Queen of the Scalpel Volume 1 Chapter 16

Prince, what do you want to be? 황자, 네 무엇이 되고 싶으냐?

Manga link One day I was kidnapped by a fanatic cosplayer fan.

"I finally found you"


"The reason why my life became h.e.l.l."

"I can't believe it .To think a weak girl and loser like you pushed me into h.e.l.l."

"I will give you money ."

"You think I want money? What I want is your neck."

"If you made me like this you need to take responsibility."

"responsibility ?' o_o a;; I lived a quiet life always looking at other people moods...?

"Or let me reincarnate or transmigration too."

WTF! ? He must be a fan who lost touch with  reality.

"Return my life as a promising prince, G.o.d-no you witch!"

I have only been a author for a couple years and I am already being stalked by a crazy fan with such pa.s.sionate fervor!   This is a story about a corporate slave at day and author by night MC who gets kidnapped by a "villain" cannon fodder prince from her own novel.It take some time for the MC to realize he really came from a another world connected to a hole .When she does she excited to find out she practically a G.o.d! The Mc agrees to change the cannon fodder prince destiny as he threatening her and also realizes that the prince doesn't deserve his fate.He points out he was haughty but he worked hard to be a promising prince.It true he bullied his brothers but they were the one skipping lessons to mess around with girls.He never cross the line but then all sorts of terrible things happen to him.He lost a eye to a a.s.sa.s.sination attempt and get banished by his father for being unfit  .He gets the worst territory with dead land swarming with monsters and bandits. It more unfair since the other lazy princes were taken over by people from earth who used their cheats against him.All kinds of bad luck happened to him making people run away from him afraid they too will get curse with bad luck.

She writes that the prince becomes king but it turns into itchy scars on the prince body .She realizes she in a world created by her using ink and scrolls from her imagination she can't rewrite the story inside this world she needs to return to earth .The prince agrees to help her get to earth but how? The hole no longer there .Meanwhile the Mc realizes she still has powers to infect herself .See that shirt ripping from her huge breast ?She gave it to herself! She can give herself super powers as long as it acceptable to the rules of the world . So this MC not only smart she can kick a.s.s too!

Romance spoilers The prince is the pure type and never touched a woman. The guy also a tsundere type which I hate but I liked this ML a lot. He a unique lead with a complicated backstory and a temper! he not perfect and he blames the MC a lot which is true. The world seems to bend over backwards for the male leads but gives him supernatural black luck. However he still the most pa.s.sionate and purest of the leads capable of self  sacrifice .For example when the castle surrounded by monsters he commands everyone to stay inside while he fights to the death .The MC rescues him and asked why he tries to do everything by himself .He wants to protect those who still believes in him enough to live in a ruined castle.He also grateful for any kind of help and still a gentleman . He never touch the MC improperly and even allows the MC to beat him up when she mad.He very pure and sweet to the MC who promise to write a book about him. He also mature and is very introspective showing a lot of character development wondering if he deserve his fate after all .He willing to sacrifice himself to send MC home when it gets dangerous and fights with honor even against the cheating brothers . The MC also gives herself powers to help him such as sword skills and dancing skills .She fights with him and help him practice courtly skills.  They get closer as they fight in typical fashion. Finally one day he asked her if she was behind the soup falling all over him at the festival,his sword breaking and the wrong book given to him making him a fool in front of the princes. She admits it and he thanks her. He points out she must have hated him to make him a villain but she spared his life .She tells him as a author,she loved everyone even the cannon fodders .However the prince no longer blames her. The prince tells her "You are a good woman." and he just wants to thank her. She no longer a evil G.o.d or witch but a person who sincerely trying to help someone who doing his best to get on his feet. The second male lead is the secretory who lives to serve the prince. Unfortunately he falls for  the witch and get his heart broken.It came out of nowhere to be honest and  I almost wished he didn't exist. I felt so bad for him.

The other male leads are the two princes she created the world for.They were her ideal man and secret fantasy but she realizes that reality is different .For example she wrote that the second prince "likes all woman" but that turned him into a famous playboy. It turns out if she wrote vague description the world will naturally fill in the empty s.p.a.ces. It did not have good result.

I dont even consider this a spoiler ... Plot spoilers

The MC seriously regrets being so vague as she wrote about a cursed forest in the crown prince territory that "no one can enter at night." This turns the forest into a death trap with monsters swarming over and the land turning into a death swamp. 

She astounded as she never created monsters as this was just a historical fantasy romance novel. Where did the monster come from and why did the main characters turned into such jerks?  They are the agontasist but are not really villains either . After all the author is the one who forcibly transmigrated them and gave them supernatural luck . Their personality was created by MC so who is responsible for their actions? It is a very grey area  which cause her to reflect on herself . The male leads also have loved ones in this world  and wants to protect something so they become greedy . They are humans who lash out at whoever they perceive as their enemies but also capable of love .So props to the author for creating well developed characters . Also there a.s.sa.s.sination groups everywhere!  Where did they come from ? The story grown to the point she can barely recognize it anymore.She wrote about a country next to this one without thinking deeply about it .Now the princess of that country is here to spark a war. Everyone down to the extras has their own backstory The novel shows both side making everything complicated.Can she protect the crown prince from armies and the machinations of a evil corrupt court? Also the other two princes are spoiled but they too have their own reasons .They have people who loves them and want to see succeed .They also struggle to get where they are now.No matter what she does it hurt someone .Can she be a fair G.o.d?

Then on top of all this monsters are attacking the soldiers except one baby monster is trying to catch her eye? She realize they are intelligent and acknowledge her as thecreatorr of this world.

The monsters are misunderstood as they want to tell their G.o.d something very important....

I give this novel full points as I enjoyed this novel.It had a strong female lead and male lead with emotional growth .Even the villains had a detailed back story and I understood them .It never made me wonder at their stupidly . Please check out the webtoon ! I can't believe no one picked it up!

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