Queen of the Scalpel Volume 1 Chapter 3

Queen with a scalpel vol 1 chapter 3                                                  Part 1 - Recurrence

Elise started to write something on the paper as she she returned to her room.

'From ten years now'

What she was writing down was events that haven't even happen yet.There were ten years left until she disappear like the morning dew under the executioner blade.

"I need to prepare myself for all the major events ahead of me."

It had been more then thirty years so her memories were not clear  as before however  as she continue to  think important details popped up  .So she wrote it all down as soon as she remembered them.

-Second Klin expedition  second elder brother death 

As she wrote down that sentence pain ripped across her chest.

-Stepmother death due to deteriorating disease. 

-The Tristen family treason case leading to revocation of n.o.bility of the family and ends with father executed 

-The cover up of the Queen crimes scandal leading to eldest son execution As she endured the pain tearing across her chest she continue to woodenly write everything down. 'This life everything  is going to be different .I will make it that way.' She decided to include events that didn't involved her family but were still important . -1st Klin expedition due to a  outburst of a  unknown contagious disease was annihilated. Estimated death toll around 47,000 -The d.u.c.h.ess Hubble's  Parkinson disease worsen leading to her death -The current King's sickness worsen leading to death -Second case of outbreak of a plague at Londo .Brittany imperial capital Londo death toll estimated to be 100,000 -After the Klin wars ,Outbreak occurs in three  southern city closure  the origin of smallpox comes from the eastern region  estimated death toll is 70,000 She let out a deep sigh. 'Obviously this era is behind so there a lot of issue with diseases. The public health awareness and many advanced medicine will not be established and known yet.' She stared at the words she wrote down. -Second case of outbreak of a plague at Londo .Brittany imperial capital Londo death toll estimated to be 100,000 It was incredibly terrifying. yet to think  it was actually suppressed thanks to preparations made in advance. Starting  from today twenty years ago ,the first case of a outbreak  it was said that over 150,000 people died in the capital.

"Is there anyway to reduce the victims? "

She was troubled. She may have returned to the body of Elise but her ego was Song Ji Hyun . She was a iron-blooded surgeon who could not overlook  people's death. 'Epidemic outbreaks is not the only problem.It also the fact that diseases that are consider mild in the modern earth are not treated here and lead  to the people's death.' Once again she was troubled.

"If I use my medical knowledge can I reduce the amount of victims?"

Her head was filled with the  current's era medical knowledge. Her knowledge was so great she was called  the current era's genius! The reason she got on that plane in the first place was to go partic.i.p.ate in  the world's medical conference to receive a award for several  surgical achievements 'Of course I'm just a surgeon so  it not like I know Public Health epidemiology or history of medicine that well but I can still be of  help.' She wondered if  the heavens allow her to return to her first life was because of this very reason. 'I need to talk to father about this later ' Her father Ed the Marquise was also this country's  chancellor.  He will reasonably listen to what she had to say. 'After I take care of several things I can live my life as a doctor. She reminisce about her previous life as a surgeon.  The feel of the cold scalpel . The crossing of death with the hope of life. She yearned  for  the tension she used to feel. She may have entered Elise's body but  her soul was that of a surgeon and in this life she wanted to feel once again  the rewarding feeling of saving a life. 'And the other issue is....' She continue to write down the past as she remember them. There were trivial matters as well as serious ones. Then she suddenly stopped as she wrote something.

"Oh, my G.o.d. Why was I forgetting this?"

She swallowed her spit back. -my engagement with the crown prince public announcement at the year 283 at the birthday banquet The year 283 was this year. 'The birthday banquet is in July .there only two months left.' Elise's face paled. The birthday banquet. When everyone from the empire  came to give  her their  blessings  then  there was the engagement announcement  . That when her tragedy started

 *********************************************************************************    That  very night  the whole family was finally able to gather for once  time for a family dinner

"Elise , do you not feel like eating?"

"Ah, No I'm fine mother."

the marchioness smiled at the word mother from from her daughter. until recently Elise never called her stepmother mother. After she remarried with the marquise , since she couldn't bear children of her own she had consider Elise her own  child  born from her flesh and blood. She had always been sad  to see her try to put distance between them but  recently  their relationship grew  much closer. 'The day she first called me mother it made me so happy ." She wasn't just calling her mother but was actually treating her like one. She was not only very affectionate but treated her with  great respect . The marchioness although surprised  was very happy  and thankful for this sudden change in treatment. 'Then why is Elise expression so unsettled ?' Recently her daughter always had a very gentle expression but today it was different .Her face looked as if she was troubled by a great burden. 'Her favorite strawberry cake came out but she barely touched any'

"Elise , is there any thing wrong "

"Ah, no"

She shook her head but it was obvious to everyone  she was troubled by something. Everyone was bewildered  by this  .

"Kkkhmm, What wrong?"

"Yes , if there something wrong tell me big brother will take care everything ."

Her father and second older brother Chris asked worriedly. Her oldest brother Ren who had come home after a long time just looked at her without saying anything.

"It ..."

Elise hesitated and sigh softly .

"Father , the birthday banquet..."


Her father nodded his head. He had just realized what his daughter was being troubled by .

"Oh it just that.You don't have to worry about that ."

the Marquise stern face broke out into a smile .

'I have already discuss everything  over  with his Majesty .Everything will go the way you wanted ."

Elise screamed No inwardly . The Marquise was continue to talk  oblivious .

'At the birthday banquet we will announce your engagement officially just as you wished."

Everything darken in front of her eyes but it was at that moment a cold voice cut between them.

"Father, I am against the engagement."

''....!" It was her oldest brother  the baron Ren de Chlores who looked sharp and hard as if he wouldn't even bleed if cut but at the same time he was a incredibly beautiful man.

''Ren, how can you say that ?! To be against the crown prince and Elise's engagement !''

"I will ask you honestly do you think that child is a good match for the crown prince ?  No, do you thing she suited  for the position of  the mother of this country ?"

"You....! How can you say that!"

 At his son inconsiderate words the marquise raised his voice.

"I don't know if someone as lowly as me should say something that go against the King's decision but  I don't know if that child is right for the throne."

The room atmosphere grew cold  instantly.

'Ah...big brother just came home after a month  but he still did it again.' Chris sighed inwardly. 'He always goes  after Elise whenever he sees her .'

As the deputy of the gun division of the imperial guard he always found something disagreeable about her. 'Now that she heard that there going to be a uproar since there no way she going to ignore that with her personality.' However he was soon taken back when he glanced at her face to check her expression.


Elise face shown that she was not offended at all! Instead her face was filled with a unknown softness that was unclear. 'What is that expression?  Am I seeing it wrong?' His instinct was right on the nose .She wasn't offend at all instead ..... 'Oldest brother poisonous tongue is just deadly as I remember it.In the past I hated  how cutting his words were.' In the previous life when she became queen whenever she did something wrong he would come to scold her without any hesitation with sharp  words .At the time she hated him as a thorn in her side but now she knew how he concern he was when he said those words . 'He was right in the end .I am not suited to be queen.' She once again reflected back to her previous  life . All the tragedies started when she tried to  became Queen when she was clearly unsuited for it. 'I need to stop this engagement no matter what.' That wedding that was a calamity to everyone. It wasn't only herself she was concerned for but the crown prince too.It brought misfortune to him too. 'If I think about it the crown prince is the true victim of this wedding .I deserved all my sufferings since I had to pay for my sins but he didn't commit any crimes yet he still had to spent his time miserable because of me.' She sighed. 'I need to spend my time figuring how to stop this engagement from happening no matter what. Then I will live my life as a surgeon with no ties to the royal family.' She fell deep in thought.

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