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Queen of the Scalpel Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part2

Coughing up blood like a Asian novel character   Now i know how those blood coughing characters  from Chinese novels feel like.

Translating is so much harder then I thought ! Some words just don't exist at all in English

They don't sound right when I do too literal translation and statements become questions in English. Also I realizes that the author is young and  writing for a Korean audience .

She probably didn't foresees how popular  this novel will be over seas because there so many tidbits that she expects you to just  know. I now appreciate all the hard work other translators sama do on Chinese novels. It makes me so much more appreciative now that I tried my own.Also what up with all these new translators popping up all a suddenly without warning .I literally finished a chapter the same time as another translator. ALL the novels I also really wanted to do got picked up suddenly. I really wanted to do I became a princess but someone picked that up first .Ironically I m so into this novel it delayed my other translations. I been rereading the webtoon and scribbling fan fiction. The other one is of course The Abandoned Empress which was picked up suddenly .Then people started translating Queen with a scalpel webtoon so I was like it fine I'll do the reason she had to go to the duke and what pops up next ?    The good news is it only webtoon but i wanted it to be spoiler free.


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