I Am a Princess Responsible For Settling Circumstances Chapter 1


Ah. If only this was someone else’s problem.

My former self was, to give an example, in a deserted cla.s.sroom or something, from a third party's perspective I’d have been seen as just a mere pa.s.serby.

Even though I was just simply anguished by moe moe.

So sad. No matter how much of a fujos.h.i.+ soul I carry, moe is a far away thing when becoming an officer.

Ahhー. If I was a ninja in a castle town, I could at least take a peep of the happy shy love of men I don’t know personally. Even the me of now can go moe though.

……with my own family members.

I narrowed my eyes.

In front of my eyes, a love scene of fellow men is unfolding. Not in two dimensions but in three. However, both forms are extremely beautiful. The two people completely entered their own world, while entangling with each other tongues.

And, this couple. Without hiding it, on one side is my older brother. With the position of first prince, that's right, the next king.

And now, here we are, in the solemn magnificence of a corner in the Royal Castle that my Esfia country can boast of. The people that can read the mood automatically avoid that s.p.a.ce to not be in my older brother’s way but, originally, it is a place where people keep coming and going. A corridor. As long as you have the permit, work in the castle, or are a guest, you can use it, since it’s not a restricted pa.s.sage that only Royalty can go through.

…….I did think it was strange.

Usually, there is more pedestrian traffic. And now I don’t even see a maid or a guard.

The cause was my older brother and his lover’s love scene!


With the fan I held in my hand I made a *pas.h.i.+n* sound. And closed it.

In the corridor, where only the obscene sound of their saliva echoed, that alone had enough effect. Taken aback, the lips of the two lovers separated.


My older brother noticed me and called out my name.

"――brother. It's wonderful that you get along with s.h.i.+l-sama. However, you should think about the place to do so"

Don’t come here to flirt oi!

 I want to straight out say that! I want to but, with brother being the First Prince, and I am also a Princess. As per the common sense of a Royalty, let’s wrap up the words in oblate.

The First Princess of Esfia, Octavia. That’s me. Sixteen years old. By the way, my older brother is nineteen years old.

My older brother, Celius the First Prince, wrinkled his eyebrows.

……d.a.m.n! He is an ikemen!

With silver hair and light blue eyes. Tall. Elegant appearance, distinct intellect, he is the perfect superman that excels in martial arts too.

It was to be expected that the me of my previous life would go moe moe, he was the first in the seme character popularity ranking after all!

"…….my bad"

Apologized my older brother. Incidentally he is equipped with a dizziness inducing voice.


When I replied so, silence fell.

Awkward. ……it's so awkward.

Come on, come on, my brother’s lover, s.h.i.+l-sama, seems to be uncomfortable. Noticing that, my older brother grasped s.h.i.+l-sama‘s hand. They are so infatuated, right?

Seeming to have gathered courage, s.h.i.+l-sama opened his mouth.


s.h.i.+l-sama is an androgynous type ikemen. He wouldn't be seen as a woman but he has a beautiful face.

From a Baron's household, after meandering through some complications, he became tied to older brother. A beautiful guy with my brother……don’t become handsome handsome.

――and, he is the protagonist.

"What is it?"

I internally flinched at s.h.i.+l-sama‘s serious look. Even so, as a rotten royal. The outward skin that I cultivated is thick. I responded while feigning calmness.

"――how do I get to be accepted by Octavisama?"

"…….It's not like I do accept or refuse you. When did I say this exactly? I understand that s.h.i.+l-sama is my brother's loved one. Isn’t that plenty enough?"

s.h.i.+l-sama‘s face warped in sadness.

Originally, Octavia would be the first person to bless their love.

However, I’m different.


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