Queen of the Scalpel Volume 1 Chapter 10

The Justice of a Villainous Woman

악녀의 정의

This is a fantasy novel with politics and romance.

It also have a lot of misunderstandings .

I give it 4 stars because of the hype and the weak ending.

The author made the MC too cool so the ML looks weaker in comparison .He the mischievous tsundere type.I do give it credit because it teaches a odd moral to  be selfish .In fact being too kind often backfires on the MC but being selfish helps her  and  later in book 3 we can see the ML point of view.It pretty funny ,

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the original novels if you buy the book series  The day I lost my boyfriend to my best friend, I fell into the Han River by mistake.

And when I woke up, I became a famous duke's daughter named Chartiana Altizer Cailon - who's known as the villain!?

"I've already chosen my empress, and you're just there to make her look good."

"No, I will be the empress of the Empire."

My fate was also determined the moment I was appointed as the next empress candidate  Regina.

The t.i.tle Regina has two candidates, Irene, who is the lover of the Crown Prince and me, Chartiana.

To protect my beloved family from the court's evil schemes, I cannot help but become the evil villain and win the position of Empress.

To be happy with the people I love, I became the antagonist.

This novel was number one at one point in Korea because it was written for females .It was supposedly one of the first feminist fantasy online novel. It had a lot of hype around it . Then it fell from it throne of popularity .When I first read it I really like it but I didn't think it was feminist at all. I was like how is this especially feminist?-_-

I feel like our MC must have born around the time early or late 90s because Korea is pretty s.e.xist . Her parents treated her brother better then her because only the son can carry the family name and in Korea it expected that men are more likely to succeed and take care of their aging parents. The MC is a girl and needs to do the housework and expected to sacrifice as the big sister. This makes her into a strong but brisk woman who is honest but abrupt. However she tries to be kind and generous to people. She started to date a guy who pursed her over a year but he ends up cheating with the best friend who was a user .The slag guy seem to think it okay because our MC seems to be cold and lacking Aegyo unlike her cutesy lady friend .

(If you dont know Aegyo check here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegyo )

The MC is p.i.s.sed and went to drink her anger away but slipped and drown in the river. Then She is reborn as a  Villainous Woman who gets between two love birds. She devastated because now she is what she hates the most  the other woman! However her family really loves her even if she just a girl so she realizes there perks to her reincarnation. She tries to make peace but the other person is a green tea b.i.t.c.h wearing a saint mask.

Then the prince goes out his way to humiliated her in public and makes her lose face which hurts her family. The court seem to enjoy seeing this once great house fall. Her family n.o.ble house is in danger of being destroyed thanks to her mistakes. This causes anguish for our MC who loves her new family.

If you want to punish me just hurt me but why hurt my innocent family ? I can depend on no one. I will have to become a villain and protect my own family with my own two hands!

This MC realizes being kind gets you no where .In fact people seem to thrive on  her pain. So she decides to be a  Villainous Woman and get between the two lovers out of spite . She argues and feed other people"cider" with her silver tongue. (this is face slapping in Korea) She also enters the contest to prove who will be a better Queen and fight the fake white lotus. (This puzzles me. How is this particularly feminist? You are still using a man...) The fake saint is at advantage with the support of the country and everything is going against her .

"please stop talking about what I did in the past" But ironically it the slag prince who is willing to work with her for the sake of the country. Together as a team they fight corruption and do many accomplishments.She finds out there were many misunderstandings between them. Also he seems to be too kind to have been the one to attack her family and the rival 's holy mother reputation holds her back so who is attacking her family? Can a villainous women get justice for her family with just her brains and will alone ? Can the prince prove to the villainous women that he not a slag and get her to trust him? Will our MC defeat the rival and win the throne?  (e_e)

"I wish you were jealous of me." "Why? I rejected you already."

Why does he keep trying to come closer .Doesn't he know we are happier without love?

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