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Those Years When We Killed The White Lotus. Those Years When We Killed The White Lotus Volume 2 Chapter 7

2.07 Timid and Fragile White Lotus

 T/L: wō niú   E/D: kiskaiya  P/R: yashiro ryuuki & larkspur 

"Qing…Qingxuan?" The crisis had pa.s.sed. At this time, Bai Mianmian finally discovered that Lin Zisheng was in trouble. If his figure was originally translucent, now it was almost completely transparent. The red clothed body looked as if it would vanish at any moment.

"I…I'm fine," Lin Zisheng spoke weakly. In fact, his situation wasn't as bad as it looked, it could even be said that this situation was a blessing in disguise.

Ying Qingxuan's bone was the foundation of his existence. However, the bone was sealed just like he was, so when the bone broke, it would leave him weakened for a period of time. After the weakness pa.s.sed, though, Ying Qingxuan's power would gradually increase until it reached its peak once more.

"Really?! That's great…" After hearing Lin Zisheng's rea.s.surance, Bai Mianmian's face lit up with a smile, as if a heavy burden was lifted. Thank goodness he was fine.

When Zhang Daoling saw her expression, his face became even darker.

Although Lin Zisheng said he was fine, it was obviously a lie. His body had become illusory, his voice weak, no matter how you looked at it, he wasn't 'fine'. But Bai Mianmian actually believed this nonsense? Zhang Daoling couldn't help but doubt if she was really that ignorant or if she just wanted to shirk responsibility.

Though Zhang Daoling's strength was much lower than that of the evil ghost, he would still be able to hang on for a while with the help of the money sword. While he may be put at a disadvantage, he still had a chance to survive.

But with Bai Mianmian's emergence, the odds of survival changed to practically zero.

."Let's go back and rest. Come on." Looking at Lin Zisheng's expression of enduring with all his will, Zhang Daoling felt very dissatisfied. Clearly the situation was very bad, but he still pretended everything was alright.

After listening to Zhang Daoling, Lin Zisheng displayed a fragile smile as his body became more and more blurred, until he finally disappeared completely.

"Daoling. Qingxuan…Where did he go?" Bai Mianmian was curious after witnessing Lin Zisheng's disappearance. This was the first time she was able to be so close to a ghost without fear, so she was still unclear about a lot of things.

Seeing the inquisitive look in her eyes, the anger in Zhang Daoling's heart grew.

It was because of her that Lin Zisheng had to return inside his bone to heal. Now this woman had the audacity to ask ridiculous questions. How could Zhang Daoling not be angry.

Ignoring Bai Mianmian, Zhang Daoling returned to his dormitory. As for that unwelcomed woman, there would naturally be someone to help him stop her.

"Daoling, wait for me! Can you tell me what happened today? That way, in the future I can also be prepared so that I can help you." Seeing him still walking towards the dormitory, Bai Mianmian quickly chased after him. But, she didn't think she would be stopped at the door to the dormitory.

"Miss, this is the male dormitory, females shouldn't enter." Though there was no strict rule preventing girls from entering, it was still not convenient for them to visit the male dormitory in the evening. On the other hand, this man was also prompted by Zhang Daoling.

"I am a friend of Daoling. We have something very important to discuss, so please let me in." With tears in her eyes, Bai Mianmian peered at the man guarding the door as if rejecting her was a very cruel thing.

When the man turned to look at Zhang Daoling, he heard him coldly say, "I am not familiar with her."

After saying this, Zhang Daoling went inside. The man smiled apologetically at Bai Mianmian before unceremoniously driving her away.

After she left, the man's gaze drifted to the second floor. He did not forget that Zhang Daoling was always more tolerant of girls because of his mother's education. The coldness he displayed earlier was not like him, so cruel.

Zhang Daoling was ignorant of the man's thoughts, because the first thing he did upon returning was to rummage around his belongings to find something he never thought he would use – Ghost Jade..

Ghost Jade was a relic Zhang Daoling's mother left him. Before she died, she handed over the Ghost Jade, urging him again and again to keep it safe as it would be useful in the future.

Ghost Jade was a special type of jade produced in the ghost world. It looked similar to obsidian, but upon careful inspection, one would find that it had the l.u.s.ter and sheen of jade.

The greatest use of the Ghost Jade was in nourishing the soul. Originally, Zhang Daoling thought that he would never use it, never expecting there would be a day where it was necessary.

Zhang Daoling placed the Ghost Jade in a silk bag. Just as he was thinking of other ways to help Lin Zisheng repair his soul, the door to his room was pushed open.

"You used the Ghost Jade?" Although the man didn't see what Zhang Daoling had done, the residual Yin energy in the air told him what had occurred.

"Yes. He was hurt to save me." After saying this, he put the silk bag on his desk. "What can I do for you?"

"You…" Do you care that much about that ghost?

The man really wanted to ask this, but, the words died before they pa.s.sed his lips. He had discovered an abnormality. Zhang Daoling was a Celestian Master. Although he wasn't aggressive towards every ghost, he would not be so close with one. It was impossible for him to keep a ghost with him all the time.

The current situation was even more outrageous, going so far as to use the Ghost Jade to repair a ghost's soul.

"What do you want to say? Please speak quickly, I am tired today," Zhang Daoling felt impatient when he heard the man mumbling. That evil ghost was very powerful, and even though Lin Zisheng blocked the attack, Zhang Daoling still suffered a little harm.

"What happened today?" Leaving aside Zhang Daoling's ghost, the man still had something to ask.

"Tonight is the ghost festival. A while back, I wanted to kill an evil ghost and tonight he returned to trouble us." Zhang Daoling took off his coat as he gave a simple explanation. With a feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, the man could only obediently leave.

Hiding in the bone, Lin Zisheng and 001 had long eavesdropped on the conversation between the two men.

【Host-daren, the male lead in this world seems really nice to you.】 001 flew around Lin Zisheng, excitement shining in its eyes. 【 Ghost Jade is a special item that can be exchanged for a lot of points!】

Lin Zisheng was silent for a long time. Just when 001 thought he wouldn't speak again, he slowly asked, "How high is the male lead's positive feelings now?"

For Lin Zisheng, the primary focus is to complete the main mission. As for the side mission, it's better to let nature take its course, so he didn't pay much attention to the positive feelings of the male and female leads.

【 Currently, the male lead's positive feelings have reached 65, while the female lead's positive feelings have reached 79.】

"Hehe. Why does the female lead's positivity rating rise so fast every time?" Lin Zisheng clearly remembered that he hadn't done anything, and the female lead wasn't reborn in this world. This positive feeling level really was somewhat excessive."

【 Perhaps…she likes to live in a fantasy.】 Too much imagination was also a problem.

At the same time, Bai Mianmian returned to her dormitory, her whole being exuding unhappiness.

"Bai Mianmian, what's wrong with you? That dejected look. Oh, you must have been driven away by Zhang Daoling," a girl who shared the same room disdainfully said, her tone full of sarcasm.

The other three girls in the same room more or less had complaints about Bai Mianmian. Every time she did something wrong, she would look as if she were going to cry. It was like they were bullying her. When she did this every time, who would like her?

Bai Mianmian bit her lower lip and climbed into bed after washing up. Even though she couldn't sleep, she still tightly closed her eyes to keep the other girls from saying more hurtful words.

She truly wanted to get along with them. Why were they always hurting her?

In this way, she endured until midnight. When the moon was high in the sky, she felt a shallow breath beside her ear.

This cold breath had a stale taste and penetrated deeply into her heart.

"Who…?" Bai Mianmian's voice trembled, sounding so weak in this dark s.p.a.ce. It seemed as if a light gust of wind could blow the sound away.

"Little girl, don't you know who I am?" The moment the voice spoke, the clouds that originally hid the moon quietly dispersed. The clear light from the moon filled the room through the thin curtains, allowing Bai Mianmian to see the owner of the voice.

It was the ghost who wanted to hurt Daoling!

"You!…Why are you here?!" She remembered how terrible this evil ghost was. As long as he wanted to, he could easily take her life at any time!

"Oh, don't be afraid. I will not hurt you. I am here to offer you a deal." The evil ghost softened his expression, looking like a kindly elder. But if one looked closely, his eyes were pitch black.

"Yes, just a simple trade." Seeing that Bai Mianmian's interest was piqued, his voice turned more alluring. "I won't hurt you, nor do I need you to hurt anyone. As long as you can help me a bit, I will help you get what you desire."

"I want…!" By now, she had been completely baited by the evil ghost, and she only had one wish in her heart.

"Yes. That wish." His voice became more alluring, "As long as you help me, I will help you keep Zhang Daoling by your side and let him only love you."

It is unknown how long this evil ghost has existed, but speaking of human desire, there are few who can be his opponent.

"You won't harm Daoling?"

"Of course not."

"Alright, you have my word!" As long as Zhang Daoling fell in love with her, even if it was a deal with an evil ghost, what did she have to fear!

It's just that Bai Mianmian really didn't understand anything at all. Trading favors with an evil ghost was like asking a tiger for its skin. What would happen to her afterwards was obvious!

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