Queen of the Scalpel Volume 1 Chapter 15

계모인데, 딸이 너무 귀여워

" I'd love it if I could shower my cute and lovely Blanche with all sorts of affection, but–this d.a.m.n husband gets in my way."

Lily was born with a ugly face and bad figure.She suffers from judgmental people because unlike her namesake she has dark skin and is chubby. All she wants to do is design children clothes. She dies from over work and over dieting.When she wakes up she transmigrated into the Queen in Snow white. So there only one thing to do hug snow white'a golden thigh.^^

When she wakes up she is in queen Abigail and is in a funeral casket at her own memorial service .

A lot of people thinks she tried to commit suicide to get the prince attention but Lily knows some one else is after her life! Who could it be? Abigail is a hated woman because she persecutes other woman due to the fact her husband refuses to touch her.She also has political enemies and supporters of Snow white also has their own plans for her. Lily decides to clean her previous reputation and leave Blanche alone but this proves impossible for her!  The reason is ...Blanche is the cutest child she ever see! How can she stay away from such a cutie? Unfortunately no one believes her sincere attempts to be friends due to her previous host actions and the host natural b.i.t.c.h face! Even when she shy or happy she looks like a witch plotting to do evil. She also finds out Blanche also suffers from her appearance as a precocious lady .She not allow to have sweets or wear rainbow clothes as people automatically a.s.sume Blanche dosent want them as she always looks happy and is the perfect lady only submitting to the will around her. How can Lily not get involved? She too knows how it feels when people a.s.sume things without asking!

The MC has no magic and just  looks like a witch so I was a bit disappointed. However She does find a magic Mirror one day . There was a day a merchant tries to sell her invisible clothes only evil people can't see but the MC not being a fool throws him in jail. The other merchant realizes she not the idiot from before asked her what she wants and Lily says she wants something that amuse children. The merchant offers a talking mirror that suppose to flatter their owner but unfortunately it broken as it  honestly tells the Queen she a idiot for asking who the most beautiful since the answer is impossible  and up to one own criteria  . Lily tells the mirror the answer is Blanche or she will break the mirror. In this way Snow white became the fairest in the land....                                                              SPOILERS for Ending Now  I know it weird but it made think of  pride and prejudice.It all about judging people before you get to know people. Lily also suffered from her name as people a.s.sume she would be pretty and pale .When she came to this world she suffered prejudice as a unloved wife and evil stepmother .People would a.s.sume the worst about her even when she smiling because her face looks evil and she socially awkward. The MC (and readers) do the same thing to ML or at least I did. Since we are reading from Lily's POV I also thought he was a cold chauvinistic jerk who wouldn't even touch his own daughter even to catch her as she trip .This really makes Lily mad . The Mc decides to get back at him by threatening to sleep in his room and wear skimpy lingerie as punishment.She figures since ML doesn't like her he will agree to her demands to avoid doing his duties as a husband.She acts pretty shameless here .  She doesn't really mean it and it played up for comedy only it not funny when you found out why the King cant touch woman it so messed up. He has the usual backstory of a terrible family and childhood most ML have I won't go into the details. When he was a boy he was very delicate and his mother was afraid of cutting off the royal bloodline so he forced him to get married and have s.e.x .He becomes a dad at the tender age of 15 and is determined to make his daughter the next heir so he strict on her so she can be strong . He was suppose to marry her off to the prince of another country but he doesn't want her to have a unhappy life so he offers to marry Abigail instead. He cold to Abigail who thirst after him with such blatant l.u.s.t  and when her personality changed after waking up from her own funeral he distrust her plans she making for Blanch sake but evidently thinks he can perhaps accept her as his family someday.

This is a healing novel belonging to healing genre of Knovels. It a fluffy warm hearted story about three hurted people learning to trust each other and become a real family .The king learns to love his wife and she waits for him to be ready before they do anything he might not be comfortable with. They start off holding hands and working from there .He evidently ask to share bedrooms again . Then they start off slowly again .^^ It very refreshing to have a different kind of male lead in a romance novel.

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