, "But where I am from, we can only marry one. Love is genuine and pure so how can it be divided among people?"

Yunfu was speechless. He understood the influences and view of her childhood was already deep-rooted. Additionally, she did not give up in wanting to go back so how could she spare the mind to love them.

Suddenly it turned silent and the atmosphere became slightly dead.

Xu Mo took a hold of the big hand and embarra.s.singly said, "With fewer women, h.o.m.os.e.xuality much be common!"

"What is h.o.m.os.e.xuality."

They had no history of it here so Xu Mo thought for a bit and described, "It is…a man and another man, that is h.o.m.os.e.xuality."

Yunfu smirked, "h.o.m.os.e.xuality is harmful to fertility and affects a country's prosperity so the law rules that anyone involved in h.o.m.os.e.xuality would be executed. Their entire nine generations would be exiled and the men would become slaves while the women would be prost.i.tutes. So who would you think would even dare to defy it. "

Xu Mo swallowed. As a modern fujoshi*, she felt personally attacked and had not expected it would be illegal here.

*TL-note: A woman who likes mangas about male h.o.m.os.e.xual love. 

But this was not right! According to biology, the percentage of both male and female births should be 50% and the Jing Kingdom did not value men over women so the ratio should not be out of balance!

"Then why are female births so rare." Even the survival rate of these rates were not high.

Yunfu rarely spoke a lot but since meeting her, he had more patience, "I also don't know but there is a legend."

Xu Mo made an oh sound and her eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation.

"Legend says five hundred years ago, there were equal ratios of men and women. Common households were monogamous while n.o.bles had several wives and concubines. The world was split into seven kingdoms and each of them was evenly matched in strength. Additionally, the crown princes in each of the seven kingdoms were like dragons among men. One day, the seven kingdoms had a banquet and one of the crown princes suggested they all head to Lingshan and see the holy guardian beast White Tiger so the other six agreed and they cheerfully headed there. When they finally reached Lingshan, the holy beast had retreated to cultivate inside only to leave a saintess* playing by the door. The saintess' appearance was as beautiful as a G.o.ddess and all the princes were endlessly stunned by her. She was easily deceived by the princes down the mountain as she had cultivated from childhood and did not know the matters of common folk. Each of the seven crown princes fell in love with her but they all had equal strengths. The saintess wanted to leave because of her duty but was held by them deep in the palace. They adored her but did not want to lose her so they decide to share the saintess. Her pure body was taken and unable to cultivate, she fell into the mortal world. Each day, she was depressed and eventually pa.s.sed away within the palace. When the holy beast discovered the saintess was gone, it went down the mountain to search but it was in vain as she had already died. Under a great wrath, he sacrificed himself to put on a curse and no females were born in the next two hundred years. Afterwards, the effects of the curse gradually vanished so females were gradually born but the numbers are very small."

*TL-note: A female saint. 

Xu Mo felt ancient people are truly romantic when she heard this. They would even concoct a legend out of something like this, seven crown princes falling in love with one woman was too Mary Sue*!

*TL-note: A type of female character who is depicted as unrealistically lacking in flaws or weaknesses.

"So the saintess died, what of the crown princes."

"Naturally they also died."

"…" Xu Mo did not believe it, this sort of story would not even deceive a child in the modern world.

Yunfu said, "This is just a legend, it can't be trusted."

Xu Mo nodded and moved into a comfortable position within his embrace. She smelled the faint scent of herbs and felt at peace, "Yunfu, I really want to go home but I also must responsible for you guys because of marriage. Plus you have already seen that the real princess have already died, so what am I doing."

Yunfu was stunned, he had not expected her to open her heart. Previously, she would never speak of such things when she was homesick even though the secret was known. His eyes were warm and his tone became more gentle, "I only know my wife is the present Xu Mo and not a princess. As for Ji Rufeng, his character is proud but if it was not for you, the marriage would merely be in name. As for General Qian, his existence was the beginning of us with you which could only begin with you."

Xu Mo looked up and stared at his jawline, the lines were fine yet firm, "Can I really not go home."

Yunfu also stared at her, he saw the lack of resistance and comprise in her and only nodded.

Xu Mo sighed, "Fine! Then I will accompany you guys for this lifetime!"

"Last night with General Qian, how is your body." Yunfu relaxed and changed the topic with the intention to divert her attention.

Xu Mo's face heated up and did not know whether to say or not to say. It was awkward to get in bed with one man and then talk about it with another man. She was not local to here so it was hard to accept it!

Besides, the size had never been right no matter who it was. Every time, it was always painful yet merry as she watched him go wild while she had to repress her emotions. The next day, her whole body would be sore and somewhat dreaded it.

"If you use your heart, you will suffer less." The women of the Jing Kingdom are pa.s.sionate so they were naturally masters in the bedroom but she was not interested and could not throw herself into it so it was hard to avoid the difficulties. Last night was a last resort but the aphrodisiac could not be used regularly as it was three-parts poison so it would harm the body. For the next half a month, she still had to accompany General Qian and really did not know what to do.

Yunfu was somewhat worried. Her body was now rid of the poison origin but was still weaker than normal people and would require a further two years to recover so how could it withstand strong men every night.

Xu Mo was unaware of his worry. Last night she was wanted ruthlessly so tonight she was resolute not to give back tonight.

At dusk, General Qian returned to the residence. He stepped into the courtyard and was led to the dining room.

At the dining room, Xu Mo and Yunfu were already sitting so he also sat down, "Sorry for the wait."

Xu Mo only smiled, "We just sat down." She was still somewhat unfamiliar with him so could not interact with ease.

Qian Mingxue naturally knew but compared to blind marriages or when they had yet met, this was better because at least he liked her.

The three of them were all of few words so meal time was very quiet. After the meal, Qiao Mingxue accompanied Xu Mo out for a walk and only returned when night fell.

Xu Mo went to take a bath and Qian Ming also returned to his room to take a bath. Even with him walking back and forth, he was still quicker than Xu Mo.

When Xu Mo was finished, he was sitting on the couch and was looking at the folk storybooks that she pa.s.sed time with. These were all ideal love stories of gifted scholars and beautiful ladies.

Xu Mo walked over in shame and wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h them but he avoided her. She was not pleased, "Give it back."

Qian Mingxue had not seen her bratty side in a long time. When he was injured, she had expected Yunfu to treat him which was both bratty and cute and made him reminisce slightly. He teased, "Looks like Xu Mo likes gifted scholars but sadly Qian Mingxue is a boorish person."

Xu Mo was a modern person so was not affected by this sort of jokes, "So what if I liked them better."

Qian Mingxue looked at the figure as beautiful as a flower and his heart tightened. He tossed down the book and carried her towards the bed.

Xu Mo was unaware of his sudden intentions and her body was already picked up by the time she reacted. She quickly struggled, "It's still early, let's talk for a bit!"

Qian Mingxue turned a deaf ear to her. What is there to talk about, a night of l.u.s.t was worth more than a thousand pounds of gold! After the fierce actions last night, he could not stop thinking about her soft beautiful body at the military drill ground today. His body was unbearably hot and could only think about how he would pamper her tonight. What is there to refuse.

He walked past the screen and placed her down on the bed. Before she could react, he was pressed down on her.

Xu Mo had never seen such an unmovable ferocious man. She had no time to resist as he frantically kissed wanting to swallow her whole.

The next second, the nightdress on her body was removed and a fire instantly lit up in the man's eyes when her snowy white frame appeared in front of him. He kissed her even more wildly and strongly that she could not easily refuse. The girl could not withstand this sort of treatment and went limp under his body as he did whatever he wanted.

His light brown hands wrapped around her white fullness and kneaded them into different shapes. The mixture of roughness and tenderness was the most beautiful combination in the world.

The kisses fell down incessantly and pa.s.sed over her abdomen. He effortlessly parted the girl's legs and saw the beautiful pink and tender peach blossom without any weeds in sight. It was clean and pure as if it had never been visited. He thought back to last night and his lower half tightened.

He could not control himself any more and kissed the beautiful peach blossom.

"Ah…no…no…" The young girl sank her fingers into the man's hair. Her watery eyes were blurred and her uneven moans sounded like both cries and delight as she struggled to form words.

The man's tongue entered inside and thrust in and out which her body feel pleased without end.

She always felt oral was dirty but it allowed her to lose herself without any trace of pain. Xu Mo imagined that the men in Jing Kingdom would never do this even if they shared wives. Ji Rufeng and others pampered her and wanted her to take it to heart so they inevitably spend more time on matters in the bedroom.

Climax came fast and her flowery fluid flowed out continuously. Qian Mingxue lifted his head and clenched as he penetrated firmly into the tight suffocating secluded path.

"Ah…it hurts…" At the climax, the secluded path was convulsing so hard that a finger would struggle to go in so how could it endure a huge man. The young girl awoke from her blurry state and tears gradually rolled down. Her lower body hurt was in great pain just like her first night.

Qian Mingxue had never thought that without the drug that it would be extremely difficult for her. He felt guilt and was ready to withdraw when she painfully cried out from his movement.

"Don't move. Give me some time, a little bit of time." Xu Mo grabbed onto him and softly pleaded.

Qian Mingxue held his own weight in order not to crush her and did not move inside of her but this was too difficult so he started to do other things to distract him. He lowered his head and softly kissed the young girl's tears, nose bridge, cheeks, and lips with tenderness.

When he felt she finally relaxed, he slowly retreated out but was not completely because he will definitely explode if he does not do it tonight.

Xu Mo breathed a sigh of relief but at that moment, the huge thing violently entered her with so much strength as if to split her open.

"No…ah…" Her lips were blocked again and her legs hung above the man's shoulders while the movement between her waist continued to move in deeply then shallowly out. The powerless beautiful petals no longer had the strength to close and were opened by the huge dragon as if to seal it as his place. With each thrust, shades of red came out.

Tonight's wonder was not easy to let go.

Qian Mingxue continuously kissed her and his lower body movements are so fast that she did not even have the strength to call out.

Halfway through the night, the young girl was covered in a layer of sweat as she sat on top of the man's body. Her whole body was weak and was only supported by the man's hands on her waist.

In this position, each rise and fall effortlessly reached her deepest part and stroked the small soft flesh.

Qian Mingxue wanted her to be like him, endlessly intoxicated and head over heels in love as he reached her deepest part each time.

Along with the up and down movements, the white rabbits in front of her chest were extremely captivating as they vibrated and rolled around.

Such a small delicate body yet so wonderful. Qian Mingxue's survey after he happily returned from the palace concluded that his wife was truly a gift from the heavens.

Inside the room, they were frantically intertwined and thick fluid continuously flowed out from their most intimate regions. The smell of l.u.s.t filled the entire room and the man's heavy breathing combined with the powerless voice of the young girl slowly settled down.

Once everything came to a stop, Xu Mo had already pa.s.sed out from exhaustion.

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