Queen of the Scalpel Volume 1 Chapter 2

Queen with a scalpel  Vol 1 ch 2 

 She was barely able to stop crying and calm down. Her father the Marquise faked a  cough and said 

"I am so sorry .I didn't know it was this hard on you."

 The whole family thought she had sobbed her heart out because she was demoralize from the punishment she had received. Ji Hyun replied promptly to this .

 "No .I was the one in the wrong."

The truth was Ji hyun had no idea why she was being punished in the first place at this point in her life.

"Well, I must have done something wrong .I probably threw something priceless or hara.s.s people who was under me."

It was pretty awkward for her to admit to  herself  that in the past she really was a terrible person. What was the use in being pretty as a doll when her personality was like a piece of c.r.a.p?

 "I should be thankful that at this point in life I hadn't commit any major faults that could lead to a huge incident ." 

 The current year of the kingdom was 283.This year she was only sixteen and didn't cause any major problems yet. This was truly something to be thankful for.

"This was before I did anything wrong so I can change everything."

I will definitely not repeat my past life and live  happily with my loving family for a long time.With this thought she gathered her resolve.However  at that moment the family's expression while looking at her was strange.

"why did  this child personality suddenly change?"

She was so different from her previous self .Her irritation  were gone from her actions  replaced  by such a gentle tone of voice and a calmness that didn't belong to someone who was just sixteen years of age. If someone who didn't know her well saw her like this they would a.s.sume she was a completely different person.

"Was the ten day confinement too hard on her?"

The marquise worried that he lay too harsh a punishment on  his young daughter.

"But in the past no matter what kind of punishment I gave her she wasn't affected in the least .Not only was she not hurt by it but she never once repented."

Watching her sit so peacefully was very soothing to see but at the same time it mystified them 

"Well, she will probably go back to her old ways soon enough no doubt about it."

The Marquise gave a bitter expression to this thought .It would be wonderful if she continue to act like a good person but it would probably only last a couple days at the most . She was his daughter but even he knew that unlike her pretty appearance  she had such a malicious character .Nothing could be done about it.No matter how much he tried to teach her or punish her it was useless. There was nothing he could do.It was all in vain.

"Will I ever be able to see her mature before I die?''

 He felt a deep frustration  but he had no idea nor could he have ever imagine  at this very moment how quickly his wish would come true. From that day his daughter has completely changed.

"Mary , I will do the rest."

"I, I'm Fine."

"No, I feel more comfortable doing it .You have a lot of work to do so .So you can just go and do it.''

The maid Mary was really confused and wondered if the person standing before her was really Elise.

However looking at that doll like face confirmed that she was definitively  her.

"Oh thank you for the cake earlier "

Mary was once again shocked .Elise never thank anyone because she felt that was beneath her dignity thanks to her great pride. It really is lady , right ?  She thought back at all the changes her mistress has shown over the past few days. she change so much that she might as well be a different person.    

She had even apologize to us."

 After that dinner Elise had done something that was completely unbelievable . She went to all the people that she was especially hard on and had apologize to them!

Everyone was surprised at her actions but n.o.body really believe she had changed. This is just something she doing impulsively and wont last.She will return to her old self soon enough and show her true colors. It not easy to change your personality so completely after all. However the fact of the matter was she really did change since that day.

 "She doesn't throw tantrums like before and also show consideration towards people below her ....

Mary stared at her mistress face .

"She even found out Han's mother was sick and  gave money to treat it ."

That wasn't the only thing Elise had done. When she heard one of the senior maids Mery was pregnant she even brought her a present. She also prescribed medicine  when she heard the maid Yuni was sick. The people who received her benevolence  were obviously moved so there was no point in explaining that.

"Did a angel possessed her body ?"

Mary who was still a child actually thought that. after all Elise who was as pretty as a doll smile it really did look angelic as if she was a real angel.

'If a angel really did enter her body .Please  Lord Angel don't leave her body and stay there/"

Mary seriously wished for that .The current Lady was so kind and gentle she wanted to serve by her side forever.


"Ah, It Time."

Ji hyun who was just  about to write something down on a piece of paper looked at the clock and then stood up.It has been a month since Ji hyun enter Elise's body .After she grew more familiar to her surroundings she has started something new. It was called being filial.

"Father , It me."

After knocking she opened the door and enter her father study.

"Oh, did you come ?"

"Yes, It must be very difficult working on the duties of the estate .I felt you must feel tired so I personally prepared some tea for you."

"Cough ,Cough"

What she did wasn't anything particularly special .All she did was brew him some tea sometimes  or prepare a dessert .She also would chat with her proper step mother sometimes .They were all such simple things she had started to do but there were deep sincerity behind every action.

'In My past life I was an orphan so even if I wanted to I couldn't .' Only when they were gone did she realize how precious her parents were but It was too late.As the orphan Song Ji Hyun she didn't how long she waited for this very moment.

"Father what wrong?"

Elise asked  perplexed by her father gawky expression.

"Ah, No......to think you will make me tea...."


"I feel so happy .Ah , to think there would be a day I get to drink tea made by my own daughter."

Her father cough slightly .His expression shown that he was greatly moved by this simple act of care. Seeing his reaction Elise felt her chest tighten. It was just a cup of  tea. From now on I will make it for you more often. No, I will do something even better.'

"Does the tea meet your taste?"

"Oh yes, It delicious .Even the tea at the royal palace doesn't taste this deep.How did you brew it to get such a depth of flavor?"

the Marquise wasn't just flattering her .It really was the truth .The tea his daughter brewed herself didn't lose to the tea brewed by the palace ladies. No, in fact it was even better.

"In the past when I found time I studied."

'It not a lie.' She thought to herself . In the first life after she became Queen she studied the art of  brewing tea to capture her husband the king affections.This skill end up useless in that regard.However the skill she focus on in the palace didn't lose compare to most  professional tea sommeliers. In her second life as Song Ji hyun the surgeon she didn't have a chance to brew up any real proper tea but thankfully her skill hadn't rusted at all.

"I will take my leave.Don't push yourself too hard Father."

"Ah...You can stay here longer."

The Marquise was sorry to see her go.

 "No,  It okay.  If I stayed I would only get in the way of your work.I will see you later at dinner.  I hope your work goes well."

Then she carefully closed so the noise wouldn't distract him from his paperwork. Seeing her behavier the Marquise was once again deeply moved.

"To think my daughter could change so much.She even tried to take care of my health."

Just looking at his child made him so happy but now that she was displaying such filial behavior towards him  how can he not  be delighted?

He was so afraid that this happiness would literally fly away from him that he sipped his daughter tea to preserve it as long as possible.

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