Queen of the Scalpel Chapter 20

The Impossible surgery part 2

"However..I feel this every time I see it but your highness's Portrait ability is quite mysterious ,to be able to change one appearance completely."


"Ah ,I did it again .My apologies Sir ."

The reason why the crown prince face changed was thanks to the portrait ability that only come down from the royal Romanov bloodline.

The royal family of the Britannia Empire was the last family that was still able to posse the last of the mysterious power in the entire world, the portrait ability.

The servant Baronet randall thought to himself .

'That portrait ability is the true symbol of the Romanov family.'

In the entire continent only the  Romanov family had the portrait ability .

The symbolism that came from this ability was incredibly big. After all In this era where numerous monarchies were  breaking down many people thought the reason the Romanov family was able to endure was because of the power of the portrait ability .

Of course the commoners thought the reason behind the prosperity behind the royal family was due to their ability to shine and not their portrait ability.

Also thanks to the rapid development of industrialization in this era of guns and cannons  the meaning behind the portrait ability has faded greatly.

However that didn't mean you could simply ignore the symbolism behind it either.

The citizens of the great empire of Britannia was proud of being ruled by the current reigning royalty who own the portrait ability.

" Your high-I mean Sir ,is your body all right? Haven't  you been lacking vigor lately ?"

"That is true."

"Haven't you been unable to sleep?"


The crown prince smirked at that question.

Ever since "that day" 15 years ago he have never been able to sleep a single day comfortably .

The nightmare that always haunted him.

Also his recent ill health had nothing to do with the fact he couldn't sleep .

"Have you been diagnosed by a doctor  ?"

"I have a long time ago. Since I'm taking the medicine a doctor prescribed to me I'm sure it will get better,"

The servant replied worriedly .

"From what I see ,even if you take medicine it doesn't seem to have a  big difference on you .You been continuously tired . How about getting another exam after returning to the palace?"

It was obvious that he was languid for too long just to simply write it off as just "tired".

However the crown prince shook his head .

"Well, I doubt it anything special . We should wait a bit longer."

"Your highness...but..."

"I will deal with it on my own."

The servant had no choice but to simply close his mouth .

"Then lets just go back now . I am worried your condition will worsen."

"do you perhaps have somewhere else to to check ?"

The crown prince didn't answer.

To be honest there was still  one area he was suppose to go.

It was the Theresa Hospital.

It was the place his future fiance lady Ch.o.r.ence .

He thought of the order the Emperor gave him a while ago.

'Elise,go see with your eyes if that girl is doing well.'


He made a slight grimace.

He recalled the last time he met her.

It was completely different person, no a girl who changed like "her."

That girl that day was like "that girl" he suspected something was wrong with his eyes.

He recalled the words the girl said that day .

Those words oddly annoyed him.

To be honest there were no reason to be annoyed by them.

"Your highness?"

The servant once again called him by his t.i.tle.

Seriously, he is a servant that really don't listen ,that what the crown prince thought as he spoke.

"Lets go back to the palace."

Since he received a royal command from the emperor he should go but he didn't feel like going.

'A engagement .'

He mumble  that word to himself.

There were still the result of the bet remaining but he was sure she will definitely be his fiance . There was no chance she could win the impossible bet and most importantly the emperor wanted her . If you think he will be soft just because he gave off  a gentle impression then you are making a big mistake .The emperor was a iron giant that ruled the great empire  that could gather the entire world. The moment he wanted it the engagement was decided however because he thought of  her as if she was his own niece he was trying to be considerate  by giving her some time to get her heart ready . 'Well, it doesn't matter who becomes the fiance .' After "that day" forward  he only had one desire left remaining in him. Therefore something like who going to be his fiance was not something all that important to him.

"yes,please come this way .I got the carriage ready .it's some distance away so we do need to walk a bit."

the servant started to lead him .

"Do we have to take this way?"

"if we don't take this way we really have to go around the area.Please don't worry if a thief appears I will take care of everything.Ha Ha"

He may currently look like a middle age loser now but back in the day he was a skilled knight and part of the Royal knights squad. He could take care of some thief that would popped out of a place like this with just one hand. 'Yet I can't compare to the crown prince who not only have the Portrait ability but is also the war hero of the Anglie war 2 years ago.Unless someone sends a whole army no one is powerful enough to match his highness' Did his word become a seed? In the deep alley someone actually appeared.

"Stop..Stop right there."


"Every-Everything you have hand it over...."

A thief with a s.h.a.ggy grown out  beard threaten them with a rusty knife.

"He is a opium addict ."

"It seems so."

The hand that was gripping the knife was shaking uncontrollably. His enlarged pupils was a surefire sign he was a opium addict. 

"It been a long time since we made laws against opium to restrict it yet to think it still spreads in the capital ."

"I will give orders to  Sir Ha.s.sel of the   chiandae ( 치안대총강) Inspection unit to investigate."

"All right ,lets hand over the addict to the chiandae first."

They may have met a knife wielding bandit but their faces didn't show any signs of tension at all. 'If it only that kind of thief I could handle around then ten of them by myself.' The servant with those kinds of thoughts grabbed the sword on his baldric and pointed at toward the thief .


"If you don't want to get hurt lower your knife ."

"Do-don't come any closer ."

The thief stepped back at  alarming atmosphere and vigor  around the servant. The servant thinking he could disarm him in a instant started to slowly edge his way closer towards him. Meanwhile the prince watched the scene indifferently and even took out a cigarette . He put in it his mouth and thought to himself. 'How dull .' It really wasn't the right emotion to feel while his life was being threaten by a thief with a knife but he really felt dull. 'That right ,I feel dull .' He looked up at the dark night sky. It wasn't something new he just felt now either. Could he have started to always feel that way after "that day"? He was the most n.o.blest being set out to inherit this country but his heart was always feeling dull and was in inevitable loneliness . 'What useless thoughts.' He shook his head .

"Hih~! Get away from me!"

Finally , the thief threw away his knife and took off .

" Stop right there!"

"Don't chase me! I will kill you!"

The servant was immediately at his heels  ,and his hand was already at the thief neck. The servant Randall at the thought he caught the guy smirked .

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d ! Stay still!"

But it was at that moment! A sound no one has even thought of rang out. Bang!


Randall let out a gasp. A musky order of gunpowder spread and the left stomach fell down as if it was burning ,and suddenly his vision darkened. 'Wh- What...? '


In his disappearing consciousness he heard the crown prince cry and saw the opium addict holding a gun right in front of his eyes. It was double barrel  derringer pistol that was used by n.o.bles to defend themself . 'How .... did he get a pistol?'

"Hah! Hick! I  said I will kill you! Hi-ck!"

The opium addict completely lost  his mind and started to whine then pointed the gun toward the prince who was running over.

"I will kill y-you too!"

The Servant randall  fiercely bit down  on to his fading conscience . 'Your highness...!'

There was no way for a pistol like that could hurt the prince with his genetic gift but he still used the last remaining strength in him to strike down his sword before the thief could push the trigger. Slash!


The sword accurately dig into the addict's throat and he perished with a meaningless scream .  Then at exactly at that moment the crown prince finally arrived at the servant's side.


"Your, your highness....I am, I am sorry .I didn't think he would have a gun...like a idiot, I let my guard down...."

The servant suddenly threw up blood.

"Stop! Stop talking at once!"

"Your, your highness..."

The light in the servant's eyes were disappearing. 'Oh no..!' The Crown prince bit down on his lips. 'It the left side of the abdomen . Of all the places it had accurately hit his vital (critical)spot!' The vital area was vulnerable to even small forces . Of all the places he could get shot   he got shot right  there! 

"Your, your highness..."

The servant worked hard to open his mouth to say his last words.

"Thank You ....for everything....please be well..."


After speaking his last words the servant's head flopped down.

"Randall! Come to your senses at once!"

The crown prince quickly checked his servant's pulse. Fortunately he still had a pulse! He had  just lost his conscience but  not his life. 'However it's weak' If he left in his current state like this it was only a matter of time before he lost his life. 'Do you think I will let you die?' He wasn't a servant the crown prince was especially fond of  but he was one of " his people" who had sworn his loyalty to him. He must not let him die like this. 'the closest hospital is?' The Cross hospital with the best facilities was too far . It was obvious he wouldn't be able to endure until he arrive. 'The Rosedale hospital is a No .Too far.'  Then he recalled one Hospital . Theresa Hospital! The Facilities were a bit weak but it was right there in Rondon best hospital  in the area. Was this Fate playing with him ? That day Baron Graham and his apprentice was on night duty. Even in the late night Theresa hospital was bustling with patients . A bleeding middle aged man, a girl swallowing back short gasps of pain .In that complicated mess one girl came closer to the doctor.

"I am done treating the patient with the dislocated shoulder ,Professor."

The young professor ,Graham turned his head. A small tender yet elegant beauty who didn't fit in with this messy center came into his sight.

"How did you treat it?"

"In accordance to the direction of the dislocated shoulder ,then raised his hand and rotated it externally ."

Graham once again was moved speechless. He seem to be getting used to  being surprised . 'Who going to believe this fact that a girl who didn't even work a full month at the hospital use Kocher's methods to relocate a shoulder? ' Just in case he check the patient's situation but it was just as he thought. It was even better then what he could have done. 'How....is this possible?' he kept asking this question who know how many times. The girl was a genius. She wasn't a amateurish genius like him but a true genius who might change the world flow  However at the moment  he did question this thought . Even if you are a genius how is this still possible? It not a simple case of being talented it felt as if she perfected her skills already. It was as if she was born with the medical skills ingrained in her body. 'What a impossible idea.' Graham shook his head. She not some kind of medical fairy .So how can a person like that exist ? However she was that great to even make him get these ridiculous ideas . 'To be honest instead of me teaching her I feel like I am working with a coworker .' There was especially a lot of patients today but thanks to working with her they were able to take care of it easily  .That's because the  girl played a role that didn't lose to most doctors.


"yes, Professor ?"

"Aren't you tired?"

At those words Elise widen her eyes slightly. It was the first time the p.r.i.c.kly guy had ever asked such a question.

" I am fine."

"Allright, if you feel tired go inside and rest your eyes . It seems most of the patients have been taken care of ."

Elise smile at his gentle words that was so out of character .

"Thank You for looking out for me."

Graham face slightly stiffen at the sight of her smile. It was such a pretty smile. It even made his heart race without thinking. Graham started to cuss at himself inwardly. 'Get a grip on yourself ,Graham. To let your heart race at your own apprentice.' He definitely didn't have special feelings for the girl. It was just that her smile was so pretty his heart just raced for a bit. Yes,that's right. That was definitely what happened.


He didn't exactly call him sir but the exact word doesn't seem to exist in English at all

What he called him was 공자. (子弟). A high person from a n.o.ble house.

공자 link here

Did his word become a seed? 말은 씨가된다 is a Korean idiom that means when you say something (seed ) you help make it happen. (sprout) so basically a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Derringer: the smallest handgun which is best known for the a.s.sa.s.sination of President Abraham Lincoln. Pocket pistols were nothing new to folks of the 19th century. Pocket pistols had been around since the Queen Anne Pistol in the late 1600s but nothing had ever been introduced that was so small and easy to conceal that your average everyday man or woman could secretly be able to defend themselves. The main users for the Deringer pistol were professional gamblers and ladies who used them as “m.u.f.f Pistols.”  this literally meant that it was small enough to be able to fit inside of ladies hand-warmers when they were out.

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